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Grimm Calls Out Brooklyn GOP For Meddling With Fundraiser, Threatening Supporters’ Jobs

May 11, 2010

Well, the Brooklyn GOP seems to be up to its old tricks agains. Now, allegations of certain district leaders’ jobs being threatened by Brooklyn GOP “leaders” have reached the news blogs. This story is from the must-read NYO PolitickerNY blog:

Grimm Hit Back at Defectors Who Question His Integrity

By Azi Paybarah

Two district leaders featured on the campaign literature of GOP challenger Mike Grimm say they never offered to help him. In departing, the district leaders apparently questioned Grimm’s integrity, a former FBI agent and soldier who saw conflict in Desert Storm.

Grimm, in response, fired off this particularly harsh statement:

At a meeting on May 1st, 2010 in Bay Ridge, two Republican district leaders from Brooklyn gave me their commitment to serve on a committee for a fundraiser scheduled for June 1st.  Following the release of the committee member names to the press, I have learned that these district leaders where called to a meeting by higher level leaders of the Brooklyn Republican Party. At this meeting these district leaders received a great deal of pressure to take back their support of my campaign, which went as far as one of their jobs being threatened.

This is wrong and I will not accept it.  My opponents have every right to challenge me on ideas and issues, but they do not have the right to threaten my supporters.”

Character, it seems, is the issue the Grimm campaign wants to spotlight.

This comes a year after Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig “The Irrelevant One” Eaton (aka The Duke of Bay Ridge) called Mr. Grimm’s primary challenger, Mike Allegretti, Brooklyn’s “own horse” in the race.

But the alleged threats being made against people’s jobs does not surprise us. Such claims were made back in September 2009 in the run-up to the county committee convention.

The party has already demonstrated it lacks all scruples in so many political arenas. This merely serves to confirm the criticism we have had regarding the Bay Ridge Cabal’s leadership.

  1. Character or Characteristic permalink
    May 11, 2010 10:31 pm

    Somebody was caught off base here. A) Maybe it’s the KCRP and Craig Eaton. B) Maybe it was the Grimm campaign. C) Maybe it was the two Republican State Committeepeople in the 48th AD who had contributed to Mike Allegretti, and according to Grimm apparently “agreed” to support and sponsor Grimm, and then said they did no such thing.

    If everybody is candid here, then “C” is the obvious and correct answer. Somebody wanted to play all ends to the middle and got caught out.

    Or as one of the candidates said when asked about it, “Well, they might just support the person who asked them most recently– depends on what day you see them.”

    These two were admittedly at functions for each of the candidates for congress along the way.

  2. John Galt permalink*
    May 12, 2010 12:33 am

    UPDATE: Brooklyn GOPers: Hey, Who Said We Were With Grimm? – Celeste Katz

    Two Brooklyn GOP leaders from the 48th AD are steamed that their names were featured on an invite to a June 1 Michael Grimm for Congress event, as you can see from the letter I received below.

    The event (invitation posted after the jump) will be headlined by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and does include the names of District Leaders Elaine Guido and Vincent Bocchino.

    But the pair says they never gave permission for their names to be used and haven’t endorsed anyone in the Republican primary among challengers to incumbent Democratic Rep. Michael McMahon — and this certainly didn’t help Grimm’s case.

    “We are strongly leaning towards Michael Allegretti, and this only furthers our inclination to support Mr. Allegretti,” Guido and Bocchino wrote.

    We are awaiting an official response from Team Grimm, and Guido has not yet returned a phone call.

    Said Allegretti: “My focus is on beating Democrat Mike McMahon and helping the people of the 13th Congressional District. This letter speaks for itself.”

  3. John Galt permalink*
    May 12, 2010 12:38 am

    UPDATE: Grimm Calls Foul In Rudy Invite Flap – Celeste Katz

    …Paul Atanasio, treasurer of the state Conservative Party, told me this afternoon that he attended a recent Grimm brunch at which the two GOP party operatives in question, Elaine Guido and Vincent Bocchino, were in attendance.

    “I was leaving and what I recall is Michael stood up to say goodbye and there was a group of (maybe) four people, and Michael said to us, ‘Rudy is going to throw me a fundraiser and would you be willing to be on the committee?’ Everyone there said yes. It really was as simple as that. So yes, did I hear him ask and were those people there? Yes, yes, yes to everything.”

    Brooklyn GOP officials declined comment.

  4. Lora permalink
    May 12, 2010 2:04 am

    You guys should know that the GOP hate blogs led by Russell Gallo and Gerry O’Brien have not said one word about this story or any of the other recent stories you’ve covered. Instead, they’re talking about “unsolved” murders that have been solved and going after people’s children again. It’s the usual disgraceful conduct on their part.

    I’m glad to know you guys have maintained the moral high ground.

    Kiss kiss…

  5. Not So Fast Lora permalink
    May 12, 2010 7:02 am

    Unless you have a dog in that fight just shut up.

    If you saw the Paula Zahn documentary, you’d know that the main story was that one of those convicted was wrongly prosecuted and wrongly convicted. In part, that was because of the testimony of someone that should have been the DA’s main suspect for the murder. There also was some problem about Giuca’s first lawyer also being the lawyer for the guy who should have been the main suspect. The lawyer’s problems have other implications in this case that have not been fully developed.

    The Jig Is Up Atlas has gone beyond all that and has said that the Kings County Republican Wilson-Pakula was given to DA Hynes as part of some deal to stay away from a family member of a Republican Vice Chairman (at the time). That’s really a stretch right now, but it has overwhelming implications here in the Brooklyn GOP.

    Isn’t all of that similar to what’s being suggested on this blog about Golden and Golden’s relatives who were in the fight at the Kettle Black? ( Maybe that’s the point the other blogs are making about the murder case.)

    As long as someone’s son named Giuca remains in jail for a murder the Jig is Up blog says someone else committed, the case remains “UNSOLVED” as far as they are concerned.

    CBS has also completed a small feature for one of their Sunday shows, which is close to what Paula Zahn showed on this case. The CBS clip has not yet aired.

    • Not Fast at All permalink
      May 12, 2010 12:13 pm

      The Jig copied all of that “content” from the website of the mother of the convicted Giucca. That’s not exactly “coverage” as much as it’s one-sided.

      I watched the special. Isn’t the “main suspect,” as you say, being accused by a mother who went out and changed the way she looked, altered her appearance, changed her name, lured and led a relationship with a former juror to extract information from him? That’s what I took away from it.

      I believe Zahn said the woman was slipping further and further into “craziness” or something like that. Now, whether that juror they discussed compromised the trial and whether the lad who has convicted should have a new one, I think that’s totally fair. That juror seemed like a real scum bag. But two things should be said. First, the guys convicted had a history of gang involvement, which didn’t help them at trial, I’m sure. Second, despite everything, it seems to me like there’s zero direct evidence that anyone did anything. No weapon. No eyewitness. Nothing.

      The “main suspect” has even less “motive” than anyone else I saw in the documentary, because he didn’t even know Fischer at all. My understanding is the boy wasn’t even at the party where Fischer got drunk and incapacitated.

      Long story short, there are a whole lot of holes and not many answers. That’s not a basis to start pointing fingers or blaming anyone. It’s called “innocent until proven guilty” folks. Yet the Jig is talking about people having “blood on their hands,” telling lies when then sad fact is no one knows the truth. That’s what I think.

      And as for the politics, I’m not sure how powerful vice chairs are. Can’t Craig Eaton basically appoint whomever he wants to be a vice chair? My understanding is Marty Golden and the then chairman would have had the primary say in who gets the Wilson Pakula. The rest of their cohorts basically follow along and do whatever they want.

      And don’t be fooled. This is all merely a distraction to avert everyone’s eyes away from the Kettle Black incident. The GOP hate blogs don’t want to have to defend Golden or explain his actions, because they’re highly suspicious. That’s why they’re latching onto Bay Ridge Interpol and the Fischer murder.

      You’ve unfortunately fallen into their trap.

      • Repent, Gerry permalink
        May 12, 2010 7:12 pm

        Looks like Gerry O’Brien went off the reservation again on The Jig. You know, I’d say he should consider a career as a fiction writer, but he’s not even good at that. Or anything else for that matter. His biggest vendetta is against a person more than half his age. Doesn’t that say something about a man? How’s that for “Pathetic”? And those Jig people call James McCall “Pathetic”?


        From what I can tell, Gerry O’Brien is a failure in life, in politics, and in business. His technical know-how is meant for the 80’s, and his skills as political consultant are much akin to Craig Eaton’s skills as a chairman: nonexistent. His tactics in politics? Demean and conjure up every lie known to man to get his way. The result? He preaches to the choir in broken English, emblematic of which is his use of “the question begs.”

        As for his blog work, he is probably being paid to divert attention from the Kettle Black incident, making fictitious and ludicrous connections between Jonathan Judge and the Clearys, who, to my knowledge, have not been tried for any crime. Moreover, Judge’s election has been over for months.

        Gerry, don’t you remember? Your candidate Ken Rice lost by 97.5% of the vote in the 44th CD. Get over it. You and Russell Gallo failed. You and Gallo failed like you both failed in Bob Capano’s campaign. You failed like it seems you’ve done your whole life. You have no heirs and no future, and everyone knows it’s you behind the hate blogs, so why don’t you come onto the blogs and comment? Admit the truth.

        Seek contrition. God knows you need it.

        Every day YOU don’t answer the calls of these blogs to answer the genuine allegations against you, YOU continue to lose credibility. Every time you go after a person for their age, gender, race, homosexuality, religion, freedom of speech rights, rights to oppose your bosses–it’s YOU who loses credibility.

        Every lie is a sin you will have to pay for, Gerry. Politically, you’ve paid the price. But what about your soul? How much more evil can you do before the tide rises and salvation is no longer possible?

        There come a point, Gerry, where it all ends. Your soul hangs in the balance. I recommend you repent and silently bow out.

        Because the alternative is not looking good…

        (Of course, if you are not behind these hate blogs and are not guilty of the accusations against you, I will retract my statements. But, of course, you haven’t done that.)

  6. Fly On The Wall permalink
    May 13, 2010 7:02 am

    Another attempt by The Party Chairman to keep everybody locked in goose step. If you don’t, you’re out. Chairman Mao would be proud of Craig’s methods. He used purges also.

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