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As Rumors of Republican Trickery Abound, Jewish Media Concentrate on Jonathan Judge

February 20, 2010

We’ve discussed him before. He’s sometimes been a figure of interest on this blog. Some have even (incorrectly) believed that he is one of our contributors here at Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn.

In fact, there are many reasons to concentrate on Jonathan Judge. For us, we’ve appreciated his principled stance against the petty party politics of the Brooklyn GOP. For some reason, his activity and maverick ways have angered the party establishment, which has demonstrated a brazen disregard for the needs of their constituents. We’ve heard from some that have emailed us that a great many shenanigans have been going on behind the scenes of Mr. Judge’s election, most especially Republican trickery.

But as these events are unfolding, it appears Mr. Judge has made some important in roads with a critical group in the 44th City Council race: the Jewish Media.

We couldn’t help but notice a recent interview posted on Mr. Judge’s website with the periodical Hamodia, one of the most well-read Jewish media sources in the world. Here’s an excerpt of Mr. Judge discussing what is candidacy is all about:

I am campaigning everywhere. My candidacy represents a unique opportunity to achieve unity in the district, so we can help everybody. I intend to work with every leader in the Jewish community, as well as in the Italian, the Russian, the Pakistani and all the other communities that make up the 44th Council District.

What people decide at the ballot box, however they decide to vote, that’s fine — that’s their decision. But I want to make it clear that it is time for us to look at the big picture, and that we can accomplish a lot more if we have more of this district mobilized behind common goals that we can accomplish, [as we] work with city government, city agencies, and the rest of the city council to get things done for the district.

This is apparently the message that the Brooklyn GOP and The Golden Prince wish to ignore. It doesn’t surprise us that they have declared war on unity in the 44th City Council race, being as they already have done that in “managing” their fractured base.

In fact, to our knowledge, they have not endorsed Mr. Judge in the election or any candidate, which is shameful. He is the only one with experience in the race and as an excellent platform.


Judge will also be at a debate next week hosted by another Jewish newspaper, the details of which we have not yet learned. When we do find out, we will provide an update for you.

This is all on top of an article that came out this week in The New York Post about Mr. Judge.

So, overall, it seems, the 44th CD race has been good to Mr. Judge. We wish him well and hope that our fellow libertarians and Republicans will give him their eye in the weeks to come.

We sure will.

  1. Maya Karpinski permalink
    February 20, 2010 4:04 pm

    Jonathan Judge would be the best choice out of the various candidates running for this 44th council vacancy.

    If you want an independent, “not politics as usual,” qualified, productive, intelligent, competent person – then the voters of this district would be wise to cast their vote for Jonathan Judge.

    We need change and reform in Brooklyn. Jonathan Judge can help bring about effective, positive reform and accountability.

    It is my thoughtful, carefully considered opinion that Jonathan would be a successful City Council Member.

    In addition, a GOPer in the City Council from the Borough of Brooklyn would be a positive step in the right direction of reform and more “balance of power,” politically speaking. Republican city council members are way outnumbered by Democrats in that august legislative body. Think about it.

    Therefore, my friends, let us press on! Go JJJ!

    Let help get the word out in the 44th City Council District.

  2. Gerry O'Hack permalink
    February 20, 2010 5:00 pm

    Hey Gerry O’Brien, gonna try and hit Jonathan again? Gonna steal some petitions, you thug?

  3. Isaac permalink
    February 20, 2010 5:47 pm

    Hamodia? Really? Wow. It’s like he’s Ben-Hur or something! LOL That’s great news.

  4. Young Republican permalink
    February 20, 2010 8:05 pm

    More details from

    Brooklyn, NY – The Jewish Press, America’s largest independent Jewish weekly, will host a debate between candidates for New York City Council seat to be vacated by Simcha Felder. The district (the 44th) covers most of the heavily Jewish Boro Park section of Brooklyn, as well as parts of Midwood and Bensonhurst.

    The debate will take place Wednesday, February 24, 7 pm, at the Boro Park YMHA at 4910 14th Ave. in Brooklyn. The candidates will answer questions from a panel of Jewish Press reporters and editors, from the audience, and from residents who had submitted questions in advance.

    The candidates are

    -David Greenfield is executive vice president of the Sephardic Community Federation

    -Joe Lazar has worked at several posts in local government, including as budget director for the city’s Department of Buildings

    -Jonathan Judge, president of the Brooklyn Young Republicans

    – Nachman C. Caller, Esq. Brooklyn, NY

    “As a voice that has been trusted in the community for 50 years,” said Jerry Greenwald, the General Manager of The Jewish Press, “we feel a responsibility to present the candidates to the public and ask the questions that residents want asked—indeed many of the questions will come from our Boro Park readers.”

    Felder has been appointed to the position of Deputy Comptroller for the city by the new Comptroller, John Liu.

    Please come and support Jonathan.

    • One Big Mess permalink
      February 21, 2010 6:59 am

      Caller dropped out since the article was written.

  5. Merlin of Malice permalink
    February 20, 2010 11:20 pm

    The Merlin of Malice commits political suicide upon learning of Jonathan Judge’s campaign for city council:

  6. Gerry O'Hack permalink
    February 22, 2010 12:37 am

    Rather than help Judge win another Republican CC seat, I heard Lesli Rice, Robert Howe, Russell Gallo, and other GOP district leaders collected signatures for a guy who no one’s heard of. Apparently he has no experience and isn’t from Brooklyn. I guess this means Craig Eaton is breaking with Marty Golden and supporting some other loser. God, who could ever like this party. They eat their own.

    • gallo means rooster permalink
      February 22, 2010 6:03 pm

      yeah, i heard the same….

  7. MM Boarder Watcher permalink
    February 22, 2010 5:12 pm

    What about what appears in other religious media like THE TABLET, the Catholic Weekly Newspaper for the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens?

    Some very heavy political stuff gets shoved out in that “media” outlet, as well; some of it with overriding significance to all who like to call ourselves Republicans here in Brooklyn. Let’s just look at one example.

    “Understanding the Presence of Evil”
    and the ADVOCATE behind it.

    In the February 6, 2010 edition of THE TABLET, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio put forth some of what he says is his understanding of the nature of evil in the world. Sadly, he didn’t really discuss “evil” very much at all. He did a convoluted riff on a New York Times writer’s critique of Pat Robertson’s theological explanation concerning the earthquake tragedy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The Roman Catholic Bishop of Brooklyn wrote that the other Christian leader’s “defense of the calamity i[n] Haiti is almost amusing….” (“AMUSING…!!!” I wonder if Bishop DiMarzio could tell us which part of Pat Robertson’s spiritual view of the Haitian tragedy he found amusing.)

    Didn’t Bishop Di Marzio know that finding divine moral purpose to tragic earthquakes, God’s retribution and purgation manifest in the form of seismic destruction, is completely within widespread Christian, and even Roman Catholic, theological traditions. One only needs to see commentaries, running the gamut from those of Jesuits through Reform Protestants, concerning the 1755 All Saints Day earthquake, fire and flood in Lisbon, Portugal to see that religious thinkers saw the direct hand of God in it; and that even non-religious philosophers at the time tried to ascribe a cosmic cause and meaning to those events. More recently, great earthquakes like those in Mexico City, Tokyo and San Francisco, to name just a few, have caused crises in religious faith; and even modern thinkers were called upon to question modern man’s scientific assumptions, even modern man’s faith in science itself.

    I would like to be able to critique or compliment Bishop DiMarzio’s own theology on the “Evil” manifest in the natural disaster that befell Haiti, but virtually none was presented in his full-page message in THE TABLET’s February 6th edition. Unless of course you think that the bishop’s statement, “Natural disasters are never easy to deal with— theologically, psychologically and practically”, is subject to some meaningful analysis or exegesis. Most of his pitch deals with other matters; and it is only in the last twelve lines of the piece that he finally returned to the nominal theme of “Understanding the Presence of Evil.” However, even Bishop DiMarzio’s ultimate paragraph, these last twelve lines, only contain a pretty simplistic and conventional contemporary Catholic/Christian explanation of natural tragedies, in particular, and evil, generally. This is an example of something that any priest or deacon might deliver at any Sunday mass, or for that matter, most Pentecostal Preachers at any prayer service or scripture reading.

    So what was most of Bishop DiMarzio’s column really about?

    Partly, it was about the suffering of Haitian victims and the details of the response by the Diocese of Brooklyn, giving some financial details of the generosity of Brooklyn Catholics. He noted that all relief and reconstruction efforts (one presumes only from the Diocese of Brooklyn) would be overseen by the Bishop, by Bishop Sansariq, one of his auxiliaries who is Haitian-born, and by an appointed committee; and that at some appropriate time the bishops and this committee would visit Haiti to oversee these efforts. What is intriguing on that score is that Bishop Di Marzio seems to suggest that a significant amount of the relief money raised will be held back for some future reconstruction that he said might take years to complete.

    There is also a very disturbing segment in the Bishop’s column. He described this as “ADVOCACY” It was Bishop DiMarzio, speaking on behalf of all Brooklyn’s Catholics, advocating that the United States should extend immigration amnesty to a multitude of people still in Haiti. (Remember, president Obama, solely on his own “Executive Authority” already granted an “amnesty” called “Temporary Protective Status” to Haitians already in the United States, even if they had been here illegally.) This is something other than an attempt to describe and deal with the suffering of the Haitian people as the result of an earthquake.

    What the last part can be described as is “stabbing the United States of America in the back” by leaving it defenseless against another open border attack by another exodus of Haitian boat people— but this time they will be able to come by boat or plane as long as they can show “relatives or [other] individuals ready to sponsor them….”

    WAKE UP BROOKLYN CATHOLICS!!!! What Bishop DiMarzio is advocating on your behalf is a further drain on dwindling Diocesan resources that should be used for the benefit and relief of Catholics already lawfully living in Brooklyn and Queens, naturally including many people lawfully emigrated to this diocese from Haiti. Remember, that recently, under various circumstances, Bishop DiMarzio and his representatives have been threatening and/or talking about the accelerating need to close more schools and churches throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

    WAKE UP BROOKLYN REPUBLICANS!!!! Brooklyn already might have the world’s largest concentration of Haitians outside of Haiti. At a recent national labor meeting, one of the left-wing union presidents openly pointed-out and “ADVOCATED” that if just four and a half million (4,500,000) illegal immigrants were legalized and able to vote, “progressive government” would have a permanent majority in the United States. What do you think would happen if that number was five, six, seven or eight million? “Temporary Protective Status” is a form of legalization, what comes after that? What is the consequence in Brooklyn of a policy that fosters open immigration and legalization? Republicans are now generally fighting to get 20% of the Kings County vote. Are we ready to go into a fight to get only 10%? What little pocket of Brooklyn will be able to elect a Republican assemblyman, councilman or State Senator with numbers like that? What state-wide Republican can reasonably hope to win an election with only 10% of the vote in the state’s largest county?

    Is the KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton ready, willing and to stand up for the interests of his/our Republican party against the interests recently expressed by Bishop Di Marzio in THE TABLET?

    Some will read this and find what I have written quite repellant— I only wish that it truly would be affective as a repellant to what I believe is an evil now manifestly upon us.

    Our ship of state is being over-run; it will soon sink or capsize, and with the loss of that “last great hope of mankind” everything that we call “American” is likely to be lost, as well.

    IT’S TIME TO REPEL BOARDERS…..and to rebuff any advocates who resist and block our rightful attempts at proper self-defense.

    February 22, 2010 11:22 pm

    It should be noted that THE GREAT LESLI RICE collected NOT ONE valid signatures for her unknown candidate known to some as “undercooked rice.”


    These people are total failures at running the party. It’s time they got run out of town.

    February 22, 2010 11:56 pm

    It should be noted that THE GREAT RUSSELL GALLO and his minions collected FAR FEWER signatures for the unknown candidate known to some as “undercooked rice” than the Brooklyn Young Republicans that came out to support Judge.


    These people are total failures at running the party. It’s time they got run out of town.

    February 22, 2010 11:59 pm

    It should be noted that THE GREAT BOB HOWE collected a sprinkling of signatures for the unknown candidate known to some as “undercooked rice.”

    So much for THE GREAT BOB HOWE LOL

    These people are total failures at running the party. It’s time they got run out of town.

  11. Lora permalink
    February 23, 2010 11:57 am

    Oh, boy. Those Jiggles Crew boys are getting so desperate. They’re so stupid they misspelled “ma’am” and then, after someone commented on there about it, they made the change. LOL

    They just want to attack and attack people and say nothing of substance.

    How sad. 😦

    Meanwhile, the two failed former Capano aids continue to shout and get nasty. They lie and say nothing of substance.

    What wastes. Not worth my time.

    Kiss kiss…

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