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Vito Lopez Associate Robert Carroll Seen with Conservative Party Cheiftain Kassar at Poll Site in 44th District

March 23, 2010

We received an email earlier identifying Marty Golden employee and Conservative Party Chieftain Jerry Kassar strutting out of a poll site in the 44th City Council District with known Vito Lopez associate Robert Carroll. As you know, Mr. Kassar is no stranger to this blog.

We previously notified you of Mr. Kassar’s tactics in this race earlier:

For those of you who don’t know, Kassar is a mere employee of Senator Martin Golden (aka “The Golden Prince”). Why he is allowed to be both the Chairman of the Brooklyn Conservative Party and a chief acolyte of The Golden Prince is a mystery we here at Atlas cannot understand. This is a severe conflict of interest, it seems.

Nevertheless, in his piece, Mr. Kassar makes a vague allusion to allegations that Mr. Jonathan Judge is behind “a blog that the uses nonexistent people to attack many of them on a very personal basis.” To save Mr. Judge some sweat, I can confirm to you all that Mr. Judge does not write for this blog.

Mr. Kassar, if you are referring to Atlas, we are not “nonexistent.” We are very much alive here online.

It is comical that Mr. Kassar is clearly very concerned over the happenings that have arisen online in the blogosphere. The word is getting out that the problems with the Brooklyn GOP–and Conservative Party–are great and have not been fixed. Yet, no one reaches out and the same mistakes continue to be made. Individuals such as Kassar must believe they are not answerable to their constituents. He calls our posts “personal attacks,” but these individuals we discuss are usually politicians or political figures who need to be held to account for their actions for the benefit of our party, if our party is to mean anything anymore.

But perhaps the real motivation for Mr. Kassar’s comments is not the 44th City Council race or Atlas but rather the recent series started by Francisco D’Anconia about the supposed The Cathedral Club Cabal.


Now, we begin to see the hand of Marty Golden and the hand of the Conservative Party in this race even more clearly than we have seen before.

This is also evidence that Marty Golden and Vito Lopez are working together in this race to support liberal Democrat David Greenfield, who ruthlessly abused the court system to expel Jonathan Judge from the ballot. Mr. Carroll, we are told, was always present with Democratic party boss Vito Lopez’s attorney Carl Landicino.

What exactly these two individuals were doing at this poll site is unknown, but it does raise suspicions of potential foul play on election day, given their respective duties to Lopez, Golden, Greenfield, and the Conservative Party.

We will continue to monitor this story for you and provide coverage and analysis of the race in the 44th.

If you have any photos or information regarding today’s election, please email us immediately at


This article has been republished. The person in the photo has been identified as Jerry Kassar, not Jeffrey Kraus, as previously indicated.

  1. Powers--- Albany Powers, Baby! permalink
    March 23, 2010 8:01 pm

    Conspirialacious and constipatious, Baby!

    Young Mr.Carrol is obviously conspiring over the phone with Vito and Mr. Kassar is obviously wondering where he can get a laxative to purge himself of this disastrous alliance that was cobbled together by god-knows-who for who-knows-what.

    Mini-me off to the side, “Oo-oo-oo!!! I know, I know, I know, ask me, ask me, please, please, please—”

    Okay, Mini-me, what is it?

    Mini-me stepping forward, “Could it be about TUITION TAX CREDITS and unicorns and griffons and other chimerical creatures. That’s all part of the Greenfield mantra, isn’t it— tax credits for private schools, and the other myths and superstitions.”

    Nah!!! that’s just the B.S. for the gullible folks who believe that such things will ever come true and think that they’ll be able to keep their kids in religious schools as a result. Wake up and smell the coffee— tax credits are just like any other budget item for increased spending on education— they aren’t going to happen in these economic times.

    Mini-me, now disappointed, pouts and whines, “But some of it must be true.”

    Well, Mini-me there aren’t any unicorns or griffins or friendly dragons, but there are dinosaurs, they’re real and they’re saura-licious, Baby.

    Mini-me suddenly happy, “Goody, dinosaurs–I like dinosaurs.”

    Well, Mini-me, it all isn’t good news for the dinosaurs. Now that we have entered Conservativonian Democretaceous era, it won’t be long before the extinction of some of the most widely known dinosaurs, the vicious T-rex Democrats and the lumbering pea-brained stegosaurus Conservatives.

    Mini-me, getting serious and thoughful, “Well, the T-rex Democrats are bad dinosaurs and the lumbering pea-brained Conservatives well, going along with the Democrats makes them both stupid and bad. Maybe, they both should be extinct.”

    That’s right, Mini-me, the lumbering pea-brained Conservatives, by going along with the bad Democrats makes them both stupid and bad— and it’s nature’s way that they should be extinct.
    The vicious T-rex Democrats will probably be around just a little longer because they are smarter.

    Now, look at the picture of Messrs. Carroll and Kassar one more time. They’ll soon be extinct.
    Delicious-annihilatious, Baby!

    • Gerry permalink
      March 23, 2010 11:46 pm

      Ugh, I hate that this is what things have come to. This is disgusting.

  2. One Big Mess permalink
    March 23, 2010 8:48 pm

    Who is Joseph Hayon?

    NY college reverses course, allows free speech
    Community college officials agree to allow student to hand out fliers after receiving letter from ADF attorneys
    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    BROOKLYN, N.Y. — A student told he could not distribute a pro-life newsletter on the campus of Kingsborough Community College will be allowed to do so as a result of a letter sent to the school by the Alliance Defense Fund.

    “Pro-life students shouldn’t be discriminated against for expressing their beliefs,” said ADF Litigation Staff Counsel Travis Barham. “In this case, campus security officers and several administrators tried to stop a student from passing out pro-life fliers even though no campus policy prohibited him from doing so. We commend the college for quickly rectifying this situation and affirming our client’s rights protected by the First Amendment.”

    On Sept. 24, Joseph Hayon was distributing copies of a pro-life newsletter to passersby outside the KCC cafeteria. He was approached by a campus security officer who told him that he could not “give out fliers on campus” because they did not have an official stamp from the Office of Student Life. However, no school policy even discusses students distributing literature on campus.

    After speaking with several campus officials, Hayon was eventually told that he could have a table on campus to distribute his literature; however, he would have to wait eight days to receive the table, he could only used it for four hours at a time, and he could not directly hand the literature to those who passed by.

    In the letter sent March 11, ADF attorneys wrote, “To date, KCC has identified no interests that would support its restrictions on Mr. Hayon’s leafleting, particularly since courts readily recognize that peaceful leafleting poses little (if any) risk of disruption. One OSL official indicated that he could not distribute literature because it might ‘offend people.’ Yet the Supreme Court…could not be clearer on this point: the First Amendment exists to protect offensive speech, and KCC simply cannot silence speech because some people find it offensive. Indeed, this is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment.”

    In its response, dated March 16, counsel for KCC said the college would allow Hayon to pass out his fliers freely, without the restrictions it previously imposed.

  3. Little Bobby permalink
    March 23, 2010 10:34 pm

    Robert Carrol is a self-obsessed moron who knows more about hair products than politics.

  4. The Brooklyn GOP Revolution permalink
    March 24, 2010 2:19 am

  5. Little Bobby permalink
    March 24, 2010 2:31 am

    Ah, the things you can do with a Vito Lopez budget!

  6. Norman permalink
    March 24, 2010 10:14 am

    There he goes, Gerard Kassar, off to write another pan-seared OpEd for the Brooklyn Spectator that no one will read.

    The question begs, if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

    • Kassar is Golden's Puppet permalink
      March 24, 2010 8:10 pm

      Kassar is Golden’s puppet. He knows where his bread is buttered…

  7. Robert Carroll permalink
    March 24, 2010 5:10 pm

    This is Robert Carroll(pictured above), I would like to set the record straight about my actions on election day. This is my confession; the sole reason I was going from poll site to poll site on election day was for the purpose of voter fraud. I must have voted at least 150 times that day and disenfranchised countless others. Actually, us Democrats do it all the time, but only the geniuses at Atlas were able to figure it out. You guys should get an investigative news show or something. Do they give Peabody’s to blogs? I mean how is the great experiment we call America going to survive if the whole county can’t hear your sound and furry.

    PS My hair usually looks a lot better I hadn’t slept or showered in two days when that picture was taken.

    • Little Bobby permalink
      March 24, 2010 8:09 pm

      Two problems, Bobby:

      One, when we can’t hear your voice, we can’t tell you’re being sarcastic. If only you could write better.

      Two, I don’t hear any denials of you being at the poll site or working with Jerry K., yourself a paid consort–I mean, colleague (oops!)–of known Vito Lopez attorney Carl L.

      I think the substance of the piece is accurate, and I’m glad Atlas received that photo and shared it with us all.

      PS Your hair can do nothing to hide the feeling of nausea people feel when they see how self-obsessed you are.

  8. Joe B permalink
    March 24, 2010 8:29 pm

    Be grateful you can’t hear his voice. When little Bobby speaks you can’t tell if it is a man or a woman unless you are looking at him.
    What a little Mary!

  9. Just another reg permalink
    March 24, 2010 10:11 pm

    Carroll’s an operative that works both sides. Reg, reformer, independent Dem and Lopez associate — he’ll turn the screws for whoever pays him the most.

  10. Joe B permalink
    March 24, 2010 10:31 pm

    You mean this guy swings both ways? Does he really turn tricks for the highest bidder? That is so messed up.
    Now Brooklyn has transgender political hacks.
    Jerry has no scruples. Birds of a feather.

    • Medium Sized Bobby permalink
      March 24, 2010 10:38 pm

      So many metaphors so little knowledge.

  11. Joe B permalink
    March 24, 2010 10:54 pm

    So much more graft, corruption and unholy alliances to uncover.

  12. Jimmy permalink
    March 24, 2010 11:50 pm

    What exactly are Carroll and Kassar doing wrong? I know that it’s illegal to campaign too close to the polling place, which they clearly aren’t doing, but I’m unaware of any restrictions against them entering the polling place. I’d appreciate some clarification as to what exactly the scandal is.


    • Luv for Luv permalink
      March 24, 2010 11:58 pm

      I believe the issue is that Vito Lopez’s minions and Marty Golden’s minions were, up until this point, not clearly connected. This picture demonstrates that the two men have been working together in union for Greenfield rather than exclusively. It gives a lot of support to the allegations that the two are working together actively to undermine Republican candidates like Jonathan Judge and even that no-name Ken Rice. Besides that, there are lots of other candidates who have been undermined by Marty Golden.

      • Jimmy permalink
        March 25, 2010 12:21 am

        And who determined that Carroll is a Lopez minion? It seems Carroll holds a leadership position with Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, and the candidates they support very rarely overlap with the candidates that Lopez supports. As far as I can tell, Carroll is simply campaign staff, which is evident in the campaign finance filings. So unless I’m missing something, this is really a matter of Kassar being seen with Greenfield’s campaign staff, not a Lopez minion.

      • David Greenberg permalink
        March 25, 2010 1:06 am

        Uh, I believe the key link is Carl Landicino, who is the Democratic Party’s go-to guy and the party’s lawyer thanks to Vito Lopez. He is only in the position he is in because Greenfield was Vito Lopez’s guy. Carroll was seen with Landicino every day as a member of the lawsuit against Judge. He is known colloquially as Carl’s “Mini-me.” Ask around. You don’t get that close to the boss without the boss knowing and approving, and letting Greenfield use the party’s lawyer is about as close as you’re gonna get to Vito Lopez being an intimate part of the proceedings. Hence, minion.

  13. Nikko permalink
    March 25, 2010 12:36 am

    If you expect anyone to believe that bullsh%t then I gotta a bridge ta sell ya.
    Change your skivvies, everyone smells you.

  14. Allen Chu permalink
    March 25, 2010 12:57 am

    Carroll is in Lopez’s camp. He wants everyone to believe that he is with CBID, but he is undermining the group’s agenda.
    “Rarely overlap” does not mean they never overlap.
    Did CBID endorse Greenfield? Even if he wasn’t running in their area.
    Did Carroll, in his leadership position, endorse Greenfield?
    Did CBID receive any patronage tidbits from Lopez?
    Carroll is much more than a simple campaign staffer, simple-minded as he is.
    What else is evident in the campaign filings?

    This IS evident:
    Kassar supports Greenfield
    Lopez supports Greenfield
    Kassar and Lopez support each other
    Staffers are minions
    Carroll is a staffer of Greenfield
    Carroll is a minion of Lopez

    Newsflash Jimmy–Carroll is using his compromising positions as a means for his own personal egotistical agenda.

  15. Really Awesome Conservative Kyrie Eleison Manifestly, Utterly Predictable (R.a.c.k.e.m. U.p.) permalink
    March 27, 2010 1:39 pm

    Common Sense columnist Jerry Kassar was kvelling (preening himself) over the recent election of David Greenfield. Not content at his lonely self-gratification— he took a sadistic turn on some of his recent opponents— calling the Lazar campaign divisive, and naming names of several of his former friends and allies who happened to be LAzar supporters.

    Payback is a bitch. Sometimes, dessert is served while it is still hot.

    Humpty Dumpty Kassar will have a great fall as a result of this Greenfield play and what it means in the near and far term. With their part in the special election in the 44th Council District now widely knoan, the Brooklyn Conservatives have LET IT ALL HANG OUT for everybody to see. One photo does not prove a lot, but a single picture is worth thousands of words (and I am sure that flick of Mr. Kassar and Mr.CArroll will be a gift that keeps on giving). The symbolism of minion Kassar ( although Kassar is indeed quite hefty to be viewed as (a) mignon or morsel ) with minion Carroll now connects the Kings County Conservative Party directly with the Brooklyn-Queens cabal tied into Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, through his various agencies and shells like the CCC and CCCpac. The “who, what, where and how?” has already been described and commented upon at various locations on this blog, and now elsewhere as well. One remaining issue is “why?” the Conservative Party, through its Brooklyn Chairman Mr.Kassar, immersed itself in all of this.

    It’s easily understandable to see Mr. Kassar’s actions, individually as part of his fealty for his boss, a desperate Marty Golden. State Senator Martin Golden, a synthetic conservative and a genuine RINO, has lost a lot of his clout due to the Republican’s loss of their grip on the NYS Senate majority. Thus, it is natural for Golden and Kassar to make selfish individual deals with Democrats that might be seen as necessary for Golden’s survival as a state senator, and thus for Kassar to keep his personal chunk of patronage. Kassar’s personal motivation might go one step further, the deals to keep Golden in office indirectly go to keeping his wife in her job. (It is a fact that the location and rental of Golden’s Bay Ridge community office ties indirectly into the viability of Mr. Kassar’s wife’s “private sector job” at the law offices of Michael Connors— State Senator Golden’s landlord; also one of Mr. Kassar’s Conservative Vice Chairmen, Ms. Vella Marone, is working or has worked in a “private sector job” for attorney Connors.)

    It’s not readily obvious, however, why the Conservative Party itself would have endorsed a non-conservative Democrat like David Greenfield. Some would argue that the Conservative Party’s endorsements of George Pataki’s re-election bids “Long-ago” gave up that party’s pretense of being really conservative in exchange for a better “Long-time” place at the patronage and fund-raising trough. It’s clear that the New York State Conservative Party, especially the Kings County franchise of that business, takes a “Long-view” of such things. That approach means the Conservative Party said “So-Long” to real conservatism many Longs ago.

    The only thing resembling a conservative plank in Greenfield’s agenda are the so-called “Tuition Tax Credits” for parents of private school kids. Real fiscal, philosophical and libertarian conservatives know enough not to drink the tuition tax credit Cool-Aid. Politically and fiscally, New York’s budget is already busted and needs massive painful cut-backs in all areas, including education spending. Tuition tax credits is an additional new budget buster, all by itself— an ersatz Obama-like argument that such tax credits will favorably bend the education cost curve are laughable.

    Unfortunately that is something that “social conservatives” (ie. Catholics and Orthodox Jews) are easily confused about, along with their leaders in the Orthodox Rabbinate and the Catholic clerical collar crowd.

    Nonetheless, a thoroughly compromised Catholic clergy is desperately fighting-off its just desserts as more and more frustrated Catholics lose faith in their leadership. The Bishops in New York have shown that they are willing to gamble with government involvement and interference in their churches in exchange for bailouts on several fronts— including for Catholic schools. Principled Catholic conservatives would know better than to be so foolhardy. Orthodox Jewish leaders are not as uncomfortable with government funding, even with governmental strings attached, but even in that community there are a few true conservative minded people who see that government intrusion is not good for the religious aspect of a persons life or for his religious community as a whole.

    What’s at work in Greenfield’s election is a very complicated sell-out of conservative principles that is part of a survival plan that Kassar and some other top Cons have signed onto with the Brooklyn leadership of the Democrats and the Republicans, and it includes the local Catholic hierarchy. Several trends are at work. The U.S. Bishops have decided that they can lead some kind of Catholic Christian Front in American politics that can either join or oppose the influence of various other religious coalitions. Recently, the Brooklyn Republicans have been pried open by some unseen hand that has imposed the current leadership of Eaton and company on that now almost moribund party (only 3% of the vote went for the Republican candidate in the most recent election). Conservative Party higher ups and relatives have become as recognizable on Catholic boards, councils or clubs as were some of their Republican counterparts just a few years earlier— Long, Kassar, D’Emic, Connors (and several associates at the Connors law firm) and others from the Brooklyn and Queens Conservative Parties have been listed recently as members of such boards, councils or clubs or been seen actively involved with them.

    The traditional bases of the Republicans and Conservatives is shrinking, and inside the Democratic Party, opposition to the Vito Lopez coalition is growing. As a result the Kassar Conservatives, the Eaton Republicans and Vito Lopez Democrats have lined up with the one other institution in Brooklyn that is in as bad a situation as the one these politicos are having. In fact, that institution is arguably in a worse state— one of moral exhaustion, organizational chaos and virtual financial collapse— yes, the Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Brooklyn, led by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio. These Incredible Shrinking Men of politics and of religion have decided to merge into a unified Incredible Shrinking City of Men whose ultimate success rivals the Penn-Central merger of almost fifty years ago in its can’t miss certainty. I believe that a “Wreck of the Penn-Central” fiasco will be the ultimate script that this ungodly Brooklyn conglomerate follows to its ugly end— actually St Augustine would describe it in terms even worse than that.

    What the politicos don’t realize is that the Brooklyn Bishop ultimately can’t really deliver because the Catholic Church in Brooklyn and Queens is itself already a wreck from recent sexual scandals some of which might also have links to the financial irregularities and shortfalls resulting in many of the Brooklyn Diocese’ schools and parishes being in death spirals or temporary “Mexican Standoffs” with neighboring parishes to see which, if any, survive the cut. Perhaps more important, DiMarzio’s present political activism not only violates American traditions, doctrines and rules of “Separation of Church and State” he is acting contrary to several longstanding and more recent Catholic intra-church instructions with his increasingly partisan and personal assistance to various politicians (more on that at another time).

    In spite of what they think they may have gotten out of all of this, let’s see if Conservative Party leaders Jerry Kassar and Mike Long, now obviously standing as politically-active-Catholic-lay-leaders, will soon find themselves having to answer the same kinds of church-school-scandal questions that have plagued their counterparts in the Brooklyn Republican Party and their Conservative compatriots in Queens— Tom Ognibene and (lately Republican) Serph Maltese.

    What New York State politics— and what Brooklyn politics — need is a real conservative party.
    Maybe, we’ll be able to come up with a name as we sip our afternoon TEA.

  16. March 29, 2010 8:23 am

    I had the misfortunate of being seated next to Jerry Kassar at a fundraising event last week. Jerry was in desperate need of a haircut. In fact, I spied two long-whiskered owls living in his hair.


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