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Donning The “Brooklyn GOP Revolution” Armor: New Blog in Town

May 3, 2010

Last year, I said this after the disgraceful Brooklyn GOP convention that ensured the status quo in our party would remain and the “soap opera,” to use one GOPer’s words, would persist. Thereafter, I said to you all regarding the Bay Ridge Cabal:

We all know the expression “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” In this case, you couldn’t event “join ‘em” even if you wanted to. The Brooklyn GOP is such a private social club that you have to shine someone’s shoes or donate money just to get the light of day…

Now, since we’re certainly not going to “join ‘em,” how do you beat ‘em? How do we reform the party of LaGuardia and Reagan?

The sad fact is it’s not that hard. The establishment here is so weak, they have nothing to offer their supporters but the limited financial benefits they can provide through Board of Elections positions and other pathetic patronage positions.

What we need are new organizations, new activism, a fierce spirit of accountability, and an unwavering demand for reform. I challenge reformers reading this blog: make blogs of your own.

Link them to Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn. Take charge! Get your message out! Express your anger and discontent publicly and work just as passionately on the streets and among your friends to resurrect our party and make it something we can all be proud of! If you see something that sickens you, or if you are threatened by an establishment figure, let us know and then let the WHOLE world know. Let’s show these people ruining our party just what sad specimens they are and how powerful just one reformist warrior can be!

We can win. We will win.

Well, I’m glad to say that I see more and more of this happening in Brooklyn, both from outside of our party and within. On the Democratic side, we have blogs like The Bay Ridge Interpol, which have been just as critical of corruption in our party and borough as we have been. While we may not be on the same “side,” I think we agree that reform is much needed in local politics.

Now, on the Republican side, we’ve seen these “Brooklyn GOP Revolution” trailers and videos making a huge impact on the statewide perspective of the failures in our party. Individuals with knowledge have told us that these videos have been disseminated among the upstate GOP leadership, and, on top of that, our blog is also being monitored upstate.

Why? Because finally scrutiny is being applied to those who have done our party wrong or who have taken the wrong paths in maintaining their positions of authority. I count State Senator Marty Golden in that category. Finally, GOPers are monitoring their local party and challenging the poor decisions and petty corruptions of its leadership.

Recently, even Brooklyn Young Republican President and former City Council candidate Jonathan Judge has called out the problems in our party here in Brooklyn and statewide. No one would know that better than him, given the ordeal he went through in his campaign in the 44th.

And now, a new blog called “Brooklyn Revolution” has come to our attention here at Atlas. On it, the message that I told you last year, quoted above, is emulated (though I take no credit for it, and this blog is independent of us) by their message. They attack the recent spring of hate blogging that has been engendered by the Brooklyn GOP leadership:

Craig Eaton, Clorinda Annarummo, and Marty Golden have a lot to prove to us in terms of their level of conservatism. Their petty blogs and silly propaganda have obvously taken the party nowhere if Republicans continue to lose election after election. It would also be nice if they ran actual conservatives as well.

The blog calls for mobilization in the new Revolution being engeneered to retake the reigns of power back from the failed leadership that is currently hurting our party:

How are YOU going to change Brooklyn politics? How are YOU going to mobilize and transform our style of governance. The power is in the people’s hands. The power is in the vote.

Get up, go out, and run for office or vote – on the virtue of principle.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “In style, sway like the wind, in principle stand like a rock.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The task is a tall one, and it is not simple. But I believe more than ever that reform in our party is possible in the next two years.

I wish you all the best in your efforts, and consider this blogger a willing and active participant in the Revolution that is coming to our party in Brooklyn.

  1. May 3, 2010 11:32 pm

    I think “silly propaganda” sounds perfect.

  2. Sir Eaton Hogg permalink
    May 4, 2010 6:39 am

    This has always been the point that Jig and their cronies don’t get. It doesn’t matter “WHO” is behind these blogs, what matters is the sentiment. And if one anonymous blogger feels this way, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are hundreds if not thousands more who echo these feelings. While I may not be a Democrat, I still feel that what Jig did over the weekend to Justin Brennan was dirty, disgusting and vile. To bury a man, a COMMUNTITY VOLUNTEER!, because of a piece of art is not only immoral and unconstitutional but it may very well be downright illegal. To defame a man to distract the attention of the GOP was deplorable. To me, this weekend the real cracks in the GOP were shown to light. Its obvious there is disorder in their house and now they are getting desperate.

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