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The Best of Atlas: Atlas Contributors Choose their Favorite Posts of 2009 – Midas Mulligan

December 25, 2009

As we all pause to rest and recollect on the past year, your fellow Atlas writers, myself included, would like to share with you our favorite posts of 2009.

My favorite post was actually divided into two parts. It was Francisco D’Anconia’s two posts about the Brooklyn GOP County Committee Convention this past September. Up until recently, they were both the most read post on Atlas. I have merged them together for your convenience. This post continues to remind me of the serious issues of leadership facing our party and the threats to its security if we do not succeed in reforming it and cleaning out the flotsam. As we enter the new year, this post reminds us of why this party remains divided and the challenges we face in unifying it again…


The Duke Retakes Chairmanship in Brooklyn GOP – County Committee Convention Highlights: Parts I and II

by Francisco D’Anconia

Atlas has received numerous accounts of tonight’s Brooklyn GOP County Committee Convention, at which time an often “visibly anxious” Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig “The Duke” Eaton took his Chairmanship for another term. I want to offer some of the accounts we have heard about what occurred tonight, after which we shall begin to unravel the scary mess that has become the Republican Party in Brooklyn.

This convention apparently had it all: scripted and fiery speeches, near physical altercations, political threats, and massive deception and fraud.

What a night for the Brooklyn GOP.

So, what did we hear?

The convention was held at the Grand Prospect Hall on Prospect Ave. We all know the space from their fabulous (and yes, infamous) television ads.

Appearances at the convention included “The Golden Prince” Marty Golden, who officially endorsed “The [Failed] Duke of Bay Ridge” Eaton. One attendee emailed us saying The Golden Prince “seemed inebriated,” while another described him as “nervously going around to shake everyone’s hand.” Whether he had a drink or two before, we cannot say, but the general sense in the room was one of panic before everything settled and the convention started. Stunning to many was how Golden apparently “ran the pre-convention proceedings” single-handedly. We are still corroborating these stories, but more than one person has made these claims.

Also in attendance was former Assemblyman and District Leader Arnaldo Ferraro, who unfortunately was unable to overthrow the reign of the Duke. Ferraro was favored on this blog to win over the establishment, being has he was the only candidate running on a reform platform and to run a 21st century campaign.

Present was sometimes GOP Warlock Gerry O’Brien, The Merlin of Malice, whom this blog has called to be investigated for his alleged conduct in the 39thCity Council District Race, which was recently denounced by former District Leader Yvette Bennett. Thankfully, we have received no reports of Mr. O’Brien attacking any more Republicans this evening, although he was “wandering around the room looking at people threateningly,” one person told us.

In a lame move, posters with Craig Eaton’s name on them were disseminated to the establishment supporters on the floor of the convention. Apparently, the posters looked professionally made (we wonder if The Duke purchased them himself with his own money or decided to disseminate them in the same highly questionable manner as he did proxy forms).

City Council District Candidate Bob Capano was apparently present.

One friend told us the place was abuzz with Board of Elections’ patronage hacks. This does not surprise us, given previous allegations of The Duke firing various individuals from their Board of Elections jobs. Another said she was actually kept from coming into the convention hall by “thuggish men in suits with lapel pins.” She was eventually able to gain access.

Bloomberg workers were present as guests, and The Duke delivered a shout-out to the would-be three-term Mayor. One source described the Bloomberg people as “loud, rude and obnoxious.” Whether they were or not, Bloomberg was certainly “in the house,” so to speak.

The convention took a very long time to start due to the nonstop counting of votes, demonstrating the challenge Eaton faced walking into the room. We have heard numerous reports of fraudulent tallying of votes and “proxy” votes. One person told us Eaton’s numbers were originally called out as being hundreds more than what the tally really gave him. Ferraro’s numbers were similarly compromised but in the opposite direction, giving him fewer votes than he really had. At the end of the evening, it was unclear what the exact tally was, but apparently Ferraro grabbed a good chunk of what could have been The Duke’s vote. One estimate had his votes as high as 40% and as low as 30%.

That is stunning considering Ferraro declared his candidacy last Friday. Ferraro’s message to the convention was apparently much akin to his slogan: respect, renewal, results. But what spoke louder than words was the organizational success Ferraro managed to achieve in merely 5 days of campaigning. Even claiming 20% of the vote would have been huge for Ferraro given the amount of time he had. Nevertheless, a dark shadow now hangs over the party given this massive failure in vote tabulation that would make Tammany politics look tame…

So what did El Duque have to say this evening?

One source told us Eaton “claimed no responsibility for the loss of the 13th Congressional District whatsoever and blamed Staten Island for the loss” (so much for working with our allies–that statement will certainly help in the coming election year). He also boasted his only “successes” (and that term should be used loosely, as previous mismanagement of funds has already been reported to you), one of which included hosting the Lincoln Dinner (which is still advertised on the disgraceful Brooklyn GOP website months after it occurred). Eaton apparently enjoyed propping himself up; one source described him as “so arrogant, ungracious and ungrateful.”

In a tyrannical and non-reconciliatory move, Atlas has learned The Duke officially attacked the 49th Assembly District in his comments at the convention. The 49th AD is the district in which the club Arnaldo Ferraro originally founded, the Fiorello LaGuardia Club, sits. We shall see how this move plays out for The Duke soon enough, especially given Ferraro’s amazing ability to organize a campaign. Whatever the case, any hopes for unity in the party under the failed Duke have likely been squashed given the details we’ve been provided tonight…


The big story of the night was what was referred to as “The Glitch,” which gave Eaton far more votes than he actually had and his opponents fewer. There was a gross deviation between the actual tally of votes and the tally read to the the convention to begin with. Of course, the establishment figures running the party did their best to rush the convention along, but without much luck. Of course, we all know “Glitches” are not uncommon in the Brooklyn GOP, or in dictatorial banana republics, for that matter.

We also hear that it was easy to identify the pro-Eaton people at the meeting: either they had scripts or received a party position on his “slate.” In fact, the place was loaded with “party hacks,” one comment shared with us said. “Not just Gerry O’Brien, but a whole bunch of patronage hacks.” Someone else had previously disclosed to us that the floor was covered with Board of Elections workers.

Conflicts of interest and fraud were abundant, it seems. How surprising!

Also embarrassing, the yays and nays shouted at the convention in favor or against Eaton and his surrogates’ proposals were supposedly so loud that people had to cover their ears, since everyone was shouting. Somehow, we’ve learned, Eaton “always got every call in his favor” from the temporary chairman elected for the convention, which is unsurprising being he himself was on the slate of Eaton’s picks.

Much to their irritation, the Brooklyn Young Republican organization’s President Jonathan Judge was frequently taken to seizing the floor from the establishment. He was “always citing a rule and always making a point that demonstrated just how little the establishment figures knew their own rules.” Apparently, Judge was the first to object to the miscounting of proxy votes, which was later exposed in an embarrassing and stunning difference of tallies. Judge himself did not run for Chairman, although he was evaluated previously for that post here on Atlas. Judge threw his proxy votes in favor of Ferraro, citing Ferraro’s experience over The Duke’s.

Unfortunately for the establishment looking for a coronation, the event went on far longer than anyone expected. One person said The Golden Prince ranout at around 11pm, while another said the convention did not officially end until around 11:30. It seems with all of the counting of votes, miscounting of votes, and arguing on the floor, no one thought to set a solid timeline for the event. The temporary chairman allegedly tried at every turn to cut off debate. One person wrote the temporary chairman “made up rules” and “purposely misdirected the county committee convention.” Of course, we welcome further emails to demonstrate the accuracy of this comment, but overall, the convention was certainly not unified.

But, in the most stunning move of the night, former judicial candidate Jim McCall stole the show away from both Eaton and his challenger. We’re told McCall rose before the vote for chairman and “argued in favor of a vote of abstention.” With impressive vigor, McCall condemned The Duke and his self-serving speech. He criticized Eaton for his claim to talk the talk, while only fulfilling his empty promise agenda.

Perhaps McCall had had an ax to grind.


Tomorrow: Francisco and Dagny’s Favorite Posts! And more to come…

  1. Lestat (Occassionally Masquerading as Jay Golub) permalink
    December 26, 2009 1:57 am

    Anyone notice that the “newer,” uglier Brooklyn GOP website advertises only ONE blog on their website???

    Here it is:

    Urban Elephants

    Hmm… Jay Golub, is this part of the reason you and Craig Eaton are tight? lol

  2. Chicken George permalink
    December 26, 2009 9:40 am

    “A jilted Long Island husband is suing his pastor, the Presbytery of New York City and one of its largest churches, saying that the pastor seduced his wife and destroyed his “faith and trust” in the church and in the institution of marriage.”

    • December 26, 2009 7:01 pm

      Thank you for the information. One bad person does not make the whole group evil. To imply that would be discrimination.

      The real bad group is the one taking away our religious freedom by forcing Churches to allow gay marriage on their property, forcing a Muslim taxicab to watch sexual activity in his car, forcing a Christian photographer to take pictures of a lesbian wedding, forcing a Christian nurse to partake in a late-term abortion, restricting the free speech of a Christian social worker in Maine, restricting the free speech of a Christian mayor in CA, prohibiting a lawyer from practicing law due to his pro-life views on abortion, prohibiting the free speech of college students nationwide, etc.

      This liberal group has the same goal of the terrorists to take away our religious freedom, and they are clearly more successful than the terrorists.


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