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With a New Addition to the Blogroll Comes Some Thoughts and Reflections

March 30, 2010

We took notice of a new blog not so long ago, and thought it best to share this link with all of you.

That blog is the Bay Ridge Interpol.

Often to be found on its pages are some good-sized doses of honesty, frustration, and common sense, all feelings we mutually share. While we might not agree on every issue, we are always seeking to build networks and share constructive ideas about politics and reform.

Recently, in particular, we noticed this very frank piece:

Holy Collusion, Batman!

How Shakespearean that the dirty deeds done to galvanize and fortify the Brooklyn GOP will ultimately be the very deeds responsible for their undoing…

By now we all know that politics in Southwest Brooklyn can be quite incestuous; do we not?

Do we all realize that many feeble Democrats in our area have made not-so-secret deals with GOP brass to protect their jobs?

Assemblyman Peter Abbate, Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer and Congressman Michael E. McMahon just to name a few… These clowns are more concerned with job security than they are with serving their constituents; probably because without these $100k+ gigs, they’d all be working at the Arby’s drive-thru in Freehold.

In order to protect their cushy (practically no-show) jobs, they’ve made clandestine non-compete deals with the Brooklyn GOP. These deals were forged mostly to protect the most vulnerable of them all: Martin J. Golden (R, C) 22nd Senate District.

Problem is the GOP sold the area Dems a bill of goods; Southwest Brooklyn Democrats were sold the illusion of power; a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Brooklyn GOP told a handful of these ineffectual Dems that if they wanted to keep their jobs, they’d agree to these secret alliances. And the weak and worried Dems agreed. Guys like Peter Abbate agreed not to run anyone against Marty Golden while Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer was told to just shut up and look pretty.

Well now things are starting to crumble… and the Dems are getting restless; they’re tired of being told to toe the line and they’re about ready to bite the hands that have fed them all the while.

The whole goddamn thing is coming apart at the seams.

So while Marty Golden’s camp is desperately trying to cross party lines and publicly endorse Democrats?!, there are new, unanointed Democrats rising up who don’t care about these secret deals and are unafraid to expose it all to the voters.

These young, hungry Democrats are unafraid to show the world how the sausage has been made for the past decade.

These new Democrats are rising up and are ready to take over both the Southwest Brooklyn GOP and the weak and vulnerable area Dems such as Janele Hyer-Spencer and Congressman McMahon.

Hold on to your hats, folks; the next few years are going to be interesting to say the least…


We welcome new political blogs from all corners of Brooklyn and New York, especially those seeking reform and change from the corrupt dealings of these jokers currently hurting our party and state.

Unfortunately, there are some blogs out there that just deal in hate and their writers offer no constructive dialogue whatsoever.

They praise the inefficient, pathetic failures of the Brooklyn GOP that leech what little blood they can from our party and the Democratic establishment. They call the members of the Bay Ridge Cabal “great,” yet would not and could not understand what true political greatness is if it walked up and tapped them on the shoulder.

You, the reader, will have to choose which blogs you choose to read. Use caution and be skeptical of attack blogs that go after people for no reason other than the way they look or that they disagree with the “powers that be.”

We here at Atlas are not immune from error, and you very well may disagree with our analysis and coverage at times. If so, email us or comment on our pages. We are listening.

Now, we often get criticized for being “anti-Republican” because we don’t sit around and type up glowing articles of praise for our county party’s leaders.


The fact is we do what we do not to hurt our party but to help it. Sometimes, took keep the wound from infecting, a painful bit of antiseptic is needed. Such is the case to clean out the hole in which our party leadership resides.

And I can assure you our party is not alone.

Believe it or not (sarcasm anybody?), Democrats have their own political divides, issues and corrupt thugs. In fact, no party is immune from such pettiness. That’s why we do our party–the people of our party–a service by offering constructive criticism and expressing our frustration. All of us deserve to be told the truth and make informed decisions for the future of our party based on that truth alone. Granted, sometimes the truth is not so clear, and we have to make judgments based on what evidence we have. But we all must make educated judgements.

Not all of us are sure on how to go about fixing our party, but most of us agree on the problems our party has.

Now, we must continue to set ourselves to the task of fixing those problems, removing the ineffective and irrelevant leadership that has brought us only embarrassment and failure, and start anew on the path toward restoration.

Together, with time and effort, we can do just that.

  1. Colonel DeVerite d'Eton permalink
    March 30, 2010 11:56 pm

    Re: “Now, we must continue to set ourselves to the task of fixing those problems, removing the ineffective and irrelevant leadership that has brought us only embarrassment and failure, and start anew on the path toward restoration.” (from above)

    In June 2007 a story in “THE[ dear departed ]SUN” on the new Republican Chairman in Brooklyn, Craig Eaton, related that:

    “… Mr. Eaton, 46, has launched a new Brooklyn Republican Party Web site, [] and plans to hold political seminars to train candidates, campaign managers, and volunteers. He is recruiting teenagers for a Republican club and said he wants to double the number of registered Republicans in the borough within a year….”

    As Doctor Phil liked to ask, “So, Craig, how’s that been goin’ for yuh?”

    Tick-tock, tick-tock—- as far as we can tell the only the number that’s gone up for the Republican Leader and his organization is that his age will be 50 soon.

  2. Ray permalink
    March 31, 2010 12:00 am

    50 going on 5

  3. The Jig is Dead permalink
    March 31, 2010 1:30 pm

    The Jig/Russell Gallo is threatening Regime Change in the 49th AD again. UGH!

    So stupid.

    Oh, and did anyone notice those Jig pictures of Bennett, Cleary, and Potter are all Gerry O’Brien photos of district leaders?


    The Jig is Up Fellas. LOL

  4. Tou Niam Hmong permalink
    March 31, 2010 7:40 pm

    Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton and Bronx County Chairman Jay Savino should both start their own blog called “The Barrister Charlatan Post” — with Gene B. as Editor.

    Birds of a feather flock together!

  5. BIG NEWS FROM THE FRONT permalink
    April 1, 2010 1:00 am

    On Tuesday March 30, 2010 TJIUA, one of the other blogs that posts items concerning the Republican Party in Brooklyn issued what amounted to an open declaration of war against one of the duly-constituted subdivisions of the Brooklyn Republican Party, The 49th A.D. Regular Republican Organization.

    In a piece entitled “Regime Change. OPERATION REGIME CHANGE”, which appeared under the by-line tag of TJIUA’s Prose Laureate, “AAA”, the blogger unequivocally called for Chairman Eaton to “withhold your endorsement of a third time (run for the assembly) to Lucretia Regina Potter…in the 49th AD …[and] the Kings County Republican Party Executive Committee [] should seriously consider looking at finding two more qualified district leaders [for the 49th A.D.].”

    The title to “Regime Change. OPERATION REGIME CHANGE” was accompanied by a graphic suitable to the material— a Russian T-34 tank, one of the main pieces of military hardware used to oppress Central and Eastern Europe and to threaten the West for five decades by the former U.S.S.R. (or as they proudly initialed themselves C.C.C.P.).

    To those good Republicans old enough to remember, the Russian-built T-34 was a clearly recognizable symbol of Stalinist-Communist might and one of the principal instruments of Communist “Regime Change” in Continental Europe in the mid-1940’s. Shortly after World War II, the Russian Communist leadership turned their armored divisions, largely fitted out with T-34s, against the front line forces of the United States, Great Britain and France and an Iron Curtain was put across Europe. The same tanks were used to put Berlin under blockade unless the Western Allies withdrew and yielded de facto control over all of Berlin to Soviet Russia and its East German vassal state. T-34s were supplied by Russia to China and were used to exile the pro-American Nationalist Chinese to Formosa (Taiwan). Those same T-34s killed American soldiers and Marines in Korea; in the mid-50s similar tanks manned by Russians crushed uprisings in Hungary and Poland. In the ’60s some venerable T-34s that had been given to Cuba helped wipe-out the U.S. supported Cuban Freedom fighters and their American advisors in the Bay of Pigs; and even though they were relegated to second line status in the Soviet units, the T-34s were a prominent part of Warsaw Pact forces that went eyeball to eyeball with America’s front line Cold Warriors after President Kennedy’s orders to stand fast during the worst Berlin Crisis of Cold War. Thus, the T-34 tank, the symbol chosen by “AAA” to stand for “Regime Change” in th 49th A.D., for more than two generations has represented oppression and the rule of brute force.

    It’s been clear for quite some time that “AAA” is the blogging Goebbels and cheer leader of “greatest chair of the Kings County Republican Party, and the greatest Republican Party chair this state has ever had [] who [“AAA”] proudly supports” Craig Eaton. “AAA” also functions as an unofficial hagiographer of “great State Senator, the greatest State Senator this State has ever had, who [“AAA”] thinks should run for President, and [clearly referring to the place in the pecking order of Chairman Craig Eaton] MOST IMPORTANTLY YOUR BOSS [emphasis supplied] the honorable Marty Golden.”

    Yesterday, the call to arms by “AAA” was answered by Chairman Craig Eaton and State Senator Marty Golden’s staff member, Anthony Testaverde, who summoned the elected Republican leaders of the 49th A.D. to a special meeting in Eaton’s office supposedly to interview a new prospective assembly candidate for the 49th A.D.

    Using the Russian T-34 as their standard for “Regime Change” in the 49th A.D., betrays the true nature of the current “Republican” leadership speaking through “AAA” — they wish to be totalitarian dictators, who rule with an iron fist. In summoning the 49th AD’s elected leaders to Eatons office under the eyes if HIS BOSS’ staff member, Craig Eaton is playing the role of a tin pot dictator, like Mussolini; just the sort that “AAA” occasionally claims to hate.

  6. Corruption No More permalink
    April 1, 2010 1:06 am

    Our common enemy here is corruption in government. Regardless of party, we must fight against it.

  7. Concerned Republican Activist permalink
    April 1, 2010 8:55 am

    Assuming that the post here, “ BIG NEWS FROM THE FRONT ”, is not an April Fool’s Day prank, which I doubt since I checked out the Jiggers site and the 3/30/10 “AAA” posting about regime change in the 49th AD is there, one has to wonder how heavy-handed the Eatonians and some of the Golden-diggers can be.

    Any attack at Lucretia , Fred and Mr. Ferraro in their home base would mean a counter-attack directly at State Senator Martin J. Golden.

    Is everybody in this so called Brooklyn Republican Party absolutely mad?

    Somebody needs to get this under control— even “AAA” sees 2010 as a critical year for the Republican Party.

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