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The Duke Retakes Chairmanship in Brooklyn GOP – County Committee Convention Highlights Part II

October 1, 2009

As I previously noted, Atlas has received numerous accounts of tonight’s Brooklyn GOP County Committee Convention, where the establishment held its attempted coronation of Chairman Craig “The Duke” Eaton for another term. I want to continue to offer some of the accounts we have heard about what occurred last evening. If you haven’t seen Part One of the highlights, be sure to check it out.

Some things left to discuss: Jim McCall chastising The Duke, Jonathan Judge at the microphone, and “The Glitch” in vote tabulation.

Alright. Here are some more highlights:

The big story of the night was what was referred to as “The Glitch,” which gave Eaton far more votes than he actually had and his opponents fewer. There was a gross deviation between the actual tally of votes and the tally read to the the convention to begin with. Of course, the establishment figures running the party did their best to rush the convention along, but without much luck. Of course, we all know “Glitches” are not uncommon in the Brooklyn GOP, or in dictatorial banana republics, for that matter.

We also hear that it was easy to identify the pro-Eaton people at the meeting: either they had scripts or received a party position on his “slate.” In fact, the place was loaded with “party hacks,” one comment shared with us said. “Not just Gerry O’Brien, but a whole bunch of patronage hacks.” Someone else had previously disclosed to us that the floor was covered with Board of Elections workers.

Conflicts of interest and fraud were abundant, it seems. How surprising!

Also embarrassing, the yays and nays shouted at the convention in favor or against Eaton and his surrogates’ proposals were supposedly so loud that people had to cover their ears, since everyone was shouting. Somehow, we’ve learned, Eaton “always got every call in his favor” from the temporary chairman elected for the convention, which is unsurprising being he himself was on the slate of Eaton’s picks.

Much to their irritation, the Brooklyn Young Republican organization’s President Jonathan Judge was frequently taken to seizing the floor from the establishment. He was “always citing a rule and always making a point that demonstrated just how little the establishment figures knew their own rules.” Apparently, Judge was the first to object to the miscounting of proxy votes, which was later exposed in an embarrassing and stunning difference of tallies. Judge himself did not run for Chairman, although he was evaluated previously for that post here on Atlas. Judge threw his proxy votes in favor of Ferraro, citing Ferraro’s experience over The Duke’s.

Unfortunately for the establishment looking for a coronation, the event went on far longer than anyone expected. One person said The Golden Prince ran out at around 11pm, while another said the convention did not officially end until around 11:30. It seems with all of the counting of votes, miscounting of votes, and arguing on the floor, no one thought to set a solid timeline for the event. The temporary chairman allegedly tried at every turn to cut off debate. One person wrote the temporary chairman “made up rules” and “purposely misdirected the county committee convention.” Of course, we welcome further emails to demonstrate the accuracy of this comment, but overall, the convention was certainly not unified.

But, in the most stunning move of the night, former judicial candidate Jim McCall stole the show away from both Eaton and his challengers. We’re told McCall rose before the vote for chairman and “argued in favor of a vote of abstention.” With impressive vigor, McCall condemned The Duke and his self-serving speech. He criticized Eaton for his claim to talk the talk, while only fulfilling his empty promise agenda. Perhaps McCall had had an ax to grind (but I personally want to congratulate him for his sentiments, which so many share).


So what else did we learn from last night? Any other interesting bits of information? And what does all of this mean for you, the average Republican in Brooklyn seeking reform?

Come back to Atlas for more throughout this week and for further commentary and analysis!

  1. C. Schilling permalink
    October 1, 2009 10:29 pm

    I heard McCall speak, and the applause was phenomenal. So many people agree with him. God Bless that man.

  2. Marty from Bay Ridge permalink
    October 1, 2009 10:30 pm

    “The Golden Prince” bolted like there was a fire in the room. He didn’t even stay for Eaton’s speech, I think.

  3. ATTENDEE LAST NIGHT permalink
    October 1, 2009 10:36 pm

    You should all be factual, but that is not your strong suits. You should show respect where it is earned. Marty Golden is a State Senator and deserves your respect.

    And by the way, he was there for the Chairman’s Speech.

    You are truly a bunch of weak, pathetic bunch of children.

    As someone else said, MAN UP.

    As someone else said, join the party and make a difference.

    As someone else said, volunteer to help grow and build the party.

    If you don’t want to help, volunteer or contribute your time, you shouldnt keep complaining.

    • DOUBLE SPEAK permalink
      October 2, 2009 4:52 am

      No one should respect an office or a title but rather a personality or character. No Senator deserves respect. Every Senator must earn it. Playing political favor games earns none.

      As someone else said, your idea of joining up entails following your lead, not leading as members of the party.

      Don’t lose too much sleep over this.

    October 1, 2009 10:50 pm

    Oh yes, “join the party and make a difference.”


    Yes, we must pledge to follow Führer und Reichskanzler Eaton!

    Give me a break. You Eatonite people are too much.

  5. GOP CC MEMBER permalink
    October 1, 2009 10:56 pm

    You know, Craig Eaton’s speech was a pathetic attempt at a tailor-made response to Atlas Shrugs. Don’t worry, guys. He sucked. He’s not so bad a speaker, but he’s a bad liar. Everyone with a quarter of a brain knew he was telling falsehoods. Blaming Staten Island for the 13th, blaming his “critics” for his problems, passing the blame to the national party.


    His local organization is broken. What a sad, petty gang of thugs in this party, my friends. So sad. He’s unhinged, so God knows who he’ll try to ax next.


    • Seig Heil Gallo! permalink
      October 2, 2009 4:55 am

      hmm i don’t know .. could be russell gallo

  6. Bay Ridgite permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:06 pm

    PS “The Golden Prince” deserves respect? How much campaign money has he spent at his former haunt and business the Bay Ridge Manor? GOP practically lives there.

    “…According to Golden’s disclosure report with the state Legislative Ethics Commission, his wife Colleen serves as the catering hall’s business administrator. And the Bay Ridge Manor’s landlord? That would be Golden himself, who lists full ownership of the three-story red-brick building with the green-colored awnings on his filings.”

  7. Golden Skeptic permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:12 pm

    The Senator had a chance to stand for reform. He gave it up. Even HE could have been chairman over Craig. Instead, he put that useless Eaton back in the saddle. Let’s hope he wises up. Golden should be looking to grow the party. Craig has not done that! I hope Senator Golden changes his mind!!! He can be a leader like he has in the past!

  8. Avi Gordon permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:25 pm

    Just a few points.
    First, in defense of the temporary chairman, which was appointed by Eaton, (not elected as the post suggests) I would say that he acted as fair as he could, keeping in mind that an overwhelming majority of the committee was supporting Eaton, and anytime someone from the 49th AD or Jonathan Judge or anyone not invited to speak by Eaton, got up and spoke, the crowd started mumbling and some even shouting. The chair let everyone speak, and didn’t cut anyone off unless it was out of order.
    Second, I agree that one of the most embarrassing points for Eaton was when the chair was informed by “Katie from tech” that the whole proxy thing was rigged in Eaton’s favor, just minutes after Eaton defeated a motion by Jonathan Judge to look in to the matter.
    Third, the fact that Jonathan Judge’s motion was defeated by the committee, shows that the county committee isn’t concerned about disenfranchising republican voters, something the local party suffers from tremendously. The message I got is that the county committee is out of touch with the problems facing the Brooklyn Republican Party.
    Last, you’re making this all about Craig Eaton, when clearly it is not. Eaton is no dictator. I was there, and there was overwhelming support for Eaton. The problem is much deeper; the problem is the makeup of the county committee. I think I could safely say that Ferraro got over 90% of the vote from those under the age of 60. The thing is that was only about 5% of the committee. The average age of the committee members in my estimation was about 74 – no offense intended. The first priority of most of the committee members was to get home early. They were not interested in debate, they didn’t want to discuss disagreements, you should have heard the noise every time someone who wasn’t from the establishment got up to speak. They feel threatened when someone young gets up to speak or when someone voices disagreement. The county committee is happy with the Brooklyn Republican Party, and doesn’t think anything is wrong with it. They don’t see that Brooklyn Republicans are a very endangered spicy, and are on the verge of extinction. That is the problem, and Eaton winning re-election is only a symptom.
    The good news is that it’s not that hard to fight back. It might not be easy, but it is defiantly doable. Currently, only about 38% of the seats on the county committee are filled. Without challenging a single member of the current committee in an election we could have almost 2-1 majority if we only filled the empty seats with new energetic reform-minded republicans. This can be done, but we have to start working today.

    • Russell Gallo permalink
      October 1, 2009 11:48 pm

      Avi- you have some points but there is one problem with your solution. Most of the dorks on this site are lazy. They won’t go out and collect signatures. It is beneath them. They would rather use 5 dollar words on a blog and seem smart than go out and knock on a scary stranger’s door. You can call yourself a reformer all you want while writing on blogs but like all the “establishment” guys keep telling you all- you need to pound pavement to get results.

      Fortunately for us- we know you won’t.

      I have- and will (especially in the 49th in 2011) LOL

      • Seig Heil Gallo! permalink
        October 2, 2009 5:04 am

        You apparently have not learned anything since becoming a young man. Pray that your assumptions are right.

  9. Atlas Shrugger permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:33 pm

    In Atlas’ defense, I don’t think the post meant “elected” in the literal sense but in the more “to choose” sense. Otherwise, Avi made some excellent points. Very fair analysis.

  10. Young GOP Kid permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:47 pm

    Unfortunately, Avi, I think the reason Eaton is such a major issue for this blog is that he is a symbol of everything wrong in this party. Moreover, at the end of the day, Eaton must go.

    Reform will not happen without that.

    Nevertheless, I think Atlas refers to “the establishment” for a reason. It’s not just Eaton. It’s the Beast. You are so right about that, Avi.

  11. Pounding Pavement for Ferraro permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:51 pm

    I personally collected over 20 signatures for Ferraro myself, Gallo. You clearly have Kool-Aid on tap. LOL

  12. Gerry permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:58 pm

    Ah the Gallo threats continue. Surprise surprise. Will someone please get this guy a life.

  13. Donna Bella permalink
    October 2, 2009 12:05 am

    Gallo talks here as though he’s not in Craig’s pocket. You should have seen the leash tied around this guy at the convention. Craig held it the whole time.

    “Russell!” “Russell!” lol sad sad sad

    • Seig Heil Gallo! permalink
      October 2, 2009 5:07 am

      Seig Heil Gallo!!!!

      Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

  14. J. Beckett permalink
    October 2, 2009 12:08 am

    The fact is Avi is right on the whole. I commend him for his fine articulation of the Brooklyn GOP’s problems.

  15. Avi Gordon permalink
    October 2, 2009 12:17 am

    My point is that I think the order is has to be opposite. You first need to reform the county committee, and only then will (symbolic) Eaton be defeated. The county committee as it is today has no problem with Eaton. We first have to change the structure of the committee, and we have to do it while the current leadership is in power. We can’t afford to wait.

    I filled in that that “join the republican county committee today” form on more than once, and I got no response. When I let my district leaders know that i wanted to join the county committee I got no response. Thankfully I got help from Jonathan Judge, but the point is that I got it done without the establishment, and perhaps despite the establishment.

    The fact that the leadership is not interested in growing this party and advancing its ideas, should not stop us from doing exactly that.

    • DOUBLE SPEAK permalink
      October 2, 2009 5:11 am

      awesome avi

      locked and loaded

      i hope those tin soldiers and their feather hats ask god for forgiveness

  16. October 2, 2009 11:51 am

    Where’s the post about how the WFP has scored major victories by phone-banking, building an operation that many news sources flat-out call a “quid pro quo” — and how that threatens our very chances right now?

    As a candidate for the 39th Council District — I greatly appreciate the strong support and energy provided by the few volunteers that have come to our campaign from the YR Club (of which I was a member orig. over 25 years ago). This will be my last posting on anything detrimental or backward thinking. It is October 2nd we ALL have work to do — you’ve read my call to arms. You have the 718 670-3211 phone number. Now, I’m challenging YOU at Atlas Shrugged to step forward and make yourself count exponentially — as one person can influence others, and alert them to something of a Movement. Or, not.

    A few months ago, I was encouraged to read of this website — in the Courier, I believe. I joined immediately. I’ve tried to keep up with posts & news items where I could through an intense period of balloting, campaigning, turning out a vote and now preparing for a large fight through Nov. 3rd.

    If you’re looking for a candidate that is unbiased and independent — and now proven it. If you want a candidate that can never, and will not ever have any of the stain that’s associated with many of our City and State elected leaders (apparent with any day’s newspapers). If you want a man that’s been a loyal GOPer for nearly 30 years — and is laying it all on the line, in a District that may be 12-1 against a Republican, here you are.

    No one reading this, or this website… or writing anonymously can ever say that there wasn’t one that tried vs. the current (or ocean), and lead a battle in this small but intensely politically-savvy area of Brooklyn. Should I win, and be able to reach the many outside of our Party that would have to consider the VOTE to accomplish this – as I’d said now twice at YR meetings about appealing to the larger numbers… I’d like to say that the youth of our Party had something to do with the energy that was needed across October, 2009 to breakthough Politics as Usual.

    • CHINESE ELEPHANT permalink
      October 2, 2009 12:47 pm

      we would have to get involved with individual candidates as is best, however, party leadership will spit in our direction, because of our free thinking mind set

      you will see us helping, who cares what the officials say

      • Donna Bella permalink
        October 2, 2009 2:18 pm


  17. October 2, 2009 2:22 pm

    I was present at the Convention the other day. It certainly was an interesting experience. I don’t however, think attacking entire Assembly Districts is the right recipe for party unity. That is why I believe such a message does not resonate. Whether such actions are done privately or publicly is irrelevant.

    I was not really impressed with either speech, however, I’m a big believer in leading by example. The loudest voice isn’t always right. It cannot be assumed that all members are under someones control. The great philosophy of individualism, something that the Constitution was written to protect, should not be taken for granted here.

    • Donna Bella permalink
      October 2, 2009 3:04 pm

      Well said!


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