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Blogs Bring The Golden Prince Into Eddy of Kettle Black Fiasco

May 9, 2010

Well, the blogs have been abuzz over it. It’s been talked about and emailed to us frequently. So I thought I’d share with you Bay Ridge Journal’s recent update regarding the Kettle Black Fight in Bay Ridge (the Journal is frequently a good read):

Bay Ridge Talk member “Vanguard Computers”, in a recent post rebutting the New York Post story that aVanguard tech altered the Kettle Black surveillance video after the brawl, puts State Senator Marty Golden at the bar the following afternoon.

Calling the Post story a “fabrication”, given the circumstances and the equipment used, VC counters with some detailed factual allegations.

According to VC, owner Tommy Castelli and NYPD detectives arrived at the bar at around 7:30 AM Saturday morning to view the surveillance videos, but the NYPD did not impound the equipment or copy the videos then.

Vanguard does the surveillance cameras at the bar.  At around 4 PM on Saturday afternoon, Castelli called the Vanguard tech and asked her to come help him copy the surveillance video — the tech did not call him. The tech, who had helped Castelli in similar situations before, saw no problem, and went to the bar.

The DVR (digital video recorder) at the bar is kept in a 4×7 foot closet packed with boxes. When the tech arrived, she was told which time periods and which cameras she was to copy to a USB stick.

The DVR does not display the video being copied, only the progress (25%, 50%, etc.), so the tech couldn’t view the video.

Neither the DVR nor the old PC at the bar have the technical capability to edit video.

Castelli and his partner were “shoulder-to-shoulder” with the tech talking about the fight when Marty Golden arrived at the bar to talk to Castelli.

About 5 minutes later, the copy was finished and the tech removed the USB stick. With the stick in plain view, the tech said to Castelli and his partner, “Let’s check it on your PC.”

They then put the USB stick in the PC and viewed about 5 seconds of the video to make sure it had copied — it had. Those few seconds were all the tech saw of the surveillance video, and was never alone with the equipment.

Castelli then took the stick out of the PC and the tech left the bar, leaving the stick in the possession of Castelli and his partner.

The whole thing took less than 15 minutes.

According to VC, the NYPD re-copied the video after the tech left the bar.

A few hours later, the tech got a couple of calls on her cell from an unknown number.  When she returned the calls, within minutes, she found they were from an NYPD detective.

Fast-forwarding to around 6 PM on Monday, VC got an e-mail from NY Post reporter/editor Phillip Messing, asking for a callback.  When VC returned the call, Messing aggressively accused VC’s tech of “altering” the surveillance video.  When VC tried to respond, Messing hung up.

On Tuesday, Messing published an “exclusive” in the Post accusing the tech of altering the video.

Soon after the Post article appeared, 8 NYPD detectives came into Vanguard looking for the tech, claiming that she had been dodging them.

As a techie would, VC got the number they’d called from, logged onto Sprint, and downloaded the call logs for the tech’s cell phone, which showed that the tech had returned their calls 2 days earlier. When VC told the detectives this, they got mad and warned that if the tech didn’t call them in the next hour, they would charge her.

Shortly after that, the tech went to the 69th to talk to the detectives, who arrested  her on sight, saying it was based on Castelli’s information.  But according to VC, Castelli acknowledged to him that the tech couldn’t have done it:  the bar owners were with her the entire time the video was being copied.

Because of the “false claims”, VC said, the 27-year-old tech, facing a felony evidence tampering charge, now has to spend tens of thousands of dollars she doesn’t have on a criminal defense lawyer.
These, says VC, are some questions we need to ask:

  • Why didn’t the detectives copy the video or impound the equipment on Saturday morning?
  • Why did Castelli call the tech to the bar to copy the tapes instead of waiting for the NYPD?
  • Why wasn’t the NYPD in the room when the video was being copied?
  • Why did Marty Golden come to the bar to talk to Castelli on Saturday afternoon?
  • Why didn’t the bar owners tell the detectives the tech was with them when she copied the video?
  • Why didn’t the NYPD arrest the owners as well as the tech?
  • Why did the detectives accuse the tech of dodging them when the call logs show her returning their calls?
  • Who tipped off the Post before the tech was charged?

Was the tech, who, according to VC, was a friend of the alleged victim, framed? And if so, why?

The thread on Bay Ridge Talk.


So, query why did The Golden Prince allegedly appear at the scene of the crime not long after the event in question?

Is there something deeper regarding this even we don’t know about or was Golden just being curous?

Has Golden pulled strings at the police precinct to affect the outcome of the investigation?

Until we have hard evidence, these claims are merely speculations.

But it makes you wonder…

  1. Harry O'Brien permalink
    May 9, 2010 5:37 pm

    I love how you guys are keeping my namesake Gerry O’Brien busy this weekend, both with posts and by all of your commentators going after these hate blogs. You guys have outflanked, outwitted, and outlasted the ancient, tired, and morally bankrupt party elders, who are on their way out.

    With them goes Gerry O’Brien’s meal ticket. That one-time killer whale needs to be euthanized politically, once and for all. For the sake of our children and our peers.

    (Note: I am thankfully not related to the beast O’Brien, Merlin of Malice)

  2. The Jig says "Nah!" to Kettle Black Story permalink
    May 9, 2010 6:03 pm

    The Jig is Up Atlas has acknowledged the Goldengate-Kettle Black Scandal almost in real time.
    Does this mean Marty Golden is now paying for full-time up to the minute damage control by his bloggers? ***What a payday, guys, way to go.***

    Ripped from the Jiggosphere:

    “Jonathan has lost it. said…

    ‘Looks as if Jonathan and co are gasping at the straws.

    “Many have denied State Senator Marty Golden’s involvement with the Kettle Black bar fight. A noted newsource reports otherwise.
    Marty was there.”

    You mean the “Leftist” Bay Ridge Journal, who will do anything to attack a Republican, oh that guy some news source…’ ”
    (The Jig is Up Atlas: Early Evening, 5-9-10)

  3. The Inmates Are Running The Asylum permalink
    May 9, 2010 6:30 pm

    This is not a partisan issue. This is an abuse of power issue. Blogs, anonymous authors and everyday citizens are being cut down and discounted for simply delivering the news. Guilty conscience much? The cracks are showing. The party – as it stands – is crumbling. The inmates are running the asylum. Can The Chairman do anything about it now? Perhaps not. He may have created a monster which is now out of control. Like a bad sci-fi movie come to life…

  4. SI GOPer permalink
    May 9, 2010 7:24 pm

    Why does it always have to be “Jonathan” commenting on the Jig? Couldn’t it be some of Professor Kraus’ former disgruntled students who he screwed over?

    • Frank Serpico permalink
      May 9, 2010 9:08 pm

      That is what’s so great about them over at Jig. They are so deluded. They think its just a few characters when fact is EVERYONE knows the GOP is corrupt. Fact is, it’s THEM who are 3 or 4 people masquerading as an army of anonymous e-warriors using myriad pseudonyms. When in reality the OPPOSITION is truly a dozen+ people, at least being vocal here. God knows how many who read and don’t get involved but most certainly AGREE with Atlas & Interpol.

  5. Frank Serpico permalink
    May 9, 2010 9:05 pm

    Persons of interest:

    Mr. Stephen Maresca
    Mr. Gerry O’Brien
    Mr. Russell Gallo
    Ms. Phyllis Carbo
    Mr. Jeffrey Kraus

  6. Was Golden there when the Security Recording was Altered? permalink
    May 9, 2010 9:29 pm

    According to the story in the Bay Ridge Journal, Somebody from VC (Vanguard Computers) said that New York State Senator Martin J. Golden was in the Kettle Black bar with two of the owners of the bar and a computer technician who was later charged with altering the surveillance recording of a fight involving four relatives of the State Senator. If only that is true, Marty Golden has a major political problem in this election year.

    Were the two owners questioned by the police about the time and circumstances of the technician being at the Kettle Black in the afternoon of Saturday April 10th ?

    Did the Kettle Black’s owners ever make a statement to police that State Senator Golden was present at the same time that the technician allegedly altered the surveillance recording?

    Based on the Bay Ridge Journal Report, the four people who were present at the Kettle Black were:
    Tommy Casatelli, owner of the Kettle Black; an unidentified owner of the Kettle Black; an unnamed computer tech (identified in other articles as Jasmin Potic); and State Senator Martin Golden.

    Did the State Senator Golden give a statement to the police in connection with the activities of the computer technician, either before or after the technician’s arrest for altering the surveillance recordings?

    Is the Special Prosecutor handling the case against the computer technician or is that being handled bu D.A. Hynes?

    Is the source “VC”, Anthony Pennachio, a key person for Vanguard Computers and the Third Avenue Merchants, which includes as a member the Kettle Black?

    Is Erik Manning the other owner who was present along with Golden, Casatelli and Potic when the security recording was possibly altered ?

    If it was Manning, then there is a connection to City Hall, very close to Michael Bloomberg, and the highest levels of the NYC Police Department.

  7. O'Brien at Pride Day? permalink
    May 9, 2010 10:09 pm

    One wonders why Gerry O’Brien has that picture of those guys on a gay float on The Jig. Did he take that on Pride Day looking for a thrill? LOL

  8. Gerry O'Briens Corroded Artery permalink
    May 10, 2010 8:15 am

    I saw Gerry O’Brien at Dizzy’s reading The Onion. I guess he was looking for inspiration for today’s blogging.

  9. Young Republican permalink
    May 10, 2010 3:17 pm

    You guy would really be happy if a democrat wins in 22nd district in November and because of that republicans are one seat short of the senate majority, right?

  10. Bkpolitico Looks for CSI-NY Help while Random Thinker at Jigsup Laughs permalink
    May 10, 2010 6:40 pm

    The other blogs have gotten a little better at reporting the real political news about the Goldengate-Kettle Black Scandal, even though they still mix it in with a lot of chaff.

    Look at brooklyn politico’s snazzy CSI-NY picture under this red-letter headline:
    “Jonathan Look Who’s Calling The Kettle Black.. Exhale Don’t Worry About The DVD, VCR, FlashDrive Video Tape On Marty’s Nephew, I Called ..”
    by brooklynpolitico at 6:31 PM on May 9, 2010 ]

    So far only one reply:
    “Anonymous said…
    ‘If Martys dog pissed on the sidewalk they would blog it. group of fools.’ ”
    [posted May 9, 2010 9:25 PM]

    Anonymous must have missed the part where the person charged with tampering with evidence in the Kettle Black case said that State Senator Martin J. Golden was there.

    The reality is bkpolitico really can’t spin this very much. You really don’t need a CSI team on this, normal detectives can put this one together.
    The only way that the detectives on this case could make any charges against Jasmin Pontic is if THE FIX WAS IN. That means big money for Pontic and big trouble for a lot of people.
    And the rest of the Golden crowd are just petrified that they’ll see the Golden Prince frog-stepping in handcuffs on Eyewitness News some night.

    Over on the Jiggery-pokery blog:

    “Random Thoughts said… Somebody hoping for the worst, I think so…
    ‘In addition, there are more connections between the owners of the Kettle Black and higher ups that have not yet been disclosed ….
    “They go all the way up to the Mayor’s office, and that connection also apprently includes at least one member of State Senator Golden’s staff….
    “I think somebody’s hiding something ….One of the Police Officers’ blogs has said that five (5) higherups were in on this thing other than Golden….
    “Falsified evidence, a wrongly accused technician, involvement of a State Senator, the Brooklyn DA and the Mayor’s Office, this is BIG, BIG, BIG….
    [Posted on the Jig is up Atlas: May 9, 2010]

    All the important stuff was in there, alright. But I must say that it takes a real warped sense of humor and a cold heart to laugh at a State Senator, who’s fallen and can’t seem to get up.

    Here, I thought the Jig is Up Atlas and and bkpolitico were Marty Golden’s clappers.

    Maybe, Golden slipped on his dog’s pee in the story THAT WAS NOT REPORTED in the Atlas Shrugs. We’ll leave that coverage for one for the pooper scoopers on the other blogs.

  11. Missed Misprint by TJIUA and BKpolitico censors permalink
    May 10, 2010 6:55 pm

    The Jiggles on Uppers crowd must be off their game on this Golden-Kettle Black thing.

    They missed the mispelling of “Kettle Black” as “Kettle Back” in the Atlas Shrugs…headline above.

    Or did I just miss a joke that everybody else got?

    • John Galt permalink*
      May 10, 2010 10:02 pm

      We don’t pretend to be perfect lol. Our spelling error has been corrected. Thanks.

  12. Will State Senator Golden be at the Lincoln Dinner permalink
    May 10, 2010 9:55 pm

    Tomorrow presents an unprecedented opportunity for one or two specific members of the press briefly to get one on one with State Senator Marty Golden at the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner.

    Specific word has been left for Tom Tracy to be on hand. The new revelation that Golden was there by one of the people charged in connection with the Kettle Black brawl, particularly the one charged in an attempted coverup of certain events, has given this story new legs.

    Tracy appears to have been interested, let’s see if he and at least one other of his cohorts can get to Marty directly.

    It’s expected the party regulars and the State Senator’s staff members will try to create a cordon sanitaire around Golden from any body likely to be too nosey about the Kettle Black story. However, there is one member of Golden’s staff who might also be of particular interest to Mr. Tracy and company, because that staffer knows all of the Kettle Black’s key players both on and off the books, especially the one with the most direct connection to those “higher ups,” who some unhappy cops have blabbed about.

    Let’s see if he shows up.

  13. Correction permalink
    May 10, 2010 9:57 pm

    Correction: “The night after tomorrow….”
    Not: “Tomorrow”

  14. FBI Investigates O'Brien permalink
    May 10, 2010 9:57 pm

    The FBI has assembled a special task force to locate and destroy the paranormal activity occurring in Gerry O’Brien’s basement, as indicated by his blog rants:

    Perhaps a more fitting title would be: “Gerry Denies Knowledge.”

  15. Meanwhile, CSI Investigates Golden permalink
    May 10, 2010 10:03 pm

    Meanwhile, a forensic task force has been charged with investigating Marty Golden and the Kettle Black fiasco has been formed:

  16. Golden Sings Along to CSI: NY Theme Song permalink
    May 10, 2010 10:43 pm

    Marty Golden saw the CSI:NY video posted here and went to go to bed shaking his head.
    Then, while he was brushing his teeth, he started humming the first couple of notes of “Baba O’Riley”, he couldn’t get the sound out of his his head; then, in the loo State Senator Martin Golded belted out the last few lines of the first stanza:

    “…I don’t need to fight
    To prove I’m right
    I don’t need to be forgiven.

    Then after spitting, he hummed a little more and sang own version of THE WHO’s music:

    “…I don’t need to fight
    To prove I’m right
    I’m elected your State Senator

    Later he dreamed the dreams of lost innocence and compromised virtue, to the sound of THE WHO’s music:

    “…Jasmin, take me back
    Re-record Kettle Black
    Pull my zip stick
    And don’t look past my shoulder…”

  17. JIG'S "RIGHT NOW..." was "RIGHT ON" about GOLDENGATE permalink
    May 12, 2010 8:01 pm

    On April 14, 2010 on the “Jig is Up Atlas” blogger “Right Now” replied to a lengthy posting about the Kettle Black brawl that questioned whether Marty Golden was involved, with a bunch of “Right Nows…”.

    One was particularly insightful, “Right Now, Jonathan Judge hopes Marty Golden was at Kettle Black last Saturday.”

    I’ll bet that right now, Jonathan Judge thinks that “Right Now” was RIGHT ON!!!!

  18. Getting Closer to the Source -- Tic-toc-tic-toc permalink
    May 13, 2010 7:50 pm

    “Like the beat, beat, beat of the stately clock as it stands against the wall.
    Like the drip, drip, drip … Keeps repeating … Night and Day…

    Vanguard Computers
    Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 10:14 am
    on Blog : Bay Ridge Talk from thread: Why hello there, vanguardcomputers
    by Laura » Tue May 04, 2010 4:52 pm


    Vanguard Computers Rebuttal to the accusations surrounding the Kettle Black Surveillance Tapes

    Whilst rebutting accusations and innuendo lends them credit hence they are usually best ignored, I can no longer allow such misdirection, false claims and outright inaccuracies to continue. The ridiculous accusations of “tampering, altering” are false. This is not CSI BayRidge or some TV show – what has been reported as truth is NOT possible given the equipment & time & character of the situation and the accused – My Fellow Bayridge ‘ ers:

    The incident, as we know it, is that family members of senator Marty Golden – be they cousins, inlaws or whatever, entered the Kettle Black and by ALL ACCOUNTS OF WITNESSES, BARTENDERS, BOUNCERS and SURVEILLANCE TAPES assaulted a fellow patron later identified as a police officer.

    Recent events in our neighborhood by The Kettle Black and other establishments (plus the dozens of other non newsworthy “incidences“caused by these places) all have us in fear that we can no longer enjoy a drink or meal at these places without the specter of being assaulted – or the disgust of opening our businesses in the AM only to find vomit, graffiti and vandalism surrounding our businesses due to the inability of patrons to control THEMSELVES…drinking beyond their limits and choosing violence to express themselves. When do people take responsibility for their own actions?

    We of course also can look to law enforcement to control this type of “hoodlum” behavior, instead of ticketing us for lack of seat belt use…where are their priorities? Safety first, “courtesy, professionalism and respect” where is that?
    – but we digress…..

    The events at the kettle black and the false claims started than perpetuated are truly frightening as they are without basis and fact.

    The Facts:

    The Incident at the Kettle Black occurred late Friday nite, my technician, by happenstance “was” a personal friend of the assaulted for over 10 years. He was called BY THIS FRIEND as were a number of other of his friends – my technician WAS ASKED THAT SINCE WE “DO” THE CAMERAS AT THE Kettle Black that IF detectives need help to PLEASE BE AVAILABLE”

    SATURDAY: 7:30am the “detectives” were at the Kettle Black with its owner, Tommy Casetelli viewing the video.

    -By all accounts, Senator Marty Golden arrived at the Kettle Black to “speak” to Tommy Casetelli

    – – The Kettle Black reached out to my technician for help – he did NOT contact them, go by, in or around the Kettle Black until he was called by them personally on his cell phone! As Tommy “was” a friend of my technician and has done this MANY times in the past for free help on his systems, my technician did not see this as an issue
    The Kettle Blacks Office where the DVR (digital video recorder) resides is a 4×7 foot closet packed with boxes. AT NO TIME WAS MY TECHNICIAN ALONE IN THIS OFFICE WITHOUT TOMMY CASETELLI OR HIS PARTNER PRESENT AND OVER HIS SHOULDER.

    Upon arrival, my technician was TOLD the times and cameras to copy to a USB stick. The DVR does NOT show the recording as its being copied ONLY a percentage of the process 1%, 2% … 100%.

    Tommy and his partner were shoulder to shoulder with my technician when he began the process, as it was recording they were all speaking about the incident at which time Marty Golden arrived upstairs to speak to Tommy. Approx 5 minutes later the copy process was completed. At which time my technician removed the USB stick and IN PLAIN VIEW OF BOTH OWNERS STATED – “LETS CHECK IT ON YOUR PC” This pc was on already and is an older model. The USB stick was inserted and the video “clicked” to test the recording process – approx 5 seconds of the video was viewed and all determined that it was “ok”
    AT THAT TIME TOMMY REMOVED THE STICK FROM THE PC AND my technician LEFT – with the USB stick in the possessions of both Tommy and his partner – who were now ALONE with the video.

    Total time – less than 15 minutes from time of arrival to leaving




    Several hours later my technician received 2 calls from an unknown number – he returned the call within a few hours to find out it was a detective.

    Sunday – no incidences

    Monday – no incidences until 6pm – I received an email from the NY Post’s reporter/editor- Phillip Messing asking that I call him – I returned the call ONLY TO BE ASSAULTED FOR 45 SECONDS BY THIS SO CALLED REPORTER THAT MY TECH “ALTERED THE VIDEO – LALALAALALAL” At which time when he allowed me to interrupt I stated “Your information is inaccurate an false I CANNOT SPEAK TO YOU IF YOU DO NOT WISH THE FACTS” At which time he hung up.
    Tuesday: we find the NY POST and this “reporter” created an article so devoid of realty that it was actually “funny” UNTIL 8 detectives – YES 8, not 1, 2 or 3 BUT 8 detectives descended on my business “looking” for my technician. These bastions of defending the law claimed your man is ducking us and we want him – we left him messages and he has not returned our calls – we want him now.

    I asked if they called his cell of which they stated yes and gave me their number, I immediately logged into SPRINT and viewed the call logs on my technicians phone – low and behold he DID RETURN THEIR CALL 2 days ago! Upon presenting this to our esteemed sleuths, they grew angry and demand that if my technician does not call them in an hour they will – get him – as he altered video, tampered with evidence…………. – JUDGE JURY AND EXECUTIONER’s?

    Shortly after, my technician arrived at the 69th prescient to “speak” to this detective who promptly arrested him! Yes people – ARRESTED HIM because The Kettle Black stated he ”had to do it” – upon calling Tommy Casetelli – he in no uncertain terms proclaimed – my technician had to do it.
    The rest is simply shoddy detective work and misdirection from the actual events……………….

    Did you know that the police returned to the Kettle Black Saturday and recopied the video themselves?

    Questions you need to ask:
    1. If the detectives viewed the video at 7:30am why did they not copy it then? Or take the equipment at that time?
    2. Why was Marty Golden at the kettle black speaking to Tommy?
    4. Why did not Tommy or his partner tell the police that at no time was my technician alone with the video or more than 3 feet away from them – always in sight and at no time did he go near the equipment without them shoulder to shoulder?
    5. Why did the detective state my technician did not return their call when the facts show he did?
    6. How did this information get to the NY POST BEFORE an investigation?
    7. WHY were not the owners of the Kettle Black Arrested? They had the copied video on a USB stick – all alone, by themselves after it was given to them by my technician.
    8. Why did not the detective be present when this was being copied? He knew what was happening by his statements
    9. Why are the police focusing on my technician and NOT the kettle black owners? Why were not all of them arrested or questioned at the station to “sort” it out?

    My technician was NEVER alone! The Kettle Black Owners were over his shoulder every step of the way!

    The sad part of this is that my technician now has to defend himself at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars he does not have because of false accusations, innuendo and possibly “untruths” by “some” to protect their business.

    For all those that know my technician and Vanguard – they know these claims are false! Perhaps the Kettle Black should be taking a collection to help pay for my technician’s defense?
    Do we actually “believe” anything the NY POST has to say? Perhaps we can all discuss this over the next alien invasion proclaimed by the NY POST!
    The Truth Shall Set you free – at a price – donations for his false arrest and defense are welcome! Or a SIMPLY “SORRY MISTAKE” WOULD DO……………………


    The other comments to this thread are also quite interesting. Including back and forth with Vanguard.

    like the beat of a metronome, constant, constant, constant…

  19. Y Is A Crooked Letter In The Alphabet permalink
    May 14, 2010 1:03 am

    1. Why was Marty Golden at the kettle black speaking to Tommy?

  20. ALTERNATIVE REALITY to GOLDENGATE at JIG and BKpolitico permalink
    May 14, 2010 6:24 pm

    Look at the last couple of days of ranting and raving from the Kings County Republican hateblogs.

    “Judgegate”, the alternative reality of The Jig is Up Atlas and Bkpolitico, make an interesting comparison with this and some other blogs’ handling of the “Goldengate” Kettle Black intrigue.

    GOLDENGATE: A witness has put State Senator Martin J. Golden at the place of an alleged major assault by four of Golden’s relatives on two police officers and a fireman– literally, WITHIN HOURS AFTER THE OCCURANCE OF THE ONESIDED “FIGHT”. That witness also places Marty Golden at that same scene, at or very near the time, when an another alleged crime– evidence tampering–occurred. The place is the Kettle Black, the time or times are some time on Saturday, April 10, 2010 after the assaults allegedly perpetrated by Golden’s clansmen, which has been given as “about” 2:48 AM.
    If the witness is correct, Marty Golden is either a material witness to a crime, an accessory to a crime, or deaf ,dumb and blind. Also, if the timeline presented by the witness is correct, then Marty Golden might well have been involved in a conspiracy to entrap or frame that witness for allegedly tampering with a key piece fo evidence for the case against Golden’s four kinsmen.

    JUDGEGATE: is the demented crew at The Jig is Up Atlas and Bkpolitico repeating ad nauseam–“blood on his hands”, “give back the money”, “dirty-Cleary”, “Albert…[fill in some unproven and unwitnessed claim concerning a “Fischer Case”], “Judge knows…[never even mentioned what that might be].
    No person, book, documentery, article, or statement by anyone claiming knowledge has ever mentioned anyone named “Judge” in connection with any “Fischer Case”.

    JUDGEGATE: alternative reality at the Jig is Up Atlas and Bkpolitico used as flack to avoid discussing Marty Golden’s Kettle Black involvement.

    GOLDENGATE: a state senator allegedly at the scene of two crimes on the same day with NO GOOD REASON TO BE THERE, with a strong probability of much more to come, as more connections are made to the state senator.

  21. Don't Let them Get Hung Out to Dry permalink
    May 16, 2010 12:18 am

    About a month ago “wiseass0282” on the blog Police*Link made these points:

    Referring to one of the five charged people’s comments to the press, wiseass0282 mocked:
    “They started the fight, why am I the one being arrested.”

    To those reported remarks by one of the arresteds, wiseass0282 responded;
    “Must have forgot about the part about DeCarlo smashing a bottle over Officer Aparo’s head. Up to that point it had only been an argument over DeCarlos behavier. Oh and he also forgot the part about Office Aparo being on the ground getting pummeled when the other Officer and Firefighter came to his aid. And what’s with this Special Prosecutor and friend of one of Sen. Golden’s friends being assigned the case. The Sen. needs to keep his nose out of hit. I can just see how this is going to end up. The Cops and Firefighter getting hung out to dry.”

    Maybe, in some part due to the Atlas Shrugs and some other blog’s coverage of the Kettle Black brawl and the attempted tampering with the evidence in that case, both reportedly occurring on April 10, 2010, the two police officers and the fireman have not been “hung out to dry”, at least not yet.

    Keep up the good work Atlas. It’s important to have this location as a sort of clearinghouse for information about the strange events that happened in the aftermath of the “fight” in the Kettle Black. More followup as to anything that hasn’t yet appeared on Atlas would be very helpful to see to it that this whole thing isn’t swept under the rug by the DA, any local politicians or any other people who might have connections higher up.

    If any visitors to this blog have any additional information about the incident at the Kettle Black in the early morning of April 10th, or about the questionable activities by several others connected with the case any time afterward, please post it here or at any other blog that has dealt with these things openly.

    Thanks again, Atlas.

  22. Let's Get Back to "Goldengate" at the Kettle Black permalink
    July 17, 2010 11:43 am

    There is still a need for follow-up on State Senator Martin Golden’s connection to the Kettle Black fiasco. Here are just a few areas of inquiry that should be pursued:

    1) What ever happened to the charges against Marty Golden’s four relatives for their fighting with two police officers and a fireman at the Kettle Black in April 2010, resulting in significant injuries to at least two of them?

    2) What ever happened to Kings County DA Charles Hynes’ naming of a “Special Prosecutor” for this case because of Hynes’ close relationship to Marty Golden?

    3) What ever happened to the charges against the technician from Vanguard Computers concerning that person’s alleged interference with the police investigation and possible tampering with the evidence (all while Marty Golden was alleged to have been at the Kettle Black later on the date of the fight)?

    4) What ever happened to any follow-up investigations and inquiries of the Kettle Black ownership for possible violation of various laws and rules governing drinking establishments, as well as their possible interference with the police investigation and possible tampering with the evidence ?

    5) Why has there never been any denial or explanation by State Senator Martin Golden or his staff concerning any of the “Goldengate – Kettle Black” allegations against the state senator?

    6) Why has Golden’s stonewalling on this story not been pressed by the city-wide and local media, resulting in a virtual blackout of media coverage of any of these matters since late April?

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