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Paladino Beats Levy in New Poll, But Lazio Bests Them Both By Double-Digits

May 24, 2010

Fish-out-of-water Steve Levy continues to flop around mercilessly behind sometimes controversial GOP gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino. But both Mr. Paladino and Mr. Levy, a Democrat-turned-Republican, have fallen behind Rick Lazio in the latest GOP gubernatorial primary poll.

Here are the numbers from the Siena Poll:

Loudonville, NY. On the eve of the state conventions for both parties, Democrats have large leads over their potential Republican opponents for all statewide offices, except Attorney General. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, now officially a candidate for governor, maintains huge, nearly identical, leads over all three potential Republican opponents. In a three-way Republican primary for the nomination Rick Lazio has 13-point lead over Carl Paladino and a 15-point lead over Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

New York’s junior Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, has her highest favorability rating ever and leads potential Republican opponents by at least 26 percentage points, while senior Senator Charles Schumer leads four potential Republican opponents by at least 39 percentage points.

Six candidates for Attorney General – five Democrats and one Republican – are all unknown to at least three- quarters of voters less than four months from primary day. Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice has the early lead among Democrats, although nearly two-thirds of Democrats are still undecided. She also has a larger lead over potential Republican opponent Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan (18 points) than any of the other four Democrats, who lead Donovan by between four and eight percentage points.

In the one race that appears to be primary-free in both parties, little-known State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli seeking to retain that office has a two-to-one lead over his lesser known Republican opponent, Harry Wilson.


For the full Siena Poll results, click here.

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  1. Young Republican permalink
    May 24, 2010 9:02 pm

    Did anyone see Myers Mermel’s poll in which he claims that he could beat all three GOP candidates in a primary and that he could crush Andrew Cuomo in a general election? I don’t if he really believes that but… Personally, I thought he should have stayed in the Lieutenant Governor’s race he had the thing raped up, whether it would have been Levy or Lazio he would have gotten publicity statewide and he could have perhaps done a good job at articulating conservative principles, but now he will get a little attention at the convention and no one will ever hear from him again.

    Unless….(drum roll…) this all a conspiracy by Ed Cox so Lazio supporters could have an excuse to vote for a life-long republican but not for Lazio so the convention vote would be split and Steve Levy can come out on top, but who knows…. either way I’m not that big into conspiracy theories so…

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