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Desperate To Be Relevant, Bay Ridge Cabal Duke “Craig Easton” Makes Media Rounds

May 24, 2010

The plain truth is Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig “The Duke of Bay Ridge” Easton [sic] is so stunningly irrelevant in New York politics that even seeing his name mentioned in a newspaper once in a blue moon makes me choke on my coffee (if not outright laugh).

For one thing, Mr. Easton is neither qualified nor politically honest enough to discuss the state of the GOP in Brooklyn or its candidates. Why, you ask?

Because of the state of open warfare we understand has blatantly broken out in all precincts that do not kowtow to the Hon. “Irrelevant One.”

And as for the serious division in the county party, asking Easton’s opinion of it is kind of like asking General Cornwallis what he thought about the American Revolution.

I think we’d all know the answer to that one.

For one thing, it is in Easton’s interest to pretend (publicly) that there is not a severe political crisis in the Brooklyn GOP such that it has not seen in many, many years.

Easton’s management of the party–marked by blunder after blunder–has been some of the sloppiest of all chairman in the entire state. His failures as a chairman are largely the result of commonly-known Bay Ridge-centric mentality that is bent on achieving one (and only one) goal: the reelection of Bay Ridge’s Golden Prince, State Senator Marty Golden.

As we all know, the reelection of Republican candidates is a noble goal, but not at the expense of an entire borough of representation that has been consistently ceded to the Democrats through remarkably obvious deals with them.

Democratic Party Czar Vito Lopez instantly comes to mind.

The level of collusion and the unprecedented amount of failure that the party has seen under Chairman Easton’s watch has been tremendous and without parallel in the borough’s history in my lifetime.

I have never seen a worse election than last year’s, where candidates received little to no support from the party organization and Mr. Easton did barely anything innovative to promote candidates who, with the right handling and message, had decent opportunities at winning races. Case in point, the new Brooklyn GOP website (which is not a great site, but is an improvement from the old site) was only really updated (a term I’ll use loosely) after the catastrophic elections were already over.

Even more on point, you saw a candidate like Bob Capano, with a slight chance of winning, suffer from a highly compromised campaign team of political thugs who routinely engaged in childish and threatening behavior toward fellow district leaders and embraced the cult of Bloomberg, otherwise known as the “kiss of death.”

All while “The Irrelevant One” stood watch, bickering mightily about the blog activity that was criticizing his handling of his office while doing nothing to rectify the problems in the party and singling out himself.

This blog hasn’t even been in existence for a year, and The Duke, as Francisco calls him, has done everything imaginable to compromise its integrity and the limited strength the GOP brand had in our borough during that time.


For these reasons, I feel personally humored and somewhat repulsed by the recent media tour (and a sour one at that) that “Craig Easton” (what CBS News’ Marcia Kramer calls him) has had.

That tour has been highlighted on the GOP’s own website by someone named Gene Berardelli, who is also an amateur blogger, politician and apparent member of the “Easton” Cabal. Mr. Berardelli at one point last year even wrote online that GOPers should “shrug off” our blog, something we were not made aware of until not long ago.

Don’t worry–our feelings weren’t hurt! 😉

(It would seem his message was not well received. Shortly thereafter, we reached over 100,000 viewers. And that number is many thousands higher today. Why do I say this? Because the desperate attempts to distract from this blog and other reform blogs by GOP establishment figures–sad political specimens like Easton and Berardelli–have wholeheartedly failed. If anything, even more local GOP blogging has come about since then, and a fully blown reformist revolution has blossomed this year as a result.)

Back to the media tour… A somber, grouchy Easton (to stick with CBS’s nickname) also appeared with an affable yet dopey Jay Savino of the Bronx GOP on ABC’s Up Close with Diana Williams. Here is the link.

He has also been mentioned in some newspaper articles as well.

So why is The Duke suddenly going to the media? I mean, he’s clearly so irrelevant that not even CBS can get his name right.

Is he once again caught in rough seas over which he has no control? (And by “rough seas,” I mean the 13th congressional race.)

Is it the Lazio/Levy feud that has led him to seek out the media?

Or is this just his attempt to pacify those elements upstate and amongst his peers and confirm that he is “in control” and not, in fact, irrelevant, as so many of them have read on this blog and others?

To be fair, it is likely a combination of these factors.

But we can’t allow ourselves to be fooled by Nixon-like trickery, a kind of deception that depends of making things appear as though they are all fine and good, when, in reality, things have gone to hell.

Anyone who sees The Duke grimacing on television knows that a large part of his problems has been his failure to communicate effectively. It is obvious to anyone watching him that he is not quite “leader” material. And that image has translated to his handling of the party.

But, in the end, how he comes off doesn’t matter.

That’s because appearing on television doesn’t make you more relevant, Mr. Chairman.

It never will.

It won’t because you’ve spent too long weakening this party for it to add any relevance to your name. If fact, we warned you that this would happen when we first started this blog, and yet you never heeded our warnings about the directions you were taking the party in.

Now, it’s too late.

Let’s just pray the party doesn’t pay the ultimate price for your inability to lead.

  1. ROY ANTOUN Is More Relevant To Clorinda Than Easton permalink
    May 24, 2010 10:35 pm

    Whether the chamberpot hits the boulder or the boulder hits the chamberpot– it’s bad for the chamberpot. (Just picture Cruella de Vil running from the giant round boulder inside the old temple ruins instead of Indiana Jones.)

    Roy Antoun will be the next great Republican leader in the 46th AD, he is the combination of the unstoppable force and the immovable object as far as the Old Guard GOP in the 49th is concerned.

    But, who will Roy choose to be his co-leader in place of Clorinda Annarumo? Some say he should seek out a Russian-American from Coney Island, others (initials AF) say an Italian-surnamed person from Dyker Heights to capitalize on Clorinda’s unpopularity in her own base.

    Greg Easton can do nothing to help Clorinda, wait and see.

    For now, the more drama the better. Get rid of the Neo-Con Internationalists and their AIPAC handlers, defend America first, at its borders, and leave the rest of the world to fend for itself– that’s a solid defense posture and a winning strategy against the terrorists, who’ll turn on enemies closer to their home turf.

  2. Cox "Loves" Eaton, Does Eaton ...Reciprocate permalink
    May 24, 2010 11:06 pm

    From the Brooklyn Eagle coverage of the 2010 Lincoln Dinner:

    “…State Republican Party Chair Edward Cox, son-in-law of the late President Richard Nixon, said, “Under the leadership of Chairman Craig Eaton, Kings County has been a strong force for electing Republicans to represent our fundamental principles.” And they include…

    And others say Chairman Craig Eaton isn’t relevant…! What are they looking at?

    • Nick permalink
      May 25, 2010 12:32 am

      Which Republicans has Easton proven to be a force in electing?…ahem…*crickets chirping*…exactly. Methinks Cox was knocking down one too many scotches during cocktail hour when he concocted this beaut.

  3. Eatons are still a challenged couple permalink
    June 26, 2010 10:56 am

    Remember this old “chestnut in the fire” from late 2009:

    “Crazy Rhythm permalink
    November 21, 2009 10:50 pm

    ‘I actually feel a bit sorry for Craig Eaton. His recent photo, posted on the “new and improved” website tells a lot, indeed.

    Craig A. Eaton looks old, tired, weary and beaten. He looks pathetic. Obviously the stress and chronic ineptitude of destroying and corrupting the Kings County Republican Party is clearly taking a heavy toll physical on Craig! He looks awful.

    Mrs. Susan Eaton should encourage her darling spouse to take a deep breath, think clearly and consider leaving the Bedlam he “miscreated” – not only for the for the sake of his sanity and mental health, but also for the potential salvage of what little is left of the professional reputation of Eaton and Torrenzano LLP within in the legal and law arena. If his law firm suffers and looses clients, he will loose his “bread and butter” or “cash cow,” so to speak.

    Lastly, Mr. Eaton would be wise to take tutorials from an IT person who can teach him about WordPress, blogging and communicating more effectively.’ ”

    Now on June 26, 2010, add to Craig Eaton’s other traits a pathetic “invincible ignorance” (look it up in the Catholic Encyclopedia, in addition to other sources).


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