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Atlas Poll: Majority Believe New Republican Representation Is Needed in 22nd State Senate District

June 9, 2010

Hundreds of you voted.

We asked you recently what you thought about Marty Golden in our previous Atlas Poll.

Here are the results:

Question: Is it worth it to keep Marty Golden the State Senator of the 22nd District?

1. No. Golden’s recent conduct is unspeakable, and we need new Republican representation. (53%)

2. No. At this point, I think even a Democrat would be better than Golden. (34%)

3. Yes. We must maintain the Republican majority in the State Senate. (12%)

4. Yes. It’s worth sacrificing fellow Republicans in other races, as Golden has. (1%)

About 400 of you voted.


The previously positive perception of Marty Golden has not atrophied in a vacuum. The poll immediately preceded the recent swell of Brooklyn GOP Revolution events in the 49th AD and countywide.

Perhaps this poll will serve as a partial warning to the GOP establishment that their tactics have not been well received. From the 44th City Council race to his teaming-up with ACORN Amazon Bertha Lewis, maybe Golden and his cabal are now see the writing on the wall for their conduct.

And they have no one to blame but themselves.


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  1. Take My Breath Away, Marty permalink
    June 10, 2010 11:30 am

    The song Jerry Kassar plays in his mind when he thinks of Marty Golden:

  2. Take My Breath Away, Marty 2 permalink
    June 10, 2010 6:22 pm

    Greg Easton is not to be undone by Jerry Kassar! I saw him the other day at a karaoke bar singing this number:

  3. Revolution! permalink
    June 10, 2010 6:28 pm

  4. Golden in Lockstep not Lockjaw with Skelos permalink
    June 10, 2010 9:53 pm

    Bay Ridge State Senator Marty Golden just doesn’t get it. He thinks that the superficial bullsh[o]it that just tumbles out of his mouth are pearls for the swine that elect him, and he can doowhatevahthahfucghhewanz and nothing will come of it,except his re-election.

    This is just the most recent example:

    According to the Albany Times Union, June 8, 2010: “Sen. Marty Golden, a Brooklyn Republican, believes [Governor]Paterson seems to have found his footing, noting that [he] is inching his way toward closing the budget week by week. ‘I’m one of the guys who gives him credit,’ Golden said. ‘[Governor Paterson] had to do something and I applaud him for doing it.’” It seems Marty gave the governor applause, but not his vote.

    In other words, MARTY GOLDEN LIED and thought nobody would notice or care.

    When it came time to actually vote, SS Martin Golden, Gaulieter of Bay Ridge, goose-stepped with all of the rest of the Republican SS under their SS Unterfuhrer (State Senate Minority Leader) Skelos, they voted against the governor’s Emergency Funding Bill, which contained hundreds of millions in real budgetary cuts with a promise of more to come soon with the next Emergency Funding Bill.

    Hey, don’t believe me read today’s NY POST Editorial (June 10, 2010) and see what they say about Skelos and the rest of the Republican SS sellouts. You’ll see that Skelos and the Republican SS did it to pay off the public employee unions, that leftish crowd who back incumbent Republican SS members, like Golden.

  5. Time to Shake up Golden's Staff permalink
    June 12, 2010 11:35 pm

    Service cuts in all areas are hitting more in State Senator Golden’s District than in the surrounding neighborhoods. And it’s more than transit cuts. Calls to State Senator Golden’s District Office don’t get real results. Councilman Vincent Gentile’s Office is more professional.

    It’s no wonder Marty Golden is slipping even with his Republican base.
    Marty Golden should shake up his staff before it’s too late.

  6. Desperate Golden Uses "Blood on his hands" Line permalink
    June 14, 2010 8:37 pm

    Who did Golden say has blood on his hands?

    No, it wasn’t Jonathan Judge.

    No, it wasn’t Roy Antoun.

    It wasn’t even Arnaldo.

    Who was it that has Marty Golden using one of the Jig’s Up bloggers’ favorite catch phrases? Why, it’s none other than the Governor of the great State of New York, David Paterson.

    Why would Marty Golden say that David Paterson has “Blood on his Hands”? Probably, because it sounded good to Marty at the time. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to anybody else. Some are even outraged at the remark.

    It all came up because the New York State Parole Board let out a man who killed a cop a long time ago. Of course, that would be upsetting to many of us.

    But why did State Senator Golden attack Governor Paterson? Two of the three people, who let the old con out were George Pataki appointees, and the third was a Spitzer appointment.

    Again, why should Golden attack Paterson about this? Let’s just let Golden’s staff and/or his paid handlers earn their pay. I’m sure they won’t let their boss Marty have another crack at this one soon.

    It looks like the election year pressure is getting to the State Senator, so he’s going with something that really has worked in the past… the law and order pitch.

  7. View from the BRT permalink
    June 14, 2010 10:21 pm


    Same old Golden.


    Same old shankapotemus.

  8. Real Marty Golden Sports UFT “Poodle Cut” in Vote Against Charter Schools permalink
    June 15, 2010 2:31 pm

    The June 15, 2010 JIGZAG blogger “Potter’s Field” (straight rip-off from genuine Atlas Shrugs’ blogger) said “ …Look at [Senator Golden’s] efforts in helping our community, by sponsoring granny’s law, keeping the film industry right here in the city … followed by his sponsoring of a bill to boost charter schools.”

    Come on… give me a break! Let’s have a little truth in advertising when it comes to Marty Golden’s real record. Craig Eaton’s hate blog, The Jig Is Up Atlas has just straight out tried to mislead Golden’s constituents on his support for Charter Schools.

    Just before the Memorial Day recess State Senator Martin Golden was one of fourteen Republican State Senators to VOTE AGAINST the Charter School Bill.

    I guess Golden joins Democrat Peter Abbate being a UFT poodle, in another sellout of the real conservative Republican position in favor of charter schools.

  9. Households, Households, Households permalink
    June 20, 2010 8:43 pm

    Something that’s not been discussed in connection with our Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights Communities, is what our State Senator Marty Golden, a purported social conservative, has really done with respect to a real “silent cancer” eating at the body and soul of our middle class communities– child abuse.

    What goes on behind closed doors? What goes on in and around our houses?

    Some of it is really nasty.

    I suppose that’s one of the reasons State Senator Martin J. Golden wants to have “a temporary commission to study child abuse prevention [sic]” (NYS Senate Bill 7514).

    According to Golden:

    “There is no place in our homes, our schools or our society for child abuse, and the unfortunate reality is that it is happening too much here in New York (why not say Bay Ridge?). I have introduced this legislation because it is time we become more pro-active in our approach to child abuse, rather than just reacting to news reports and horror stories….”

    Maybe, Mr. Senator Golden, you don’t need a temporary commission, maybe a conversation with some of your neighbors on 80th Street would be enough. Maybe, a conversation with the man who lived in your house right before you did– that’s right you and your wife bought it from him.

    Maybe, Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton can tell what he’s heard about happening in some of the local athletics programs over the years.

    We all agree with our state senator, “…it is time we become more pro-active in our approach to child abuse, rather than just reacting to news reports and horror stories…”

    Of course that would include anything that might be considered enabling child abuse to go on unhindered, wouldn’t it? Avoiding prosecution, things like that…

    • Perhaps Craig Eaton's Routine Reponders at TJIUA Missed Something permalink
      June 20, 2010 11:48 pm

      The 6-20-10 The Jig is Up Atlas posting, “Households, Households, Households said…”, was the usual shot in the dark, cut and paste nonsense that has become commonplace at TJIUA.

      They don’t read for content and they apparently don’t consult with their principals Craig Eaton and Marty Golden. If they had called Marty Golden, they might have had to admit that he was caught quite “off base” on this “Child Abuse” issue, especially on the matters specifically mentioned in connection with his house on 80th Street. Golden’s near neighbors the Eatons on Harbor View Terrace, must have also heard that story by now, if not, they should just ask the neighbors about it, and then Craig can ask Marty what he knew and when he knew it.

      Also, its interesting that the Craig Eaton part of the posting above was not part of the cut and paste response(very supicious, Craig). Again, there are specific instances of known child abuse that occurred in connection with well known members of the Bay Ridge youth athletics programs, and Craig Eaton because of his connections with such programs would have to be wilfully ignorant not to have some knowledge to impart to State Senator Golden on that score. But why bother Craig, what’s Marty going to do about it?

      Bottom line, only expect press releases from Senator Golden on the child abuse issue, based on the past, expect him to sit on anything that really goes on in and around our houses.

      More to come I’m sure.

      • Golden Moved "Child Abuse" Message-- Coincidence? permalink
        June 25, 2010 11:27 pm

        After hitting our State Senator’s position on “Child Abuse” as somewhat hypocritical in light of local realities, such as children that became intoxicated on drugs that their parents were using, the Senator’s Friend’s homepage rearranged things.

        The piece on “Child Abuse” needs serious editing– it doesn’t mention churches as a very significant place in our communities where child abuse can readily occur. As we all know, “Child Abuse” has been routinely covered up by the Catholic Church, in particular, which refuses to release its own records detailing histories of such abuse.

        No responsible position on “Child Abuse” can ignore these facts. – Friends of Marty Golden should change their Webpage to reflect the reality of “Child Abuse” in churches, especially in the Catholic Church.

  10. Marty Golden Reboots His Anti-Crime Message With Big-Government Bomb permalink
    June 25, 2010 7:40 pm

    It’s been a very bad week for State Senator Martin J. Golden’s credentials as a tough on crime ex-cop. He’s been corn-holed pretty good over his “non-no-vote” on the Gun Micro-stamping Bill.

    Marty Golden’s showing his desperation by now trying the old debater’s trick of “setting up the straw man” to divert attention away from his disastrous individual emergency evacuation of the Senate Chamber during the vote on the gun bill (Even Crain’s New York Called him out on it–
    If he pulls this off he will deserve the laurel of strawman “Master Debater”.

    Think hard– what’s the overwhelming crime problem in Marty Golden’s State Senate District, as well as across the whole of New York State –something that needs a massive Golden-sponsored omnibus crime bill to properly address. “Match Game Marty Golden’s Survey” said– “Criminal Street Gangs”.

    “Katy bar the door– here come the street gangs right into the parlor…”

    Even if you might not think that we need a massive overhaul of the, Penal and Criminal Procedure Laws and almost every other criminal and youth handling statute that’s on the books, your Republican-Conservative State Senator Marty Golden certainly says he does.

    Senator Marty Golden says that: “As a former New York City Police Officer, I know firsthand that the presence of gangs on the streets of New York have, and continue to, destroy communities, destroy schools, and destroy families. It is time that we create stricter penalties, along with educational programs, so to reduce gang violence across New York State. We must not only work to prevent the formation of gangs, but we should penalize them, track them and educate them, so the dangers they cause on our streets can be eliminated.”

    “The legislation [Called the Criminal Street Gang Enforcement and Prevention Act (S. 7929)], which has been referred to the Senate Codes Committee, also creates the Criminal Street Gang and Violence Prevention Partnership grant program to provide services and activities to prevent or deter at-risk youth from participation in gangs, criminal activity or violent behavior. A new Office of Criminal Street Gangs and Youth Violence at the Department of Criminal Justice Services would also be created if this bill becomes law….Among other things, the bill would create the Gang Prevention Program in the New York State Education Department which would include in-service training for school personnel, as well allowing for the establishment of a dress code regarding gang-related apparel by school districts. But that’s not all it does– it changes almost every criminal statute and youth handling law that’s on the books.”

    The cost of this bill will be astronomical, and it was introduced by Marty Golden at the 11th hour of the Senate session and immediately sent to committee– thank God, IT HAS VIRTUALLY NO CHANCE OF PASSAGE– NOW OR EVER. This is just plain bad big government legislation that we can no longer afford in New York State.

    It’s a phony! Marty Golden didn’t even write this bill and he doesn’t know everything that’s in it (Nancy Pelosi would be proud of him) – it would amend the penal law, the civil practice law and rules, the state finance law, the correction law, the education law, the executive law and the mental hygiene law, in relation to defining offenses involving criminal street gangs, creating the criminal street gang prevention fund, enacting the criminal street gang registration act, providing for gang prevention services in schools and creating the office of criminal street gangs and youth violence, among other things.

    This is all a smokescreen to cover Marty Golden’s recent fiasco on the gun bill, plain and simple. It shows what’s wrong with all the “Big Government Pataki Republican State Senators” that are an integral part of the dysfunctional government in Albany. They all don’t get it and Marty Golden is part of it– he surely doesn’t get it. It’s not time to reboot Marty Golden’s Anti-crime message, it’s time to give Marty Golden the boot for this kind of stuff.

  11. Confused and Concerned conservative Republican permalink
    June 25, 2010 10:12 pm

    I’m confuded because “Marty Golden, 22nd District, Brooklyn’s Voice in Albany, 2010 – – Friends of Marty Golden” says:

    “Crime: Civil confinement of violent sexual predators is the most important issue facing New York in the next few years. Marty Golden will continue to aggressively fight to get this legislation signed into law, so we can protect women and children. As a former Police Officer, he knows how important it is to keep our communities safe.”

    Isn’t this Omnibus Gang Bill just a distraction from that? Maybe State Senator Golden has too many irons in the fire for his anti-crime message to mean anything especially in Albany.

    Why does he he keep saying things like “as a former police officer”,
    is there something magic about that? He worked as a cop for about ten years and he’s been collecting a three-quarters pension for more than twenty-five, isn’t it past time to give it all rest. There are cops on the force now that weren’t born when Golden went off lame.

    If Marty Golden’s police background is so important, why doesn’t he release all his police records?

  12. The Issue is Crime not Bus Service permalink
    June 25, 2010 10:39 pm

    The Craig Eaton hate bloggers are at it again. Their push-back is the usual cut and paste nonsense. The Atlas Shrugs commentator talked about a crime bill (Remember like Bill Clinton’s and Chuck Schumer’s Crime Bill in 1994?) and the Jigzatz Zagnutz talk about bus service.

    I guess Golden or Eaton decided tonight’s TJIUA talking point is about some lawsuit about bus service and Access-a-Ride. So everybody should ignore Marty Golden’s Super Budget-Buster Anti-gang Bill, which really looks like RICO for some imaginary street gangs with a lot of social programs added on (paying back both the police unions and other public employee unions in one massive spending bill– btw, probably unconstitutional). Instead, everybody should cheer because Golden sued the TA like that guy Harris ( Mike, imitation is the greatest flattery) for the continued “free lunch” of redundant bus service that the TA can’t pay for and the New York State taxpayers don’t want to.

    If Golden were a real conservative Republican he’d be demanding more cuts, real cuts– 10% across the board, equal pain for equal gain.

    • 50% is more than 15% permalink
      June 25, 2010 10:47 pm

      The Jig is Up Atlas said Golden didn’t vote for the 15% increase in last year’s budget.

      Didn’t the budgets that Marty Golden did vote for as a member of the Republican Senate majority increase taxes, spending and the NYS debt about 50%?

      What kind of conservative is that?


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