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Has The “Golden” Era Passed? Atlas Poll Indicates Frustration with Bay Ridge Prince

April 8, 2010

Frustrated with Marty Golden, readers in our Atlas Poll have started demonstrating their preference for new leadership in the State Senate representing his district.

The poll, which has been up for just over a week, has nearly 150 voters so far and the numbers don’t look so good for the Senator.

The poll asked: Is it worth it to keep Marty Golden the State Senator of the 22nd District?

Over 60% of you said, “No. Golden’s recent conduct is unspeakable, and we need new Republican representation.”

Just under 30% said, “No. At this point, I think even a Democrat would be better than Golden.”

And just a meager 12% said, “Yes. We must maintain the Republican majority in the State Senate.”

You will have the opportunity to vote for another week or so, so be sure to have your voice heard.

The poll results come after a slew of unfavorable and unsettling information about the Senator came to light.

Earlier last year, the Senator was palling around with ACORN’s Bertha Lewis at an Atlantic Yards meeting. He also endorsed current Bay Ridge Cabal Chairman Craig “The Duke” Eaton for another term as chair, leading up to a disastrous set of 2009 elections for our party.

Then came the failed healthcare rally against “socialized medicine,” which one libertarian blogger politely christened as a “JOKE.”

Thereafter, he continued his policy of supporting Democrats (this time out in the open rather than covertly, as we all know the Senator has a reputation for doing–not to mention his surrogates) at the expense of viable Republican candidates. This has, at the very least, contributed to a backlash from his own constituents, with a recent video campaign highlighting the unsavory nature of Brooklyn GOP dealings.

This poll also comes as a letter to the Senator’s constituents was revealed using disingenuous and somewhat desperate language to convince his donors of his immanent and altogether unlikely demise.

(Personal note: I rather appreciated the language of one other Brooklyn blog: “The two page letter was crafted to shamelessly try and scare Marty’s supporters into sending him their SSI checks and any earmarked birthday money for their greatgrandchildren in order to protect his seat from an invisible Spartacus and his non-existent hordes.” That language might go a bit too far, but it is rather amusing. If anything, it goes to show you the kind of weapons Golden’s critics are unsheathing.)

So, for now, the Senator might be in office, but unrest is growing–and with good cause.

  1. ABM (Anybody but Marty) permalink
    April 8, 2010 2:54 pm

    Now, we’re talking here.

    In case he’s numbered among the undead, douse him with holy water, drive a stake through his heart, bury him face down, fill him up with cloves of garlic.

    More likely, he’s just a Golem of clay created a while back by Mike Long; once defeated Marty will blow away like clay-dust.

    If he and the rest of the Republicans or Republican-Conservatives, or whatever they choose to call themselves or pretend that they are, can’t be improved upon in the upcoming Republican Primaries then let’s give it all over to Andy-boy Cuomo, State Senators Smith and Sampson and Shelley Silver. At least they can’t stab us in the back like Golden has…over and over and over…

    No Republican Organization is better than what Golden and his gunsel Eaton have served up.

    Tear it all down, build fresh from scratch.

  2. Jazz Razz-matazz permalink
    April 8, 2010 11:31 pm

    The Jiggly-giggly Blog seems to like what they see here at Atlas Shrugs!

    They’re giving space to some of the spicier comments on this blog like ABM (Any Body But Marty)!

    Maybe, Marty Golden’s supporters think that every knock is a boost>>>> in that case Golden’s doing really well.

    Conversely, not every bouquet smells so good, like this one from “Jig Is Up Atlas”>>>>> “Marty Supporter said…
    ‘So they wanna make videos and degrade our great State Senator, well here’s a look at what he is doing to help not only our Senate District, Our County, our City, but most importantly our State.

    Thank You Marty for leading the fight on this crucial issue.’ April 08, 2010″

    If you go to that link you see a really dazzling glowing Golden full face photo, with makeup done by Clavin & Son or McLaughlin’s. The headshot is accompanied by a masterful bloviation clearly ghostwritten by somebody like Gerard Kassar because of all of the routine conservative bogey-crap that’s in there.

    The truth is that Golden supports and has long supported a state senate Republican leadership that doesn’t stop any of the kind of stuff which the article seems to oppose. Maybe, Kassar or somebody like AAA should become the State Senator instead of olden Golden>>>>>they couldn’t be any worse.

  3. Clorinda, Prepare To Be Crushed permalink
    April 8, 2010 11:43 pm

    From that JIGGLES SITE: “And the last time I checked, Iran doesn’t even have missiles, let alone ones that can reach US shores. If you have never heard of blowback in international relations, then perhaps you’re far more ill-educated than you think, Clorinda, and perhaps you should stop puffing some of that dope. ”

    Clorinda is a cruel and worthless non-leader. She attacked Roy Antoun viciously. She should prepare to be crushed.

    • April 9, 2010 11:41 pm

      Thank you. I studied international relations and foreign policy for the past three years in my undergrad and I hope to get a PhD in international studies one day (should my wallet serve me well). I’m glad to know someone agrees with me.

      • Harold permalink
        April 10, 2010 8:26 am

        Roy EVERYONE AGREES with you. Clorinda has got to go.

  4. EATON, RICE, GOLDEN = JOKES permalink
    April 8, 2010 11:45 pm

    The real JOKES here are LESLI RICE, CRAIG EATON, and MARTY GOLDEN. They are useless an have done nothing for the party.

  5. James McCall Is My Hero permalink
    April 8, 2010 11:49 pm

    I don’t know what James McCall did to make the Jiggles people hate him. Maybe it was his vote of abstention at the party convention, deciding that our irrelevant chairman was not worth supporting.

    James McCall was undermined in his race for judge, in my opinion, and I blame Craig Eaton for that.

  6. Atlas and Bay Ridge Journal permalink
    April 9, 2010 12:25 am

    Golden panned in Republican poll [Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn].

  7. Bay Ridge InterPOL permalink
    April 9, 2010 12:41 am

    The question begs, the demagoguery of Marty Golden over at The Jig is truly obscene.

  8. Buzz Bomb Doodlebug permalink
    April 9, 2010 9:26 pm

    Whether or not the “Golden Era” is coming to end, there seems to be something in the water in the 22nd Senate District that’s making Democrat pretenders, or at least candidates for that job, pop up like mushrooms in the dank. The latest fungi is a coach and gym teacher at New Utrecht HS—none other than that wild and crazy guy, CLAUDIO DEMEO.

    Like the other guys in the race to have a go at our favorite old warhorse, Marty Golden— JUSTIN LEE BRANNAN and MIKE DiSANTO, Mr. DEMEO is relatively young.

    Claudio Demeo is a 2001 graduate of Brooklyn College who lives in Bensonhurst. Here is his posting in “ACT BLUE: The online clearinghouse for Democratic Action”:

    “Claudio DeMeo for NY State Senate
    by Claudio DeMeo
    I would be extremely honored to represent such a diverse and vibrant district full of hard working families, small businesses and mom and pop shops that have been the lifeblood of our community for decades
    There are many new immigrants in the Italian, Asian, Russian and Arab communities who still to this day come to move in to our neighborhoods because they seek the opportunity to enjoy the many great things our community has to offer- to work, to make a decent living, to raise a family and to pursue their individual goals and dreams. Such a diverse make up makes us stronger as a community and provides the ingredients to take us into the future- so that our children and grandchildren have the opportunities that we have been so fortunate to have in our lifetimes. We owe this to them…….. And THAT is why I am proud to announce here that I am an official candidate for State Senate in the 22nd District of New York.”

    Well, welcome aboard Claudio. Just remember, somebody at the another blog thinks that MG can’t be beat because MG is “Bayridge”.

    btw, where are all you angry young Republicans, who think that Marty Golden is more annoying than an unsliced hotdog bun?

  9. Golden Oldies "The Hits Just Keep On Coming" permalink
    April 11, 2010 1:23 am

    Remember this one—-

    From The L Magazine, August 5, 2009
    News and Features
    The Best of NYC POLITICS

    State Senator Golden spent more than $115,000 in campaign money on 30 events between 2007 and mid-2008, the Village Voice reported last fall [“GOP Star Marty Golden Doles Out Big Bucks to his Family Catering Hall”, Tom Robbins, The Village Voice, Aug 27 2008]. The expenses were listed as “constituent services,” including a Teachers of the Year event and a few lunches for local seniors. Where did that money go? To the catering hall he owned and operated before selling it off. Who did he sell it to? His brother. Who’s the current business manager? His wife. Who’s the landlord? Him! God knows he needs the money — $1.5 million houses off Shore Road like Marty’s don’t buy themselves.”

  10. The (Shore) Hills Have Eyes permalink
    April 11, 2010 11:49 am

    Wow. Forgot about that one. But it makes sense as his spends most of his war chest honoring senior citizens so they’ll vote for him.

  11. Republican Party NOT Conservative Party permalink
    April 12, 2010 5:31 pm

    Golden and the Conservative Party

    Why haas Marty Golden sold out to the Conservative Party when he gets more votes as a Republican? Why do we let him keep doing it?

    Gerard Kassar is a member of the Conservative Party. John Quaglione was a member of the Conservative party until he switched to run for the City Council. Why has it been that the Conservative Party members are the ones who have been given the position of Marty Golden’s Chief of Staff? The question begs why has Marty Golden sold out completely to the Conservatives like Kassar at the expense of Republicans like Bob Capano, Clorinda Annarumo and others. How many Republicans like Ross Branden left the Republican Party just in the hope of getting patronage from the Conservative Party

    Other members of the Golden staff have been heard to grumble that Mr. Kassar spends as much of his time on Conservative party matters as he does on Golden’s behalf. Maybe that’s why the State Senator has had to hire non-staff consultants to do specific things related to his senatorship.

    How much tribute must be given by the true opposition party in New York City and State, the Republican Party, to that cancer on the NYGOP, the patronage plunderers’ party, a/k/a the New York State Conservative Party. This is even more important in Brooklyn where State Senator Golden is the only all-in Brooklyn Republican elected.

    If Paladino and his Tea Party cohorts can keep the Conservative Party choice Rick Lazio below 50,000 votes for governor, it will be a win for all real Republicans, and every true and loyal Republican should shout, “Long live the Tea Part” if that happens.

    Meanwhile Marty, hire the handicapped— hire some higher up Republicans, like Marc L. D’Ottavio or Testaverde (oh that’s right you did hire him to be the “driver”).

  12. Fourth Avenue Local or “Cluster’s Last Stand” permalink
    April 13, 2010 5:36 pm

    Fourth Avenue Local or “Cluster’s Last Stand”

    “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away….” I was waiting for the subway to head from Bay Ridge to City Hall, after breakfast on Nassau Street, I intended to browse a few of the J&R….World Departments. For a moment, life was good, maybe I’d find some good old CDs cheap, maybe a long sought but never in stock DVD, even a quick look through computers for a bargain on a Zip-drive, or whatever they call memory sticks nowadays.

    When one of the brand new R-Trains pulled into the “Bay Ridge Avenue” Station a little before 8 AM, I was shocked to see “R- Queens Boulevard Local” on the electronic sign on the side of the subway car. What happened to “4th Avenue Local”…..????? “Broadway Local” was bad enough… this!!!!! Truly this was an INSULT HEAPED UPON INJURY. That rattled my cage and I thought about it as I rode in the subway that was so new it still had that smell of new vinyl and other synthetics.

    As the brand new local rattled from stop to stop, I wondered how many gongs do we have to hear before we recognize that they are sounding the DEATH KNELL for us folks from Bay Ridge? Overstating it….? I don’t think so.

    The fate of the THIRD AVENUE BUS is that still up in the air— it doesn’t look so good right now, either. What happens to the businesses along Third Avenue from Wakeman Place to Marine Avenue? What about the Bay Ridge residents who need that bus? What happens when THAT GONG finally sounds? What next the B-4 or the B-16? Maybe the Bay Ridge section of the “R” Line can be shut down— won’t need to spend the money to upgrade those stations and the TA can spend the money somewhere else.


    The “R” is not the only line on Fourth Avenue that “management”wants to change. A friend recently told me that an earlier gong of the Bay Ridge Death Knell was sounded by the new pastor of Saint Anselm’s, Monsignor Maloney, in mid-February this year. At that time the Saint Anselm’s pastor told some parishioners after a Saturday evening mass that there would not be three Catholic Churches along 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge much longer. The Saint Anselm’s Monsignor said that when the upcoming parish surveys and parish meetings in the Bay Ridge cluster were completed and sent to THE DIOCESAN RECONFIGURATION COMMITTEE, most likely Our Lady of Angels would be selected for phasing out. He supposedly said something like, “The demographics just aren’t there for a viable self-sustaining parish in the long run….. ” The Monsignor then talked about things like the age of OLA’s parishioners, the lack of young clergy assigned there, and some other criteria that the diocese had indicated would be critical in making the decision for the Bay Ridge cluster.

    Our Lady of Angels has been up against it for some time— first the school now this. Where has all the money gone from this “wealthiest of parishes” in the Brooklyn, that once boasted Bishops as our pastors? Why can’t the parish liquidate some of it’s large real estate holdings that have quite a large value to developers. Then it can pay its own way for quite some time into the future.

    Even though we still have plenty of people going to our masses at OLA, it sounds like I had been tipped-off about a final decision before any of the so called information has been gathered or sent in to the Diocese. A few people I know asked other people who know people, etc….no good answers, so far.

    COULD IT BE THAT THIS GAME WAS RIGGED FROM THE START? Doesn’t the Diocese choose where to assign the “young priests”; doesn’t the bishop assign the priests to the parishes? Can’t young priests be reassigned at any time? What kind of criteria is that?

    Really, that’s beside the point. The decision on what parishes to close in Bay Ridge is based on completely different standards than those applied to some parishes or churches elsewhere in Brooklyn. Even though the Bay Ridge community can support OLA for some time into the future, the Diocesan plan is to divert the resources elsewhere. In other words the Diocese wants to milk the large assets of one of its Bay Ridge parishes to pay for “important” stuff somewhere else.


    Make no mistake about it, if OLA is axed, Bay Ridge will DIE as the neighborhood we now know -— ALL OF IT— – from the railroad cut to the Cannonball Park, from Shore Road to the cut for the Verrazano Bridge approaches— that includes anybody living in the old boundaries of Saint Patrick’s or Saint Anselm’s or the still relatively new St. Andrew’s. The Diocese may call Bay Ridge a “Cluster”, but if they close even one church here it’ll be the Bay Ridge Clusters’s Last Stand.


    Why put this on this Republican blog? Because this is the only place that really has connected the dots on the Church-government-politics conspiracy here in Brooklyn. OLA will be closed to keep a parish or parishes open in some other part or parts of Brooklyn. Just look where the Auxiliary Bishops are now seated.

    Craig Eaton, Mike Long, Marty Golden and other Republican and Conservative leaders all have made some kind of deals or arrangements with Bishop DiMarzio. Is it too much to ask that they use some of their influence with the Bishop to keep all of the parishes in Bay Ridge open and as fully supported by Diocese as they now are by their parishioners. If they cannot, then they will be as completely guilty of any stab in the back as anybody in the Diocese connected to this “RECONFIGURATION”.

    What is “Bayridge” Marty Golden going to do about this? If it soon looks like “Bayridge” is dead then Marty Golden will soon look dead, because we all know that some people have said and apparently believe that Marty Golden is “Bayridge”.


    Just to finish off, I didn’t get much at J&R, maybe the mood was ruined, by the “R-Train” markings or my ruminations. I did find a Beatles collection. Remember them?

    “YESTERDAY— all my troubles seemed so far away— now I find…..” my Church and the Fourth Avenue Line just aren’t the same anymore; even the Beatles sounded a little off on this disc.

  13. Vieceligh permalink
    May 31, 2010 3:12 pm

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!



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