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Atlas Poll Steady in Gauging Negative Opinion of Golden Prince

March 1, 2010

It’s been up for a couple of weeks now, and our unscientific poll of our readers has thus far demonstrated that our readers’ opinion of Sen. Marty Golden has not improved.

As our previous post indicated, Atlas has held Senator Marty Golden (aka The Golden Prince) accountable for his actions indicating his detente with Democrats and with the radical group ACORN.

It is undeniable that the senator has engaged in some questionable non-Republican behavior of late. He appeared at a rally with activist Bertha Lewis and has endorsed a liberal Democrat in the 44th City Council race over Young Republican leader Jonathan Judge, who apparently did very well in the recent debate in Boro Park.

previously called the 44th City Council district race a “unique opportunity” for Sen. Golden “to send a signal of unity.”

Given that the Senator is up for reelection this year, we asked you to gauge your opinion of him using the Atlas Poll.

Over 350 votes were tallied.

Here are the percentages:

1. He’s essentially a Democrat, supports Democrats like Espada, and is hurting the Brooklyn GOP (52%)

2. I liked him, but I don’t like his ACORN activism or support of Democrats (23%)

3. I agree with him part of the time and disagree with him part of the time (15%)

4. He’s the most important Republican in New York City (10%)

Please check out our new poll, as well!

  1. Jack Woltz permalink
    March 1, 2010 5:04 pm

    Marty Golden should not run again for state senate. He is the past, like Brooklyn’s once great Rheingold Beer.

    Who can run on the GOP line instead of Marty Golden? Are there any viable, credible candidates? Please don’t suggest Bob Capano and/or Craig “The Duke of Bay Ridge” or Lesli Rice. Like Jackson Browne once sang back in the 70’s, we are “Runnin’ On Empty.”

  2. Gerry O'Hack permalink
    March 2, 2010 12:30 am

    Gerry O’Brien is going to be eating porridge in a cardboard box after Jonathan Judge gets on the ballot. Gerry, you are being exposed for the evil, vicious hack you are.

    He who laughs last laughs best.

  3. Isaac permalink
    March 2, 2010 12:40 am

    “Lazar is in a heated race with David Greenfield and Jonathan Judge to replace former City Council member Simcha Felder.”

  4. Lourdes Soubiroux permalink
    March 2, 2010 8:37 am

    The KCRC is in the same location as Craig A. Eaton’s law firm, Eaton and Torrenzano LLP, located at 1662 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235. This arrangement is not sensible and not wise for the KCRC “leadership” to continue to allow since there are issues, possible problematic labor law complications, plus the firm’s legal cases that could be in conflict with the Party’s goals and which often results in “unkosher” influence peddling. Therefore, the KCRC chair, Craig Eaton Esq., ought to make his firm’s client list publicly available so we can be sure there is certainly no such conflict happening which could possibly create a public scandal for the KCRC. The law firm is fair criticism since the KCRC is located there as well – and thus no longer a personal, private matter for the KCRC chairman.

    His partner, Jay Torrenzano Esq., donated money to the Obama campaign in 2008, according to public records.

    By Charles F. Otey, Esq., 01-04-2008, Brooklyn Daily Eagle

    “One reason, we’ve learned, is that the Brooklyn Republican Party is undergoing what observers believe to be a strong renewal under new County Chair Craig Eaton, better known in and around Brooklyn courts as a trial attorney and partner of Jay Torrenzano, with offices in Sheepshead Bay.”

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