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Developing Story: Irrelevant Eaton “Hungry For Glory” As Democrat Kruger “Resolved” To Praise Him

February 6, 2010

(“The Duke” poses with his buddies: Catholic Bishop DiMarzio and Democrat Marty Markowitz)

Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig “The Duke of Bay Ridge” Eaton, whom this blog’s commentator Francisco D’Anconia branded as “no long relevant,” is apparently getting a chance to bask in a new bit of perceived glory. In fact, one emailer who is close to the establishment has referred to him as “hungry for glory.”

Now, Democratic State Senator Carl Kruger is putting forth the following “resolution” to commend The Duke for his community service award being bestowed upon him by St. Mark’s Parish Community.

Here is the resolution:

LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION  commending  Craig A. Eaton upon the occasion of his designation by the St. Mark Parish Community as the recipient of the Community Service Award at its Annual Stewardship Recognition Dinner on February 13, 2010

WHEREAS, The quality and character of life in New York State are greatly enriched  by the faithful and generous service of those who devote themselves to endeavors of family, faith, and community; and

WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative  Body  to  recognize  and commend  individuals  of such magnanimous conduct and bearing who demonstrate a deep and continuing  concern  for  others,  and  in  so  doing, inspire others to do the same; and

WHEREAS, Attendant to such concern, and fully in accord with its long-standing  traditions, it is the intent of this Legislative Body to honor Craig A. Eaton upon the occasion of his  designation  by  the  St.  Mark Parish  Community as the recipient of the Community Service Award at its Annual  Stewardship  Recognition  Dinner,  to  be  held  at   Brooklyn’s Gargiulo’s Restaurant on Saturday, February 13, 2010; and

WHEREAS,  Serving  the  Catholic faithful of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, St. Mark Parish is a community of long-standing  repute and  exemplary accomplishment; at its Annual Stewardship Recognition Dinner, it proudly recognizes those who exemplify its ideals and have helped to further its mission; and

WHEREAS,  A lifelong resident of Brooklyn, Craig Eaton grew up a block from St. Mark’s; he is a graduate of St. Mark’s Grammar  School,  Xavier High School, New York University School of Business, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree; and New York Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree; and

WHEREAS,  After  working with several Manhattan-based law firms, Craig Eaton formed his own law firm  which  has  since  merged  into  Eaton  & Torrenzano,  a  general law firm with offices in New York and New Jersey specializing in Corporate, Real Estate and Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, and commercial and residential Real Estate Transactions; and

WHEREAS, Craig Eaton’s service to the church is rooted  in  St.  Mark Parish;  he  has  devoted his time and his exceptional energy to working with the youth of the community, beginning with his days as a CYO  Baseball  and  Basketball coach at St. Mark’s and, after marrying and moving to Bay Ridge, he continued his parish involvement coaching  in  the  St. Anselm’s  Soccer,  Baseball  and  Basketball  Program and serving as its President for a number of years; and

WHEREAS, During this time he also began his  very  special,  and  much valued relationship with the St. Anselm Scouting Program, which included Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts, as well as Girl Scouts; and

WHEREAS,  Despite  his  many responsibilities and demands on his time, Craig Eaton remains deeply committed and actively involved in his community, his faith, and his profession; and

WHEREAS, He is a former Chairman of Community Board  Ten  in  Brooklyn and  also  served as its Zoning Chairman; during his time as Chairman of the Board he devoted his time, talent and expertise to  issues  relating to  zoning,  police  and  fire  public  safety,  sanitation,  health and welfare, and youth, among many others; and

WHEREAS, Craig Eaton is currently the Chairman of the  Board  of  the Heartshare  Autism School, the first school of its kind in Brooklyn, and sits on the Boards of Heartshare Human Services, the Cathedral  Club  of Brooklyn,  the  Fort Hamilton Civic Action Committee and Daytop Village; and

WHEREAS, He is, in addition, President of the Xavier Bar  Association and  the  MHE Research Foundation and is a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre; and

WHEREAS,  The  St.  Mark  Parish  Community proudly joins the American Legion, the Guild for Exceptional Children, Boy Scouts of  America,  the St.    Rosalia-Regina Pacis  Neighborhood Association, Heartshare Human Services and St. Anselm’s Church in fittingly  recognizing  Craig  Eaton for his extraordinary service to his fellow man, his outstanding leadership  of  community  initiatives,  his faithfulness to the ideals of his Catholic faith and education, and his  high  standards  of  conduct  and ethics and honoring him with its treasured Community Service Award; and

WHEREAS,  With  Craig  Eaton throughout have been his wife, Susan, and their children, Christopher, Danielle, and  Vincent,  all  of  whom  are proud  to  be  part of his life and rejoice in his many accomplishments; and

WHEREAS, This Legislative Body is proud to extend its highest  commendation  to Craig A. Eaton for his dedication and service to his community, faith and heritage; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to commend  Craig  A. Eaton upon the occasion of his designation by the St.

Mark Parish Community as the recipient of  the  2010  Community  Servic Award at its Annual Stewardship Recognition Dinner on February 13, 2010; and be it further

RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-smitted to Craig A. Eaton.


Now, I know we’re going to be accused of bias for saying what I’m about to say. I can just here here the establishment people now:

” Why can’t they give credit where credit’s due?”

“Eaton gives so much of his life to  charity!”

“Eaton will be canonized after death!”

Sorry to rain on your parade, but it’s not like your boss is a saint. He’s caused a great deal of division and problems in the Republican Party as its “leader” (in theory).

Not for nothing, but something about this rubs me the wrong way.

I mean, it isn’t just the fact that Senator Golden and Kruger have shared similar endorsements of Democrats and that Golden too has been honored by St. Mark’s.

It isn’t just the organizational melting pot of Cathedral Club-connected organizations that are coming out in favor of their Bay Ridge dauphin.

We’ve already expressed our issues with Eaton’s charitable connections, and that says nothing about the charities which he promotes (which are admirable) but his reasons for doing so and his methods of implementation.

And lest we forget that The Duke was responsible for one of the greatest political catastrophes in the history of Brooklyn Republican politics last year.

By the way, Carl Kruger? Why not Marty Golden? Those of us realists in Brooklyn politics know that no good deed goes without a bad motive. Why is this Democrat so interested in praising a Chairman of the Republican Party? Is it because he’s not threatened by him? Is it because a deal was made under the table? Forgive my dismissiveness of altruism, but why the tome about Eaton’s doings?

Again, something about this rubs me the wrong way. Maybe you disagree, and we can agree to disagree. But for all Eaton’s successes, there are numerous more stories of insult, political thuggery, incompetence, and vendettas that overshadow any good work he has done.

Maybe when Eaton learns to “resolve” some of the Brooklyn GOP’s serious problems, I’ll offer him some words of commendation.

So far, he’s let me down, and you, too.

  1. NY Courts permalink
    February 6, 2010 6:08 pm

    You abuse a priest on your site, you abuse elected officials on your site, you defame, libel, slander and harrass, and now you post photos of the Bishop? What a bunch of lowlifes you really are.

    You will all go to hell, where you belong.

    It is hot down there – be careful.

  2. Joe B permalink
    February 6, 2010 6:31 pm

    Still you must admit it is your ass that is sizzling now.

    • NY Courts permalink
      February 6, 2010 6:38 pm

      My ass is fine, but thanks for asking. You guys must be uncomfortable with your own sexuality.

      You always talk about asses and make sexy comments to women – guess you cant score and can only blog about it.

      • Hustlem Shallow permalink
        February 6, 2010 9:55 pm

        Wonder if Russell gets tired of grabbing his ankles?

  3. Cicero permalink
    February 7, 2010 7:20 am

    Kruger’s cash magic

    NY Post Editorial, February 7, 2010

    What’s the difference between state Sen. Carl Kruger and Bernie Madoff? Madoff never lectured anyone on the virtues of fiscal transparency.

    Kruger, the Brooklyn Democrat who chairs the powerful Senate Finance Committee, has made a cottage industry of finding ways to hide Albany’s ballooning financial commitments — while blasting Gov. Paterson for his supposed budget sins.

    Case in point: Kruger’s committee last week pushed through a costly new entitlement that would cap rent costs for New York City HIV/AIDS victims at 30 percent of their income.

    It’s an unfunded mandate, too, since the city and state would be jointly on the hook for paying the difference — a cost the state’s Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance pegs at $31 million a year.

    Needless to say, no one has that sort of money nowadays.

    But what makes this bit of frivolity especially rich is that only last month, Kruger insisted that Paterson wasn’t going far enough in combating such mandates, saying: “It seems illogical [that] the governor is so unwilling to end unfunded mandates once and for all, and is instead content with a temporary moratorium.”

    So how does Kruger square that stance with his support of, well, a new unfunded mandate?

    Easy: The bill, he says, won’t cost a dime.

    Confused? Well, Kruger’s also the genius who last year proposed bailing out the MTA by mortgaging the East River bridges and investing the proceeds in the stock market — a Ponzi scheme of the most transparent sort.

    The new numbers are equally dubious.

    Advocates of the bill, which is sponsored by Manhattan Sen. Tom Duane and has already passed the Assembly, seem to think that the entire cost will be offset by money the city and state no longer need to spend relocating HIV/AIDS patients who can’t pay their rent into emergency housing.

    Yet, according to OTDA, that sum runs to barely $4 million a year.

    Even if that’s a lowball figure, it’s a great deal less than $31 million.

    In other news, Gov. Paterson last Wednesday added another $750 million to next year’s deficit projection — bringing it to a whopping $8.2 billion.

    But don’t worry: We’re sure Kruger will just wish that away, too.

  4. Wag-the-Dog permalink
    February 7, 2010 1:30 pm

    Wags bets that Cathedral Club Craig Eaton’s “Hunger for Glory” must have been really satisfied the other night at the Cathedral Club’s big bash.

    Craig Eaton and his “team” must have been really proud and chipper that Mayor Mike gave them some face time up at the Cathedral Club’s Gala last week. I heard that the Mayor was even talking about his appearance at the Cathedral Club on the radio on Friday.

    This must have been the scene inEatons head: at KCRP headquarters [Really a soundstage in the old Brooklyn Navy Yard; cue the lights and camera; Eaton’s “team” in drag singing, and doing a high-kick chorus line number] “Ah,….It was the best of times….” [very appropriate ref.: “CAGE AU FOLLES”]

    But back here on earth one has to ask, WHY Cathedral Club Craig Eaton or any other member of his “team”, or WHY any real Roman Catholic or real Conservative or real conservative Republican would share any dais at a quasi-Catholic or Catholic-related event with the likes of a pro-abortion, pro-gay- rights, big government liberal like Mayor Michael Bloomberg. (In a future blog, we’ll be probably be making the almost contra-positive argument as to why any real liberal Mayor of the City of New York would share the dais at the Cathedral Club with the other local plenipotentiary at the event, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

    Mr. Eaton just a few questions about your participation in the Cathedral Club, as part of one of our “private investigations” (if you don’t get the reference, you’ll soon get your cc in the mail, I’m sure others will help you figure it out. You can relax for now, Craig, the questions below are limited to the Cathedral Club).

    At this point, Eaton and his “team” [who are happening to read this] are thinking, “Who does this joker Wag-the-Dog think he is?” Well, for now, I’m not Spartacus, I’m not “the Joker”—- I’m “The Riddler.”

    For a start , let’s just throw Craigie some slow-pitch soft ball riddles about the Cathedral Club:

    Aren’t you now a Member of the Board of the Cathedral Club?
    “So riddle me this, Batman”—just how much money was raised this year by the Cathedral Club?
    How much was raised in the year when you were president?
    The Cathedral Club must keep some kind of books and record, “So riddle me this, Batman”—who keeps the Cathedral Club’s books?—Who audits the Cathedral Club’s books? — Are the funds raised by the Cathedral Club audited at all?

    See, Craig, The Riddler told you nice easy riddles.

    Craig, you are both Chairman of the Kings County Republican Party and a former President and current Board Member of the Cathedral Club, “So riddle me this, Batman”— just how many Republican Party Executive Committee members and Conservative Party Executive Committee members and/or Marty Golden staffers are members of the Cathedral Club?—-Who are they?— Were any of these people asked to join the Cathedral Club as a condition of their employment?—Are there any Cathedral Club members who were asked to join as a condition of their private employment? —- How many of those dragooned by your Cathedral Club press-gang are enthusiastic members of the CC?

    Craig, you are a man in the know, you get around a lot, you know people, “So riddle me this, Batman”— were there any people named Bruce C. Ratner at the Cathedral Club gala?—Were there any business people associated with any person named or entity containing Ratner as part of its name at the event?— Were there any people who do business with any person named or entity containing Ratner as part of its name at the event? Were there any people who hold elective office and support any ventures backed by yadayadayada Ratner —Why is the name Ratner so familiar?—Why is the name Ratner so important?—Why is it sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees (or is it the trees for the forest)? Is there any forest in New York named Ratner?
    Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? (Just kidding, seeing if you were still conscious [btw, ref. Joseph R. McCarthy, Saint and Martyr [not yet canonized], U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, briefly “the most powerful man in America”; and Craig, I think we can agree on this: OUR KIND OF MAN ).

    Now that you’re warmed up, Craigie, let’s try a little harder pitching (relax no curve ball riddles today):

    Craig, you’re the kind of fellow that likes to give out those poster sized checks, like Ed McMahon did for Publisher’s Clearing House, “So riddle me this, Batman”—how much money will be given by the Cathedral Club this year to Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio for his “favorite charity”? — Just what is Bishop DiMarzio’s “favorite charity” this year?—What was his “favorite charity” the year that you were president of the Cathedral Club?

    “Riddle me this, Batman”—might Bishop DiMarzio’s favorite charity this year be lawyers— not storefront lawyers like yourself, but high-priced, best-available lawyers to keep the lid on things?—might his “favorite charity” be lobbyists to stop legislation that Bishop DiMarzio says will close schools, hospitals and churches (isn’t that unconstitutional?)?????

    “Riddle me this, Batman” Is Cathedral Club Craig Eaton going to be like good old Sergeant Schultz?—Is your best line going to be, “I know nothing….” or will it be the Nuremburg defense, “I did what I was ordered to do”?

    Enough of “The Riddler” shtick, just simple declarative statements:

    Make no mistake the Cathedral Club is all about money and power and influence. It’s also about CORRUPTION— governmental corruption, political corruption, moral corruption and spiritual corruption. But this is just the beginning of the front end of our discussion of Cathedral Club Craig Eaton’s world. (Soon enough we’ll tell the rest of the story of Eaton’s Faustian bargain, the Mephistophelean side.)

    One hopes that Eaton and his “team” remain proud and chipper, because can’t we agree that there’s so much more work for us to do together, both in the Republican Party and for Roman Catholic the Diocese of Brooklyn.

    BTW, unlike so many others on this blog, Wags is not asking that Craig Eaton resign as Kings County Republican Club Chairman. As far as I’m concerned, Mr Eaton remains “ON PROBATION” in that post. Let’s see what happens next. Let’s see if the “TEAM” sticks together (more about the Eaton “Team” in a later blog).

    On the movie set in Eaton’s head: — Finale: Reprise “It Was the Best of Times” [Eaton’s “team” still singing, and still doing high-kick chorus line dancing in drag] “Ah,….It was the best of times….” [one by one the chorus line falls out of step; the signing becomes horse and dissonant, looking and sounding worse than the chorus near the climax of “CABARET”; fade to black]— Cut that’s a wrap. Thanks, everybody.

    • NY COURTS permalink
      February 7, 2010 2:27 pm

      You have already identified yourself as Jim McCall so we know who you are – but you have really lost it. You make insinuations without any proof. You are still harping on the Flyers that Eaton put in church trying to raise money for a good cause. You clearly are harrassing Eaton and that is a Crime.

      I storngly recommend that Eaton call the Supervising Judge of the Courts of the State of New York and provide him with a copy of all the blog comments from Wag the Dag, including the one where he admits to being Jim McCall, and then let the Chief Judge decide whether an old man who works for the Court system should be engaged in such unethical, illegal, slanderous and outrageous behaviour.

      So riddle me this, how will you stand up to the pressure when your boss sees that you spend a lot of time blogging with 20yr olds, slandering, libeling and defaming elected officials, party officials, the church, priests and a whole slew of others. What do you think your boss will say? Certainly it will be embarrassing, dont you think, riddle me this?

      So riddle me this, how will that help your future in the City Court system?

      So riddle me this, how embarrasing will it be for you?

      I hope Eaton sees this and follows through, because I think it may shup up Wag the Dog once and for all – and maybe even get him disbarred and arrested.

      Nobody should be making such claims against someone, unless you have concrete proof.

      You should be indicted for Harrassment. Someone previously posted the Penal Code – Harrassment carries a jail term of up to 15 days – Jim, you would not fair well in jail.

      I hope Eaton reads this

      • Gerry permalink
        February 7, 2010 8:58 pm

        Wow, for a lawyer, Craig, you think you’d have heard of the First Amendment LOL

      • Tommy Nast permalink
        February 7, 2010 10:08 pm

        Craig Eaton, Russell Gallo and the rest of the Bay Ridge Cabal have got to grow a pair. They cry like babies over the stupidest crap. These hacks just can’t hack it. It’s time to deal with the fact that you suck at this, so please do yourselves and everyone else a favor and resign from your positions. It’s time adults take your places and show you how real men and women get the job done.

  5. NY COURTS permalink
    February 7, 2010 10:36 pm

    You will soon see – you will be tracked down, the IP Address uncovered and you will be exposed – and then either indicted or civilly sued. Either way, it will be no fun.

    No need to be scared, you are a big boy – up past 10:30.

  6. Young Republican permalink
    February 7, 2010 10:44 pm

    Senator Kruger is one big scam. The last person he cares about is the working New Yorker. He held a committee chairmanship under republican control too, and he ran unopposed last election, in a relatively moderate district. There is no reason republicans can’t give him a run for his money in November. But if he wins, and republicans take control, we have to make sure that the senate leadership exposes him for the scam he is and not give him a chairmanship position.

    • NY COURTS permalink
      February 7, 2010 10:59 pm


      Maybe your Mom taught you to “turn tricks” but mine didnt. Sorry your mom is a ho.

      • I Heart James permalink
        February 7, 2010 11:07 pm

        Oh, so you’re on here, shouting via typing, saying nasty things, and you think YOU won’t be sued based on your logic?

        What a crock. Ooooo, someone’s mad! What’s the matter? Colts fan? he he he

      • Tommy Nast permalink
        February 7, 2010 11:13 pm

        I LOVE that you HAD to respond to that! Now I can go to sleep.

  7. Gerry permalink
    February 7, 2010 11:35 pm

    “We’ve already expressed our issues with Eaton’s charitable connections, and that says nothing about the charities which he promotes (which are admirable) but his reasons for doing so and his methods of implementation.”

    I agree they are admirable, Dagny, and yet, Eaton must be held to account for his actions as the leader of this PARTY.

  8. Another Concerned Parishioner permalink
    February 7, 2010 11:45 pm

    Thank you. No not Fr. Gelfant. And yes, my IP address moves around as you probably know by now. And yes, I am a lawyer and no I cannot disclose my real name because of pending litigation. BUT for Gerry, the molest comment was made under another thread so no it is not bogus (the anniversary thread). No I do not have Father’s permission to participate in this blog, but I am doing so on my own behalf. And Gerry he never entered the “debate”. 1) there was never a debate just an account for facts. 2) MM Boarder Watcher posted the priests full name and referenced his homily…that would make this blog the responsbile party with negligent indifference to a person’s character.

  9. Priests Aren't Perfect permalink
    February 7, 2010 11:58 pm

    Uh, I don’t know your IP address buddy. I’m just saying the symbol with which you commented is the same as the one “Life Long Catholic” used. I believe its actually your email address that determines the symbol…so…..I guess you still will have to answer for that. I guess you made a mistake, life long Catholic.

    • Another Concerned Parishioner permalink
      February 8, 2010 12:21 am

      I follow your logic but I assure I did not post those comments. Maybe one of the techy can explain. Your theory is incorrect and you have made a false assumption and conclusion.

    • Priests Aren't Perfect permalink
      February 8, 2010 12:50 am

      Afraid you aren’t telling the truth, since I am commenting from my phone and the same symbol comes up as when I comment on my computer. Different IP address….

      Uh oh….. Good night Father, Lawyer, Clown? Ha!

  10. Priests Aren't Perfect permalink
    February 8, 2010 12:15 am

    “…don’t forget to include Councilman Vincent Gentile and Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny, Congressman Michael McMahon…we have excellent relationships with these people too. It’s called constituents. In the Bay Ridge community, there is one thing you cannot escape and that is the strong presence of the Catholic Church and all the work we have done and continue to do in Bay Ridge.”

    “Keep in mind that the separation of Church and State was created to PROTECT THE CHURCH, not the state. It is your style of politics that many Americans are tired of, including myself….”

    “Hmmm…Very Marxist of you….”

    These are all quotes that someone claiming to be Father Gelfant made. I think the political nature of these remarks speaks for itself. The person claiming to be FG entered into a political discussion, commented on a political blog, and lectured the commentators of this blog on the political realities of Brooklyn politics. Now, you people want to say he was just stating facts?

    Eh, I don’t think so.

  11. MM Boarder Watcher & JM permalink
    February 8, 2010 9:40 am

    Since people have obviously received their copies of the letter that follows and have chosen to share their versions of portions of that letter, we thought we might as well let the whole world see what was said and what was not. [Note: Letter’s set-up & justification slightly different as a result of this posting] The letter is as follows:

    J M & MM Boarder Watcher
    @ Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn
    c/o Store xxxxxx Brooklyn, NY 112xx

    Most Reverend Nicholas Anthony DiMarzio,
    Bishop Ordinary of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn
    310 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215

    Re: Notification as to Father Gelfant’s January 28-30, 2010 internet postings on blogs, “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” (ATLAS) and “The Jig is Up Atlas” (TJisUA)

    Bishop DiMarzio:

    On January 28, 29 & 30, 2010, Father Michael Gelfant posted messages on at least two political blogs concerning us [and/or another or others with similar names or initials], as well as those associated with us. We have enclosed only the items that we believe are from Father Gelfant. We will leave it to him to verify whether they are his work or that of someone else. We trust that Father Gelfant’s description of the totality of what we only partially describe below will be as honest and accurate as anything that we might add at greater length.

    Please be aware that Father Gelfant himself caused the upward percolation of this problem to your desk when he suggested that permission had been obtained by him to write an article and/or do a follow-up homily on all that had transpired as a result of the incident of January 17th and the postings on the blogs that followed.

    It should be noted that Father Gelfant first chose to post on the blog, TJisUA, to mitigate a “tempest in a teapot” caused by our complaints concerning an “unforced error” by Kings County Republican Party (KCRP) Chairman Craig Eaton. It is largely on this TJisUA blog, which sports the proprietary logo of the KCRP and a copy of the very rogue flyer that was distributed in St. Anselm’s on January 17th (also probably proprietary to the KCRP), that the most vile and scandalous attacks were made against us (and/or an individual thought by some to be with us or acting through us). A particular TJisUA blogger, “AAA,” is particularly obnoxious (we have not included any of AAA’s material, since we choose not to republish his libel against us and/or an individual thought by some to be with us or acting through us). However, it’s clear from the totality of the TJisUA postings, that Father Gelfant had been in some kind of an E-conversation with “AAA,” who is a crude and rude apologist for KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton.

    It is very important to highlight the fact that Father Gelfant’s postings in TJisUA first appeared within that blog’s defense of Eaton’s January 17th distribution of flyers at St. Anselm’s, which was in direct competition with your own Catholic Relief Services collection for Haiti. These rogue Haiti Relief flyers were distributed at St. Anselm’s on behalf of the KCRP– Mayor Bloomberg– and the Red Cross (if you’re interested, similar flyers can still be accessed on-line at the offending TJisUA blog). From the tenor of Father Gelfant’s posted remarks, it’s fair to say that his involvement was at the behest or in the interest of KCRP Chairman and St. Anselm’s parishioner Craig Eaton. Certainly, Father Gelfant’s characterizing our earlier postings about Eaton’s flyers as “inaccurate” and the priest’s particular encomium as to his parishioner Eaton seem to us to be indicative of some bias in-favor-of or influence-by Mr. Eaton.

    Mr. Craig Eaton is a man with whom we believe you are, or should be, well acquainted. Eaton is quite visibly and volubly involved in several funds, foundations and other surrogate organizations affiliated with our diocese (there is no “Widow’s Mite” in Craig Eaton’s praxis of charity). He also controls a least one private charity (also heedless of the parable previously mentioned). Because of Mr. Eaton’s unprincipled, brass-knuckled conduct as KCRP Chairman, his non-Republican involvements are increasingly being scrutinized in public forums and by multiple private investigations. So far, there seem to have been some Republican Party funds flowing through Eaton, and/or his appointed finance henchman into some of your charities. One wonders whether there also might be an obverse Diocesan involvement in the policies and positions of the KCRP through Republican Chairman Eaton.

    I send this letter to you, as the Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of Brooklyn, in the hope that you might staunch this epiphenomenon of a broader infection in our polity and in our Church. This infection is essentially the corruption of the sacred in the defense or advancement of the profane. You, your pastors, your vicars and your curates should not be involved in the workings of the KCRP or any other political party, except as individual citizens and, if anyone might so choose, party members (we recall that Father Douglas McNeill, then of the Brooklyn Diocese, was admonished for attempting to run as a Republican State Committeeman). Please, heed my humble, indeed “pathetic,” pleading: disentangle from the Brooklyn Republican Party and Craig Eaton (unless and until he disentangles himself from the Chairmanship of the KCRP). You are entitled to the utmost respect in your role of ensuring the orthodoxy and ortho-praxis throughout your Diocese. If you, or any of those under your guidance and direction, choose to engage in secular policy and politics, then there are secular consequences for that.

    I pray for and look hopefully forward to a day when again we all might walk together on the path to salvation in Christ.

    Your faithful supplicant,
    on this 4th Day of February, 2010,

    Jim M


    cc.: Rev. Msgr. John W. Maloney, Pastor, and Rev. Fr. Michael Louis Gelfant, Curate, St. Anselm’s Parish Rectory; Rev. Msgr. Kieran E. Harrington, V.E., Vicar of Communications [including the Government Affairs and Public Policy Office], R.C. Diocese of Brooklyn
    (All with Certificates of First Class Mailing)
    bcc.: Craig Eaton c/o Eaton and Torrenzano LLP, 1662 Shpshd Bay Rd, Bklyn., NY 11235 (w/o encl.)

    NOTE: addressee and those cc’d were only persons who saw the contents of the letter. It should also be noted that JM and MM Boarder Watcher were the only persons involved with this letter contrary to what was said by aby other bloggers.

    MMBW (w/ permission of JM)

  12. Cicero permalink
    February 8, 2010 7:55 pm

    There is way too much flatulence within the KCRC hierarchy, starting with its scrotum faced, constipated borough Party Chairperson and continuing with the Charlatan representing the 22nd senate district.

    The Brooklyn GOP could use new blood, new visions, and new ideas.

    I digress….Hola Sexier Republicana! My darling, how are you? I long to hold you close, my Sweetness.

    Adapted from the Song of Solomon 4 (also known as Song of Songs):

    Lover (Cicero speaking a love poem to S.R.)
    1 How beautiful you are, my darling!
    Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes behind your veil are doves.
    Your hair is like a flock of goats descending from Mount Gilead.

    2 Your teeth are like a flock of sheep just shorn,
    coming up from the washing. Each has its twin; not one of them is alone.

    3 Your lips are like a scarlet ribbon;
    your mouth is lovely. Your temples behind your veil
    are like the halves of a pomegranate.

    7 All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

    10 How delightful is your love! How much more pleasing is your love than wine,
    and the fragrance of your perfume than any spice!

    12 You are a garden locked up, my lover;
    you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.

    13 Your plants are an orchard of pomegranates
    with choice fruits, with henna and nard,

    14 nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon,
    with every kind of incense tree, with myrrh and aloes
    and all the finest spices.

    Beloved (Sexy Republicana speaking)

    16 Awake, north wind,
    and come, south wind!
    Blow on my garden,
    that its fragrance may spread abroad.
    Let my lover come into his garden
    and taste its choice fruits. 😉

    • Sexier Republicana permalink
      February 8, 2010 9:25 pm

      Querido Corazon Cicero,
      Quiero que me beses.
      Quiero que me hagas el amor.
      Me vuelves loca.
      Te adoro…….

  13. Spartacus permalink
    February 8, 2010 9:42 pm

    ASIB, this is the way elected Republicans in NYC ought to the peoples business! Not the Marty Golden way.

    Show up or go away, Dan Halloran tells local community board members!

    Read more:

    Dan Halloran, a Republican Councilman in a mostly Democratic borough, thinks he is getting some resistance because of his party affiliation.

    Read more:

  14. Sexier Republicana permalink
    February 9, 2010 12:36 am

    Cicerón, mi amor
    Es ridículo y triste las longitudes de la maldad y la locura que estos hombres pequeños sucumbirá a. Ellos no han hecho nada pero creación División y destrucción. ¿Hasta qué punto se van? Tienen ya asesinados tantos caracteres de buena gente.
    ¿Cuál es la próxima para estos hombres-violencia mal? Me ha ocurrido si no oye de mí que significa algo muy malo. Por favor, mira a estos hombres en primer lugar. Puedo colocar mi completa confianza en usted mi querido.

  15. Lora permalink
    February 9, 2010 12:40 am

    Wow, the Jig Cabal (which merely consists of The Duke of Bay Ridge Eaton and his faithful dogs Russy and Jeffey) has checked into Sing Sing. They are making blind accusations in fits of rage at the 49th AD leadership for a letter written by a man who, from what I can tell, has no real association with the 49th at all.

    This is all part of their attempted slash and burn campaign to scare and strike fear in the hearts of those they have thus far been unable to subdue with their blogging hatred and vitriol.

    It’s all so carelessly put together, untruthful and requires suspension of disbelief to even begin to sit through their hair-pulling fury sessions.

    You know, they say great fiction must resemble reality. These failed political consultants are way outside the bounds of what’s real.

    You guys need to stick to day jobs while you still have them.

    Kiss kiss…

  16. Lora permalink
    February 9, 2010 3:33 pm

    Anyone notice how all the Jig people say is: A-Hole? They misspell words, they curse left and right, but they never really SAY anything. I guess they’re just as irrelevant as Craig Eaton is as Chairman. LOL

    Kiss kiss…

    • Snapper permalink
      February 10, 2010 2:54 am

      Similiar to people who drive fancy cars or SUVs–overcompensating behind the wheel because they can’t inflate the tire.

  17. Walter Winchell permalink
    February 11, 2010 9:10 am

    … – – -… /… – – -… / FLASH…Good morning Mister and Missuz Atlas Shrugging in Brooklyn from Marine Park to Red Hook and Cypress Hills to Green Point, all the ships in the Walabout Basin and the Lower Bay. Let’s go to press … – – -… / … – – -… /… – – -… /… – – -…

    I was enjoying my ice cream and coconut Snow Ball, a house specialty at the Stork Club, when I got a call at Table 50; it was from Queens. My Ragusa-man told me that John Haggerty a Republican of Forest Hills is up to his neck in it with this flap over Mayor Bloomberg and the Independence Party. If you haven’t read about it, there was a big money drop into something called Special Election Operations, LLC.
    Apart from issues of filing problems with the Board of Elections, it seems that there may have been a trail of checks to key Republican operatives in Queens who had prior associations with John Haggerty. These checks were issued right before Christmas 2009, but supposedly for Election Day poll watching. One of the checks appeared to be to Joe Kaspar, a lawyer from Woodhaven, and an old hand with the Queens Republican insurgents since Fran Werner stopped being the Queens Republican Chairman. Kaspar & Haggarty have long been to the Queens County Republican leadership what Arnaldo Ferraro, Lucretia Potter and Jonathan Judge have only recently become to the Solons of the Brooklyn Party. The rub is that if any of Haggarty’s Special Election Operations, LLC money was spent in Brooklyn, it would most likely have passed to those who backed the Eaton-Golden leadership. Some of the Brooklyn Republican reformers are just now looking into whether any Special Election Operations, LLC checks found their way into Brooklyn and, if so, to whom were they drawn.

    Mayor Bloomberg is also reported to have made a very large post-election donation ($120,000 on 11/20/09) to another Haggerty front group, the “28th Assembly District Republican Committee.” All that money to a single assembly district, it’s almost as much as the whole Brooklyn Republican Party got from Craig Eaton’s deal to back the mayor. Maybe somebody should look into whether some of the Mayor’s post-election largesse flowed to any of the Brooklyn Republican Clubs or to the County Organization.

    For those keeping score, this is the second major flap in a month from Forest Hills to hit the papers causing problems for those in high places who back Craig Eaton’s leadership of the Brooklyn Republican Party and his other activities. The Haggerty thing involves the mayor, and although the other doesn’t involve Haggarty, it does involve Haggarty’s Forest Hills church. The recent removal of the pastor from the Forest Hills church is causing big headaches for some of Craig Eaton’s other major patrons.

    More on these stories as they develop.

    • NY COURTS permalink
      February 11, 2010 9:42 am

      Walter, keep spewing your defamatory, unsubstantiated and unwarranted claims – maybe you should try checking into your allegations before you make them, because the law is very clear on defamation and harrassment. One can no longer make insinuations of illegal activity merely to harrass an individual. There must be some basis for the claim. I suspect there is nothing to substantiate your claim, just the desire to cast aspusions on people, since there have been a myriad of claims against the Brooklyn GOP but nothing ever came from them – obviously because there was no truth to your slander.

      Better save some money for legal defense fees when the actions start.

      Kiss Kiss

  18. Walter Winchell permalink
    February 12, 2010 11:29 am

    … – – -… /… – – -… / FLASH…Good morning Mister and Missuz Atlas Shrugging in Brooklyn from the 69th Street Pier to the Verrazano Bridge and Liev Ericson Park to the ballfields off the Cropsey Avenue exit, all the ships in Gravesend and the Bay Ridge anchorage. Let’s go to press … – – -… / … – – -… /… – – -… /… – – -…

    Update: As to blogger “NY Courts”////

    I don’t know what you do in the New York Courts, but I was talkin’ to a coupla pretty good lawyers at the Stork, guys like Ed Bennett Williams and Chippy Patterson, and they think you make about as much sense as Sherman B. does on his radio program; an’ just so you know that ain’t so much.

    Roy Cohn said even Bobby Kennedy’s a good enough lawyer to know that something like Penal Law 240.30 can’t be used to stop my reporting in any way—whether it’s on: a blog like Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn; radio; television; telegraph; pony express; airplane-sky writing; moviola; phonograph record; 8-track or any other technical device or means that I choose to get the word out. Besides much more has been written about Haggerty than I did; jes look-it sumpin’ called “Oyban Packy-dermas”. I didn’t make no baseless charges ’bout nobody; I jes said let’s see if the same kinda kinky checks turn up made out to the routine Republican hacks in Bay Ridge. Other people are looking into it; if they turn something up, it might be a big deal. If not, then “EXCUSE ME FUH LIVIN!!!”, but even if nuttin’ pans out , what did I do wrong by wondering if sumptin’ might?

    As to the Forest Hills pastor flap, that’s already a big deal, trust me; I’ll sound it out for you: it was in orl a duh paypahs. Jes mention “Monsignor Mike Dempsey” and to anybody in Brooklyn n Queens wearin’ black or purple and they turns blue. Even a cement-head like your Republican Chairman Eaton should be able to get it: Federal investigation/// Monsignor-Pastor & former head of Diocesan and National TV Communications ////Removed ///Kiddie-porn////not very good///very bad////do YOU get it?

    But, “NY Courts”, thanks for playing “WALTER WINCHELL … – – -… FLASH… Let’s go to press … – – -… “; and please, on your way, take our new home version of the game. Fun for the whole family!


  19. Walter Winchell permalink
    February 16, 2010 5:24 pm

    … – – -… /… – – -… / FLASH…Good morning Mister and Missuz Atlas Shrugging in Brooklyn, from the Gowanas Canal to the Coney Island Creek and the Rockaway Pier to Buttermilk Channel, and all the ships in the Stapleton anchorage or those passing Bay Ridge and turning toward Ports Elizabeth & Newark. Let’s go to press …- – -… / …- – -… /… – – -… /… – – -… ////

    There’s been a bit of a dustup concerning my remarks about a certain monsignor and the federal investigation of his strange computer habits. My man in Queens is upset that people think that he put me up to it//// definitely not the case. The Haggarty bit and the Monsignor bit were completely unrelated and from completely different sources. I just used the Forest Hills church connection as a convenient segue from one story to the next. My pal Damon Runyon would do much the same with his anecdotal material, except he would use fictional names and composite characters to connect his stories.

    The Monsignor Dempsey piece was sourced from the News, Post, local Queens papers’ reports, ABC On-line and THE TABLET. I was put onto the story by a victims’ rights advocate who is active in the Metropolitan Area, but who lives in the Diocese of Brooklyn [(s)he wants me not to mention where (s)he actually lives]. ////Btw, a little correction on the Monsignor Michael Dempsey story. He wasn’t the pastor at OLQM when he got bounced because of the G-men’s child pornography investigation, as I had reported. But Dempsey was a monsignor in residence there, a place where he reportedly had lived since 1961, now that’s a long time, indeed.////

    My friend, the victims’ advocate, recently came by the Stork for a long talk. We met at a small side table in the Cub Room, because my usual Table 50 was “Reserved” (maybe I should stop publicly ridiculing Sherman B). Sherman (just call me …herman) Billingsly (there I go again, I can’t help it) came over to gloat and tried some patter about his own background in city politics until I cut him off, pointing out that the Billingslies and politics don’t really work out all that well (remember— Sherman’s brother Logan B, the Tri-borough “Tunnel” project, “The Bronx Chamber of Commerce” scam, jail time — you know the bit). Sherman B went off in a sulk, until the Duke-n-Dutchess came in and Sherman (just call me …herman) got all gushy again, this time with the royal puddin’. He seated them at my Table 50, and nodded in my direction as he personally pulled out the chair for Duchess Wally.

    While everybody else were ooing and cooing at the Duke-n-Duchess, the victims’ rights person told me that since news of the investigation broke, the OLMQ parish blogs had been changed [no later that January 24, 2010] and Monsignor Dempsey, who had been in residence there for 49 years as a priest and monsignor was completely “Memory Holed” in a way that would have impressed Stalin’s nomen-clattering scribes, or even George Orwell’s Winston Smith.

    Nonetheless, somebody else has been watching and put together that Monsignor Dempsey and a Father James Collins, another priest suspended a while ago by the Brooklyn Diocese, were together at OLMQ , at a time when it has been alleged that Father Collins had committed various sexual acts, including with altar boys. Father Collins’ most recent Diocesan assignment goes back a ways when he was assigned in the greater Bensonhurst-Bay Ridge community. Back then Collins was serving as Chaplain at Bishop Kearney High School for girls. It was from that post that he was removed by Diocese after the complaints surfaced against him and his days at OLQM in Forest Hills.

    More on these stories, the crusade of victims and advocacy groups to get justice and tough anti-pedophile legislation through the NYS State Legislature, the efforts of those in high places pushing back on that, and the connection of all of this to the crowd now running the Brooklyn GOP, soon.


  20. Walter Winchell permalink
    February 16, 2010 6:11 pm

    Some other time


  21. Waletr Winchell permalink
    February 27, 2010 12:14 pm

    … – – -…/… – – – …/ …- – – … //// FLASH/// …- – – … //// Good morning Mister and Missuz Atlas Shrugging in Brooklyn, from the Narrows to Jamaica Bay and the mouth of the Gowanas to the Head of Sea Gate, and all the ships entering the Hudson Estuary or those docked at Red Hook. ////Let’s go to press … – – -…/… – – – …/ …- – – … ////

    While I was passing through the Bar and the Main Room in the Stork Club on my way back to my usual spot in the Cub Room, I stopped off to chat with three wonderful young couples who were sitting at pushed together tables over near the bandstand. Since Don Bader and his band were on break, the chat’m up was easy and uninterrupted. The person who called me over was a Stork Club regular, whom I easily recognized as NBC-TV-stageman Dominick Dunne with wife, Lenny, the former Ellen Beatriz Griffin. They were seated next to Dominick’s brother, John Gregory Dunne and JGD’s fiancé, Joan Didion. Rounding out the trio were Dominick and Lenny’s part-time babysitter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Frederic Gallatin Cammann.

    I’ll bet that more of you are familiar withthese people than you realize. Each Monday night at eight o’clock at NBC’s Studio 8H, Dominick dressed in his normal stage manager duds shouts up to an empty balcony above, “One minute, Mr. Montgomery!” Then the well-known screen star Robert Montgomery always comes out of his dressing room and answers, “Thank you, Nick and good evening ladies and gentlemen….” That’s right Dominick Dunne is the “Nick” who always open’s NBC’s hit show “Robert Montgomery Presents.” BTW Dominick Dunne was also stage manager to Buffalo Bob, Clarabell the Clown , Princess Summerfallwinterspring and the kids in the Peanut Gallery on the Howdy Doody Show when it was the biggest kids’ show on TV.

    Dominick’s brother John Gregory and his fiancé Joan are both young writers and have already sold some of their work mags and rags. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the near future. JGD is working on a bit of an expose type novel, the working title is “True Confessions” just like the tabloid magazine, but don’t get the wrong idea. Even though it does involve the murder of a “working girl” in a case not unlike LA’s “Black Dahlia” murder, it’s really a comparison of corruption in the police department with corruption involving big business and political types tied into the Roman Catholic hierarchy. Now, that might even sell to Hollywood.

    In the Stork even a baby sitter like Elizabeth Cammann is a bigger deal than some pony-tailed bobby-soxer you might think would be looking after baby boy Griffin Dunne. In addition to being a Manhattan debutante, Elizabeth’s already appeared in a lot television in what some people now call “prime time” with a lot of great Hollywood stars who come east to do her father’s show that broadcasts from the RCA Building. Yes, Elizabeth Cammann, Dominick and Lenny Dunne’s regular babysitter, is the beautiful young ingenue Elizabeth Montgomery, daughter of Nick the stage manager’s boss, Bob Montgomery.

    Don’t think that JGD is the only Dunne with aspirations of writing about tricky murder stories. Dominick told me he’s been obsessed with stories about high society, sex and murder since the lurid World War II case of Patricia Burton Lonergan and Wayne Lonergan , who we all remember as a regular habitues here at The Stork and at El Morocco. You probably think you know all about it— Pat Burton having been found murdered naked in her bed and her dashing RCAF pilot husband later confessing to the deed and being convicted of her murder. But here’s the twist, Wayne Lonergan’s only real crime might have been loving too many different people in the same family in too many different ways/// you can follow my drift only if you know how sick some people can be. Well, don’t be surprised if Dominick Dunne doesn’t write a book about that one.

    I put in my two cents worth/// and I suggested that Nicky try writing about something more up to date/// something like the recent “accidental” killing of horse-racing scion Bill Woodward by his showgirl wife, Ann. Dominick said, “I could never write about that, I’m too close with too many of the Woodwards.” ////Well, I told Nick that writin’ about people who I know too well is how I make my livin’//// Wake up, Mr. Dominick Dunne, write about the high society, sex and murders of the people you know best//// Trust me, you’ll be more famous at that than you eva-was as “Nick the stage manager.”

    ////Remember last time I told you that I had a chin wag with somebody close a big Democratic Party operative in Broolyn. We talked about a few people that we knew well, and about some not so well known to us.

    Mostly it was all about Catholic Church connections with the certain Democratic office holders in Brooklynand pending legislation of interest to the Catholic Church in Brooklyn//// I asked what was going on with the Bishop of Brooklyn and the Kings County Democratic leader. ////Needless to say, there’s lots going on//// real estate development deals, school and parish closings and other this-n-that. Mostly, we talked about the two bills in Albany involving the lawsuits for past sexual abuse of minors////the Duane-Markey Bill and the Lopez-Krueger Bill.

    Both bills involve the issue of bringing lawsuits against pedophiles for their past sexual abuse of children. Bishop DiMarzio says that only the limited reforms contained in the Lopez-Kreuger Bill are acceptable. It has been reported that Vito Lopez not only has sponsored the bill favored by the Diocese, he has gone out of his way to sway wavering Democrats to back that bill. According to my source, Lopez really believes in the merits of the argument advanced by the Brooklyn Bishop, as well as Vito Lopez’ own understanding concerning the real purposes behind statutes of limitations generally.

    Victims advocates and other Church experts say that the Markey-Duane Bill is the only one that can really make the Catholic Church in New York State, and in the Diocese of Brooklyn in particular, clean up the really dirty piece of Church business associated with pedophile priests.

    /////Maybe, John Gregaory Dunne should have written about all of this////


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