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Brooklyn Revolution Blog Says “Remove the Old Hacks”

May 3, 2010

The new “Brooklyn Revolution” blog has just put up a piece called “Remove the Old Hacks.” I wanted to post it to share it with you all for your thoughts:

It’s one thing to challenge a politician on policy but it’s another thing to degrade them for a stereotype. I mean, it takes guts to poke fun of your own party members by calling them names.

What the Brooklyn GOP leaders have done recently was taken something so precious as governance and prostituted it to something power-hungry and pathetic. Clorinda Annarummo and Craig Eaton need to ask themselves one thing: “What did I do to deserve this?”

I think they did a lot. For one, take Roy Antoun’s story. Did Clorinda tell Roy who his proxy would be voting for at the GOP County Convention? Did she tell Roy who was running against Craig Eaton? Did she even give Roy the option of sending a different proxy before the County Convention? Did Roy vote for Craig Eaton?

The answers are no, no, no, and HELL NO. Do you blame him? Why on earth would Roy Antoun vote for Craig after he realized the lies and deceit perplexed from the Brooklyn GOP-industrial complex. It would come to no surprise, then, why incumbent Craig Eaton won reelection. If all the proxies at the County Convention were gathered in this deceitful way, then it’s no wonder why the same old neoconservative hacks get reelected. The stories are endless. Fabian Gambino, another County Committeeman was apparently threatened by Mr. Eaton for voting otherwise!

There’s a fundamental difference between healthy debate and outlandish ridicule. Considering that GOP leaders in Brooklyn have resorted to the latter, their legitimacy within the party, let alone all of Brooklyn, has exponentially dwindled. In all seriousness, how can you take kindergarten humor seriously anyway? How can you take Clorinda and friends seriously anyway?

When kids like Fabian Gambino and Roy Antoun run for County Committee, the message is clear. There must be reform in order for true Republican principles to flourish. These kids, these poor college students ran because they clearly believed in something. They had no law firms to protect, no incumbent positions to sell their souls to; they’re just genuine scholars of the political framework trying to make a difference.

What is laughable, however, is how the GOP (these old, so-called “experienced” hacks) are seeing 20-year-olds as their biggest threats! And good for them! The GOP needs some new blood- but it needs more than just these two kids, Roy and Fabian.

You, yes YOU reading this blog- get up and research County Committee. Gather a team together and protest something. Start you’re own blog. You ARE the political framework. You ARE the Republic for which we stand. These are the basics of representative government; show you’re angry and you’re not gonna take it anymore! We can’t just sit around and watch these people destroy the very notion of representation that our forefathers fought so hard to protect. There are hardly any Republican voters left in Brooklyn and it’s all because of our old neoconservative hacks. YOU need to be the change in the Party.

I know there are conservatives out there- real conservatives who believe in small, limited government. End this nonsense. Get up and join the Brooklyn Revolution!

  1. The Brooklyn GOP Revolution Has Begun! permalink
    May 4, 2010 12:00 am

  2. This was posted on the Brooklyn Revolution Blog permalink
    May 4, 2010 1:05 am

    This was posted on the Brooklyn Revolution Blog:

    With Brooklyn receiving no Republican representation in City Council, it’s easy to imagine what Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton is doing behind his desk, watching the party crumble. It’s obvious the Republican Party is split nationwide and locally; however, what exactly is the best course of action?

    Before we can answer that, the better question would be, “What exactly makes a Republican?” Not too long ago, being a Republican meant limiting government back to its Constitutional roots. It meant diplomatic peace and competent statecraft. The damage the Bush administration did to the image of the Republican Party goes unprecedented. This “neoconservative” belief that as long as the Republicans win and Democrats lose, everything will be ok has got to go.

    Both Republicans and Democrats today have prostituted our governments locally and nationally. We have developed the “Republicrat”- just look at State Senator Marty Golden. Why has his seat been unmatched for so long? Why is his website so ambiguous?

  3. Brooklyn Revolution Targets "Leaders" to Overthrow permalink
    May 4, 2010 1:10 am


    Target “Leaders” to Overthrow:

    Craig Eaton
    Crimes: Destroying the Republican Party and delegitimizing Republican principles; Selective support; runs neoconservatives and liberals

    Clorinda Annarummo
    Crimes: Deceit and trickery; racist; slander on party members; Bloomberg supporter

    Marty Golden
    Crimes: Bargaining Senate seat with Democrats; a fake Republican; has done what for Bay Ridge?

  4. The Brooklyn GOP Revolutionary War permalink
    May 4, 2010 1:38 am

    Title: The Brooklyn GOP Revolutionary War


    Roy Antoun as John Adams

    Fabian Gambino as Thomas Jefferson

    Craig Eaton as King George


    Jonathan Judge as Colonel Washington


    Arnaldo Ferraro as Benjamin Franklin

    Setting: John Adams meets at the congress to discuss the coming revolution. He meets with the great Benjamin Franklin (who has, to his surprise, as slight Italian accent) to discuss the grievous injustices of Brooklyn GOP King George (Christian name: Craig) Eaton (a useless dictator) on the Brooklyn Republican colonies.

    Colonel Washington, a natural leader and known to some as “Big Red,” offers to subsist and support raising troops to fight Eaton’s oppressive tactics against Bensonhurst, nicknamed “Boston” in revolutionary times. Meanwhile, Thomas Jefferson, an Italian-American libertarian and silent genius, is brooding over the whole event:

    • John Hancock permalink
      May 4, 2010 1:15 pm

      This is HILARIOUS!!!!

    • Two if by sea permalink
      May 6, 2010 6:18 am

      Lanterns were hung in the North Church tower last night. I was off on my midnight ride.

      I rode north then west and summoned our MM militia, who will gather today to confront the Redcoats as they attempt to invade our countryside.

      Tomorrow we’ll tell of what happened at the Lexington Common today.

      If the British retreat without a fight, all to the good. If shots are fired, even better, the shots will be heard ’round the world.

      Yr fthfl srvnt,

    • From Lexington Common permalink
      May 6, 2010 11:41 pm

      Last night, a small group of the Brooklyn Revolutionary Militia heeded the call to arms and stood against the full armed might of adversity marching fully into their midst. The oppressor toed his line and ordered these rebels to disarm, disperse and regroup behind the duly constituted leadership. His terms were simple– follow our lead and we’ll use our best efforts to give you what you are looking for from us.

      “…A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
      And a word that shall echo for evermore!
      For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
      Through all our history, to the last,
      In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
      The people will waken and listen to hear…”

      Quickly volleys were exchanged back and forth
      Though one staggered before the champion’s might,
      None were felled and none fell into line.
      The Man went into the night, unforced,
      Yet to ponder if he’d just been divorced.

  5. John Hancock permalink
    May 4, 2010 1:15 pm

    Aside from the blogs that have arisen in the past year, Roy Antoun, Jonathan Judge, and the Brooklyn YR’s in general have been an amazing impetus for growth and reform in our party. When you look at the Brooklyn GOP establishment and then you look at the Brooklyn YR’s, the choice is clear: the youngsters have the moral high ground.

  6. James McCall ROCKS and So Does Justin Lee Brannan permalink
    May 4, 2010 5:24 pm

    I would like to say, whether he is the 49th AD’s spokesperson/consigliere or not:


    And Justin Lee Brannan, you’re my new hero because of the way that vicious, childish Jig blog has attacked you.

    Don’t let the Cathedral Club losers over at those other blogs get to you.

    Read my lips: THEY ARE IRRELEVANT.

    From this Republican, let me say thank you for pissing them off over there!

  7. Lora permalink
    May 4, 2010 5:40 pm

    Now, those Jig people are calling me a man!

    My womanhood is offended! I’m weeping behind a damp handkerchief! LOL

    They call me “Dirty Cleary,” which is both untrue (I’m not that woman) and disturbing (especially what false things these people will say about people’s children).

    Let’s not forget this blog hosted child predators on its pages who went after preteen Young Republican girls, commenting on their looks in a sexual way.

    Chairman Eaton should resign for what he allows his people to say on that blog. He is in a position to shut it down or clean it up, and he doesn’t.

    Gerry O’Brien must be getting paid very well to throw all this mud around. We all know he only moves his rotundity when he gets his thirty pieces of silver. Yet, none of his slime is sticking because no one takes this joker seriously. But it’s not like anything O’Brien has ever produced for the party has been successful. He’s a career failure and a disgraceful consultant who has been accused of both theft and assault. Where did O’Brien learn his ways? EL-DE Haus?

    Republicans should be ashamed he’s been allowed to work with the party in any way.

    And Russell Gallo is a disgrace to his party, his district, and his country for contributing in any way to those hate blogs. I’m not so worried about him, though. It would seem he can’t spell or put two sentences together.

    You boys are giving these cronies of Marty Golden a run for their money. If all they can do is call you names, then you’ve got the upper hand.

    Kiss kiss, Craig’s boys. The writing’s on the wall…

  8. Gene Berardelli Bloviating Again permalink
    May 4, 2010 6:45 pm

    It’s shameful that Gene Beradelli is allowed to bloviate openly on the Brooklyn GOP website about whatever suits his fancy. How about calling your fellow Brooklyn GOP leaders out for supporting hate blogs that go after people with the most vicious, nasty lies out there? How about a piece on that, you coward? Shame on you and your party bosses for taking the low road and embarrassing the Republican Party name.

    Then again, why should we be surprised? You continue to demonstrate both your moral and political irrelevance, Gene.

    • Blah Blah Gene permalink
      May 4, 2010 9:39 pm

  9. Check this out permalink
    May 4, 2010 8:16 pm

    Most people who are unhappy about their representation in government, simply fret about it at the water cooler. But Joseph Hayon is not most people. At just 32-years-old, he has already compiled an impressive resume of positions of leadership and community service. Once employed as a service coordinator for the non-profit Pesach Tikvah organization and then as a devoted elementary school teacher, Hayon later founded Homework Helper Institute LLC, a tutoring agency designed to ensure adequate pay for teachers while cutting costs for parents. He also sat on the Board of Advisors of the American Family Association-NY.
    Throughout his experiences, Hayon, the son of Sephardic immigrants from Egypt and South America, noticed a large and widening gap between the needs and values of his native community in Brooklyn and their leadership in government. So, he decided to do something about it, setting his sights upon the U.S. Congress, campaigning for New York’s 9thCongressional District, comprising southeast Brooklyn (i.e. Midwood, Marine Park, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay) and southwest Queens (i.e. Rockaways, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Fresh Meadows) in this November’s election.

    Joseph and his family are no strangers to Brooklyn’s Sephardic community. His father, Isaac Hayon, who passed away in 2008, owned the “Kolbo Kosher” store on Kings Highway, and his mother, Marlene, was involved in numerous Sephardic organizations. Not surprisingly, Hayon’s candidacy has earned the endorsement of several community rabbis, including Rabbi Haim Benoliel (of Bnai Yosef), Rabbi Yosheyahu Shammah (of Shevet Achim), Rabbi David Cohen (of Bet Shaul U’Miriam) and Rabbi Moshe Shemtov (of Bet Shaul U’Miriam).

    Hayon’s campaign is not your average political campaign. For one thing, the candidate has instructed all campaign volunteers and staffers to abstain from any campaigning activity on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Offices are closed, telephone calls are not answered, and staffers – Jewish or not – are not to do any work for the campaign on these days, even from the privacy of their own homes. Moreover, the Hayon campaign has committed itself to maintaining the strictest standards of ethics and propriety. All staff members – including volunteers and paid employees – are required to sign a contract avowing that the campaign will be run “with dignity, integrity, and professionalism.” This includes respect of opponents, and an unconditional ban on mudslinging.

    But how does Joseph Hayon stand on the issues that matter most to us? Steve Rosner, the candidate’s campaign manager, offered some of the highlights of Joseph Hayon’s policy agenda – many of which completely contradict the policies of incumbent Anthony Weiner.

    Private School Tuition
    Arguably the most pressing issue facing American Orthodox Jewry today is the ever-growing cost of yeshiva tuition. Hayon has promised to propose a Civil Rights Act requiring states to provide school funding regardless of which school a child attends. On his campaign website, Hayon calls the current state of affairs religious discrimination, as religious families are denied equitable school funding due to their religious needs.

    The Arab-Israeli Conflict
    Many believe that the Obama Administration has adopted a policy of pacifying Israel’s hostile neighbors while bullying the tiny democracy into discontinuing construction in disputed areas, including its capital, Jerusalem, and speaks of imposing a peace settlement requiring the surrender of large territories to the Palestinians. Hayon has affirmed Israel’s right as a sovereign state to determine her own course of action in her quest for peace and security. He firmly believes that no country has the right to dictate to the Jewish State where it may or may not build, or how to defend itself against its foes.

    By the same token, Hayon recognizes Israel’s right to determine the prudent response to the Iranian threat. Hayon believes that whereas military conflict is an absolute last resort, a preemptive Israeli strike should be supported if such a measure is deemed necessary in light of reliable evidence that Iran’s nuclear facilities pose a threat to Israel’s existence.

    Definition of Marriage
    Hayon strongly opposes the current trend to redefine marriage, and supports a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

    Instead of leaving it to the government to manage every citizen’s healthcare, Hayon advocates simply cutting the cost of healthcare insurance to make it accessible to those who don’t qualify for public assistance. This can be done, he believes, by removing current regulations which allow private companies to monopolize the industry, and through legal reform to protect physicians from frivolous malpractice suits. Currently, the threat of such suits results in unnecessary procedures, driving up the cost of healthcare.

    Hayon is committed to eliminating the current capital gains tax on profits earned from the sale of a primary residence, as well as the inheritance tax. A fiscal conservative, Hayon believes in keeping government small so that taxes can be reduced. He also calls for regulating foreign aid spending by demanding greater accountability on how foreign aid is used, and increased participation by other countries.

    More information about Hayon’s policies and stand on the issues can be found at

  10. Emily Littela permalink
    May 4, 2010 9:12 pm

    These blocks has gone altogether too far, both sides of this block war. I hardly been away from my MacIntosh (I call him my big Mac, he’s my best friend) here for a long time because I came across you brooklyn politicaljiggeruppers and Atlas Struggles folks on the internets, somehow.

    First, the Atlas Stranglers hold up this guy Jonathan Brandon, must be Ayn Rand’s boyfriend’s brother or something, who made the poster-girl outa this sexy young girlie thing with a blue veil and what the other guys called a diamondlike belt with the fancy clock for that Rocky Horror Show Band of his and the other guys like Rascal Gallows talked about her lookin like some kind of virgin— Really, I never thought about her bein a knockoff on Madonna uh-til the TGIF people broad it up. Not so much, really, I don’t see it. And if they meant a real virgin, come on! This poster-girl, a virgin? I don’t think so, I can tell ya, I was young once too, and if I looked like her in my yoot you wouldn’t find me blowin’ myself up for nobody. Maybe, a little…..

    But they really got bent outa shape over that poster-girl, I gotta tell ya they musta been poundin more than their keyboards over this whole thing. But I can live withall that. I lived my life, let them have theirs, however they like it.

    But now this Revolutions thing. Videos about Franklin, Washington, Jefferson and that sideways guy from the Addams Family, the one played by Giancarlo Gianini, I guess he was suppose ta be Gomez, I liked Anniston better on TV show though, the one who married Mrs. Partridge in real life. Anyway, but, the picture on this block above, ain’t that Napoleon?

    Like my father told me once, “Fame changes a lot of things, but it can’t change a light bulb.”
    Sorry, wrong skit that’s Roseanna….

    Where was I? Oh! It’s too much, it makes me confused about lots of things like Golden sendin’ buses down dead end streets, it’s all messed up. Is it me or is Jonelle Hyer-Spencer becoming Jonelle Hyer-Spandex, no really, if she hung out in Areo’s she’d be in spandex all the time, I know what works with those guys, leopard print, like I said, I was young once too. Now, mixen up revolutions, like in college, yeah I went to Kingsboro for a term, theys made me read Che Gottsarolla’s “Revolution in the Revolution,” I gotta tellya it was wasted on me. So please one revolution ata time, guys, okay.

    But what gets my baggy drawzz buncht in my crack is this bit about “Remove the Old Hats.”
    I only got old hats, and I’m on a fixed income that ain’t fixed sogood. If Igotta remove all my old hats what covers my old head induh rain and snu….

    (Voice of Jane Curtin interrupting) Emily, it’s “old Hacks” like Eaton and Marty Golden, not “Old Hats.”

    …… What? “Old Hacks” like Eatons and Golding…. Not Old Hats?…….Oh!


  11. Brooklyn GOP Revolution Rises! permalink
    May 4, 2010 9:44 pm

  12. From Concord Bridge permalink
    May 8, 2010 1:09 pm

    After the main force of the British exchanged musket ball rounds at the Lexington Common with the 7×7 Minutemen militia, the Redcoats tried to move onto Concord, but force led by golden one himself were turned back at the bridge. The repaired back to his redoubt in Boston (Bay Ridge) proper.

    We need help and support to defend our own fortress, as well as to surround the enemy’s B-town redoubt.

    We need active militias to take it to the Tory supporters in the 46th, 47th, 48th and 60th ADs. Also, we need to form an army under a ” Washington” capable of battling the main enemy force in the field in a primary set-piece battle for the 22nd SD.

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