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October 6, 2009

We have been urged by many of our readers to “follow the money.”

And so we shall.

Following off of my colleague Francisco D’Anconia‘s pledge to explore Republican relationships with Democrats (see his Introductory piece to Détente With Democrats: The Golden Prince), Atlas is going to delve deeply into the financial records of our Republican leaders to expose any potential corruption in our party and clean it out. We bring this to your attention not to hurt our party but to promote reform.

Our Chairman has said on this very site that he has “nothing to hide.”

Excellent. Well, we have already seen evidence that tends to lead to a contrary conclusion.

The fact is we have already started looking through the financials of our party figures, and at first glance, there are some glaring concerns. We believe you deserve to see these facts exposed and make your own choices about the appropriateness of our leaders’ actions.

At the end of the day, you, the reformist Republicans of Brooklyn, are the future of our party. Not the establishment.

As such, we ask that you come back to Atlas over the course of this week for continuing analysis as we explore this contentious and controversial issues.

Also, please email us at with any suggestions or comments you have about our direction and insights.

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