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Brooklyn GOP to Zablocki: No Endorsement in Newspaper Ads

October 31, 2009

Brooklyn GOP adThe party has released new ads (cheap, colorless newspaper ads) identifying the (underfunded) candidates it is endorsing. The Brooklyn Republican Party is advertising  these endorsements in local newspapers. Ironically, given the  grave state the party is in, the endorsements can be seen beneath images of tombstones in these newspapers…


I’m thinking R.I.P Brooklyn GOP. Epitaph? Chairman Craig “The Duke” Eaton left it in pieces…

Forgive me, I digress.

This is only part of the story.

In an entirely unexpected and stunning development, absent from the ad is an endorsement of citywide Republican Public Advocate candidate Alex Zablocki.

The reasons for this lack of an endorsement are highly suspect given the previous reports provided to you on Atlas, especially The Cannibalism of Brooklyn GOP Consultants.”

In particular, Mr. Zablocki has previously been insulted by Sen. Marty Golden’s (aka “The Golden Prince”) associate Dr. Jeffrey Kraus this past summer, raising questions as to the reasoning for the party’s decision not to endorse Mr. Zablocki.
In case you forgot, here is part of that story from my previous post:
Recent details have come to light of the vile dog-eat-dog tactics currently being employed by Kings County’s GOP consultant mavens.

The Daily News has reported that Dr. Jeffrey Kraus, Chair of the NYC Voter Assistance Commission and long-time courtier of The Golden Prince, State Senator Marty Golden, publicly slandered Republican candidate for Public Advocate Alex Zablocki on YouTube.

Apparently, Jeff Kraus, a Professor at Wagner College in Staten Island, commented on Mr. Zablocki’s online voter guide video page that Mr. Zablocki was “a jerk.” Perhaps this is not so unexpected given Mr. Kraus is a Democrat.

Within hours of the article’s release, Mr. Zablocki’s video featured a new comment by a mysterious BigEShellback86: “What a f****** JERK !” (expletive deleted).


Regardless of his political affiliation, the “jerk” comment is important to Brooklyn Republicans given the very interesting GOP connections Dr. Kraus has had over the years.

“Friends of Martin Golden” has given Dr. Kraus over $57,000 over the years The Golden Prince has been a State Senator, and over $33,500 while The Golden Prince was a mere squire City Councilman. Embattled 39th City Council District GOP candidate George Smith is also indebted to Dr. Kraus for “outstanding liabilities.” Dr. Kraus has even waved his wand for Democratic City Councilman Simcha Felder for over $18,000 in 2005, the year Mr. Felder ran unopposed and received the Republican line.


This all begs the question: why would our party be involved with someone like Kraus? His actions are indicative of the dizzying conflicts of interest and inappropriate conduct on the part of GOP consultants in Brooklyn.


Why the party is not endorsing Zablocki is of course up for debate.

As you can see, we know that Marty Golden proxy Jeffrey Kraus has been negative toward Zablocki in the past. Golden recently endorsed failed Brooklyn GOP Chairman The Duke of Bay Ridge after nearly a decades of receiving THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from him.

Could this be the reason?


It seems highly suspicious that Zablocki, a citywide Republican candidate, would be so pettily disregarded in the Brooklyn GOP’s advertising (as pathetic as it may be) after this series of highly suspect events.

We here at Atlas cannot identify one practical reason why the party would do this.

One other possibility is the fact that Zablocki has criticized Mayor Michael Bloomberg (aka “The King of New York”) on the Mayor’s statements about doing away with the Public Advocate’s office. He has also criticized City Council candidate Bob Capano, whom the party did in fact endorse…

Whatever the reason, this seems like too great an oversight for even this failed establishment.

We invite avid Atlas reader Chairman Eaton to opine on his favorite blog about why the party would make such a stuning statment by not endorsing a fellow citywide Republican Party candidate.

No matter what the answer is, this only perpetuates the now indisputable fact that the party is lost in the wilderness of failure and ego.

  1. Ashok Bhatt permalink
    October 31, 2009 10:03 am

    The rumor is that Eaton and Torrenzano LLP, 1662 Sheepshead Bay Road, law firm is currently in the process of being separated….dissolved.

    Mr. Eaton’s partner, Jay, doesn’t want the negative publicity anymore. Mr. Torrenzano is totally fed up with this crap going on for the past 6 months.

    Does this mean the Brooklyn GOP is still going to be operated out of the soon to be defunct law firm offices?

    It’s been said before…….”Oh what a tangled web we weave.”

  2. Sahel Kazemi permalink
    October 31, 2009 10:47 am

    Alex Zablocki, Republican candidate for Public Advocate, received the endorsement of the Staten Island Advance today. Describing Zablocki as an “independent, clear-thinking person”, the Staten Island Advance urged readers to vote for Zablocki.

    In their endorsement, the S.I. Advance says:

    “Mr. Zablocki says he would use the office of public advocate exactly as it was intended — to develop and promote ideas to make New Yorkers’ lives better and to insure that city government serves the public as it’s supposed to.”

    “And Mr. Zablocki, who even at his age has six years experience working in various government offices, has more genuinely novel, good ideas than any three other candidates we’ve encountered this fall.”

    “As public advocate, he’d put representatives in each borough, to make the public advocate’s office more familiar and accessible and better able to serve as a liaison between people and City Hall. ”

    “He would also make better use of the office’s standing power to participate on all City Council committees and some city boards in order to protect the interests of ordinary people.”

    The Staten Island Advance also writes that Zablocki says “he’s in the best position to focus exclusively on the public’s concern because he’s an outsider with no ties to special interests.”

    “I am proud and honored to have the endorsement of the Staten Island Advance, my hometown newspaper. While growing up on Staten Island, I saw my community change, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. I decided to go into public service to make a difference and make my borough a better place to live – and I have. The office of Public Advocate could be that voice for the outer boroughs and the communities often forgotten by City Hall. I am running to give us a voice and all people in the five boroughs who feel they don’t have a seat at the table in City Hall. Most importantly, I have a plan to make this office work and take it in a new direction. I thank that Staten Island Advance for their support and will continue over the next few days engaging voters about our positive message for the future of New York City,” Zablocki said.

    The SI Advance is the second newspaper to endorse Zablocki’s candidacy. Last week, The Wave, Rockaway’s newspaper, endorsed Zablocki and said that they “like his energy and his ideas and we urge a vote for Zablocki.”

    Zablocki is 26 years old and the youngest candidate ever to run for Public Advocate. He is a lifelong Staten Island resident and currently resides in the Tottenville section, where he owns a home.

    More information on Alex Zablocki and his campaign can be found at

    The entire endorsement can be read here:

  3. Craig Beaten permalink
    October 31, 2009 12:32 pm

    A script of Craig Eaton, Bob Capano, and Russell Gallo after Bob Loses his race:

    Craig: Bob, you failed the party. You failed. It’s your fault. I didn’t want to see you before–espacially after those EXPLETIVE Atlas Shruggers EVALUATED YOU FOR MY JOB!!!!!!!!–but even more so now!

    Bob: But, uh, Craig, I poured out my life to this party. I’ve been a good little acolyte. I’ve followed the code! I did what the party leaders said–

    Craig: Not enough. You know, I did MORE than you did when I was running for office, you scum.

    Bob: –Uh, Craig, you never ran for office…

    (Cricket Cricket Cricket)

    Craig: Russell!!!!!!!! TAKE THIS GUY OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!

    Russell: Yessir!!!!!!!!!!

    Craig: Oh, and by the way, Russell, I don’t think the party will be requiring your services anymore.

    Russell: What?! Why?!

    Craig: Because–YOU FAILED!!!!!! IT’S YOUR FAULT, TOO!!!!!!!!

    Russell: But Craig…after all I…the things I did……….for you–

    Craig: IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!

    Russell: But, I insulted women for you…I supported your failed chairmanship for a second term……I bent over backwards……..I even commented on that Atlas blog–


    Russell: I did so many things I’m ashamed of—-JUST FOR YOU, and now you’re just throwing me away????????

    Craig: ……..

    Craig: Uh, YES.

    Russell: (Cries while holding Capano in a headlock)

    Bob: You see, this is how the party treats us–like crap.


    Russell: (Sobbing) But–Craig–there’s–no one left–but people–like–us–


  4. Joe Topper permalink
    October 31, 2009 1:17 pm

    Alex Zablocki should consider himself lucky he is not on the Brooklyn GOP “Hit List”. Zablocki has the best shot at winning on Tuesday.
    Almost everyone on that list is going to lose their race.
    Noticeably absent from the list are Marty Golden and his man-servant Crag Eaton.
    Why are they so ashamed to associate themselves with their “chosen” candidates?
    Golden and Eaton would never support a winner, a good candidate is too much of a threat to them and their little cabal.

    The cemetery picture is a fitting reminder of the state of the Brooklyn Republican Party right now. All hope is dead, and the leadership are zombies!

  5. Tommy Nast permalink
    October 31, 2009 1:32 pm

    Don’t know what to make of the picture with the ad. Are those the tombstones of fallen soldiers, or are they of all the campaigns that bit the dust under Chairman Eaton’s “leadership”? The numbers look about right either way.

  6. Young GOP Kid permalink
    October 31, 2009 1:34 pm

    Francisco, this is your funniest line ever!!!!!!!!!!

    “We invite avid Atlas reader Chairman Eaton to opine on his favorite blog about why the party would make such a stuning statment by not endorsing a fellow citywide Republican Party candidate.

    “No matter what the answer is, this only perpetuates the now indisputable fact that the party is lost in the wilderness of failure and ego.”

  7. Staten Island Republican permalink
    October 31, 2009 1:58 pm

    Eaton has completely alienated the Staten Island GOP by ignoring Alex Zablocki.
    What a critical mistake. Eaton fails to realize that he needs the SI GOP to garner support for his Brooklyn GOP Congressional candidate. Then again, the Brooklyn GOP probably already made the deal to keep McMahon in power. Not surprising in the least.

  8. Fox Mulder permalink
    October 31, 2009 5:16 pm


    The Truth Is Out There.

    The Syndicate Knows.

    The Brooklyn GOP Consortium.

    Golden. Eaton. Bloomberg.

    The Truth Is Out There.


  9. Bleep You All permalink
    October 31, 2009 11:37 pm

    Why get so personal and post telephone numbers? Can you not speak on your own behalf and state facts rather than pointless attacks?


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