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Golden Ripped for “Hypocritic Oath” on Monserrate

February 10, 2010

While The Village Voice is often a bastion of left-wing thought, I thought I should share this story they have on Marty Golden’s flip-flop on Hiram Monserrate:

We often rejoice that Hypocrisy was not on the original list of seven deadly sins. If it were, we’d all be burning up somewhere. But the continuing saga of Hiram Monserrate – expelled yesterday by the state senate – deserves a special place in the Great Hypocrisy Annals.

Top award goes to Brooklyn senator Marty Golden who proudly voted for expulsion despite having defended Monserrate against the same charges late last spring at a point when the Queens Democrat had temporarily aligned himself with Golden’s Republican members, thus giving the GOP a crucial but brief majority in the chambers.

Here was Golden yesterday as reported in the Daily News: “He caused a violent act against a woman, and he doesn’t belong here. As sad as it is, it has to be done.”

Back in June, when Monserrate was Golden’s ally, the Brooklyn Republican derided debate over Monserrate’s then-alleged crime as “nitpicking.”

Meanwhile, only the blizzard which shut down federal courts this morning kept Monserrate attorney Norman Siegel from filing his lawsuit to void the 53-8 expulsion vote. Siegel, New York’s veteran civil liberties advocate, made a strong case this morning on Brian Lehrer’s WNYC radio show why Monserrate’s expulsion can and should be rejected by the courts.

Not that such a legal victory would do Monserrate, convicted of misdemeanor charges of assault on his girlfriend, much good. This morning’s Daily News shows that the ex-cop has lost his most ardent defender: columnist Juan Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says the vote to expel was of “dubious” legality and summons up such past inglorious instances as the civil-rights era expulsions of Julian Bond from the Georgia legislature and Adam Clayton Powell from Congress. But Gonzalez says straight out that Monserrate should have resigned his senate seat months ago.

“He is forever stamped as the politician who slashed his girlfriend’s face – and no career can survive something like that,” writes Gonzalez, adding: “Unfortunately Monserrate refuses to accept that.”


Read the original story here.

  1. Gerry permalink
    February 11, 2010 12:28 pm

    Another embarrassment for the Golden Child.

  2. Young GOP Kid permalink
    February 11, 2010 2:40 pm

    Can someone tell me what Marty Golden’s position was when the fiasco happened last year in the Senate? I want to know.

  3. Lora permalink
    February 11, 2010 2:51 pm

    In case you folks don’t know, Russell Gallo is now, from what I’ve heard, the primary web”master” (HA!!! That’s funny) of the Anti-Atlas Airheads (what’d you know? That abbreviates as AAA). Jeff Kraus gets the dirt and supplies it to Russell. Gallo is EXCLUSIVELY behind the comments on the Jiggles’ Page, with an occasional comment from Craig Eaton and a Marty Golden acolyte.

    The things they’ve said about the Sutliffs are disgraceful! Just disgraceful! They should truly be ashamed of themselves. Instead of caring who’s behind this blog, why don’t the idiots in the party actually start FIXING the problems that everyone knows the party is rife with?

    Why? Because some “problems” are actually profitable to them and the other issues they’re either too lazy or too complacent to address.

    Does anyone know any REAL Republicans in Brooklyn? Anyone who really represents the values of our party and doesn’t sell out to Democrats just to get money money money? Men and women of PRINCIPLE?

    Just you like-minded bloggers, I guess.

    Kiss kiss…

  4. Walter Winchell permalink
    February 19, 2010 6:02 pm

    … – – -… /… – – -… / FLASH…Good morning Mister and Missuz Atlas Shrugging in Brooklyn, from the Red Hook Basin to the Gerritsen Inlet and the 69th Street Pier to the mouth of Sheepshead Bay, and all the ships in and around Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Let’s go to press …- – -… / …- – -… /… – – -… /… – – -… ////

    I been looking at my notes here at Table 50 at the Stork, waiting for a person very close to Democratic County Chairman Vito Lopez to show up (the results of that meeting will be in my next column, I’m sure).

    This Marty Golden stuff reads like a Yogi Berra interview I once did.

    A year ago, Golden and his NYS State Senate Republican colleagues said that Hiram Monserrate was a “ticking time bomb…. who shouldn’t be allowed to contaminate the august state senate chambers.”

    Marty Golden himself said “He’s a ticking time bomb and he’ll go off eventually.” Golden even circulated a petition to prevent Monserrate, a newly elected state senator from Queens being seated in the Senate, claiming that Monserrate had “a rage in him that’s pretty crazy.”

    Everything seemed to change for Marty when the Republican leadership needed Monserrate’s vote to get a majority. Then Senator Golden said that, “[Questions about Monserrate’s girlfriend stabbing incident] are just ‘nit picking’.”

    When asked about the cynicism and hypocracy in the flip-flop on Monserrate’s alleged violence, the Bay Ridge State Senator said, “I still think what he (Monserrate) did was appalling.” If convicted, then Hiram goes to jail and loses his seat…. [if he did it you]can nit pick back and forth all you want about this.”

    When Monserrate abandoned the Republican Senators, it seems that it all changed again as far the only elected Republican from Brooklyn was concerned. Now, even though State Senator Monserrate was found not guilty of the most serious offenses, and only is only apparently guilty of a misdemeanor, with no time in jail, Marty Golden has decided that the result in the criminal case against Monserrate didn’t go right and doesn’t count for anything because Monserrate “caused a violent act against a woman, and he doesn’t belong here…. As sad as it is, [throwing him out of the state senate]has to be done…”

    As my friend the AFLAC Duck says, “Haanghn?”

    As my other friend, the guy who runs the Stork Club, says — “It’s just politics, it makes about as much sense as it has to.”

    Then I said, “Haanghn?”


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