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Atlas Poll: After 15 Days, Intimidation, Corruption, and Golden Top List of Reasons for The Duke’s Reelection

October 20, 2009

After just 15 days up, the Atlas Poll has now closed. The final votes are in, and the results don’t look too good for the recently reelected Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig “The Duke of Bay Ridge” Eaton.

The poll asked what you believe the primary reason was for The Duke’s reelection as Chairman.

Here are the results:

The support of “The Golden Prince” (Sen. Marty Golden): 222 Votes – 51%

Threats, intimidation, and/or corruption: 178 Votes – 41%

His qualifications and experience: 19 Votes – 4%

His record: 14 Votes – 3%

Topping the list, over 220 of you voted the endorsement of The Golden Prince as your top reason. This comes after The Golden Prince has been linked to Eaton’s own charity, the MHE Research Foundation, and after Atlas identified over $18,000 in donations to Golden from Eaton in recent years.

A close second were threats, intimidation, and/or corruption, with over 175 voters. This comes in light of previous stories of alleged violence on the part of political consultant Gerry O’Brien during the summer and the disclosure that Chairman Eaton allegedly tried to fix his reelection by using Brooklyn GOP postcards to sustain a proxy victory in this year’s county committee convention. Rumors of such behavior also permeated the accounts told to us by various e-mailers about the convention and in the run up to the convention.

A paltry 7% of voters combined thought The Duke’s record, qualifications, and experience were the primary reasons for his reelection.

The Atlas Poll reflected one vote per viewer and results were openly displayed throughout the course of the voting period.


Thank you all for continuing to visit Atlas as we gear up for this year’s elections in November.

Stay with us for continuing developments in the Brooklyn GOP and more research and analysis on the part of our team to promote reform in our party.

Atlas stands with you, our fellow Shruggers, in the fight to clean up the Brooklyn GOP!

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