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A Defense Against Unfair Criticism of Sarah Palin

November 21, 2009

I read a recent piece on Urban Elephants by frequent blogger and Atlas commentator Jay Golub. In it, he goes after former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and her “$1.25 million memoir ‘Going Rogue”‘ (actually, the agreement was for closer to $8 million dollars). It is not apparent that he has actually read the book, which I recently purchased and have started reading (so far, I’ve enjoyed it immensely!). I expect such tactics from the lamestream media, but a fellow Republican? No, no.

I think his piece, which is fairly short and unfairly dismissive, deserves to be challenged.

In so doing, I will adopt Mr. Golub’s style of quoting a line from a text he is being critical of and then commenting on it.

Okey-Dokey ;-), here we go.

Golub starts out with this gem:

As if Sarah Palin’s failures at the polls weren’t bad enough, the former GOP VP candidate keeps the hits coming.

Now, I thought Mrs. Palin was the Vice Presidential candidate? That means her name is at the bottom of the ticket–is that right? Why does she take all the credit for the “failures at the polls”? Does any blame go to the man on top of the ticket, Senator John McCain? Now, I’ll grant you, Tina Fey and Katie Couric didn’t help the campaign, and Sarah Palin made mistakes (which I believe she has owned up to in the interviews I’ve seen thus far). But to blame her and not the economy for why the McCain-Palin ticket failed in unnecessary and incorrect. She has a higher approval rating than our current president, Mr. Golub.

Her book has been widely panned…

Actually, the reviews have been mixed. Conservative commentators have given it a positive rating, with even Rush Limbaugh calling it “substantive” and one of the best books he’s ever read. The Wall Street Journal review called it more of a “personal memoir than a political one”; their biggest complaint is that “Mrs. Palin devotes so little of “Going Rogue” to the issues that she and Mr. McCain ran on.” The Washington Post even had dueling reviews, both of which I read. Only Matthew Continetti’s review gives her justice.

(I myself will share some thoughts with you when I’m done reading the book)

In her $1.25 million memoir “Going Rogue” (Harper, $28.99), Sarah Palin introduces a new voice, and it’s that of a chronic complainer. So much so you want to shout at the pages, “Man up, woman!”

Man up, woman?

Very classy.

That line must help Mr. Golub when he’s trying to pick up ladies. If a man said that to me, I’d probably knock him out–right before I iron clothes and go pick up the kids from school.

As for the “chronic complainer” statement, that just isn’t fair. We haven’t had a chance to hear Governor Palin’s side of what happened on the campaign trail. I for one am glad to hear her side of the story coming from her and not from some sleazy political consultants whispering every bit of filth imaginable about Mrs. Palin and her family. If what she says it true, she has every right to discuss it with the nearly half of American voters that voted for her and Senator McCain. Because she’s a woman, I guess she can’t discuss the failures of the campaign? Do do so would be unmanly?

To quote John Stossel: give me a break.

The news from the book has already spilled, and it is essentially this: John McCain’s senior aides were mean to her. Katie Couric was mean to her. Her critics, who are by definition supposed to be mean, were mean to her.

But rather than come back swinging, she comes back whining.

Again, READ THE BOOK. I can tell you right now that this is all hype and that, as the Wall Street Journal reported, the book is largely a personal memoir. Yes, she is critical of the McCain campaign and of Katie Couric. From what I’ve heard, she should be, and we all should sympathize with her. The campaign was badly mismanaged (not as bad as if the Brooklyn GOP had run it, granted), and we all know Couric and all the other interviewers were out for blood. Hello, even for this book, AP (state-run media, as Rush Limbaugh calls it) hired eleven fact-checkers, whereas, in the past, they hired not a single person to check out President Obama’s memoirs. To say that the media has been fair to her is ridiculous. She deserves to fight against it. That’s not complaining. That’s fairness.

Seen the cover of Newsweek recently? HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE SARAH? (That could have been Mr. Golub’s title)

and now the father of her daughter’s out-of-wedlock child is in a spread for PlayGirl

As though that is somehow Mrs. Palin’s fault that this delinquent father has run off seeking stardom instead of supporting his child. But Mr. Golub doesn’t blame Palin for that:

And although we certainly can’t blame the former Governor of Alaska for what this kid is doing in public view, the GOP can start to evaluate how worth all of this aggravation Mrs. Palin’s presence in the political arena is.  In my view, it’s time for us to dump this train wreck…

Such a vitriolic, nasty and unfair string of sentences.

“Train wreck”?

What is it about Mrs. Palin that people hate? I’ve only seen two other people in recent memory hated as much as she is by any contingent of political thought: President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

She’s a beautiful woman of faith, a politician who was overwhelmingly popular, and a crusader against in-state GOP corruption in Alaska. I wish we had more women like her in the GOP. I know plenty of guys who would love to marry a woman like her.

Not to mention, she’s successful. This book is a huge bestseller. It was a bestseller far before its release.

But, like our failed party leadership in Brooklyn, Mr. Golub seems to have taken on a tone of exclusion. I hope this is only an outburst and not something permanent.

I mean, so what if Sarah Palin is out there? So what if people disagree with her?

She’s a compelling woman with a compelling story to tell.

Why won’t everyone just “man up” and give her a chance to tell her side of the story?

I know I will.

  1. Sexier Republicana permalink
    November 21, 2009 11:18 am

    Brava Dagny!! Go Sarah!!
    The ladies of our party have taken enough abuse.
    “The Problem” will be solved when the men who try to run the show realize that women can do it better.
    Man-up guys, make room for Momma!

  2. Sexy Republicana permalink
    November 21, 2009 11:58 am

    Even if you feel sore over the President’s victory, you have to admit that Sarah Palin is a pop culture phenomenon–and a REPUBLICAN phenomenon.

    Whether she can handle the presidency is a separate issue. I think she’s a classy, strong and attractive woman who is a great role model. Whether you share her views or not, she IS compelling.

    I think all of you GUYS and liberal chicas out there need to chill out and give Sarah a chance.

    Thanks, Dagny, for defending a fellow female Republican!

  3. November 24, 2009 10:51 am

    “In so doing, I will adopt Mr. Golub’s style of quoting a line from a text he is being critical of and then commenting on it.”

    Thank you for doing so. Although blogging is most often about expressing one’s opinions, using the words of others to make more factual points is the best way of making a point yourself. Let’s see what you come up with…

    “It is not apparent that he has actually read the book…”

    No I haven’t read the book and my post was not about the book to any large degree, it was about her position within the GOP and the GOP’s future I was writing about. BTW, did she write the book herself? Just wondering…

    “Limbaugh calling it “substantive” and one of the best books he’s ever read.”

    Oh yeah, Dagny, now THERE’S an objective opinion we can bank on….LOL!

    “Why does she take all the credit for the “failures at the polls”?”

    You keep saying that I’m blaming her for the GOP loss last year. That is not true. I have blamed McCain and the decaying GOP values that lost the election to Obama – not Palin. But picking her was a symptom of those failures and this is the reason why I decided to come out now and “pan” her again.

    “Man up, woman?…Very classy.”

    Dagny, when one tries to quote someone, they should make sure the quote came from that person. I did not say that, the Daily News did. Good try though…

    “Such a vitriolic, nasty and unfair string of sentences.”

    Wow. That’s some strong language for a statement that was barely tough enough on Palin.

    Dagny, this is the political world we’re dealing with here. A world where your personal, professional and political life are dragged through the mud on a daily basis. Hey, just look at what you guys are doing to Mr. Eaton. And you call me using the phrase “train wreck” as “vitriolic, nasty and unfair?” Please guys, don’t be so sensitive…

    “I know plenty of guys who would love to marry a woman like her.”

    That may be true, Dagny, but again I’m not speaking of her personally, but professionally. She is toxic to reforming the GOP in cities like NYC. You may not realize that because you’re behind the computer too often to experience what voters really want, but I can tell you that she will not help turn around the Brooklyn GOP if she’s on the top of the ticket…

    “Mr. Golub seems to have taken on a tone of exclusion.”

    Who am I “excluding?” Just because I’m saying she’s not good for the GOP? Again, look in the mirror, Dagny before saying such things…

    “Whether you share her views or not, she IS compelling.”

    Well, Sexy – if I can use that name when speaking to you – she is compelling for the opposition and their voters for sure. She didn’t seem to “compel” anything for the GOP last year.

    I will continue on this panning of Palin in another post…

    • Gerry permalink
      November 24, 2009 11:21 am

      LOL “behind a computer” yeah no one believes you when you say that, Jay. Hell, half of Urban Elephants is you scribbling away with Daniel Petersen.

      Your post was a haphazard piece, and I’m sure, if you had taken some more time, it would have been a more effective hit ob on Palin. But don’t bash those of us who read it and took it for what it really was lol.

      By the way, your style is annoying.

      “By the way, your style is annoying.” LOL

      • November 24, 2009 3:46 pm

        How was it haphazard, Gerry?

        I think having a double-wide glamour girl as the GOP’s public face is destructive to rebuilding the Republican Party.

        The drawl. The discussions about getting her hair done. The goofy catch-phrases – like “lipstick on a pig – all distract the voters away from critical discussions about healthcare, the economy and the future of the country.

        That point is not haphazard – it’s accurate.

        And if you don’t like my style, censor me like was done a few weeks ago when I was saying that there is not enough substance being discussed here.

        if you look at the latest polling data from Rasmussen, only 59% of Republicans say they share the values of the former Governor. As well, only Thirty-five percent (35%) of conservatives have a Very Favorable opinion of her while 62% of liberals offer a Very Unfavorable assessment.

        These numbers represent the fact that Palin can not be an effective national candidate for the GOP.

        Sadly, the numbers also state the Huckabee and Palin lead the pack for 2012, hence the reason for my “haphazard” posting. Unlike what some on this site find as my motivation for making such a “hit job” against the former candidate for VP, my real reason for coming out against her while on her national book tour is that if the GOP really wants “reform,” as so many here say is their goal, then we need to find NEW candidates who express a more consistent fiscally conservative view of the world – especially on taxation and wasteful government spending.

        Whether or not Mrs. Palin supports those items is not as relavent as what most people already have decided she stands for. Her 15 min should be over and for all those who want to see the GOP grow here in NYC, we should be looking to collectively dump her from the national scene…

      • November 24, 2009 3:52 pm

        btw, I found the piece that I wrote on before. Applogize for the censorship allegation. Just couldn’t find my previous posts…:(

        How do you guys manage your home page? Seems like stories come up and down on it regularly. I now see you have an archive.

  4. Going Rogue permalink
    November 24, 2009 12:05 pm

    Jay has “boob envy”.

    • November 24, 2009 3:48 pm

      brilliant point. Is this a High School site?

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