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Atlas Receives Letter to Marty Golden from Concerned Constituent

February 6, 2010

As you know, The Golden Prince (aka Sen. Marty Golden) has been a subject of interest on this blog recently. Well, we were recently emailed a letter from a concerned constituent of Marty Golden’s who had found our blog as asked if we could share it with you. I think the letter speaks for itself and sums up local criticism for the Senator in a way I cannot myself. For privacy concerns, we have shielded the writer’s identity.

As such, here is the letter (I’ve taken the liberty to bold and emphasize certain parts–hyperlinks for example):

Dear Senator Golden,

I am sending this letter to this blog because I believe you have a better chance of reading here than if I mail it to you personally.

I am a constituent living in your district. I have supported you in the past and was very proud to do so. Lately, however, I am beginning to rethink my pride in supporting you. I am a recent follower of the Brooklyn Republican blog Atlas Shrugs and have seen the other blog voices out there (which some people say are connected to you or even the Republican Party leaders). At first, I thought this blog Atlas Shrugs was maybe being one-sided and even biased. But over time I’ve come to see that wasn’t really true.

Now, I too am concerned about you and your actions as my senator. I am concerned that you are going up to support the Atlantic Yards project, which isn’t even in your district. I’m concerned that you went to an ACORN rally with Bertha Lewis after I heard all about the things they did in the 2008 election for Obama and the Democrats. I’m concerned that I’ve seen you supporting so many Democrats and giving money to Pedro Espada, who shut down our government this past summer. I’m concerned to see pictures of you shaking hands with people like Hiram Monserrate, who is a nasty thug who did wrong by the people, in my opinion. I’m concerned you’re endorsing Democrats like that guy Greenfield in that City Council race in Brooklyn.

And what about the divides I see opening up in the party? Look I thought things were fine. Then a friend of mine told me about this blog. Here I am, reading older stories on this blog, looking at the comments, saying to myself “does Marty Golden care that all of this is going on”? Does he know how many people have been upset why what’s gone on the past few months? And then the other stuff that’s out there, the other blog voices, they praise you and praise you and meanwhile they insult and go after everyone and anyone it seems. Those other voices are nasty, mean, and they’re your people. I mean, they don’t even try to be funny. They just attack people in your name it seems.

Those are my concerns. Here’s my question, Senator: do they concern you, too?

Are you worried that you’re image now compared with the image you sold yourself on years ago is radically different from before? Can you blame people for thinking you’re basically a Democrat when they see you standing there with Bertha Lewis shrieking like that? How can you tolerate your supporters going onto the blogs calling people “A-Hole” and throwing insults left and right in your name? After a while, don’t you have to take some of the blame for that, Senator?

I mean, as Bill O’Reilly would say, “wise up!”

So now, I’m at a crossroads. Do I go the way I went before and support you just because I’m a Republican and you’re a Republican? Or do I hold you to account for your actions of late and consider all of my options this year. I’m leaning towards the second choice. I want to support a Republican, but I’m so amazed by what’s been going on, I just might reconsider.

Let’s just say you need to get your game going, Senator. I’m not the only one out there, so you’ve got some work to do. Meanwhile, I’ll be following the blogs to see what you do.

With Respect,

Registered Republican and Constituent


Please send us your stories and letters, too. May yours will end up here on Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn!

  1. Cicero says "wine i fine but whisky is quicker......" permalink
    February 6, 2010 2:33 pm

    Wine at the Grocery? No, Say Legislators

    “BAY RIDGE/SHEEPSHEAD BAY – Two state lawmakers at opposite ends of the political spectrum united to bar a controversial proposal by Gov. David Paterson to permit the sale of wine in grocery stores, bodegas, delis, mini-marts and gas stations statewide.

    The plan was floated a year ago and shot down after widespread opposition. This time it is called “a dangerous scheme, reckless idea, job killer and fiscal gimmick” by Democratic Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz of Sheepshead Bay, while Republican state Sen. Marty Golden of Bay Ridge also denounced the proposal.”

    When traveling in the UK recently I noticed that most grocery stores there sell wine, liquor, etc. – and many retail wine stores sell beer as well. What the big deal as long as alcohol is not being illegally sold to minors or visibly intoxicated persons at the time of purchase?

    Is Marty trying to protect Mike Long’s liquor and wine retail store in Bay Ridge?

  2. Carl permalink
    February 6, 2010 3:20 pm

    Not too surprising to note that Golden is against this bill. Mike Long is the man that made him. Marty needs to protect his cash flow.
    The supermarket wine is ten times better than the grapejuice they serve at the Manor. Then again what do these guys know, they only drink beer.
    Pearls before Swine.

  3. I Like Mike permalink
    February 6, 2010 8:21 pm

    New York State Senator Mike DiSanto has a nice ring to it.

  4. Liam McCabe permalink
    February 6, 2010 8:28 pm

    NEWSFLASH: Mike Long sold his liquor store over a year ago…..Just the facts folks….

    • Mystery Man permalink
      February 6, 2010 11:28 pm

      Nice to know you’re reading…

  5. Lora permalink
    February 6, 2010 11:27 pm

    The Jiggles Crew is sooooo LAZY that they basically copied your piece and rewrote it from the perspective of a constipated Russell Gallo Young GOPer LOL

    Nothing original. Nothing interesting. Not worth our time.

    Kiss kiss…

    • Harry O'Brien permalink
      February 7, 2010 10:39 am

      Sure, they found a “letter” from a YR…..uh, you mean Russell Gallo, who’s the only self-hating YR I know LOL

      Hello! He wrote to the other blog and to

  6. Jerome permalink
    February 7, 2010 12:58 am

    Marty Golden Looks very snide. Sinister even.

  7. Marcus permalink
    February 7, 2010 6:13 am

    Attention Mr. McCabe,
    Thanks you for posting the article about Mike Long selling his liquor store. I appreciate the information. I did not know that. So I ….may or may not be corrected….let me explain.

    According to the NY State Department of State (Division of Corporations,
    Entity Information), Long’s Wine’s and Liguor store of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is still listed under the ownership of Michael R. Long. The information contained in this official database is current through February 5, 2010. The database is publicaly available information.

    Did Mike Long not “officially” sell his business? Or was that news story last year “mis-information?”

    Something “fishy” may possibly be going on. Why did Marty Golden’s pal and Jerry Lassar’s pal and (Jerry is Marty’s employee at his Bay Ridge senate district office) Mike Long — why did Mike Long not update his the business information with NYS Dept. of State, as mandated by NYS law and regulations?

    Maybe Craig A. Eaton Esq., “Barrister Extraordinaire” and Democrat State Senator Carl Kruger confidant, can help sort out Mike Long’s violation of not updating the business information with NY State? I’m sure Craig won’t charge him for professional services rendered.

  8. Libel and Slander permalink
    February 7, 2010 12:07 pm

    This letter is a total lie. Atlas decided to make up this letter.

    • MM Boarder Watcher & JM permalink
      February 8, 2010 9:54 am

      Here’s a re-post of an item originally put on “Developing Story: Irrelevant Eaton…”

      Since people have obviously received their copies of the letter that follows and have chosen to share their versions of portions of that letter, we thought we might as well let the whole world see what was said and what was not. [Note: Letter’s set-up & justification slightly different as a result of this posting] The letter is as follows:

      J M & MM Boarder Watcher
      @ Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn
      c/o Store xxxxxx Brooklyn, NY 112xx

      Most Reverend Nicholas Anthony DiMarzio,
      Bishop Ordinary of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn
      310 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215

      Re: Notification as to Father Gelfant’s January 28-30, 2010 internet postings on blogs, “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn” (ATLAS) and “The Jig is Up Atlas” (TJisUA)

      Bishop DiMarzio:

      On January 28, 29 & 30, 2010, Father Michael Gelfant posted messages on at least two political blogs concerning us [and/or another or others with similar names or initials], as well as those associated with us. We have enclosed only the items that we believe are from Father Gelfant. We will leave it to him to verify whether they are his work or that of someone else. We trust that Father Gelfant’s description of the totality of what we only partially describe below will be as honest and accurate as anything that we might add at greater length.

      Please be aware that Father Gelfant himself caused the upward percolation of this problem to your desk when he suggested that permission had been obtained by him to write an article and/or do a follow-up homily on all that had transpired as a result of the incident of January 17th and the postings on the blogs that followed.

      It should be noted that Father Gelfant first chose to post on the blog, TJisUA, to mitigate a “tempest in a teapot” caused by our complaints concerning an “unforced error” by Kings County Republican Party (KCRP) Chairman Craig Eaton. It is largely on this TJisUA blog, which sports the proprietary logo of the KCRP and a copy of the very rogue flyer that was distributed in St. Anselm’s on January 17th (also probably proprietary to the KCRP), that the most vile and scandalous attacks were made against us (and/or an individual thought by some to be with us or acting through us). A particular TJisUA blogger, “AAA,” is particularly obnoxious (we have not included any of AAA’s material, since we choose not to republish his libel against us and/or an individual thought by some to be with us or acting through us). However, it’s clear from the totality of the TJisUA postings, that Father Gelfant had been in some kind of an E-conversation with “AAA,” who is a crude and rude apologist for KCRP Chairman Craig Eaton.

      It is very important to highlight the fact that Father Gelfant’s postings in TJisUA first appeared within that blog’s defense of Eaton’s January 17th distribution of flyers at St. Anselm’s, which was in direct competition with your own Catholic Relief Services collection for Haiti. These rogue Haiti Relief flyers were distributed at St. Anselm’s on behalf of the KCRP– Mayor Bloomberg– and the Red Cross (if you’re interested, similar flyers can still be accessed on-line at the offending TJisUA blog). From the tenor of Father Gelfant’s posted remarks, it’s fair to say that his involvement was at the behest or in the interest of KCRP Chairman and St. Anselm’s parishioner Craig Eaton. Certainly, Father Gelfant’s characterizing our earlier postings about Eaton’s flyers as “inaccurate” and the priest’s particular encomium as to his parishioner Eaton seem to us to be indicative of some bias in-favor-of or influence-by Mr. Eaton.

      Mr. Craig Eaton is a man with whom we believe you are, or should be, well acquainted. Eaton is quite visibly and volubly involved in several funds, foundations and other surrogate organizations affiliated with our diocese (there is no “Widow’s Mite” in Craig Eaton’s praxis of charity). He also controls a least one private charity (also heedless of the parable previously mentioned). Because of Mr. Eaton’s unprincipled, brass-knuckled conduct as KCRP Chairman, his non-Republican involvements are increasingly being scrutinized in public forums and by multiple private investigations. So far, there seem to have been some Republican Party funds flowing through Eaton, and/or his appointed finance henchman into some of your charities. One wonders whether there also might be an obverse Diocesan involvement in the policies and positions of the KCRP through Republican Chairman Eaton.

      I send this letter to you, as the Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of Brooklyn, in the hope that you might staunch this epiphenomenon of a broader infection in our polity and in our Church. This infection is essentially the corruption of the sacred in the defense or advancement of the profane. You, your pastors, your vicars and your curates should not be involved in the workings of the KCRP or any other political party, except as individual citizens and, if anyone might so choose, party members (we recall that Father Douglas McNeill, then of the Brooklyn Diocese, was admonished for attempting to run as a Republican State Committeeman). Please, heed my humble, indeed “pathetic,” pleading: disentangle from the Brooklyn Republican Party and Craig Eaton (unless and until he disentangles himself from the Chairmanship of the KCRP). You are entitled to the utmost respect in your role of ensuring the orthodoxy and ortho-praxis throughout your Diocese. If you, or any of those under your guidance and direction, choose to engage in secular policy and politics, then there are secular consequences for that.

      I pray for and look hopefully forward to a day when again we all might walk together on the path to salvation in Christ.

      Your faithful supplicant,
      on this 4th Day of February, 2010,

      Jim M


      cc.: Rev. Msgr. John W. Maloney, Pastor, and Rev. Fr. Michael Louis Gelfant, Curate, St. Anselm’s Parish Rectory; Rev. Msgr. Kieran E. Harrington, V.E., Vicar of Communications [including the Government Affairs and Public Policy Office], R.C. Diocese of Brooklyn
      (All with Certificates of First Class Mailing)
      bcc.: Craig Eaton c/o Eaton and Torrenzano LLP, 1662 Shpshd Bay Rd, Bklyn., NY 11235 (w/o encl.)

      NOTE: addressee and those cc’d were only persons who saw the contents of the letter. It should also be noted that JM and MM Boarder Watcher were the only persons involved with this letter contrary to what was said by aby other bloggers.

      MMBW (w/ permission of JM)

    • John Galt permalink*
      February 8, 2010 3:49 pm

      No, I’m afraid, unlike other careless blogs that are only interested in what THEY have to say, we actually respond to the voices of our readers and constituents. We felt this particular email captured much of the concerns our contributors had been alluding to. As such, we posted it. The content might being politically unfavorable to the Senator, but it does raise legitimate criticisms.

  9. MM Boarder Watcher & JM permalink
    February 8, 2010 4:17 pm

    We were quite confused the letter directly above the “John Galt” posting was a reposting of our letter to Bishop Dimarzio and does not mention State Senator Golden. We’re sure that the Galt posting referred to the letter in the featured blog item that did refer to the State Senator.

    Since this might be very confusing to others as well, and since nothing contained in the letter to Bishop DiMarzio above refered to State Senator Golden in any way, maybe our re-post ot the DiMarzio letter should be removed from this thread so as to avoid further confusion.

  10. Spartacus permalink
    February 9, 2010 9:19 am

    Compare and Contrast:

    ASIB, this is the way elected Republicans in NYC ought do the peoples business! Not the Marty Golden way. Marty Golden is NO reformer!

    Dan Halloran is a Reformer (and a Libertarian minded, (small “i” independent Republican)!

    Show up or go away, Dan Halloran tells local community board members in Queens.

    Read more:

    Dan Halloran, a Republican Councilman in a mostly Democratic borough, thinks he is getting some resistance because of his party affiliation.

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