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Levy Palling Around With Terrorists? No. Playing One on Halloween? Yes.

April 7, 2010

Well, don’t the media love it when old, embarrassing pictures come out to entertain (and occasionally shock) us all?

Steve Levy, the Long Island Democrat-turned-Republican gubernatorial candidate (at the behest of NY GOP Chairman Cox), has been recnetly identified in a somewhat tasteless 1983 photograph of him during Halloween while he was St. John’s University Law School.

The photo was posted online and was discussed by Elizabeth Benjamin recently on her blog:

A reader sent in this photo plucked from the St. John’s University Law School yearbook, circa 1983.

It depicts a youthful Steve Levy clowning around at what appears to be a Halloween party. He’s wearing a towel on his head and has a cigar in his mouth. (Apparently, he’s a terrorist?) He has a rifle slung over one shoulder and is pointing a fake handgun at the cheek of a broadly smiling woman dressed in leopard.

So, this is clearly all meant in good – albeit it tasteless – fun.

The optics aren’t so fantastic, however, particularly given the fact that the Levy campaign is swiping at Rick Lazio on his “Women for Lazio” day by recalling his “sign this pledge” moment with Hillary Clinton during the 2000 US Senate race.

I asked Levy spokesman Josh Hills for comment, and he replied:

“Of course this is a joke. This is from a Halloween Party 25 years ago when Steve was in college. I suppose if you were to go back another 20 years you could find photos of him dressed as Zoro or Superman.”

Hills also suggested that this might be a “pretty weak” attempt to cast Levy as “anti-woman.” For the record, this photo did not come from anyone connected even remotely to the Lazio campaign.


Not necessarily a Kodak moment worth sharing if you’re running for governor…

As you know, Mr. Levy currently trails Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino against assumed Democratic candidate Cuomo.

  1. Hornyak permalink
    April 7, 2010 6:44 pm

    What else would one expect from a DemoRat? The terrorists have more rights in this country than American citizens do. Nice choice Ed Cox.
    Luck to your son Chris on his Congressional run.

  2. The Brooklyn GOP Revolution - Teaser 2 permalink
    April 7, 2010 7:47 pm

    • Lora permalink
      April 7, 2010 10:20 pm

      That video is GREAT! I love these vids! I mean, what these people said about Cleary is disgusting! Bennett? Potter? I think it’s ridiculous their conduct!

      You guys are getting back at them well.

      Kiss kiss…

    • Roy Antoun Is My Hero permalink
      April 7, 2010 10:26 pm

      This video is great!!!

      Another great blog is Roy Antoun’s!

      He’s such a clear-headed voice! These Brooklyn GOP people eat their own young!

  3. The Brooklyn GOP Revolution – Teaser 2 permalink
    April 7, 2010 9:52 pm

    Hey guys, this is Sarah! You need to check out my new teaser trailer for the Brooklyn GOP Revolution.

    Thanks guys!

    Kiss kiss!!!!! LOL

    • Judge has come a long way permalink
      April 7, 2010 10:55 pm

      Judge has come a long way from this Golden Oldie:

  4. Roy Antoun Is My Hero permalink
    April 7, 2010 10:32 pm

    For words of wisdom, consult Roy Antoun:

    So, some people in my district thought it would be funny to engage in slander about me. So I thought it would be funny to point out how factually and grammatically incorrect they are. This is what I do on my Friday nights. My commentary is in bold and in parentheses.

    The question begs, Anyone (lowercase “a”) who has had the pain of reading the blog Atlas Shrugs during the past two days or so would know the latest article complains about the finances of the Kings County Republican Party (because that’s all they’re concerned with; money!), or the lack of regarding the Kings County Republican Party the same one this reform minded commentator is a proud member of (oh I bet!).

    The question begs (trying to sound sophisticated now, are we?), while on the surface Jonathan and Co. Give (lower-case “g” you degenerates) you the idea the party has no funds, is bankrupt (oh that’s a shame), doesn’t help candidates (boohoo), and have not done an adequate job in helping our local candidates do better in local races (oh dear).

    The question begs (rather redundant; mix it up a bit), after taking a further look into the dealings of Jonathan and Co (you forgot the period after “Co.”) as well as their charges. This reform minded commentator is going to give you the cold hard truth (you can’t handle the truth!), and it’s sure hard on Jonathan, Sam, Roy (hoorah!) and the rest of the degenerates (you stole my word).

    The question begs (omfg), first lets take a look at our “Reform Conservative” in Roy Antoun (“Anarcho-Syndicalist Party” Jeeze, get it right). You may remember this is the same Antoun who was elected to the Kings County Republican Party County Committee in the same ED as the one term has been Assemblyman Arnaldo A-hole (yea, what an a-hole! He tried to question the establishment! God forbid!) Ferraro. Antoun has cried a river (and you never cleaned it up) about the party’s dealings, the county committee process (I did?), but as usual instead of showing the path to lead (because running for County Committee isn’t a path to lead when you’re 20 years old…), and helping candidates such as Bob Capano in his own Council district (yes I did, voluntarily for an entire summer.) the same one this reform minded commentator is from. Mr. Antoun is all about nothing unless it’s passing the dime-bag, here’s a look inside (I’m pretty sure this commentator must have had her pull to write this).

    The question begs, In fact, Mr. Antoun didn’t even drop a dime to spare to any candidates in Kings County who had a chance to win (Chance to win?? Yea, because losing by 75% of the vote every time is really a chance to win) in the past two elections, not even his County Committee member teammate failed two time loser for the 49th Assembly Lucretia “Rocky Balboa” Regina Potter (She was my teammate? I’m from the 46th… and never met her…) don’t worry we will be getting to her shortly in this article.

    The question begs, Mr. Antoun was probably dropping dime’s on a few dime-bags, talk about “Pounding the Pavement” (The question begs, what are these dime-bags you’re talking about, and where can I get some?).

    The question begs, Mr. Antoun’s Mother gave a pretty penny, no chump change to one Governor David A. Patterson (If you’re referencing my father, his mother passed away in Lebanon and never came to the United States. If you’re referencing my mother, she’s not a registered voter, which is why you didn’t find her name when you looked us up. The question begs, what dime-begs are you smoking from?).

    The question begs, Why (LOWER CASE “w.” GRR!) didn’t Mrs. Antoun spare any dimes (BECAUSE SHE’S NOT A REGISTERED VOTER), since we know she has quite a few (What, do you look through our finances, you creepy bastard??) to help out the cause for candidates in this reform minded commentators (this should be possessive. So, “commentator’s”) district who had a shot to win such as the honorable (that’s an overstatement) Bob Capano (had a shot to win? Are you serious? He never campaigned in Coney Island.) who this reform minded commentator did support (as did I since I volunteered my entire summer for him- that’s right I volunteered and expected nothing in return, unlike you greedy bastards. Typical Republicans… Sheesh!).

    The question begs, I wonder if Mrs. Antoun is a Democrat, or what about Mr. Antoun in who he’s fooling (Well, Mrs. Antoun isn’t registered, once again. I’m fooling everyone. I’m secretly a statist and I love communist regimes, of course!)?

    The question begs, Interesting (“Interesting” should not have a capital “I”) though to save cover, Mr. Antoun took away some precious dimes from his dime-bags to give to the New York State Young Republicans how convenient (Two reasons: 1) It was a due I had to pay to be a member 2) They’re worth it and you’re just not because they don’t sit at a computer like 60 year old women with no lives, bickering about money).

    (My response to this? Nothing. This is way too funny for me to post an actual legitimate response.)

    There was more to the article about other people but in the interest of privacy I left the others out because I’m a responsible politician while others are simply not.


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