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As Lazio/Levy Work the Room, Wilson Pakula Purchaser Bloomberg Bloviates in Brooklyn GOP Lovefest

May 13, 2010

The Kool-Aid was flowing freely in Mill Basin last night, as the Brooklyn GOP attempted desperately to cling to relevance by hosting their annual Lincoln Dinner. As you may recall, last year’s guest “speaker” was a video clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger (wow–you can’t make this stuff up).

This year’s speaker was none other than Mayor Bloomberg, the man you’ll recall who purchased the GOP line for himself in last year’s election. While Bloomberg narrowly won his bid for a third term, he actually lost in Brooklyn, much to the dismay and disappointment of the Bay Ridge Cabal.

Anyway, the Brooklyn GOP was hosting their usual spend-it-all Lincoln Dinner, which, you’ll recall, proved to be a disastrous financial blow to the party last year (and will be this year, if history is any guide). In attendance were gubernatorial hopefuls Steve “Benedict Arnold” Levy and lifelong Republican Rick Lazio.

What a collection!

Bloomberg, Levy, Golden, and Lazio.

Stop! I’m feeling faint from the aura of celebristocracy I missed!


Celeste Katz had this lovely piece up on The Daily Politics blog regarding the event, where Bloomberg engaged in what appears to have been a sickening Bay Ridge Cabal lovefest:

Mayor Bloomberg didn’t make a big deal of the fact that his new deputy mayor, Stephen Goldsmith, is a Republican when he introduced him at City Hall on April 30.

But talking to the Brooklyn GOP’s Lincoln Dinner tonight, notes NYDN City Hall Bureau Chief Adam Lisberg, Bloomberg played it to the hilt.

“Some people thought we were going to have a Tea Party tonight… You know, I just wanted to tell you how important it is to make sure that [Republican state Sen.] Marty Golden gets re-elected and I want everybody to understand how much he has done for this city. It also wouldn’t be so bad if [Republican Staten Island DA] Dan Donovan ran for attorney general… I’d support him. Would anybody here? Yes, is the answer,” the mayor began.

“All kidding aside, I just appointed a new deputy mayor, the former Republican mayor of Indianapolis, who’s gonna help our city keep our budget together but also make sure that we keep this city safe and we keep making the investments in this city that we have to if we’re going to have a future,” Bloomberg told the crowd in Mill Basin.

(Bloomberg, of course, switched his registration from Democratic to Republican when he first ran for mayor way back in 2001. He later dropped off the GOP roster and became an independent.)

Lisberg reports that both GOP gubernatorial hopefuls Steve Levy and Rick Lazio were both working the room.

“We have a lot of RINOs out there – you know, Republican In Name Only – and I’d say Rick is one of them,” sniped Levy (who happens to be in the process of changing his registration from Democratic to Republican himself.)

“Rick was the third most liberal Congressman in the Congress in 1994, where I have been endorsed by, I’ve been the most ardent fiscal conservative on Long Island, Democrat or Republican. … Rick has never had to cut a tax. He’s never had to extract a concession from a union. He’s never balanced a budget. You know, it’s easy to vote as a legislator. It’s hard to govern as a managing executive.”

My response is: Mr. Mayor, stop pretending to be a Republican. You’re embarrassing yourself…

And praising Marty Golden?

Well, why not? He did green light the Wilson Pakula, did he not?

(And besides, with Bloomberg’s Brooklyn street cred on the line in case he gambles for a fourth term, I would think no rubber chicken dinner in Brooklyn is safe from Bloomberg…)

I guess that was a good enough reason to attend.

Let’s not forget that the dinner was hosted at El Caribe Country Club, which has close ties to Marty Golden. More evidence of the Shore Road Syndrome in our party that we and other blogs have covered. More cash being pocketed–but nothing new here, unfortunately.

As for the quote from Levy, I must say I’m beginning to dislike this man more and more. Granted, Carl Paladino and Rick Lazio have been either embarrassing and disappointing as candidates, but Steve Levy is one to talk about RINO’s. And his condescending tone reminds me of the attitude “The Irrelevant One” Craig Eaton, the Brooklyn GOP’s Chairman.

Otherwise, not much news.

Just more of the same old school politics from the same dinosaurs who spawned the need for the Brooklyn GOP Revolution.

Somewhere in heaven, I’m sure Abraham Lincoln is weeping…

  1. Party Animals At Play permalink
    May 13, 2010 6:36 am

    Those party animals who support Craig Eaton, Marty Golden and the handful of Republican old shoes left in Brooklyn must be sleeping off the alcohol and MSG.

    No action on the other blogs for about fifteen hours, our Signint unit thinks that’s an indicator of something. Perhaps strict radio-silence as to the goings on at the LDD. (Our Med unit opines just a hangover for the keenest blogger on the other side.)

    With little else to report, our boffins are predicting a possible breakout of Prince Eugen, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst from Brest.

  2. Where's the Love? permalink
    May 13, 2010 5:22 pm

    Were the main suspects of The Jig is Up Atlas and BKpolitico working the room At El Caribe?

    Did they get the warm fuzzies from everybody there?

    If so, then the word isn’t getting out there from the real frontline guys, Marty Golden and Mike Allegretti. Recent frank conversations with those “candidates” have established that the blogs are a problem for everybody who wants to run on a ticket together in 2010.

    As long as the moderator(s) of The Jig is Up and Bkpolitico keep(s) ranting about other Brooklyn Republicans, there will be a problem in a certain district key to the fortunes of the two frontliners. The tri-partite deal is very shakey. So stop with the shake-n-bake by the rabid ones.

    As Yogi Bear might say, “It gets late early this time of year.”

  3. The Jig = Morons permalink
    May 14, 2010 12:28 am

    “Who is Bay Ridge Interpoll III?”

    Notice the spelling? That’s how Gerry O’Brien/Russell Gallo/The Jig spells “Interpol.”


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