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Golden Prince Doesn’t See Anything Wrong With Bloomberg Giving Money to Democrats

May 14, 2010

I think the title says it all….

Given our previous discussion of Senator Marty Golden, this story raised a great many eyebrows here at Atlas.

The Post had this piece:

Brooklyn State Sen. Marty Golden, as rock solid a Republican as they come, said last night he’d understand if Mayor Bloomberg decided to support some Democrats in this year’s state legislative races.

“This is a city of 8.5 million people. It’s a large city. It has definite issues, being able to fund its police, its fire, its hospitals,” Golden told reporters at the Brooklyn GOP dinner in Mill Basin.

“So I can understand the mayor of the city of New York wanting to make sure he can get his agenda through the state legislature and, of course, his own City Council. So I believe he may support some Democrats, all in all. I think he’ll be very supportive of the Republicans and help us recapture and regain the statehouse.”

Golden and Bloomberg are longtime allies….

To read the rest of the Post’s story, click here.


And this weekend, come to Atlas to read about “The Brooklyn GOP Civil War.”

  1. Young GOP Kid permalink
    May 14, 2010 9:52 pm

    Can anyone tell me why Gerry O’Brien is so threatened by Jonathan Judge? Everything he writes on his blogs is about Jonathan. Can you say “obsession”? Maybe “boy crush”?

    • Gerry permalink
      May 14, 2010 9:53 pm

      NAMBLA Membership anyone? LOL

  2. Deals, Deals, Deals... Have we got deals! permalink
    May 15, 2010 12:09 pm

    There’s no news here.

    Marty Golden shows up at every local Dems’ PR events announcing this -that- or -the- other,
    which more often than not Golden backed in the State Senate.

    Trump would call it, “THE ART OF THE DEAL”.

    Spend, spend, spend !!! Elect Marty and the Dems.
    Spend, spend, spend !!! Elect Bloomberg and the Dems.

    Tax, tax, tax!!! Borrow, borrow, borrow!!! Marty, Bloomberg and the Dems,
    End, end, end!!! Not soon enough.

    May 15, 2010 9:13 pm

    Guy one says, “It’s quiet, too quiet…”

    His buddy, guy two, listens a moment, then says, “Did you hear that?”

    Guy one replies, “No, what’d d’yuh hear?”

    The buddy, snickers, “Nothing. You’re right it’s weird.”

    Just a couple of pictures on Eaton’s official Kings County Republican Party blog… no pats all around on everybody’s back for a job well done, no self-congratulations by Eaton.

    Even Eaton’s hateblogs have stayed off of the Lincoln Day Dinner.

    The only mention so far in the press was a small item in the Eagle about endorsements for Allegretti.

    First, the Kettle Black story is hushed up; now, the Lincoln Dinner is pushed out of sight and put under leaded seals. What happened at the El Caribe last week? Was anybody there?

    Bueller? Bueller?

    It’s all too weird…Dogs not barking, crows not crowing, Craig Eaton not….anything, so far.

  4. "No Soup for Grimm" At Brooklyn Lincoln Dinner permalink
    May 16, 2010 10:16 am

    Since its Lincoln Day Dinner, it’s pretty clear that the BROOKLYN GOP SUPPORTS ALLEGRETTI, “informally” for now.

    It’s hard to make out what’s really going on with the Republican “Lincoln Day” Dinners in Brooklyn and Staten Island, who’s there, who’s not, and why. But this is what’s been happening in Brooklyn, including at their dinner..

    At the Brooklyn GOP’s dinner, Mayor Bloomberg (not an enrolled Republican, who actually formally and publically left the Republican Party) spoke favorably about a few Republicans (for which “fairness” he was slavishly praised, especially since on was the embattled Marty Golden). I guess this shows that he who pays for the band gets to hear their version of sweet music.

    The part of the dinner festivities most relevant to the Brooklyn Republican Party (that part having to do with Bay Ridge– the rest of Brooklyn and the rest of the city and state don’t matter) involved the endorsement, re-endorsement or re-announcement of the continuing endorsement of Michael Allegretti for Congress in the 13th CD (it’s all a charade since Eaton announced Allegretti as “Brooklyn’s hand-picked Candidate for Congress” in 2009). Here’s how it was reported by Harold Egeln of the Brooklyn-Bay Ridge Eagle:

    “….Allegretti was very happy to publicly receive two individual endorsements at the Brooklyn Republican Party’s Annual Lincoln Day Dinner gala Wednesday evening at the El Caribe Country Club in Mill Basin. It was a buoyant event that celebrated a resurgent spirit in an election year that pundits speculate will favor Republican victories.

    The endorsements came from State Sen. Marty Golden, for whom Allegretti once served as an intern when Golden was in the City Council, and Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton.
    Eaton’s nod is his own and not a full GOP endorsement because Brooklyn Republicans have not officially made any candidate choices until the upcoming party committee vote this Tuesday.

    “Michael Allegretti is going to win the primary and beat Mike McMahon in the fall,” said Golden about the Sept. 14 primary election and the Nov. 2 general election.

    About the upcoming county committee meeting, Allegretti answered, “I feel very confident about getting the Brooklyn GOP committee’s endorsement.”

    Egeln’s story also reported on the flap involving District Leaders Vincent Bocchino and Elaine Guido. In it they were quoted as blasting Grimm’s campaign. “We are formally writing to demand the immediate removal of our name from the fundraising letter invitation to the Grimm for Congress event… As district leaders, we cannot endorse a candidate until the county organization does so….We are strongly leaning towards Michael Allegretti, and this only furthers our inclination to support him.”

    Michael Grimm should get the message Craig Eaton, the Brooklyn Soup Nazi, says “NO SOUP FOR YOU.”

  5. Lincoln Dinner a Dud permalink
    May 18, 2010 11:17 pm

    Word seeping out about the Lincon Dinner– like the ooze out of the rig-remains in the Gulf.

    No BUZZ! No exitement. Nothing national. Donovan… the only thing there that had a pulse.

    Re-elect Golden– rah, rah, rah….

    Eaton takes off his jacket– rah, rah, rah….

    Bloomberg keeps his jacket on– rah, rah, rah….

    Grant Lally, you mean THE GRANT LALLY– rah, rah, rah…. isn’t his mom a judge or something?

    More like a reunion of “Dancing With the Stars” first round losers, except that Tucker Carlson would have been electrifying compared to who was at the Brooklyn Republican fete in Bergin Beach– Jim Kerr, REALLY, who arranged that? He’s so 20th Century AM radio!

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