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Arnaldo Ferraro: Fourth Evaluation for New Brooklyn GOP Chairman

September 28, 2009

Reform. Renewal. Results.

With those three words, Dr. Arnaldo Ferraro has entered the race to restore our party and replace failed Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig “The Duke” Eaton. With a new website, and a web ad, it’s undeniable that Ferraro has already bested Eaton by running–for once in the Brooklyn Republican Party–a 21st century campaign for Chairman.

But what would a Ferraro Administration look like? What does he promise and what should we expect?  Let us consider these very important questions.

Now, previously, my colleague Dagny Taggart provided two evaluations of likely candidates to replace disgraced Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton, The Duke of Bay Ridge: City Council Candidate Bob Capano and Nancy Mottola-Schacher. Then, my friend Francisco D’Anconia presented a very frank evaluation of the Brooklyn Young Republican organization’s President Jonathan Judge. None of these prospects have yet officially declared their intention to run against The Duke.

But now, Ferraro joins the fray.  Here are some facts about Ferraro from his website:

Dr. Arnaldo A. Ferraro was born in Italy in 1936. After completing his education and studying law, he arrived as an immigrant to the U.S. in 1961. Here, he immediately became active in the community and in 1964 he founded the National Federation of Italian-American Societies, Inc., the first Italian-American Federation in New York State.

While working in order to support his family, he attended Fordham University from which he graduated with a B.S. degree; he also attended Brooklyn College, New YorkUniversity, St. John’s University, and Queens College. He later received a Masters degree and Ph.D. Dr. Ferraro has been teaching at all levels.

In 1984, he was elected a member of the New York State Assembly representing the 49th Assembly District and in 1993 he was elected Republican State Committeeman (District Leader) of the 49th A.D.

Dr. Ferraro is married and has four children and one grandchild.

One thing immediately stands out from these qualifications: Dr. Ferraro has served in public office! The current Chairman has not, nor has ever sought public office (then again, we aren’t even sure when he switched from Democrat to Republican).

Now let’s consider the series of major losses Eaton has faced during his tenure has Chair.  It is truly telling that Eaton has failed to win a single victory, while Ferraro’s club, the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization, was able to mobilize its members to secure a victory for John McCain in the club’s 49th Assembly District! Frankly, such results speaks volumes.

Furthermore, it is clear that Ferraro has organizational support and outreach abilities. Like it or not, it can’t be that easy to pull together a website, web ad and a winning campaign in such little time. If there had been rumblings that he would run earlier, this would not be as impressive, since we could have assumed he had been working on these elements for a long time. Yet, much of the movement in his campaign has only taken shape in the last few days, demonstrating the quickness of his organization. Why he did not run sooner is a question, but he has certainly made up for lost time. After all, as far as the average county committee member is concerned, the party could be holding a tea party (and I mean the real kind, with fine china and cucumber sandwiches)!  It’s not their fault. The Duke has done nothing at all to publicize his re-election that I can find, certainly not on the party’s shameful website.

So, based on what’s before us, what we can we expect from a Ferraro Administration? Organizational skills, outreach, technological advances, and experience to turn competitive races into victorious ones. His career demonstrates just that. Now, we could be missing some of the pieces, and if so, please let us know at But based on what’s immediately before us, these outcomes seem likely.

Now, I want to be fair and give all of you the opportunity to decide for yourself, but the honest truth is there is no basis of comparison between Ferraro and Eaton.

The reality is that Atlas has basically been profiling The Duke since its inception (not that we’ve actively desired to do so, but the failures of the current establishment needed to be assessed and exposed), and the stories that have been be told are not good. Mismanagement of funds, party infighting, potential abuse of power, inactivity–the list goes on and on.

At the end of the day, I am honestly giving a fair evaluation as the facts before us demonstrate: Arnaldo Ferraro has more experience and has accomplished more as a Republican than The Duke has in his career.

All the while to anyone experienced in politics, it’s almost bizarre that The Duke has neither defended himself nor answered his critics (and there are many) after the failures he caused under his poor leadership.  He even had an opportunity to do so when he appeared on Atlas, but said nothing. We have written him letter after letter. But there is nothing for him to say. We have looked and found nothing.

Until The Duke says anything more, there can be no doubt that Ferraro leads the pack of potential replacements for Chairman and deserves it.   After all, judging from the dismal tenure of Eaton as Chairman with no signs of improvement, how much longer does he really want to suffer at something he is really not good at?

And so, it is clear that incumbency can only be worth so much…

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