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Grimm Stands Out; But As Republicans Bicker, McMahon is Strengthened

May 29, 2010

I think it was very telling that Congressman Michael McMahon immediately issued a letter to his constituents upon hearing the news that Vito Fossella, his immediate predecessor, was considering running for his old seat. Up until that point, it seemed McMahon was distancing himself from even highlighting that there were GOP candidates (specifically named candidates) who were opposing him.

Why? Because the opposition up until then was not that impressive, in my opinion.

But of the two, in my opinion, Mike Grimm stands out the most.

You have two candidates in the 13th. One candidate, Michael Allegretti, apparantly has absolutely no government experience whatsoever. He may be an intelligent man (I don’t know him personally), but what qualifications does he have for Congress? I’m at a loss to say (and I invite his supporters to offer examples of such qualifications to us). We don’t know much about this man.

Mike Grimm is a former marine, FBI agent, attorney, and business owner. That certainly counts as “government” experience, if hardly legislative experience. But Grimm also has the backing of Rudy Giuliani, a man we here at Atlas respect for what he did for New York City.

But neither of the two are a clear slam-dunk. As a result, the bickering that has arisen between the two men is merely distracting from the very opponent both men are facing. As such, the spotlight is on the GOP feud.

For example, this is from the New York Post:

Michael Allegretti — the Staten Island Republican who won the borough’s party nod for a House seat last night — thinks it was pretty rude of his GOPopponent not to seek the nomination.

“Personally speaking, I think it was disrespectful to be a no show. Disrespectful to the men and women who do the work of this party each and every election cycle but that’s his decision and it doesn’t affect me,” Allegretti said.

But his Republican challenger Michael Grimm said he pulled out over disgust with the party’s nominating process.

Initially, the group’s executive committee nominated scandal scarred former US Rep. Vito Fossella, who quit Congress after a drunk driving bust and revelations that he had a secret second family.

“It was rigged from the beginning what was going to happen,” said Grimm, who told the Staten Island GOP that he didn’t want the nod shortly before Allegretti won it.

“It’s not like it’s a big secret what was going on there.”

Fossella announced he wasn’t going to seek his old seat, paving the way for Allegretti’s victory.

Ray Riley, Allegretti’s campaign manager, said Grimm only dropped out of the nominating race after he “saw the writing on the wall” that he wasn’t going to win it.

Grimm insisted that wasn’t the case.

“The entire process . . . had no integrity,” he said.

The race to win the Republican nomination to challenge McMahon is shaping up to be a divisive one. Allegretti has scored the nominations from the Staten Island and Brooklyn Republican parties, all but guaranteeing him a spot on the primary ballot.

The district is located in Staten Island and a swath of Brooklyn.

But Grimm has the support of the powerful state Conservative Party chair, Mike Long, as well as the Brooklyn Conservatives.

Embarrassing. We tend to agree with Mr. Grimm that these sorts of events are often if not always rigged. That seems to be the status quo here in Brooklyn as well.

In my personal opinion, I lean toward Mr. Grimm and his campaign. I like the way he handles himself and the way he delivers his message. I also believe he has a far more distinguished career of public service than Mr. Allegretti or Mr. McMahon.

That opinion is mine and mine alone. Many of my fellow contributors are unsure of both, and frankly, how can anyone blame them or any of you for not coming down on one side or another?

Because as it stands, both men have much further to go in making it clear who the better candidate is.

  1. How Will this Work? permalink
    May 29, 2010 8:01 pm

    Craig Eaton and Marty Golden and lots of other Brooklyn Republicans are supporting Mike Allegretti’s run for Congress in the 13th Congressional District. Lot’s of the Eaton people really like Grimm.

    Several of Eaton’s and Golden’s key people are supporting Michael Grimm.

    Grimm has the Conservative Party nomination and the endorsement of the Kings County Conservatives, whose chairman is Marty Golden’s Chief of Staff.

    How does all this get worked out?

    Or does it?

    • Golden Wants McMahon To Win permalink
      May 29, 2010 8:55 pm

      They want to split support so that McMahon wins. They hated Fossella and they have gotten along well with McMahon, most especially Golden. Look for images of them. You’ll find pictures of them together. They want the two Republicans to beat each other up so McMahon will win.

      That’s why Golden was toasting Fossella’s decision not to come back.

  2. Jenny Ling Po permalink
    May 30, 2010 10:29 am

    When Allegretti announced he was running for Congress in the 13th Congressional District, many of the community-active people in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst who knew him were shocked, only because it was well known that Allegretti had been a Manhattan resident, owning a posh, million dollar condo at 555 W 23 Street, Unit S-7C.

    Now anyone can register vote pretty much claim to live wherever you want. But now the disingenuous Allegretti wants voters to believe he, a 31 year old heir to a $250 million company has thrown off the good life in Manhattan to live at dank, rented address on Clifton Street in Rosebank, Staten Island?

    Sorry kid, you’re not that clever, and the voters aren’t stupid enough to believe that anyone would do that. Which makes Mike Allegretti the new Bob Straniere.

  3. Same Song Different Singer permalink
    May 30, 2010 5:19 pm

    Hey, haven’t I heard that song before. First, it was Straniere, now it’s Allegretti. What are we all a bunch of suckers?

    Brooklyn GOP Leader Craig Eaton and Bay Ridge State Senator Marty Golden have vouched that Allegretti is a good Brooklynite even though he had an address in Staten Island.

    Now it turns out that he’s “lived in Manhattan”. How about we get some dates for Brooklyn, Staten Island and “the City”; then we’ll decide whether he’s a Brooklynite, a “SI-er” or a City Slicker.

    You just can’t believe Golden anymore, and you never could trust Eaton.

  4. Eaton Sold a Bill of Goods permalink
    May 31, 2010 2:04 pm

    What did Eaton know and when did he know it?

    Was he “in” on setting up a “sham address” in Staten Island for his boy Allegretti?

    Was Craig Eaton an just ingenuous dupe in some other genius’ plan?

  5. Note To Mr. Easton permalink
    May 31, 2010 2:36 pm

    Pride is not Power.


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