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Democratic Machine Candidate David Greenfield Tries to Eliminate Competition from the Ballot

February 24, 2010

Well, it would appear the Democrats are up to their old tricks again.

In an email sent out yesterday to his supporters, 44th City Council candidate Jonathan Judge revealed that David Greenfield, the liberal Democrat endorsed by Democrat-in-Spirit Marty Golden, has sued Mr. Judge in court.

He has also sued two other candidates in an undemocratic attempt to force the full power of the Democratic machine into the race.

Here is an excerpt from that email:

Now, I also should tell you that David Greenfield, the candidate of Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez, Republican State Senator Marty Golden and the Brooklyn Conservative Party, who recently told Hamodia newspaper that he would support raising taxes to pay for his liberal policies (2/10/10 Issue, Page A7), has taken three other candidates to court, including myself, to knock us off the ballot!

This news comes on the day that the candidates are scheduled to debate each other.

The event will take place Today, February 24, 7 pm, at the Boro Park YMHA at 4910 14th Ave. in Brooklyn. It is being hosted by The Jewish Press.

Meanwhile, the Brooklyn GOP has done its “best” to throw a monkey wrench into the race. Rather than come out to support the Republican candidate, they have seen fit to sit on their hands.

They are hosting a cocktail party on the day of the debate. Marty Golden will even be in attendance.


We shall continue to have updates as they come to us.

Please email us at if you have any information about the race.

  1. Iliythia permalink
    February 24, 2010 3:27 pm

    I want to promote and support a fine candidate for the NYC Council for the 44th NYC Council District.

    Jonathan Judge will make a terrific council member. He is qualified, competent and independent minded – the type of maverick Brooklyn needs in order to remove the “flotsam and jetsam” and “politics as usual” polluting Kings County.

  2. Isaac permalink
    February 25, 2010 12:52 am

    Just watched the debate. Excellent job on the part of Jonathan. He and Lazar are the clear frontrunners. David Greenberg was rehearsed and did not carry a strong message.

    Well done, Jonathan.

  3. Digital Armchair Activist permalink
    February 25, 2010 1:49 am

    The Golden Prince’s Influence Wanes as Troubling Ties to The Duke Continue!

    You’d think with all this money flying around, Craig ‘The Duke” Eaton himself would at least get his firm a decent website!

    Then again, Craig Eaton and websites? I guess I shouldn’t go there! Lol! 😉

    It’s fast becoming clear that there is a lot wrong with the Brooklyn GOP > a very deep complex of appalling personalities, egos and poor leadership decisions.

    It is thoughtless and injudicious that the current KCRP Chair is operating the county organization out of his private, for profit law firm office at 1662 Sheepshead Bay Road, Sheepshead Bay. That’s not prudent or wise due to possible conflicts of interests and influence peddling that could compromise and skew the Party and decision making at the top levels.

    “The Kings County Republican Party sent out an email to 15,000 GOP members around the borough urging them to contribute, either by mailing or delivering a check to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, c/o Republican Headquarters, 1662 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235. “

  4. Queen Esther permalink
    February 25, 2010 10:31 am

    I respectfully wish to share quotes of encouragement and support for my friends and allies – the Republican Reformers in Kings County, Brooklyn, USA and our supports citywide who have provided metaphorical “tactical air support!”

    And thank you ASIB for being an open, bold, courageous platform and Internet soapbox for reform and positive change – for our Borough of Brooklyn and the county Republican Party!

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
    – Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)
    16th president of US, first Republican President (1809 – 1865)

    “You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

    – Bob Marley, “Get Up, Stand Up” on Burnin’ (1973)

    • “Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality “ – Bob Marley, “Wake Up and Live!” on Survival (1979)

    “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

    “Republicans are for both the man and the dollar, but in case of conflict the man before the dollar.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

    And remember, the R in Republican stands for Reform!

    Happy Purim to our Jewish supporters!

    The day will come when the Brooklyn Republicans will be democratically liberated from the various “Hamans” and assorted misfits of the “CINO/RINO-esque” KCRC.

  5. Callipygous Maiden permalink
    February 25, 2010 12:35 pm

    This new link is related to the 44th City Council Distric “Special Election.”

    Title: Greenfield and Lazar in race for campaign cash

  6. Isaac permalink
    February 25, 2010 1:10 pm

    Jonathan did a spectacular job. Everyone is saying it was between him and Lazar, and because Lazar closed badly, I think Jonathan did the best.

  7. David permalink
    February 25, 2010 2:14 pm

    Happy Purim To All

  8. Go Jonny Go permalink
    February 25, 2010 2:16 pm

    Jonny be GOOD!

  9. Lady Justice permalink
    March 1, 2010 12:34 pm

    Why doesn’t this story include that someone who collected signatures for JJJ also filed objections to Greenfiled’s petition first? The whole truth would be a nice change in this website.

    • John Galt permalink*
      March 1, 2010 12:52 pm

      According to Midas’s information, David Greenfield instituted a lawsuit against Jonathan Judge. Mr. Judge has not instituted a lawsuit against Mr. Greenfield. Moreover, we were not told that Mr. Judge brought any complaints against Mr. Greenfield’s signatures. As much as we can tell, Mr. Greenfield will be on the ballot. That is the truth. If you know something else, feel free to email us.

      • Lady Justice permalink
        March 2, 2010 3:39 pm

        Go to the Board of Elections and look at the filings yourself. One of JJJ’s petition gatherers was the first to file.

      • Judge Judith permalink
        March 2, 2010 6:11 pm

        Lady Justice is blind? I think Not.

        Yes, I believe someone connected to Jonathan did file general objections, but from my understanding, no specific objections were filed by any other candidate than Greenfield… So, why does that even matter. General objections have no weight without either a lawsuit or specific objections.

        So, that’s kind of a red herring, “Lady Justice.”

        By the way, I think I found your blindfold on the floor…

    • Hi Leslie Rice!!!!!! permalink
      March 2, 2010 1:44 pm

      Hi Leslie Rice!!!!!! LOL


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