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The Golden Prince’s Support is the Primary Reason for The Duke’s Reelection: Atlas Poll

October 14, 2009

In a mere ten days, the Atlas poll has started to trend in one particular direction. The poll, which asks what the primary reason was for Chairman Craig “The Duke” Eaton’s reelection, now indicates Atlas readers believe the support of Sen. Martin Golden was the primary reason for he reelection.

A little over 50% of readers put Sen. Marty Golden’s (aka “The Golden Prince”) endorsement at the top of their list. Just over 40% attribute threats, intimidation, and/or corruption as the primary reason for The Duke’s return to power.

This is a continuing trend from an Atlas entitled “Eaton Gives Thousands to Golden, Raising Specter of Impropriety In Reelection Bid.” The story discussed how Chairman Eaton and his law firm have given over $18,000 to State Senator Marty Golden over the course of past few years from 2002-2008. Recently, Francisco D’Anconia and new contributor Midas Mulligan have pieces about The Golden Prince and his dances with Democrats that are drawing attention.

Also, read a transcript of The Duke’s county committee convention speech here, along with Francisco’s usual rich commentary.

Over 310 unique readers have voted thus far. The poll will be up for the remainder of the week, so be sure your vote is counted! Don’t be left out!

Thanks to all of you for your feedback!

  1. Mrs. Robert Stadler (Stephanie) permalink
    October 16, 2009 10:50 am

    addendum from UE comment – Or for that matter, will State Senator Golden attend too….?


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