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Golden Takes Former Donee Espada To Task Nearly One Year After He Assisted GOP in Hijacking Senate

April 27, 2010

Less than a year ago, when the GOP was in bed with Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate, the likely criminality and barbarism of these two thugs was the furthest thing from the consciences of the GOP Senate “leadership.”

Now, you have State Senator Marty Golden leading the path to remove the very man he donated to and supported last year from his positions of authority.

Talk about a reversal.

Some months ago, one of my colleagues had this to say regarding the Senator:

Visiting the Board of Election’s website, I was reading the numerous expenditures and donations given and received by Golden. The Golden Prince has give money to ESPADA FOR THE PEOPLE, $1000 just in the past year.

That’s right. THE Pedro Espada. The hombre who helped hijack our state, flip-flopped like a pancake and embarrassed our government and our party in front a national audience. Pedro Espada the Democrat.

What is going on here?

Why does the Republican’s Golden Prince want to be involved with the Democrat’s craftiest Flip-Flopper-in-Chief?

Now, Sen. Golden is against Sen. Espada. What a stunning turn of events (sarcasm, anyone?)!

In fact, click here to see what The Golden Prince told the Times Union regarding his recent fatwa against Espada.

The Times Union also had this accompanying story:

Sen. Marty Golden, R-Brooklyn, is talking to members on both sides of the aisle about a resolution calling on Majority Leader Pedro Espada to relinquish his leadership post given the ongoing investigation into his Soundview HealthCare Network.

Golden told me by phone that the exact text is still being drafted, but that the resolution could be made public “maybe tomorrow, maybe Wednesday.” Kyle Hughes of NYSNYS took this video of Golden talking about the resolution.

Minority Leader Dean Skelos was also asked for his thoughts on the resolution, but didn’t indicate the Republicans were moving with as much speed.

“I want to have further discussions about it,” Skelos said. “But certainly I feel that Senator Espada has been compromised by the investigation and it’s very difficult for him to serve as the majority leader. But he’s appointed by the Democrat majority. He’s not appointed by a vote of the entire state Senate. So that’s a decision that the Democrats will have to make.”

He also noted that some Democrats — including Sen. Neil Breslin, D-Albany and David Valesky, D-Syracuse — have called for Espada to step aside.

“I find it very interesting that the so-called political targets on the other side of the aisle, on the Democrat side, are all of a sudden talking about Pedro Espada stepping down,” Skelos said. “They elected him to that position. But Senator Golden is doing what any legislator should do: he is proposing, potentially a resolution which we are going to do and at the appropriate time make a decision.”

Yeah…sure, Dean. But isn’t there something to be said about the fact that this man was dirty from the start?

You and Senator Golden were only too happy to accept his and Hiram Monserrate’s help in hijacking the State Senate and throwing our state government into months of peril.

Granted, the Democrats have demonstrated utter incompetence in their handling of Senate issues.

But let’s face it: what the GOP tried to do last year blew up in their faces. And now, you want to claim moral supremacy by taking a man to task you who were glad to have on your side nearly a year ago?

Give me a break.

Yes, cut Espada out of his leadership positions.

Yes, distance yourself from him.

But don’t claim any kind of authority or recognition for doing something that should have been done long ago and that was delayed by the choice of Senate Republicans to make a grab at the State Senate.

You don’t deserve either given your actions last year.

  1. Golden Can Marry the Rooster permalink
    April 27, 2010 2:58 pm

    Gender-bending rooster assumes new identity as an egg-laying hen

    April 27, 2010 11:51 pm


    Since Craig Eaton has been Repulican County Leader, actually the Republican Party in KIngs County has less than half the county organized with any actual infrastructure….. Since Craig Eaton has been our halfway leader, actually if you really put a stopwatch on the guy, on the average day, Eaton probably spends only a small part of his time on Republican Party business….. Since Craig Eaton has been our part-time halfway leader, has he ever held a Lincoln’s Day Dinner on Lincoln’s Day? That streak has remained intact through 2010, with the dinner three months late.

    This year it’s going to be held on May 12th at 7 PM at the El Caribe in the Mill Basin section of Brooklyn. Since Eaton & Company are so comically challenged, this year, in addition, to the festivities planned by Eaton and the Dinner Committee, some comically gifted YRs and a special gagle of geese from one of the larger Republican Clubs in Brooklyn have planned their own event, which some of the LDD guests will find quite entertaining. Of course some others will not like any ad libbing or spontaneous outpouring of high frivolity. The Eaton true believers’ responses might be cool or even haughty.

    At some point, expect a guest appearance by Senator John “Bluto” Blutarsky on the dais or at the MC’s mike.

  3. Bye Bye Marty permalink
    April 28, 2010 1:04 am



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