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Atlas’ Top Ten Posts Ever (So Far)

December 19, 2009

As the month winds down and we recognize the season around us, we here at Atlas have much for which to be thankful.

We have over 170 posts from our dedicating writing staff and have garnered nearly 2000 comments and many tens of thousands of hits in our short existence as a blog.

Most of all, I want to thank our devoted readers who have come to this blog for their daily source of local Republican politics. Our writers are not motivated by profit or fame. We all want what’s ultimately best for our party, and we believe being honest about our views and the state of our party is the best way to bring about change.

And so, without further ado, here are the top ten posts in Atlas’ history (according to viewers)–and you won’t believe who’s number one!


10. The Duke Has Arrived at Atlas ShrugsWe start off with the post that triggered one of the biggest influxes of viewers we had ever had in our earlier history. It all started when Chairman Craig “The Duke of Bay Ridge” Eaton paid Atlas a visit and decided to take some commentators to task for their remarks. The result was a very long and unproductive rant…

9. Craig “The Duke” Eaton Allegedly Fixing Republican Convention To Salvage Sinking ChairmanshipThere was a great deal of anger that had fomented over the tactics Chairman Eaton had been using in the run-up to the County Committee Convention. One of the issues that caused me great concern was the proxy voting process that Eaton had engineered. In a sickening display of self-serving, power-grabbing desperation, Eaton had each of his proxy forms printed with his name as the proxy holder for every single county committee member–on official KCRP printing. Shame, shame, shame.

8. Final Results in Capano Race Are Fruits Borne From Alienating Tactics and Leadership FailuresYou would think that the posts with the most views would be our earliest ones. But actually, many of the top ten are posts from the past few weeks. That’s because Atlas has maintained a very consistent and growing community of viewers since the end of the summer. In this post, the details of Bob Capano’s devastating loss to Vincent Gentile are set out and examined.

7. LaGuardia Club Claims Own Holiday Party “A Huge Success”Of all the GOP parties that stirred the political pot, the 49th AD’s party was the talk of the town, especially given the fact that the Fiorello LaGuardia Club’s President Arnaldo Ferraro challenged The Duke for reelection earlier this year…

6. The Shore Road Syndrome: Brooklyn GOP Expenditures Benefit Bay Ridge, Eaton, and Golden – Hank Rearden’s post detailed just how the Brooklyn GOP and Craig “The Duke of Bay Ridge” Eaton have benefited only organizations that are in Bay Ridge or that have a connection to The Duke or his Golden Prince, Sen. Martin Golden. Up until our number one post, this story was the quickest story ever to reach the top ten.

5. Atlantic Yards Project in Brooklyn Clears Legal Hurdle – All I did was post a story I found in the Times. The commentators took over thereafter…

4. The Cannibalism of Brooklyn GOP Consultants – This piece introduced a recurring problem in our party (actually, two problems in particular). Political consultants were and continue to be allowed to run amok by the “Bay Ridge GOP” leadership. It was in this post that we discussed Dr. Jeffrey Kraus, Chair of the NYC Voter Assistance Commission and long-time courtier of The Golden Prince, State Senator Marty Golden, who publicly slandered Republican candidate for Public Advocate Alex Zablocki on YouTube. Also, Merlin of Malice Gerry O’Brien‘s antics were explored.

3. Opening Statement from Francisco D’AnconiaThe most enigmatic and entertaining of Atlas writers, this was where our readers first encountered our acerbic Francisco D’Anconia. It was also the post where Craig Eaton was first bestowed the title of “Duke of Bay Ridge.”

My favorite line from this gem: “The illustrious Chairman—Primate of the Church of Political Failure—and his minions—the sad, lowly serfs of his empty promise agenda—have engaged in a systematic policy of intimidation and political thuggery that has alienated current Republicans and prospective Republicans even more.”

Classic Francisco.

2. The Duke Retakes Chairmanship in Brooklyn GOP – County Committee Convention Highlights – Francisco D’Anconia‘s piece on the most talked about Republican convention statewide this year was, for a long time, the highest rated post on Atlas Shrugs. The first part of a two-part series, Francisco’s piece detailed how an often “visibly anxious” Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig “The Duke” Eaton took his Chairmanship for another term. This is, without doubt, a must-read!

1. “Bay Ridge” GOP Holds Holiday Fest: Room Full of Patronage Workers With Their Eyes All Aglow in Golden Prince’s Manor – Dagny Taggart’s witty and strongly-worded piece on the recent hullabaloo over the Brooklyn GOP’s bacchanalia was the most read piece in Atlas’ history, garnering a stunning number of hits. Hundreds and hundreds of people have read the post in less than one week, breaking a record and making it the most popular post ever. Even other blogs, like The Bay Ridge Journal, took notice (thanks guys!).


Coming up this weekend: Hank Rearden exposes the financial meltdown of the Brooklyn GOP.

Coming soon to Atlas: Atlas’ Staff Picks for Best Post of The Year, The Financing of Candidates in 2010, The Bay Ridge Cabal’s Connections and Financial Dealings, and so much more!

Be sure to stay with Atlas this winter as we continue to inform you on the state of Brooklyn GOP politics and work to make it better!

  1. Sexy Republicana permalink
    December 19, 2009 4:27 pm


  2. December 19, 2009 5:31 pm

    Mother murders born baby, but cannot be charged with a crime because umbilical cord still attached.

  3. Young GOP Kid permalink
    December 19, 2009 6:13 pm

    I’ve read every one, and they’ve all been great! Thank you Atlas for keeping me entertained all this time! I truly appreciate it!

  4. Gerry permalink
    December 19, 2009 6:14 pm

    10. The Duke Has Arrived at Atlas Shrugs – We start off with the post that triggered one of the biggest influxes of viewers we had ever had in our earlier history. It all started when Chairman Craig “The Duke of Bay Ridge” Eaton paid Atlas a visit and decided to take some commentators to task for their remarks. The result was a very long and unproductive rant…

    What a fool, that Craig! How embarrassing…….good! LOL

  5. Paulo Picasso Republicano permalink
    December 19, 2009 6:16 pm

    “Bay Ridge” GOP Holds Holiday Fest: Room Full of Patronage Workers With Their Eyes All Aglow in Golden Prince’s Manor:

    350 people showed up at the bread line on a cold winter’s night in this recession.

    Food was freely given. Drinks were poured. Hands were sweaty from having been shook ten shakes too many.

    But this was not a soup kitchen or the Salvation Army.

    This was the Brooklyn GOP’s holiday party.


  6. Bruno permalink
    December 19, 2009 8:48 pm

    Btw, that F%#in Sore Loser, jay golub, is smacked down too!
    Never stated who he supported in the Maltese race, got pushed aside in his own house, and has to suck up to that cretin eaton just to give himself credibility.
    Get Lost You Hack!!

  7. Simon Pritchett permalink
    December 20, 2009 3:47 pm

    Gerry O’Brien, friend of Craig . Eaton, Esq. (F.O.C!)

    Gerry O’Brien Political Consulting
    552 Ninth Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11215-4242

    As a candidate, Gerry won his first Primary in 1982 for a State Committee seat in Brooklyn.

    Primary Elections have become his specialty: His GOP direct mail clients remain unbeaten for the past 16 years of Primaries.

    His Democratic clients have included Congressman Ed Towns, various judicial candidates, and labor leaders like Joe McManus.

    In recent years, he has become a sought-after website designer.

    His website for the Academy of Trial Lawyers has won him many new clients in the field of law.

    And his groundbreaking work for State Senator Marty Golden has shown NY Republicans how to compete — and win — with style.

    Gerry has always maintained that the key to his success has been synergy: he writes, photographs and designs all his own projects.

    And he believes creativity beats throwing money at a problem.

  8. There Will Be Blood Pudding permalink
    December 20, 2009 9:05 pm

    Gallo, fess up! Own up to your failure! Be a man!

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