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Atlas Breaks Previous Record of Readers in Two Days

October 28, 2009

Francisco does it again.

Now, add Hank to that list.

In our short history as a blog, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn has seen periods of huge growth in viewership and has maintained a very consistent following.

But yesterday, Francisco D’Anconia and Hank Rearden’s most recent posts broke all previous records. Francisco’s received the third most views in a day since his prior post on The Duke’s reelection (which currently holds the record for most viewed Atlas post), while Hank’s post became the fifth most viewed post of Atlas‘ in just one day. This is all thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of visitors to Atlas in just the past two days.

In case you haven’t read their stories, I have linked them here:

Francisco D’Anconia: “Capano’s Campaign Manager Threatens ‘Regime Change’ Retaliation in the 49th AD on Day of Debate.”

Hank Rearden: “The Shore Road Syndrome: Brooklyn GOP Expenditures Benefit Bay Ridge, Eaton, and Golden.”

Congratulations to my colleagues Francisco and Hank for their excellent work.


Be sure to follow Atlas closely over the course of the next week as we discuss the elections, the Brooklyn GOP’s support of its own candidates, more potential corruption of the part of party leaders, and the reform movement growing in Brooklyn.

If you have a story or any concerns you think we should investigate, be sure to email us at!

Again, thanks to all of you for your continued support and for taking up the cause of reform in Brooklyn!

  1. Alexandra Rojas permalink
    October 28, 2009 7:12 pm

    Waiting On Possible Fossella Return, McMahon Gears Up For 2010

    Photo of Vito Fossella and Craig Eaton during happier times:

  2. Joy DiLorenzo permalink
    October 31, 2009 10:27 am

    Catholic League: Michael Bloomberg Greases Black Ministers.

    “There’s a whiff of hypocrisy here. Black ministers have been endorsing political candidates for decades from the pulpit, most of them Democrats.

    But is Donohue really claiming that the Roman Catholic Church in New York City never has meddled in politics? Don’t make me laugh!

    I should add that clerical meddling in politics from both Protestants and Catholics is widespread and longstanding. And if we really tried, we probably could squeeze the rabbis in there somewhere!

    Overt politicking should expose a church to loss of its its IRC section 501(c)(3) designation as a tax-exempt charity. That too seldom happens.”


    “Catholic League President Bill Donohue is 100% correct about this.
    I applaud him and the League for making this public.

    I’m personally opposed to religious leaders and/or clergy making any political endorsements – on the right or left.” – Stephanie

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