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Senator Golden Gets Media Attention For Relatives’ Involvement in Bay Ridge Bar Brawl

April 19, 2010

Just in case you were wondering, State Senator Marty Golden has been the focus of local media in the recent bar brawl that we reported about last week.

Apparently four of The Golden Prince’s family members were allegedly caught up in this dangerous brawl.

Of interest is the fact that a “Special Prosecutor” is being called in in order to keep the process of investigating and/or charging these alleged brawlers free from the Senator’s influence.

This is from Courier Life:

It turns out that four of the five men arrested in last Friday night’s melee outside the Kettle Black bar in Bay Ridge are related to state Sen. Marty Golden — including the powerhouse pol’s nephew and three cousins.

Sen. Golden has remained in seclusion after the weekend brawl at the Third Avenue bar, where his nephew, Daniel Golden; and his cousins, Kevin Crowley, 23, Michael Crowley, 20, and John DeCarlo, 23, were collared.

A fifth man, Peter Jung, 23, was also arrested but apparently is not related to the state senator, who is a former NYPD cop.

While Golden won’t comment, the lawyer for the five arrested men was happy to spin the situation as overaggressive policing, saying his clients were merely defending themselves.

When the full story comes out, said attorney Arthur Aidala, there will “be more arrests.”

It’s not entirely clear what happened in the wee hours of April 16, but police are sticking with their version of the incident: A frenzied fracas erupted at 2:40 am when DeCarlo allegedly punched an off-duty cop inside the corner bar, and off-duty firefighter Rosario Cicero and off-duty Port Authority Police Officer Ryan McCarthy jumped to the officer’s aide, as Daniel Golden backed his pal, DeCarlo.

That’s when the bouncers threw out everyone. At this point, McCarthy tried to jot down one suspect’s license plate number, officials said, but DeCarlo, himself the son of an NYPD detective, slugged him, even though he had his police shield out, cops said.

“I don’t give a f—k,” DeCarlo allegedly said as he and Golden pounded on Ryan, leaving him with a broken jaw, police said.

Cicero had his arm slashed open as he tried to defend McCarthy, who at the time was being swarmed by upwards of 10 people, according to witnesses.

When cops arrived, DeCarlo, Golden, the brothers Crowley, and Jung were taken into custody.

DeCarlo and Golden were arrested for assault, while Jung and Kevin Crowley were charged with menacing.

Michael Crowley was charged with criminal possession of a weapon after witnesses allegedly saw him wielding a gravity knife. It remained unclear, however, if he slashed Cicero. Two knives were reportedly found at the scene, police said.

All five suspects were released on their own recognizance on Sunday. Prosecutors said a grand jury has been empaneled to hear the assault case against DeCarlo and Golden. If convicted, each could face up to seven years in prison.

A source said that a “special prosecutor” from another county may be brought in to handle the case because of Sen. Golden political power.

In the meantime, the suspects’ lawyer is calling for a deeper investigation to reveal what or who lit the fuse that caused the initial flare-up inside the bar. Kevin Crowley said that someone hit him on the head with a bottle, Aidala explained, and when the bar staff threw everyone outside, the chance to ID that assailant was lost.

“[They] did an excellent job in stopping that first fight,” Aidala said. “Had [the off-duty] police officers and firefighters obeyed their direction, none of their injuries would have occurred.

“We need to know who started all this … who struck one of my clients with a bottle, opening up his head,” added Aidala.


We will follow this story and alert you to any developments.

  1. J. Frank Griffin, "THE UN-PULITZER" permalink
    April 19, 2010 5:18 pm

    Then and Now
    and the Dog that Didn’t Bark

    As the brouhaha over the rumors and reports got stickier and stickier, Conservative Party Chairman, Bay Ridge Activist, Brooklyn Spectator Columnist and Senator Golden’s Chief of Staff Gerard Kassar said, “Nobody has ever seen anything in politics in this community that has received this much attention, and I think that’s going to have a real driving effect on what’s going to happen in the near future.”

    You see in September 2004, the scandal involved Democrat Vinny Gentile, and Kassar had a snappy quote to stoke the fire, what with many clamoring for Gentile’s resignation.

    In April 2010, when the hot story is about his boss, State Senator Marty Golden, and the District Attorney has called for the appointment of Special Prosecutor, we don’t hear a peep from Mr. K, in any of his varied capacities— Conservative Party Leader, journalist, Golden spokesperson, whatever.

    That was Vinny Gentile and this is Marty Golden.



    For those interested in the Marty Golden– Kettle Black story, don’t waste your half-a-buck on the BROOKLYN SPECTATOR there’s not a word about last week’s developments in that Bay Ridge weekly.

    That makes this a DOG THAT DIDN’T BARK kind of story.

    It’s readily understandable why Kassar would keep his boss’s name out of his column in the Spectator. However, it’s strange that there was no feature story on a BAY RIDGE STORY that was covered by the NY Times, the NY Post (twice), the Daily News (twice) , WINS radio, NY 1 (Cable TV and Internet), several of the other Bay Ridge Weeklies and countless political, local and police blogs. Oddly, the sister newspaper to the Spectator— the Home Reporter — gave the story a very interesting and provocative spin, leading with the District Attorney’s call for a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR. That’s why the Spectator’s absolute silence is so intriguing. Why, nothing having anything to do with the Kettle Black story even made it into THe Brooklyn Spectator’s “POLICE BLOTTER” column.

    Also quite amazing is the fact that neither the SPECTATOR nor the HOME REPORTER covered the subsequent arrest of the Vanguard Computer/Security employee for erasing some of the Kettle Black Security Tape. This is quite a notable exclusion for the SPECTATOR, which had an additional day to cover the story at least as well as the City’s two major tabloids.

    Was Marty Golden upset over the “Special Prosecutor” headline and coverage by the HOME REPORTER? Did the State Senator or somebody on his staff throw a wet blanket over the Spectator’s coverage?

    Editor/Publisher J. Frank Griffin and company deserve a very high “Un-Pulitzer Prize” for this one. Make up for this Mr. Griffin, demand that State Senator Martin Golden tell all about his involvement in the KETTLE BLACK scandal; it is a major BAY RIDGE STORY, especially by the standards of your two papers..

  2. J. Frank Griffin, "THE UN-PULITZER" permalink
    April 20, 2010 12:15 am

    Well, well, well…..

    I assume that imitation is great flattery…..

    Maybe, great minds think alike….

    Take a look at The Bay Ridge Interpol: Monday, April 19, 2010, “Golden-Gate and The Speculator”—
    The Bay Ridge Interpol’s posting tag “ Posted by Bay Ridge Interpol at 6:46 PM” shows that the post in Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn scooped the friendly “competition.”

    Hats off to the graphics, composition and technical savvy in the BRIpol presentation.

    Here! here!!!! to Bay Ridge Interpol’s smack down on J. Frank Griffin and the Brooklyn Spectator. All around a great job showing what a “house organ” rag the Brooklyn Spectator is to the Golden mob.

  3. Brooklyn Media Watch permalink
    April 20, 2010 7:32 pm


    After J. Dozier Hasty protested the award of a very high “UN-PULITZER” to J. Frank Griffin (Note: I think it was Jimmy Breslin who said something like, “Never trust anybody whose first name is an initial.”)— our awards committee voted to give the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and the Bay Ridge Eagle papers a higher award, the much higher “UN-PULITZER” for their prodigious work covering State Senator Martin Golden’s ass–ets, ie., his political capital.

    Hasty, the publisher of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and its related weekly The Bay Ridge Eagle, was apparently quite livid that yesterday a very high “UN-PULITZER” had been awarded to The Brooklyn Spectator and its Editor/Publisher J. Frank Griffin, by some blogger on the Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn. (Note a nifty piece in Bay Ridge Interpol made no awards and merely hectored Mr. Griffin to correct his lack of journalistic ethics.)

    One could well imagine Dozier Hasty saying, “My papers went into the tank big time for Marty Golden on this Kettle Black story,” at his Brooklyn Heights galactic headquarters of something inaptly named “Everything Brooklyn Media.” Clearly, the company should be renamed to a more accurate, “The Not Really Everything Brooklyn Media.”

    He would probably go as far as exclaiming, “We’re not even going to get the credit we deserve in killing this story, because it’s blowing up anyway thanks to scumbags like Tom Tracy, who will actually report the news, regardless of whose political friends get hurt. I’ll bet you Tracy even put Councilman Vinny Gentile up to taking credit for the recent police sweep of the Bay Ridge bars to get the Kettle Black-Golden story into another weekly cycle, the bastard. ”

    The Brooklyn Daily Eagle has pretensions of being a real daily newspaper here in Brooklyn and has a much larger staff that Griffin’s little weeklies anchored in Bay Ridge. Covering up the Kettle Black- Goldengate story ( I prefer that to the Bay Ridge Interpol’s “Golden-Gate” since the analogy is to the original “Watergate” scandal) took real guts on the part of Mr. J. Dozier Hasty, because he knew that he was risking a lot journalistic credibility to help out old his friends State Senator Martin Golden and Kings County Conservative leader Gerard Kassar, Chief of Senator Golden’s staff. You know that the Eagle is also pretty well hooked up with District Attorney Hynes, as well; and by not reporting on the DA’s request for a “Special Prosecutor” it was stepping on a pretty good PR riff for the District Attorney.

    Hasty has to know that he must have caused some problems with his Bay Ridge-related staff-skells, Chuck Otey and Larry Morrish, both of whom obviously would be claiming credit for spiking this very embarrassing story to State Senator Martin Golden . However, sadly, the real victim here is a good reporter, Harold Egeln, who missed out on his big chance to report on a real breaking news story involving Bay Ridge’s biggest pol (Sorry, Vin that’s just the way it is.) Harold could really have proved his chops by covering a story that involved all of the following leads: a bloody brawl involving off-duty cops, a fireman, a Marine vet (it goes on and on– almost a cast of thousands); investigations into two Third Avenue Merchants Assoc. businesses, Kettle Black and Vanguard Computer/Security; a call for a “Special Prosecutor” by the DA because of his unstated special relationships with Marty Golden; a Nixonesque gap I the surveillance tape; a Police Internal Affairs investigation as to whether the altered surveillance tape was solicited by one of the “complaining victims”, who was also a cop, as opposed to, through the owner of the security company with some connections to the Kettle Black and Marty Golden; the State Senator issuing several “No Comment(s)” when everybody is sure he has a lot to tell; possible involvement of other “higher-ups” that might have gotten into this because of their direct links to the Police Department, higher than those of a mere State Senator like Golden; and a defense attorney like Arthur Aidala, who is just a perpetual quote machine.

    Sure there are some who’ll say that the Hasty killing of the Kettle Black- Goldengate stories were just protecting his long-term investment in Marty Golden. That’s just like swine nuzzling at truffles; look if Citizen Tom Kane wasn’t up Golden’s ass in almost every column, somebody else would be. You know that Weintraub and Griffin only wish that they had the Hasty’s available resources to polish Golden’s delicious apples for him ( of course Weintraub has to use most of his resources to polish lots of Democratic guys apples).

    On balance, since J. Dozier Hasty is certainly more resourceful and lays claim to a higher journalistic cache than J. Frank Griffin, ie., journalistically “The Brooklyn Eagle” once really meant something, the greater journalistic malpractice and, dare I say it, journalistic “SIN” falls to the Hasty Eagles. Wherefore, the appellation, award and ultimate dishonor should go to J. Dozier Hasty and the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and its weak-sister weekly the Bay Ridge Eagle. (So relax, Mr. Griffin, your little weekly got the “very high” prize all on its own.) So, Publisher J. Dozier Hasty, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle and the Bay Ridge Eagle are hereby jointly awarded THE MUCH HIGHER UN-PULITZER for covering up the Kettle Black-Marty Golden scandal. ( Note: your real journalistic job was covering the story and uncovering new facts— like: “What crimes , if any, were committed?” “Who really was guilty?” or “What did Golden really do to involve himself or others in his relatives’ case?” Maybe, not so much! It’s possible.)

    On a related and sadder note, there are some unconfirmed reports that “Eddie the Eagle” has died of shame. We are presently seeking confirmation that the ugly mascot of all the Eagle papers will no longer be harassing people at street fairs or passengers entering Bay Ridge subway stations.

  4. RIP Eddie permalink
    April 20, 2010 9:46 pm

    RIP Eddie. We’ll miss you. You were the best thing going for that
    cage-lining paper.
    P.S. Harold was covering his windows with tinfoil to block out the alien mindwaves when the Kettle-Gate story came out.

  5. Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock permalink
    April 21, 2010 9:07 am

    Isn’t the Ridge Eagle sort of like a 4 page wrapper for the Brooklyn Eagle – kinda like a newspaper taco?

  6. Brooklyn KCRP Media Watch permalink
    April 22, 2010 12:11 am

    Hats off to the message-control disciplinarian(s) running the webs for the KCRP mad bloggers. Golden’s big boys have put the “Animal House” crew at The Jig is Up Atlas in straight jackets and the evil wizard at brooklynpolitico into lip-lock-down.

    This blog lock-down is not on everything, mind you, the lunatics are still allowed to vent their ad hominem rage at JJ, Lu-creature, Dirty Cleary, Jim “Pathetic”, Arnaldo A-hole, Roy “DB” Antoun, their Bennett of choice, and all the rest. Maybe “encouraged” is more accurate than “allowed”.

    BTW, we did a little experiment to check Craig Eaton’s blogger’s reponsiveness yesterday, since they’ve been somewhat retiscent after Marty Golden’s Kettle problem. The experimental lab work immediately paid off. A comment “All Politics is Local” was posted at around 9:15 PM on the thread “Brooklyn GOP Revolution…” when we checked TJIUA at around 11:00PM they had a very long response piece to “All Politics is Local”. So they do sit there like nasty spiders in their webs of lies waiting to pounce on any fleck of truth here at Atlas Shrugs to gobble it up (in the case of “All Politics…”, garble it up). So they can be quick and responsive to some things, but nary a peep about the Goldengate Kettle Black thing or anything close to it from the Jig or brooklynpolo (I don’t count the couple of taunting items that somehow got through their filters)

    The fact that these particular dogs (TJIUA and brooklynpolitico) aren’t barking about the absolute disloyalty of anybody supposedly after the scalp of State Senator Martin J. Golden over the Kettle Black flap is truly amazing. Who ever is orchestrating this “stay on message campaign”; no, “STAY OFF MESSAGE CAMPAIGN” for Senator Golden deserves Marty Golden’s undying gratitude.

  7. Golden Halo permalink
    April 22, 2010 12:18 am

    Sometimes one is guilty by association.
    This time one is guilty by actions…..altered tapes…blue wall of silence….special treatment from the D.A.

    What are you hiding Marty Golden?

  8. Hide Marty's Ass permalink
    April 22, 2010 12:55 am

    Marty is hiding his tarnished Golden ass.

  9. Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock permalink
    April 22, 2010 11:45 am

    Looks like it may be time for Marty to hand out some more awards. When in doubt, rent it out. (The Bay Ridge Manor, that is).

  10. National Media Watch permalink
    April 22, 2010 8:25 pm

    There is little new to report on the Marty Golden Kettle Black>>> STORIES<<<. That is largely due to the “Stonewalling Defense” expertly being employed by State Senator Martin Golden’s staff and political handlers, who largely are the same people; so this is largely being done on the taxpayers’ dime.

    Nonetheless,“Kettlegate” or “Goldengate” has not disappeared from public view. The drip-drip-drip of this scandal has even been picked up by at least one national wire service under the headline “BAY RIDGE: Sen. Golden mum after nephew is arrested in Ridge bar brawl” [[[[]]]]

    Since there ain't anything really new about that, maybe there's some nugget that's been overlooked up to now. Read, read, read…..EUREKA!

    If you link into the UPI feature you’ll hook up to the NY POST’s blog posting of a BROOKLYN PAPER article by Tom Tracy, dated April 19, 2010. Buried in the middle of that slightly warmed over piece by Tom Tracy is one very interesting and provocative sentence, “A source said that a “special prosecutor” from another county may be brought in to handle the case because of [State Senator Golden’s] political power.”

    That raises an obvious question: What political power does Marty Golden really have? ………His closeness to Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos? Nah! ………..ask Marty Connor how powerful the minority Leader is? His close relationships with DA Charles “Joe” Hynes? Nah!……… Hynes did Marty Golden and his relatives more damage than good with his early talk of a “Special Prosecutor”; now possibly naming a hooked-up hambone prosecutor, who’ll tank the case against the Kettle Black Golden boys, will only make the Brooklyn DA look bad…. not good if you are pushing for Nassau DA Rice for the AG of New York State; McGrath’s Albany Times-Union guys would do all kinds of riffs on that tune, trust me. Mike Long?.Nah!…………. That dog won’t hunt, Mike’s trying to finesse a hand that’s a few trumps short. Mayor Michael Bloomberg? Nah!…………..uh, well, possibly, but what could he do? Uh, well if he were called, maybe the Commish could look into this or that, just to see it's all proper, you know, just that, nothing more. Nah!……….the mayor’s too big for that kind stuff, isn’t he?.

    Maybe somebody should ask the Marty Golden some simple questions about his good friend, the mayor, and the last time that they communed. I’m sure they only pitched small talk about the weather and their families.

    Maybe somebody should ask the Mayor some simple questions about his good friend, Marty Golden, and the last time that they communed. I’m sure they only pitched small talk about the weather and their families.

  11. Goldengate Hits World Stage permalink
    April 22, 2010 11:17 pm

    Marty Golden’s Kettle Black Story
    International News

    The same news item by Thomas Tracy that was picked up by the NY Post and the United Press (UPI) was picked by an overseas press service as well:

    This hyperlink is for something called the “GhanaWeb”. Would you believe that a story about a fight in a Bay Ridge bar and Marty Golden, a New York State Senator from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn would be on the same newsweb with stories about Goldman Sachs’ stock price fluctuations and Bruce Ratner’s troubles with the Brooklyn-bound Nets and an investors group tied to African strongman Robert Mugabe.

    Do the Brooklyn Spectator or the Brooklyn Eagle cover the international beat? If so, they may yet cover th Kettle Black Goldengate story.

  12. Stratford upon Avon permalink
    April 24, 2010 7:29 pm

    As to Marty Golden and his relatives’ actions:

    “For if such actions shall have passage free,
    Bond-slaves and pagans shall our statesmen be.”

    Othello, Act I, Sc. 2

  13. Take it from the Top--- The Early Reports permalink
    April 25, 2010 8:11 pm


    How many bar brawls or fights have you ever read about in the New York Times? The answer is probably not many. Even in their Local and Metro coverage, that is not part of the Times general news coverage. In other words, it has to be a story with real news value for “The Paper of Record”.

    State Senator Martin J. Golden was mentioned in the very first articles about that rather significant fight two weeks ago at the Kettle Black, located at 87th Street & 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge. At that time, the only mention of Marty Golden’s name was in connection to Dan Golden who was identified as the State Senator’s “nephew”. It is quite intriguing how the State Senator was associated with all of this so early in the game.

    In the Times report, it was stated that “More than 12 hours after the fight, detectives from the 68th Precinct had placed five people under arrest in connection with it, including John DeCarlo, 22, of Staten Island, who the police believe threw the initial punch.” All of that appeared in the New York Times at about 7:15 in the evening after the events, all of which reportedly happened between 2:30 and 3:00 in the early morning on April 10, 2010 at and near the Kettle Black [Note: the Times account specifically lists 2:48 AM as the time of the incident, giving the “Police” as their source for the time].

    Based on the Times story, sometime in the afternoon of April 10, 2010, while police detectives were still investigating in and around the Kettle Black, two lawyers for the defendants were also at the scene along with a NY Times reporter. The lawyers, Arthur Aidala & Michael Cibella, said they were representing the five arrested men. In addition to giving their clients’ version of the events at the bar early in the AM, defense lawyers told the Times that Dan Golden was the nephew of Bay Ridge State Senator Martin J. Golden. After that, it has been generally reported that one of the people arrested in connection to the Kettle Black fight was related to Marty Golden [until it was reported that four were].

    But that wasn’t the first time that Golden’s being the uncle of Dan Golden had been reported. In a NY Post article first posted around noontime on April 10th, it was reported that, “Dan Golden is the nephew if State Sen. Martin Golden, his attorney said.” Why might a political and media savvy defense attorney like Arthur Aidala, when discussing the case with the press twice specifically mention to reporters that his client was related to a local State Senator?

    By the second day news cycle, the DA’s office had confirmed to the papers and other media that a “Special Prosecutor” would be sought for the case. That announcement alone increased the interest level in the case. In addition to the personal, official and political nexus of Golden-Hynes, which had been disclosed at the time, both Aidala and Cibella have had a history of personal and political connections with the Brooklyn DA, which heretofore have not been disclosed— at least not in connection with this case.

    By the third day of the news cycle, three others of the arrested five were mentioned as being related to Marty Golden. Based on the news accounts, Arthur Aidala is representing Dan Golden and John DeCarlo, and Attorney Michael Cibella has identified his clients, as Kevin Crowley, Michael Crowley and Peter Jung. It’s not clear that Mr Cibella ever made any public disclosure of his clients’ relationship to Marty Golden, and it’s odd that Aidala only talked up the family ties of only one of his clients on that first day. Maybe the initial source of the family connection(s) was other than Aidala, and he was only dealing with it in a straightforward manner. In any case, Marty Golden’s was in this story almost from the get-go.

    Was the early mention of State Senator Marty Golden, as an uncle to Dan Golden, an attempt to defuse Golden’s connection to the story or an attempt to light the fuse to a bigger story? The question that plagues the State Senator, as long as he remains silent about any of this, is whether he put himself into things by trying to intervene for his relatives.

    Answers may be forthcoming when the much discussed “Special Prosecutor” is actually selected, approved and announced to the public. Much more likely, as is the history of this case, there probably will be many more questions than answers.

  14. Street Wise permalink
    April 27, 2010 1:55 am

    Word on 87th Street is that Vinny G and a few of his toy boys were kettling black in the back.

    April 30, 2010 6:51 am

    Jersey Boys, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, had a song that was not one of their biggest hits, but it is a recognizable tune and had its place in the narrative of that group. It started:

    “Oh don’t it hurt deep inside
    To see someone do something….

    And it ended on a last refrain of:

    “Silence is golden, but my eyes still see
    Silence is golden, golden, but my eyes still see”

    The last line only needs a tiny edit, to become a jingle for the Golden-Kettle Black imbroglio.

    “Silence is golden, GOLDEN, but all OUR eyes still see.”

  16. AMAZING DISCIPLINE at other blogs over KETTLE BLACK permalink
    May 2, 2010 12:19 am

    In spite of the national and international coverage, including at least two articles translated into Chinese for an Asian news service, part of the backstory to the Kettle Black Goldengate scandal is how Marty Golden and his people have been able to suppress the State Senator’s connection to the Kettle Black brawl as well as they have. In the three weeks since the cut-em-up fight involving four of Marty Golden’s relatives at the Kettle Black on April 10th, there has been almost no local newspaper coverage of that story other than Tom Tracy’s stories appearing in the Courier-Life and Brooklyn Papers.

    Even more telling than the under-coverage of the Goldengate story by the local media, is the tepid response by the KCRP and Marty Golden oriented blogs like The Jig Is Up Atlas and brooklynpolitico to the drumbeat of questions raised on Atlas Shrugs and Bay Ridge Interpol.

    Here is the total response, all from The Jig is Up Atlas:

    *On April 11, 2010 brooklynpolitico (posting on TJIUA) said, “…. You look at who is calling the kettle black. A story about Marty Golden’s nephew, is newsworthy? Or a weak attempt at besmirching his name.”

    **On April 11, 2010 “Anonymous” said, “Agreed, and Mr. Politico if anyone did read this story, Marty himself had no involvement in this fight, yet he’s being bashed for the fight.
    If our senator had taken part in this, than maybe I could understand their attitude toward the piece, but their comments and article are way below the belt, and are clearly “Unfair”.
    Our Senator is an upstanding citizen…”

    ***On April 22, 2010 “Anonymous” replying to a challenge posted on Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn said, “….However, the last I did check our great State Senator wasn’t at the Kettle Black.”

    ****On May 1, 2010 brooklynpolitico (posting on TJIUA) said, “Those blogs have nothing newsworthy to say anyway. Their big newsflash Marty’s nephew in a bar fight wow. They are a bunch of slackers.”
    That’s it for their direct response. Just four tiny items that completely miss the point — the reason Marty Golden is being pursued here at Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn and over at Bay Ridge Interpol on the whole Kettle Black Story is not whether the State Senator was involved in the fight, but to find out if he USED HIS POSITION AS STATE SENATOR TO INTERVENE IN ANY WAY ON BEHALF OF HIS FOUR RELATIVES, possibly illegally. ( Isn’t Governor Paterson presently under investigation for possibly illegally using is office to intervene in a case involving other people?)

    Instead of engaging on the real issues of “What did Marty Golden know” and “What did he do about it?” The Jig is Up crowd quibbled about whether State Senator Golden was at the Kettle Black (which everybody presumes he was not), or whether another “Marty” story should have been covered instead, or whether Kettle Black chicken was better than Marty Golden’s Bay Ridge Manor chicken (a pointless attempt to clutter search engines and divert from the real story, no doubt).

    They don’t want to acknowledge that KETTLE BLACK-GOLDENGATE IS A BIG DEAL FOR STATE SENATOR GOLDEN because:

    >1) Four out five persons arrested in the brawl were State Senator Golden’s family members, but we are asked to presume that he did nothing for them.

    >2) Two police officers along with an off-duty firefighter were directly involve in the incident resulting in the arrests of Golden’s relatives (one police officer and the firefighter were seriously injured).

    >3) State Senator Golden’s name was mentioned on the first day of the investigation, apparently as part of the defense strategy by at least one of the attorneys representing Golden’s family members.

    >4) District Attorney Hynes believed Marty Golden’s possible involvement in the case was controversial enough to call for the appointment of a “Special Prosecutor”.

    >5) There was a blatant attempt to tamper with a copy of the security video that was given to the police investigators, and Marty Golden has had multiple associations with the owners of both the Kettle Black and Vanguard Computer/Security, employers of those who handled it.

    >6) Prior to the report of the attempted erasing/tampering/editing of the copy of the security “tape”, a defense attorney for some of Golden’s relatives announced that there would another arrest in connection with the case and the next day an employee of Vanguard was arrested for attempting to alter the security recording.

    >7) Why did people writing on the police blogs say that somebody higher up than the State Senator was involved looking at the arresting officers when NYPD internal affairs got involved. Could that mean Marty Golden’s very good friend the Mayor?

    >7) Based on all newspaper accounts to date, State Senator Golden has refused to confirm or deny his involvement in any of the post-fight activities, or to comment on any matters related to the case.

    These are important FACTS and questions raised that neither The Jig is Up Atlas nor brooklynpolitico have yet addressed.

    Even when the issue of Marty Golden’s involvement in the Kettle Black scandal was directly addressed to The Jig Is Up Atlas on April 14, 2010 by “Anonymous” [probably an outsider and not one of TJIUA’s regulars] , who said, “….I guess you can say its now like the pot calling the kettle black, oh I mean the “kettle black bar” that is. For those of you who do not know by now it seems that not one , not two, not three, but four of the greatest state senator who ever lived in New York Marty Golden’s Nephews were involved in a brawl at the kettle black bar in Bay Ridge, Where at least one off duty officer got a bottle smashed over his head. Wow nice family senator Golden why are they making our boys in blue into our boys in red, not nice. Oh just like our great chairman of the New York State Republican Party Ed cox’s father in law President Nixon, there seems to be a cover up like water Gate. Or shall I say Golden Gate . Yea apparently when a technician for vanguard computer systems a local company that maintains the bar’s video surveillance capabilities handed over a doctored copy of the video to the detectives. The detectives noticed that the date time stamp on the video jumped out of sequence, indicating a portion of the action from inside the bar was deleted. Maybe we need to look into whether or not vanguard received any grants from Senator Golden or how much money did the owner of vanguard donate to the Golden Campaign. Wow just like Nixon it wasn’t the crime that brought down his administration but the cover up. Maybe the cover up here will bring down the Senatorship of our greatest state senator that ever lived according to AAA. Stay tuned for more developments on Golden Gate it should be fun . Good bye for now.”

    The response by The Jig is Up Atlas, brooklynpolitico and all of KCRP-Marty Golden’s regular bloggers, posters and commenters—


    It’s been over two weeks since the outsider “Anonymous” made the provocative posting the on The Jig Is Up Atlas …. the world awaits a reply.

    A simple question to Marty Golden’s staunch supporters at the Jig is Up Atlas or brooklynpolitico “If State Senator Martin Golden is not guilty of ANYTHING WRONG in connection to the Kettle Black brawl, why is he trying so hard to look like HE IS GUILTY OF SOMETHING?”

    A scandal helped propel State Senator Serphin Maltese out of his seat. Maybe we are seeing history repeat itself.

    • Hope Springs Eternal permalink
      May 2, 2010 12:29 am

      We can only hope.

  17. Special Prosecutor to Oversee Case Against Brooklyn State Senator permalink
    August 12, 2010 11:51 pm

    In an August 12, 2010 NY Times article by COLIN MOYNIHAN it was announced that after several months, and an embarrassing blunder in the DA’s office, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes finally had to name a “Special Prosecutor” in a case involving charges brought against a State Senator from Brooklyn. It seems that a family relationship had tainted the whole prosecution up until it had been discovered by a Bureau Chief in the Brooklyn DA’s office.

    Those who expect that this story might be about the “Special Prosecutor” promised by DA Hynes in the case involving State Senator Martin J. Golden, the Kettle Black brawl and the allegations of ykw tampering with the evidence will be disappointed. Sure, Hynes did say that there would be a “Special Prosecutor” in the Golden case; yes, there is a family involvement with somebody close to Hynes like Golden; yes, several months have passed since the incident was widely reported in the press and police have conducted an investigation of several possible crimes.

    It’s been four months since Marty Golden became entangled in the police investigation of the Kettle Black brawl, which had involved several of Golden’s relatives, and thereafter at least two prominent Bay Ridge businessmen as well as the State Senator.

    The Times story is about State Senator Kevin S. Parker not State Senator Marty Golden. To date, no stories have been published about the actual naming of a “Special Prosecutor” in the Golden-Kettle Black case

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