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Regina-Potter Campaign Boasts Successful Fundraiser With Large Turn-Out in 49th AD

May 27, 2010

Word comes to us via a press release that the 49th AD campaign of Lucretia Regina-Potter recently had a big event:

The Friends of Lucretia Regina-Potter, and the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization recently held a fundraiser for her candidacy to the New York State Assembly in the 49th Assembly District. The successful party was attended by a large number of friends and supporters. The large turn-out is a demonstration for the support of the dynamic Republican District Leader of the 49th AD.

Present at the fundraiser were the Brooklyn representatives of the New York State Right-to-Life Committee who endorsed Lucretia Regina-Potter’s candidacy this winter. In her speech to the people attending, Lucretia pointed out the decline of the condition of our neighborhood under the representation in Albany by the same Assemblyman.

“For over a quarter of a century, we have been represented by the same person who has been a member of what has been defined as the most dysfunctional legislature in history.  He is one an Assemblyman that has flip-flopped on several issues to suit his own political self-perpetuation and has not fairly represented the 49th Assembly District in Albany. It is time for REAL change! The people in this District deserve better representation. As your Assemblywoman, a concerned parent, and a businesswoman, I understand the needs of the people of this community. I will make sure I will represent the interests of the people of this district, and not special interests.”


We will continue to monitor this race and any developments in the 49th AD.

  1. Sunrise Sunset, Sunrise Sunset permalink
    May 27, 2010 11:21 pm

    Lots of love in Southwest Brooklyn.

    After sunset a storm passed over Dyker Heights and then passed over lower Bensonhurst.

    The rabblerousers groused, the generals threw their profiles around, right and left.

    Somebody picked up a gummybear off the floor; and, yes, they ate it. That was the classiest moment of the night.

    Let’s all move into cabins in the woods, and do arts and crafts.

  2. New Ducts in Designer Colors permalink
    May 29, 2010 9:26 am

    News from Eaton’s Central Services Blogs:

    “Has anyboy seen Lowry…has anybody seen Sam Lowry”

    The brooklynpolitico blog woke up after more than a two week Rip Van Winkle; and there was a “bp” posting on the Jingly-Jangly Up Yours blog.

    Strangely, neither the posting on Jig…Up or the recent republication of what appears above really seems like the old “brooklynpolitico”.

    “bp” must have had to do some time with baby-masked Jack Lint in Eaton’s “Re-Education” facility in the Central Services Ministry building at Battersea to get bp on board with the Cipriano effort. I hope that in his head bp had a chance to hear the Geoff Muldaur version of “Brazil” and thought of his wonderful revolutionary’s life with “Jill”.

    “bp”, break away, go rogue, you’ll like yourself more.

    Harry Tuttle

    May 29, 2010 9:37 am

    “Brazil, where hearts were entertaining June
    We stood beneath an amber moon
    And softly murmured ‘Someday soon’
    We kissed and clung together

    Then, tomorrow was another day
    The morning found me miles away
    With still a million things to say
    Now, when twilight dims the sky above
    Recalling thrills of our love
    There’s one thing I’m certain of
    Return I will to old Brazil

    Then, tomorrow was another day
    The morning found me miles away
    With still a million things to say
    Now, when twilight dims the sky above
    Recalling thrills of our love
    There’s one thing that I’m certain of
    Return I will to old Brazil
    That old Brazil
    Man, it’s old in Brazil
    Brazil, Brazil”

    Geoff Muldaur Brazil lyrics are property and copyright of it’s owners. Lyrics are provided for educational purposes only.

  4. Jig Get Real-- Clorinda and Craig, you too permalink
    May 29, 2010 10:00 am

    It’s time for some reality. The JIUA crowd has put a little effort into pumping up the kid, Peter Cipriano. Here’s their lead:

    “Regime Change Coming in 49th AD?
    Peter Cipriano Receives 81% of the Vote!”

    Folks, the vote was thirty-one to seven (31-7); that’s the real story.

    How many of the JIUA poll responders were Republicans registered to vote in a 49th AD primary?

    Let’s see how popular the kid is after a blitz of his home EDs about his bad judgment in selecting Mr. B, “American Mohammad”(“he’s not my campaign manager”), as his right hand guy.

    Let’s see how Clorinda feels when the same piece floats around Dyker Heights– 2011 comes around fast these days.

  5. I Love Lucretia permalink
    May 29, 2010 6:32 pm

    She’s got my vote. For sure.

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