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March 23, 2010

City Council District 44
David Greenfield (NP) 7070 57.83%
Joseph Lazar (NP) 4842 39.61%
Kenneth Rice (NP) 313 2.56%

These are the results from NY1:

Attorney David Greenfield defeated two opponents in Tuesday’s special election to win Simcha Felder’s City Council seat in Brooklyn’s 44th district.

Greenfield received nearly 58 percent of the vote, outpointing Joe Lazar, who received nearly 40 percent, and Kenneth Rice, who received less than 3 percent.

Greenfield is an attorney and director of an education advocacy group.

Lazar has served on a local community board and worked for the city Department of Buildings and state Office of Mental Health.

Rice is an attorney for the city Police Department.

The Council seat opened up in January when Felder stepped down five days into his new term to serve as deputy comptroller for accounting and budget.

Greenfield will serve out the year and will have to run for re-election in November if he wants to retain the seat.

Voter turnout was expected to be very low heading into Tuesday.

We’ll have analysis of this race soon, so stay with Atlas!

  1. MM Boarder Watcher permalink
    March 23, 2010 11:47 pm

    Did anybody say this would be easy?

    CCCPac was active, so was “County” [Democrats], so was Kassar [for Golden? for the Conservative Party? for both?]. In a special election they helped Greenfield to a win—
    Gimme a hoorah for them. HOORAH! (Enough of that for the rest of 2010)

    What did the Republican Organization do and for whom? Was Mr. Rice an effective candidate worthy of the KCRP Executive Committee endorsement? After all is said and done, what was his race all about?

    Our side had insult heaped upon injury. TRES TRISTE! Suck it up, move on.

    We got much more good out of this than many realize. We got to see the other side in action up close— in a small controlled time and space. It all can be broken down, looked at, talked about and learned from. As our beloved President might say, “It was a teachable moment.”

    It’s our immediate job to learn, learn, learn. Gather information, assemble data, and analyze. Who, what, where, when and how? Facts and details— not stories and opinions.

    Who worked for Ken Rice? Who worked for somebody else? Who delivered votes and for whom? Were there any surprises? [If you were surprised by anything, why were you surprised?]

    Starting a short while ago, our side started getting on the job training at little or no expense to most of us (really it was JJ who took the big hit for the team by putting himself out there and drawing fire from day one). Starting a short while ago, the other side started showing some of their weaknesses; more recently, like yesterday, the other side showed some of its strength. All of that benefits us for our next showdown.

    If there had been any doubt or lack of insight into the other side’s tactics, it should now be gone. Their tactics are simple— they’ll do and/or say anything to succeed at their next task. Their strategy is equally simple— don’t worry about strategy, just focus on the tactics— do and/or say anything to succeed at the next task.

    Spring has just begun and we just began spring training. Work hard through the rest of the spring and we will do better next time.

    In 2010 let’s make Republican politics a real summer game for a change; and the more the merrier. I don’t think the other side will like it one bit.

  2. RUSSELL GALLO is 2-0 permalink
    March 23, 2010 11:53 pm


  3. Young Republican permalink
    March 24, 2010 12:14 am

    Looking back, whatever you think of the two candidates, Greenfield (believe it or not) was considered the new young anti-establishment reform candidate, while Lazar was considered the old-guard establishment candidate (endorsed by Dov Heikind, Shelly Silver…) and the people chose the former over the later.

    What I would like to see is what happens in November when he is up for re-election. Does Lazar primary him (where he might have an easier time with support from de Blasio, Heikind, Silver and others)? Does the GOP put up a candidate, or do they cross-endorse like they did with Felder?

    • Jonathan Judge 2010 permalink
      March 24, 2010 12:43 am

      You left out JONATHAN JUDGE, who can and should run again!!!!!

  4. Hustlem Shallow permalink
    March 24, 2010 12:32 am

    Russell, you fu&*ing psycopathic gun-eatin brown nose idiot…..
    Don’t quit your hack day job and for pete’s sake, marry that chick you’ve been shacking up with already and make an honest woman of her. Or maybe she won’t marry you, you loser.
    Maybe she knows that you can never be a good father because…

  5. Nikki permalink
    March 24, 2010 12:48 am

    Great job KCRP. Raw Rice was cooked in this race. His political career is over.

    Note to all candidates:
    Any candidate endorsed by the limp Brooklyn GOP will lose.
    If you are considering an endorsement from this “political powerhouse” don’t and run very fast and very far away from them.
    No one needs to lose a campaign so poorly with “help” these “winners”

  6. Hustle Shallow permalink
    March 24, 2010 2:08 am

    The “GREAT” Russell Gallo has failed again! He failed for Bob Capano. Now, he’s failed for Ken Rice. Failure after failure after failure is what you get with this guy, not to mention the Brooklyn GOP.

    Dancing on your political grave, Russ. LOL

    • One Big Mess permalink
      March 24, 2010 6:06 am

      313 votes?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      This is not the same type of failure as Bob. You all should be ashamed of yourself to even think about comparing Rice’s failure to Bob’s.

      • Judge Got "0" Votes permalink
        March 24, 2010 6:54 am

        Let us not forget that Judge got 0 votes. Oh, I forgot, he didnt get enough signatures, was thrown off the ballot, and then lost his appeal. Wow, he really is the greatest republican that ever lived.

        And, Rice got 300+ more signatures than the mighty one.

        331 is better than 0!

  7. The Brooklyn GOP Revolution permalink
    March 24, 2010 2:19 am

    • Young Republican permalink
      March 24, 2010 8:13 am

      We have to be able to differentiate collusion with democrats through sleazy deals because of political gain, or just because of laziness to oppose them, and working together with good democrats who actually share our values and will fight for what we believe in. Let’s not forget in a borough where we are outnumbered 7-1 if we are ever going to succeed it is going to be with democrats who share our values and believe in our principles, and it is inevitable that sometimes the best candidate will be a registered democrat.

    • Luv for Luv permalink
      March 24, 2010 10:13 am

      This is by far the best clip I’ve ever seen on this blog!!!!! The GOP Revolution begins!!!!

    • March 24, 2010 11:28 am


      Ron Paul r3V0Lution ♥

    • Revolution! permalink
      March 24, 2010 1:43 pm

      I’m a libertarian, and this clip captures everything I feel about the GOP and their sorry failures in the past few years. I say it’s BEEN about time for a REVOLUTION!

  8. Friend of GOPers permalink
    March 24, 2010 10:11 am

    Judge got zero votes because the GOP and Democratic Party worked together to see he was off tHe ballot. I believe it was the new york times who called him a serious threat. I think that says everything you need to know about the GOP and David greenfield.

    As for young republican, the fact is that, no matter how you slice it, Vito Lopez is NOT a good Democrat. His machine is hurting our borough. There are good dems out there, but the GOP has sided with the wrong ones.

    • Judge got o votes permalink
      March 24, 2010 2:22 pm

      Wow – what a serious threat he was. Ha Ha Ha Ha. With the GREAT ARNALDO, LUCRETIA and the Brooklyn YR’s they couldnt even qualify – then he gets thrown off the ballot for bad signaures – sounds like the perfect storm to me. They are made for each other – one loser after another.

      And then the three stooges back Lazar, who looses miserably.

      Sounds like three strikes and your out to me………..

      Working with Arnaldo and Lucretia was the kiss of death to Judge. He should have known better.

      • Just The Facts, Ma'am permalink
        March 24, 2010 2:49 pm

        LOL you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?

        The Board of Elections screwed Jonathan Judge over by keeping him just a few signatures above the number allowed to prevent him from being able to bring all of the actions he could have brought had he been kicked off the ballot from the start. Then, the other side, Greenfield, hid people so that they couldn’t be given court papers. That was reported in the press.

        The BOE chief clerk, Rudiano, a Republican Vice Chair and bitch, lied about not knowing whether subscribing witnesses lived at new addresses. Serious and purposeful mistakes were made as well. Not to mention, Judge was dealing with a system that has been corrupted at every level with Vito Lopez hacks.

        So, to try and say that Judge wasn’t a serious threat who was worth the trouble to kick off the ballot requires suspension of disbelief.

        But then again, you’re one of those GOP establishment trolls like Russell Gallo, thugs who think they’re important but are really just impotent.

        I mean, take Gallo for example. This is the SECOND city council failure he’s had in 5 months!

        First it was Bob Capano, who ran a lackluster campaign and who did worse than previous GOP candidates did in that district, in spite of great name recognition.

        Now it was Ken Rice, a no-name Long Islander who literally walked into GOP leadership meetings and asked them to get him on the ballot and help him win. Given that the GOP has lost every election in recent years in Brooklyn, that was a joke from the start.

        Ken Rice was the perfect puppet to prop up and make it appear as though the GOP was supporting their own candidate and not secretly helping David greenfield, which we NOW know they WERE doing.

        So, let’s have all the facts and not just your vendetta crap, thug.

  9. Adam Joshua permalink
    March 24, 2010 7:06 pm

    What nobody has explained about all of this, or any of it, is how anybody who calls themselves “Republican” can justify any part of it.

    Jonathan Judge gets called for a false start and is out of the race, early. He tries to get back in and fails at that too. His backers say it’s the fault of everybody else— certainly not Judge, certainly not his supporters, certainly not Susan Cleary who supposedly gathered 100 signatures that never were counted— by either by the Board of Elections or by the courts.

    Kenneth Rice, who came in out of some cow pasture north– east– south– or west– of Brooklyn, raised next to no money and got next to no votes. He wants to be credited with knocking on doors and ringing doorbells; his boosters want him to be credited for “pounding pavement.” Fine, it’ll all be credited on Kenneth Rice’s next VISA statement, look in the column under “Doors, Doorbells and Pavement Pounding.”

    For all of the Republicans who didn’t back Judge and backed Rice instead. I hope you’re very proud at your choice, it shows what absolute “non-Alpha” material you are made of. If you all were in a pack of primates, if you were allowed to have any sex at all, it would all be done to you or on you– not by you or with you.

    To the “Republicans” who made their deal or deals to back David Greenglass, excuse me David Greenfield, what do you get when there are no more deals to be made? David Greenglass, why does that name seem oddly appropriate? Wasn’t he a conspirator who turned on his co-conspirators when he needed to get out from under the hangman’s noose? David Greenfield– David Greenglass– David Greenfield– David Greenglass which is the one who made the deal with Eaton & Co. What difference does it make, a deal is a deal is a deal is a deal, right?

    State Senator Marty Golden was it necessary for you to get involved in this? Or was this all done for your benefit? Only time will tell on this, I guess.

    The non-Republican participants in all of this are probably wondering why they made any deal with any of the Republicans at all. What did they get from Eaton & Co.? Looking at the numbers, there was no real Republican vote in play. If both Judge and Rice stayed in the race together, would they have gotten 10% combined? Even if that was all to have come from Greenglass, I mean Greenfield, Greenfield still wins easily.

    None of this made any sense, ever. Was all of this one big game?

    Cue Andy Williams….

    “When we played our charade
    We were like children posing
    Playing at games, acting out names
    Guessing the parts we played

    Oh what a hit we made
    We came on next to closing
    Best on the bill, lovers until
    Love left the masquerade

    Fate seemed to pull the strings
    I turned and you were gone
    While from the darkened wings
    The music box played on

    Sad little serenade
    Song of my heart’s composing
    I hear it still, I always will
    Best on the bill

    Explain it all away, folks.

    • Joshua Adams permalink
      March 24, 2010 8:24 pm

      Generally correct, Adam.

      However, I must disagree regarding Mr. Judge. Jonathan received consultation and had a very strong argument on appeal. Martin Connor does not take frivolous cases, nor does he have a reputation as such in Brooklyn.

      If you were yourself an election law attorney, you would know that this tactic of putting people on the ballot and then taking them out in court is a common one. Jonathan was prejudiced from the start, not to mention he was before Larry Martin, who has been described by some as the Democratic Party’s corrupt judge. I believe he even sued the Daily News for being called corrupt.

      That was the situation facing Jonathan going into this.

      As such, I disagree with your assessment that he could have done more. The party organization certainly could have done more to supplement the nearly 500 signatures more than the required amount that Jonathan’s people collected. Diane Rudiano could have also followed the law and permitted Susan Cleary’s signatures. But they did not. Shame on them.

      As for likelihood of winning, I doubt very much that Jonathan would have garnered 7% had he actually been allowed to campaign and not tied up by a frivolous lawsuit. Jonathan was very well received in Borough park from what I’ve heard, and people who were skeptical of the two Jewish candidates would have had Jonathan as an exceptional third option.

      That’s my opinion, but I think it’s accurate.

  10. Republican Voter permalink
    March 24, 2010 11:12 pm

    I went to vote yesterday at PS48 at 18th Avenue and 60th Street, and a man was handing out business cards telling everyone in the school he was a private investigator and the he was investigating problems.The card is from Thacher Associates, LLC, 320 West 42nd Street, 23rd Floor, New York, N.Y. 10036 (212) 845-7508, Bradley Phillips Investigator, (443) 624-3192.
    In all my years of voting I have never encountered a private investigator at the school where I vote. I found this very strange and very intimidating. My neighbor went to vote later on on the day and noticed some men sitting around a table. He knew some of the people that were working in the school and started telling jokes to them like he always does to everybody. They told him to be quiet and go vote because the men were from the election board and that they were looking to get people in trouble. Me and my neighbor do not want to vote anymore because we don’t want any trouble. We are very upset because this is the USA and not a communist country and people should vote without being afraid.

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