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The Cathedral Club: The Brooklyn GOP, Catholic Church and Vito Lopez United

March 13, 2010

Having previously begun an investigation of the organization known as The Cathedral Club, I now continue with this story.

While I must confess I was researching other matters for different stories, I was very pleased to see this revelatory comment on our blog by MM Boarder Watcher:

Machinations Present and Past….

Just whaen the Executive Committee of the KCRP was apparently gloating over “their” perceived victory in getting Jonathan Judge off the ballot for the Special Election in the 44th Council District, news hits that Jonathan Judge has secured a big time election lawyer to handle his appeals. That seems to have completely stymied the other guys and left themwithlittle to do or say until Mr. Judge wins or loses his appeal.

Nonetheless, maybe the KCRP Executive Board’s hand in all of this was tipped by the initial responses to Jonathan Judge’s having been stricken from the ballot by Judge Martin. Why else would the Eaton supporters have crowed so triumphally about the 33-3 vote of the KCRP Executive Committee against JJ during their chest-thumping about his removal from the ballot by the Organization Democrat petition-challenge team led by the Democratic County Law Chairman? More mysterious, why did they all become so upset when JJ hired Top Gun Election Lawyer Martin Connor?

Are deals with this or that Democrat always supposed to be bad, regardless of the circumstance?

Since we all probably have differing answers to some or all of the above, let’s go to some things that are MUCH MORE PROBLEMATIC, but whose answers should be easier to figure out.

Would the KCRP Executive Committee endorse by a similar margin [33-3 “Yay”] an earlier sub-rosa alliance between the KCRP Chairman and several KCRP Execs, and the Democrats’ County Leader in a City Council race between Democratic Party Primary rivals in the November 2009 General Election? WARNING, this will be a tough one. “Eaton— YAY” or “Eaton— NAY”? Hold on, one or two of the KCRP Executive Board Members might first want to know some of the facts before they rubber stamp this one “YAY”.

The time has come to expose the light of day on a prior political stew that is about to become a major political scandal involving the Republican Party, KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton and some of his closest KCRP Executive Board honchos.

It’s now obvious that it is past time to repel the following Executive Boarders who clearly have had split loyalties: Craig Eaton; Marty Cottingham and George Prezioso. The chairman and these board members may have exposed the Kings County Republican Party to charges of Election Law violations by interfering with the internal affairs of other political parties in connection with the 2009 election, and such machinations are now obviously continuing into the 2010 elections.

Again, it looks like Craig Eaton and the boys have made another unforced error by almost directly connecting the Brooklyn Republican Partywith Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. This time Eaton’s boys’ activities, in addition to jeopardizing the Republican Party here in Brooklyn, may have even risked the local Diocese’s tax-exempt status. Actually, this joint Republican-Democrat-Diocesan activity started some time before election day last year— and up until now, Eaton and his KCRP board-cronies had not been connected to it. That all changed about a week ago.

Did you hear the one about the Bishop, the robo-calls for Vito Lopez and the lawsuit? Well, once again KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton may wind up part of the punch line, but he’s not alone— if anything, his Executive Board members George Prezioso and Marty Cottingham are more directly in it than Eaton.

Yessirree!!! That trio seem to be balls-deep (eyeballs, of course) in the scandal about the pre-election day robo-call shout-out for Democratic

County Leader Vito Lopez throughout the 34th Council District, where the Organization Democrat candidate was still in a hard fought battle against her Democrat primary opponent, waging the fight straight through to the November 2009 General Election.

I know, any sensible Republican would certainly ask incredulously, “How could the Republican Chairman and the others have gotten involved in something like that?”

It was all done through a shell-game type organization called the “Catholic Citizens Committee” or sometimes the “CCC.” The CCC web page(s): a) list George Prezioso as its “National Chairman” [now isn’t that Eatonesque] and Marty Cottingham as “President”; and b) has a photo of Craig Eaton at the White House with Bishop DiMarzio and Prezioso, identifying Craig Eaton as CCC’s “Legal Counsel.” In addition to the CCC web page, Marty Cottingham is listed as “Chairman” of the related “CCC Pac” in filings with the Campaign Finance Board, which also lists George Prezioso as “Liaison”. (Also of interest is the fact that former Democratic Candidate for City Council John Heyer is listed as CCC Pac’s Treasurer on the CCC Pac Campaign Finance Board filing — Heyer has been involved in this year’s Special Election for the 44th Council District supporting a Democrat candidate against Republicans Jonathan Judge and Kenneth Rice.) Based upon press accounts, including quotes by George Prezioso claiming credit for Bishop DiMarzio’s recorded calls, the robo-calls for Vito Lopez were sponsored by the CCC.

Father Robert Hoatson, a victims advocate and one of the principals in the lawsuit against the Brooklyn Diocese and Vito Lopez based on the CCC’s robo-calls by the bishop on behalf of Vito Lopez, has been informed that Republican County Chairman Eaton and Republican Executive Board members, Prezioso and Cottingham were key figures in the Catholic Citizens Committee. Although Father Hoatson thought he recognized the names Eaton, Prezioso and Ottingham , as having an association with the Catholic Citizens Committee, he didn’t realize that the leadership of the Kings County Republican Party was so closely involved with the robo-calls for Democratic Leader Lopez. He indicated that he’d forward the information to his legal counsel.

BTW, we have been informed that the Attorney General on behalf of Vito Lopez, as Assemblyman, has moved to dismiss the complaint, claiming that VL had nothing to do with the robo-calls in question.

This high-level political alliance can’t be denied now that a lawsuit has been commenced. The Bishop DiMarzio must have known that George Prezioso ( who in the CCC web-page referred to himself as “Vice-Chairman” of the KCRP) would defend the robo-calls in the newspapers and claim credit for making them on behalf of the Catholic Citizens Committee, since the Diocesan spokesperson Monsignor Kieran Harrington acknowledged the CCC involvement. The bishop certainly must remember that Eaton and Prezioso were photographed with him on the White House lawn; and that the photo of the three of them was posted by the CCC, listing Eaton and Prezioso as representatives of the CCC

Just like I asked Craig Eaton during his last Church-Republican screw-up: CRAIG, “what did YOU think YOU were doing…” and “‘The question begs’ (wonderful syntax and use of the language) WERE YOU THINKING AT ALL????”

Oh, yes. This caught my attention.

You see, in the past, Bishop DiMarzio made robocalls for a Vito Lopez candidate running in the 34th City Council District:

…an automated message from Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio urging voters to support Assemblymember and Kings County Democratic Chair Vito Lopez and his candidates in next Tuesday’s election.

The robocalls, composed by the Catholic Citizens Committee, a Dyker Heights-based nonprofit dedicated to “defending and protecting the Church from unjust, unwarranted, and unfair attacks in the public arena and preserving religious freedom for all Americans” were blasted out to registered voters in the 34th District…

“Bishop DiMarzio did thank you calls on behalf of Vito Lopez, for all his support in the Assembly. No endorsements, just a thank you call,” said George Prezioso, Catholic Citizens Committee Chairman of the Board. Calls to the Brooklyn/Queens Diocese for comment were not returned by press time. A volunteer at Lopez’s office said he did not know anything about DiMarzio’s message. Lopez has backed Maritza Davila, a Democratic District leader in Bushwick who lost the Democratic primary to Incumbent Councilmember Diana Reyna (D-34) by a mere 251 votes. Davila did not concede defeat, instead choosing to continue her campaign on the Working Families Party Line, setting the stage for a dramatic rematch on November 3.

Catholic Citizens Committee PAC (let’s call it CCCP), this mysterious organization that is connected to these robocalls, has some very interesting credentials and members. Here is its profile:


106 First Place, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Acronym or abbreviated name: CCC PAC

Is this committee incorporated? No

Telephone: (917)685-5264

Martin Cottingham
Employer Name: Grubb & Ellis Company
Employer City: New York
John Heyer
Employer Name: Scotto Funeral Home
Employer City: Brooklyn
George Prezioso
Employer Name: Janney, Montgomery Scott, LLC
Employer City: Brooklyn

Notice anyone we know?

Marty Cottingham is a Cathedral Club member and the District Leader of the 44th Assembly District who was involved in a scandal last summer.

John Heyer is the treasurer of the Cathedral Club.

Brooklyn GOP Chairman ________ “The Duke of Bay Ridge” ________ is a member of he Cathedral Club and counsel for CCCP.

George Prezioso, Catholic Citizens Committee Chairman of the Board, is a Vice-Chair of the Brooklyn GOP.

Beginning to get the picture?

What is becoming apparent is a very obvious collusion between the following organizations: the Brooklyn Catholic Church, the Brooklyn GOP leadership, and Vito Lopez’s Democratic machine.

And the conduit for this collusion?

Yes, The Cathedral Club.

Ah, the pieces begin to come together…

This, of course, is all very interesting given the fact that Marty Golden, known associate and member of the Cathedral Club, was recently seen with radical Bertha Lewis, Catholic Councilman Eric Ulrich, and Jon Heyer (former Marty Markowitz acolyte) at an Atlantic Yards fight. You will recall we brought that video to light months ago:

No to mention the fact that the Prince of All Things Golden endorsed the Vito Lopez-backed candidate in the 44th City Council District race, David Greenfield, casting a shadow on the legitimacy of the Brooklyn GOP (…Oh wait, they gave themselves black eyes from last years abysmal failures).

So, now that the connections between Lopez, DiMarzio, Eaton, Golden, Preciozo, Cottingham, and Heyer have been established, the question becomes very simple: why?

The answer in the next piece in this series…

  1. Puppy Chow permalink
    March 13, 2010 9:18 pm

    Perfidy! Disgusting!

    Shame on Craig Eaton, Vito Lopez, Marty Golden and Bishop DiMarzio!

    Eaton should be disbarred.

    Disbarment is the removal of a lawyer from a bar association and/or the practice of law, thus revoking his or her law license and/or admission to practice law.

    • Puppy Chew permalink
      March 13, 2010 9:31 pm

      Puppy Chow – I am just curious, why you think Eaton should be disbarred? What exactly did he do that would lead to this claim? Pls explain, or if you cant, then you should refrain from making such vicious, defamatory claims.

  2. Just Curious permalink
    March 13, 2010 10:10 pm

    A question was raised previously as to how many members of the KCRP are shareholders in Forrest City Ratner, the same conglomerate that is to “develop” Atlantic Yards. Another question: How many real estate deals does Forrest City Ratner transact with the members of the Catherdral Club and members of the CCCP? How many real estate deals do these intertwined organizations do with the Catholic Church? What other goods,services and contracts do these entities share?

    What IS the root of these incestuous business relationships?

  3. Anonymous GOP Dissident permalink
    March 13, 2010 10:38 pm

    Oh, Craig, so nasty wasty. Worried about the BLOGS?????

    He thinks no one should be able to criticize him. Well, buddy, you chose to be in the spotlight. You wanted to be Chairman. You wanted to run charities and the party out of your law office. You wanted to support a no-name candidate so that the DEMOCRATS can win.

    You asked to be criticized, and it’s our right to do so. You will be held to account for everything you say and do, Mister Chairman.

  4. Craig Sucks permalink
    March 13, 2010 10:59 pm

    Craig is discovering that his claim to fame is hard to swallow.

  5. nony permalink
    March 14, 2010 7:31 am

    The Catholic Citizens group led by Brooklyn Republicans also did a mailing against Ulrich’s November opponent.

  6. One Big Mess permalink
    March 14, 2010 10:30 am

    Found this post on the jig. Maybe a law firm will run for president.

    Anonymous said…
    A “corporation” is running for congress. This is no April Fool’s joke.

    March 13, 2010

  7. MM Boarder Watcher permalink
    March 14, 2010 11:26 am

    Thanks for the tip of the hat ASIB.

    But, please, it’s “BOARDER Watcher” as in “repel all boarders”.

    We wouldn’t want people to think we’re anything like those “Minute Men” border watchers.

    Or, maybe, it was an early typo that we decided to keep as a style item.

    BTW, there’s still more on the CCC and the CCCP (didn’t we see the end of the CCCP with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the FSU?) to come from these parts.

  8. Lora permalink
    March 14, 2010 12:11 pm

    The flying monkeys that run that Jiggles blog (which include Jeff Kraus, Gerry O’Brien and Russell Gallo) are so pissed that Jonathan Judge has outmaneuvered them all.

    Ding Dong, The Jig Is Dead!

    Kiss kiss…

  9. Sexy Domina permalink
    March 14, 2010 10:09 pm

    Lora, I agree with you.

    The flying monkeys named above are all Eunuchs, metaphorically speaking!

  10. Decidated the Brooklyn GOP and Their Egos permalink
    March 15, 2010 6:02 pm

    All the right friends in all the right places
    So yeah, we’re going down
    They’ve got
    All the right moves in all the right faces
    So yeah, we’re going down

    Let’s paint the picture
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    They’ve got it better then when anyone’s told ya
    They’ll be the King of Hearts, and your the Queen of Spades
    Then we’ll fight for you like we were your soldiers

    I know we’ve got it good
    But they’ve got it made
    And the grass is getting greener each day
    I know things are looking up, but soon they’ll take us down
    Before anybody’s knowing our name

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    Do you think I’m special?
    Do you think I’m nice?
    Am I bright enough to shine in your spaces?
    Between the noise you hear, and the sounds you like
    Are we just sinking the ocean of faces?
    It can’t be possible… the rain can fall
    Only when it’s over our heads.
    The sun is shining everyday, but it’s far away.
    Over the world that’s dead.

    They’ve got, they’ve got…

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    It don’t matter what you say
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    Yeah, we’re going down [repeat x2]

    All the right moves… heeey
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    Yeah we’re going down

  11. Lora permalink
    March 15, 2010 7:30 pm

    My Staten Island friends are reading this blog regularly and share in our embarrassment because of this story.

    • Just Curious permalink
      March 17, 2010 10:57 am

      You have made a very powerful statement but failed to back it up – what potential “conflicts of interest” and “serious tax issues” are you alluding to, and do you have any proof of anything?

  12. Brooklyn GOP Dissident permalink
    March 16, 2010 7:41 am

    The state GOP still lists this contact address for the KCRC:

    Kings County Republican Committee
    Hon. Craig A. Eaton, Chairman
    1662 Sheepshead Bay Rd.
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
    Phone: 718-332-7766
    Fax: 718-332-5898

    Sharing the address of his firm, Eaton & Torrenzano LLP, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, located at 1662 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235, with the county (borough) party?

    If I were one of his law firm clients or employed staff workers, I would be concerned over the potential conflicts of interest and serious tax issues that could arise from such an arraignment.

    • Just Curious permalink
      March 17, 2010 10:58 am

      You have made a very powerful statement but failed to back it up – what potential “conflicts of interest” and “serious tax issues” are you alluding to, and do you have any proof of anything?

      • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance permalink
        March 19, 2010 8:05 pm

        Saint Patrick’s Day ( 2010 March 17) blogger “Just Curious” seems more interested in civil and/or tax liability, and professional disciplinary concerns when he inquires, as follows: “You have made a very powerful statement but failed to back it up – what potential ‘conflicts of interest’ and ‘serious tax issues’ are you alluding to, and do you have any proof of anything?”

        Oddly, that is not the legal concern that I would have, if it were I who had been some how mixed up in this robo-call mess. Frankly, I’d be much more worried about possible criminal prosecution by an overzealous prosecutor on the order of …..(well, we all know or know of some more or less scary overzealous prosecutors, I suppose). Once they have their sights on you, try the line “Do you have proof of anything?” on a Deputy U.S. Attorney some time (Can you say Rod Blaggo-whatever? And speaking of Saint Patrick’s Day, can you only wish for Brooklyn’s own Patrick Fitzgerald?).

        If when “Just Curious” asks “…do you have any proof of anything?” he actually means “substantial evidence” rather than proof , then the answer is, yes— enough to give to a grand jury to mull over. You see, it is necessary that this whole pre-election robo-call mess be fully investigated with a focus on all the prohibitions contained in Article 17 of the New York State Election Law, which do constitute misdemeanors and sometimes felonies (the sweeping language of Article 17 also includes violations of certain other requirements in the Election Law, but we’ll deal with them another time). Of course there are also a myriad of other possible violations of the Penal Law, as well, once criminality under the Election Law has been properly framed.

        In this case, the proper way to pursue an investigation of the possible crimes related to the pre-election robo-calls is through the grand jury process with either the New York State Attorney General or a Special Attorney General making the presentment to the Grand Jurors.

        The reason for the necessity of a Special Grand Jury and resort to a Special Prosecutor is obvious. The Kings County District Attorney, Charles Hynes, is politically beholden to both the Kings County Democratic Leader Vito Lopez and the Kings County Republican Leader Craig Eaton. In addition, the Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn Nicholas DiMarzio specifically has at least one agreement with the Kings County District Attorney concerning the investigation of crimes allegedly involving members of the clergy incardated to the Diocese of Brooklyn or otherwise subject to Bishop DiMarzio’s authority (one would assume that would include the Bishop himself). The routine trick of having the sitting DA nominate a Special District Attorney would not erase a taint of this magnitude.

        In a circumstance, like the one presented here, the governor should be petitioned pursuant to the NYS Constitution and Executive Law to appoint the New York State Attorney General or other Special Prosecutor to investigate and, if necessary, prosecute the matter instead of the local District Attorney, whose participation would be clearly compromised from the outset and thus be patently improper. The petition to the governor can be made by anybody, but it should be accompanied by affidavits of any victim of the crime(s) alleged and/or others with actual knowledge of the crime(s).

        Let the governor name a prosecutor and let the investigations begin.

  13. Justice is my motivation permalink
    March 16, 2010 9:08 pm

    Perhaps, we overlooked something that should have been obvious on the first go round. At least at the beginning of 2009, George Prezioso was the President of the Cathedral Club. At their big shindig for 2009, the Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn gave George P. a big howdeedo. Before he did so, however, the Bishop also laid on his political agenda for 2009 pretty thick for George and the rest of Republicans and Conservatives gathered there. Now we know how some of that turned out.

    What follows is what I believe are the Bishop’s complete remarks.

    Cathedral Club of Brooklyn
    New York Hilton
    January 29, 2009
    Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Ph.D., D.D.
    Bishop of Brooklyn

    “In the Gospel reading at Mass this morning, St. Mark reminded us “Is a lamp brought to be put under a bushel or under a bed and not on a stand?” I am especially grateful to you in the Cathedral Club for the public demonstration of your own faith and for your efforts in highlighting the many good and charitable works of the Catholic Church in our city.
    In 1988, Pope John Paul II, of happy memory, in his Apostolic Exhortation Christifideles Laici wrote “Adversely affected by the impressive triumphs of continuing scientific and technological development and above all, fascinated by a very old and yet new temptation, namely, that of wishing to become like God (cf. Gen 3:5) through the use of a liberty without bounds, individuals cut the religious roots that are in their hearts; they forget God, or simply retain him without meaning in their lives, or out rightly reject him, and begin to adore various “idols” of the contemporary world.”
    If we accept as true that our generation has “cut the religious roots that are in their hearts” the question each of us must ask is, “Will I enlist in that army that will combat the aggressive atheistic secularism that appears to be overwhelming our culture?” If we do enlist in that army, then as soldiers in this epoch battle, we ourselves must be physically, morally, and spiritually prepared.
    At the outset, we must examine those areas in our own life still in need of conversion. The charge of hypocrisy can inflict a crippling wound that distracts from the real fight. Despite these charges, we must be prepared to soldier on because we are convinced that man is destined for redemption and at the depths of his soul he is drawn to what is true and good.
    Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in his first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est, maps out the plan of battle: an exposition of the positive vision of the Church for humankind. The great success of his Holiness’s Apostolic Visit to our nation and city last year ought to confirm to us that men and women continue to “Thirst” for the life giving waters of the Gospel and the Sacraments that only the Church can offer. The charitable endeavors to which you are committed and the radical example of our Brooklyn heoes, women like Sr. Mary Franciscus and men like Monsignor Bernie Quinn are the finest arrows in our quiver for proposing the faith.
    We must boldly bring that light of Christ into the chaos and confusion of the world and be unafraid to invite others to join us in this great campaign. Like Don Quixote, it may seem to the world that we are jousting with windmills. Only God alone may know of all the good work that is being carried out in the name of Christ right here in our city, our state, nation, and the world.
    At the same time, I urge you to protect our flank. Do not underestimate our enemy. We face monumental attacks that distract from the positive vision and the work we seek to accomplish. As many of your know, the State Assembly has proposed legislation that would have a devastating impact on our Church and exploit a painful chapter in our history; namely, the statue of limitation rollback for cases of sexual abuse of minors.
    The Gospel this morning also said, “For there is nothing hidden except to be made visible. Nothing is secret except to come to light.”
    In the last five years, we in our Church have learned much from historic failures. Thus, we have put into place safeguards that protect children from abuse or exploitation by any church employee or volunteer. Each adult must undergo a criminal background check and participate in our Virtus program, our children learn the techniques of predators through our Child Lures Program. The Diocese is voluntarily audited to ensure the processes and procedures really protect children and can stand as a model for all.
    All allegations of abuse are immediately referred to the appropriate District Attorney and a vigorous investigation is headed up by an agency of retired NYPD Sex Crimes detectives. Finally, and most importantly, we seek to honor our obligations by offering therapy and assistance to those that allege abuse by a priest, church employee or church volunteer. Let me just assure you that the cost of all of these efforts is almost $2 million a year.
    Despite these best efforts, the State of New York would target the Church with the passage of legislation which would retrospectively repeal the Statute of Limitation and expose the Church to litigation from as far back as 50 years ago, that would be impossible to defend against. Meanwhile, a child abused in public school still only has 90 days to file a claim suing the appropriate municipality for abuse. And consider this, in our state, over the last 50 years, there have been 300 priests accused of abuse. In the last 5 years, over 500 teachers have been accused of similar misconduct.
    The Church needs advocates like you to raise your voices and say:
    Pass Legislation that really protects children|
    Pass Legislation that Recognizes the Pain of all Victims
    Stop Targeting Our Church.
    But our enemy is drive. Bogging us down in fighting this legislation means we are unable to direct our full attention to fighting for relief for the parents of children in Catholic schools and as a consequence our schools begin to close.
    I ask you to consider:
    The City of New York spends $14,000 per pupil a year to educate a child in the public schools. The state reimburses Charter schools at a level of $12,000 per pupil per year.
    In Catholic schools, our yearly cost is $5,500 per pupil and the average tuition is about $3,500.
    In the Diocese of Brooklyn, because of people like you, the Church was able to give away almost $12 million in assistance to children in our schools.
    While I am grateful to Governor David Paterson for restoring mandated service funding, language, however, with not appreciation that the state even considered slashing the paltry sum they give to us for services they require is offensive.
    If the situation were not so dire, it would be laughable. The people we elect to represent us propose legislation that would require us to close our churches. They fail to recognize the contribution we make to the education of Catholic and non-Catholic children in our City so they will not lift a finger even as our schools close. To top it all off, our elected officials want to force Catholic institutions to perform abortions and procedures they find immoral. No, it is not enough that your tax dollars fund procedures we deem immoral, but now advocates of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) in Washington and the Reproductive and Privacy Protection Act in New York want to force us to be complicit in what is perhaps the greatest ontic evil of our day.
    So, we need soldiers in this great battle to fight back the forces that would seek to take away our churches, allow our schools to close, and require us to give up hospitals and child care services. This is why we need you, and how appropriate because this is why the Cathedral Club was founded by Father George Mundeline, later Cardinal Mundeline of Chicago, 109 years ago.
    We as a Church need advocates. I wish to thank Secretary Nat Wienecki for his words tonight. They demonstrate the power of a Catholic education which truly prepares one for life. I want to make particular note of his work on immigration reform that was proposed by President Bush and opposed by many in his own party. You see our politics do not fit easily into right or left categories, conservative or liberal. I believe that undocumented immigration is not good for the immigrants or the country. We certainly need a revision of the system of legal immigration. No matter what Lou Dobbs says on CNN, the Church does not advocate for open boarders. The positions attributed to the Church are not valid. Rather, what we propose is not a political ideology but, values founded upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    I mourn the events that led many Democrats to embrace policies irreconcilably opposed to the Gospel of Life. I am profoundly saddened by the hardness of hearts of those in the Republican Party who fail to heed the words of our Lord “It is mercy I desire not sacrifice.”
    Our Holy Father reminds us “…to say that we love God becomes a lie if we are closed to our neighbor or hate him altogether. Saint John’s words should rather be interpreted to mean that love of neighbor is a path that leads to the encounter with God, and that closing our eyes to our neighbor also blinds us to God.” My prayer is that we who are Catholics and proud members of the Cathedral Club will be advocates for our neighbors “the unborn child, all who have been marginalized or abused, our school children and the parents, the alien in our midst, those impacted by the darkness of war, and the soldier serving in distant lands”. I am very grateful to our President George Prezioso and all our members for we can be confident that as our club grows and we engage both great political parties, together we may manifest in our lives and the policies that we espouse Deus Caritas Est, God is Love.”

    Mr. Prezioso, why didn’t get up and shout, “Bishop DiMarzio, speaking as an American citizen, who is also a Catholic, I think you are going too far as a spoksman for the Catholic Church; you are improperly dictating to my fellow Catholic Americans and New Yorkers in matters of public policy, with which they may not agree. Haven’t you ever heard of the civil doctrine here in America called ‘The separation of Church and State’?”

    Then you might have said, “As a Republican, I am offended by your remarks, which are apperently directed at certain menbers of my party; you are improperly meddling in the internal policies and politics of my party.”

    I would have hoped you’d have said, “As a Catholic, I am deeply offended that you persist in attempting to deny the existence of a festering sore in your very Diocese of Brooklyn — the continuing coverup of past and continuing sexual depravity among your priests — at best, it’s rank hypocracy— at worst, it’s part of a cuplable conspiracy in an ongoing coverup. I am shocked that you are willing to sacrifice every other aspect of your agenda, in an attempt to keep the lid on this messs of priest-pedophiles. I don’t for one minute believe your so called “statistics” on that, since such numbers are the fruit of your ongoing coverup.” You didn’t say anything like that, did you?

    Did you agree with him completely? That’s alright, some people might. I just don’t see how somebody who is a real Republican could go along with all of it.

    Knowing that you have any position in the Kings County Republican Party, makes me want to….
    Let’s just say “Do more to get you out of it.”

  14. Colonel DeVerite d’Eton permalink
    March 17, 2010 11:38 pm

    A “Kernelof Truth” from the:

    Chairman’s Corner
    By Craig Eaton

    “The internet is an amazing tool in politics….And we in the Brooklyn Republican Party welcome …digital armchair activists….So pound away at your keyboard — we welcome your insight and virtual involvement (ed. corrected)….We need you.” (Edited for size, context possibly altered)

  15. Cardinal Santoro de Santa Severina permalink
    April 4, 2010 10:18 am

    This has been a wonderful, cathartic and holy Holy Week for Catholic Christians. It brought us to a glorious Easter Sunday full of the promise of the Resurrection to all of us.

    A last, the momentous events of the last several days have put a focus upon that part of the Church that was hiding, as if deeply buried among corpses in a crypt.

    If it follows and accepts the grace of the moment, the contemporary “secular” millennial Church, including the laity, the religious communities, the clergy, the hierarchy and even the Pope himself, can reemerge into the light of this glorious Easter of 2010, with faith and hope restored to all of those now living in this millennial era.

    A Holy and Happy Easter to all.

  16. Cathedral Club Crusaders permalink
    April 7, 2010 8:22 pm

    Craig Eaton, Marty Golden, Mike Long, Bishop DiMarzio: these people all see themselves “defenders of the faith.” In reality, they are self-interested political prostitutes who would sell their actions as God’s work rather than as their own. They view attacks on them as attacks on their religion. That’s not the case. They have defamed their own church by engaging in this petty political power play. These people are embarrassments, and I’m glad they are being exposed.

    The time has come.

  17. A New Patroness for Craig Eaton’s Bishop permalink
    May 3, 2010 12:47 pm

    There is one thing that the man, Nicholas DiMarzio, who claims to sit in the sede vacante bishopric for Brooklyn and Queens has spoken truthfully, “….the prospect of closing parishes is a bitter pill to swallow. I must confess that I believe it is a failure. I cannot help but feel a profound sense that we have failed Christ and the Church.” [From Chrism Mass Homily, 2010] You got that right, “Uncle Nickie”; and you and your ilk, Mugavero and Dailey, were at the helm for all of it.

    As a symbol of that failure and specifically his personal part in it, Nicholas DiMarzio, claimant to the sede vacante bishopric for Brooklyn and Queens should adopt as his personal symbol, the image of “Our Lady of Annihilation”. That picture should also be taken as the image of the patroness of the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens’ current diocesan renewal program under the absolutely absurd titles “Parish is the Heart of Renewal” and “Christ Jesus Our Hope”, since the real result will be the annihilation of parishes and the snuffing out of hope in the “Body of Christ”, His Church in Brooklyn.

    Maybe Craig Eaton, the lawyer, philanthropist, political leader, blogger extraordinary, and your staunch follower into the depths of ….well, maybe Craig Eaton can make a deal to get the rights to it from his good friend, Justin Lee Brannan.

  18. Naughty, Naughty, Craigie, permalink
    May 3, 2010 10:59 pm


    Do I really have to use the “…pathic…Brokeback Mountain…Liberty Hill” line on you again?

  19. BERARDELLI'S GOP BLOG-RADIO GAFF: Like Toto pulling back the curtain on the "Wizard", GB confirms Cathedral Club Cabal permalink
    February 10, 2011 12:31 am

    Eugene Berardelli left his blog-show co-host and guests speechless when he referred to Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton as “The King of The Networkers” referring to Eaton’s recent networking with the movers and shakers present at the February 3, 2011 Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn Cathedral Club Dinner at the Hilton.

    To set the stage for Mr Berardelli’s gaff, he was hosting this week’s Brooklyn GOP Blog-Radio program with attorney David Storobin and guests Gene Presner and Jacob [Kornblu…]. After a long riff on Mr. Storobin’s extensive and lucrative legal practice and a counter-compliment from Storobin about Berardelli’s, GB then started talking about reasons to join the “re-launched” Brooklyn YRs for things other than the politics. Things like “the fun aspect”, “networking” and “your career path”.

    Berardelli was on a roll and continued that this “networking” included other organizations of the Brooklyn GOP. Then came one of the great gaff moments of the Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP Regime; Eugene Berardelli intoned “… and of course ‘the King of the Networkers’ (all that was missing was a drum roll with rim shot) ‘Craig Eaton’.” Then Berardelli regaled one and all about how Eaton had worked the crowd at the just past Cathedral Club Dinner. !!! DEAD AIR !!! GB even was moved to say, “Guys you gotta help me out here!” to his stunned co-host and guests.

    The subject was quickly dropped — about one minute too late.

    The Eaton-Cathedral Club networking arrangement has yet again been exposed; this time its existence was confirmed to everybody listening to Brooklyn GOP Blog-Radio by one of Eaton’s regular blog-radio spokesmen, Eugene Berardelli.

  20. Craig Eaton's Own Hate Blog TJIUA Confirms Gene Berardell's Cathedral Club Networking Gaff permalink
    February 11, 2011 12:29 am

    TJIUA’s February 10, 2011 comment that started out “[Craig Eaton] Falls Short In Attack Revealing What Parishoners Already Know About Him said…” confirmed what was said by Gene Berardelli on Brooklyn GOP Blog-Radio on February 9, 2011 (see report above). Once we were told about the TJIUA comment, we knew it was very significant and we tracked it down even though Eaton’s hate blog moderators obviously tried to bury it on an old thread unrelated to the commentary responsive to ASIB’s earlier negative Cathedral Club reporting.

    According to somebody at TJIUA, “Gene Berardelli left his blog-show co-host and guests speechless when he referred to Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton as “The King of King’s” referring to Eaton’s recent networking with the movers and shakers present at the February 3, 2011 Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn Cathedral Club Dinner at the Hilton….” Needless, to say, we were shocked to see that Eaton’s commentary clowns have taken calling Eaton the “King of Kings” (By any chance, has anybody heard Craig Eaton refer to himself that way?)

    Back to the main topic, TJIUA’S CONFIRMING REMARKS ABOUT THE CATHEDRAL CLUB: “[Gene Berardelli] then started talking about reasons to join the ‘re-launched’ Brooklyn YRs for things other than the politics. Things like ‘the fun aspect’, ‘networking’ and ‘your career path’…. Then Berardelli hulked up about how Eaton had worked the crowd at the just past Cathedral Club Dinner. !!! CHEERS AND MORE CHEERS !!! GB even was moved to say, ‘What night it was, so great to see so many people there!’ to his electrified co-host and guests.”

    Another day — another Cathedral Club gaff form the Eaton gaff machines: Brooklyn GOP Blog-Radio [Gene Berardelli]; and repeated, confirmed and amplified by [who knows who, what, where and why at] “The Jig is Up Atlas” — enough said.


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