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Dark Cloud of Party In Fighting Overshadows 39th City Council District Primary

September 15, 2009

Well, sometimes when you need to find the smoking gun, it appears right in your lap!

It seems our familiar friend and political consultant Gerry O’Brienthe Merlin of Malice—has become so desperate he has allegedly started assaulting fellow Republicans to get his way! Someone’s got some ‘splaining to do!

The Story:

A lengthy letter written by Brooklyn Young Republican President Jonathan J. Judge to members of the Kings County Republican Party Executive Committee detailing the horrific battle currently ensuing in the 39th City Council race was posted earlier today on Urban Elephants. Mr. Judge’s dispatch was written in response to a letter issued by The Merlin’s wife, Anita O’Brien, on Kings County GOP letterhead to the Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee regarding her concerns over the primary race in the 39th. Apparently, she referred to Mr. Judge in his capacity as President of the Young Republican organization.

The two letters were posted by someone named “Brooklyn GOPer.” The poster opined:

“A friend sent me copies of these letters that were sent in the mail a while ago.  The two letters are from Vice Chairwoman Anita O’Brien of the Kings County GOP and the Brooklyn Young Republicans President Jonathan Judge.  They bring up some twisted details about the Council primary in the 39th district.  My friend asked me to help post this information on Urban Elephants for them, and first I was skeptical in doing it.  But with the primaries tomorrow and mulling it over, my friend is right that people ought to know the true story about the nonsense going on in the Kings County GOP. I can’t vouch for the information personally, but someone should really look into this more closely.”

Now, we already know George Smith, a candidate hoping to take City Councilman Bill de Blasio’s seat in Brooklyn, had expressed serious concerns that he might not get on the ballot because Mr. O’Brien, who has been working for a Democrat in the race, refused to give Mr. Smith his petitions in time for the deadline. Smith told the Politicker:

“He’s trying to knock me off the ballot, and, “[h]e told everyone he’d return them on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday. Then at 9 a.m. this morning. We know what he’s doing.

Afterward Mr. Smith said this, District Leader Yvette Velazquez Bennett stated: “I don’t know if the complete set [of petitions] were handed in”; subsequently, she accused the Merlin of Malice of stealing more than 200 signatures.

After these statements, one can understand why Ms. Bennett and Mr. Smith’s names would be added to Gerry O’Brien’s hit list.

Well, apparently Mr. Judge also did something to earn a black magic curse from the GOP Warlock. Mr. Judge’s letter includes a major bombshell with the potential to rock the Kings County GOP universe out of kilter just in time for the primary tomorrow.

Mr. Judge, who is currently serving in his second year as President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans, alleges that Gerry O’Brien attacked and threatened him in a restaurant somewhere in Brooklyn. According to Judge, O’Brien apparently “sneaked up behind [him], grabbed [him] in a local diner, and threatened [him]…” The Merlin of Malice then allegedly threatened to “wipe [44th Assembly District Leader] Yvette Velazquez Bennett and [Mr. Judge] off the political landscape,” the shocking letter details.

Mr. Judge’s letter was accompanied by an NYPD “Incident Information Slip” alleging “Harassment” by The Merlin of Malice dated 5/31/09.

My Commentary:

The evidence is mounting that there are serious fights going on in the Brooklyn GOP, and they are becoming more and more public.

The exposure for the Kings County Republican Party is huge on this. Forget the fact that we might have a paid political creature out there—working both sides of the fence—that is physically battering someone, let alone the President of the Brooklyn Young Republican organization (which, by my understanding of the Executive Committee bylaws, makes him a voting Executive Committee member).

That means that the Republican Party in Brooklyn might currently be paying someone who is attacking and threatening member(s) of its leadership!

Who doesn’t love Brooklyn?

One thing is clear: the improprieties of sometimes-GOP Warlock Gerry O’Brien have gone too far. There is too much surrounding this character for the party to continue any relationship with him. If these allegations are true, how could O’Brien ever again be on the pay roll of any Republican?

Let’s not be worried. He’ll always have Democrats he can work for.

As for the credibility of Mr. Judge’s letter, I find it hard to believe that Mr. Judge would file a harassment complaint back in May 2009 against Mr. O’Brien, say nothing of it in public that I can find, and then suddenly bring it up if the allegation were false. If it were just a stunt, wouldn’t he have shouted it from the rooftops? While these statements remain allegations until confirmed, I can see nothing from his writing or his allegations that impute doubts.

Yet, this is the first time we are hearing of this.

It may be assumed that The Duke of Bay Ridge, GOP Kings County Chairman Craig Eaton would have received or been aware of this letter. As such, my colleagues and I (along with any reasonable Republicans) would be stunned to hear that Mr. O’Brien is still on the pay roll of the party. After considering these factors, who cannot agree that Mr. O’Brien’s Reign of Terror must come to end? Political parties have disassociated themselves from individuals for far less offenses than what has been leveled against this GOP Jafar.

Atlas will be writing to The Duke of Bay Ridge to impress upon him to investigate this evidence, and we encourage you to do the same. Email the party at and the Chairman at

Let’s be honest with ourselves. What this all comes down to is whether we can clean up our party and our government if we allow this garbage to continue.

The fact is we can’t.

These kinds of tactics are exactly the kind of conduct that turn off voters, destroy us in elections and hurt our party. When are our leaders and their acolytes going to get it? The Republican Party cannot survive as a party if it continues to eat its own.

These games should have ended a long time ago. The time for reform is now.

Atlas issues the following warning to the current leadership of the Kings County GOP: clean up your house, or your constituents will revolt, your donations will dry up, and you will exist no more.

Meanwhile, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn will do everything we can to expose the corrupt and dishonored in your ranks until you represent something resembling a political party. There’s dirty laundry out there to be aired, and we have plenty of bleach.

Frankly, until true reform is achieved, there is no Republican Party in Brooklyn.

  1. Sally Sunshine permalink
    September 15, 2009 8:13 am

    Let’s see … George Smith (who served prison time for robbery & grand larceny while impersonating a police officer, and who is currently out on bail for sexual assault) and his political ally Jonathan Judge (Young Republican officer who hides his Democratic patronage job with the local Community Board, and attacks Republicans to curry favor with his Dem friends) vs. a consultant who works for Dems and Republicans in NYC.

    Hmmm. The Atlas version sounds awfully one-sided. I mean, if you’re going to ascribe assault to a consultant because he had words with someone in a diner … doesn’t George Smith’s arrest for sexual assault — let alone his previous conviction for robbery while pretending to be a cop — merit a passing mention?

    Unless of course, Jonathan Judge is the guru behind Atlas Shrugged, and the whole purpose of this blog is to advance Judge’s political aspirations. Then I can see why you might want to sweep the whole George Smith criminal record under the rug.

    • the shadow permalink
      September 22, 2009 11:38 pm

      Sally Sunshine,

      Just for a little perspective on George Smith, in 1995, him and the two thugs he was with were responsible for what was branded a “crime wave” in south Brooklyn over the course of several months. Of course no one will ever know for sure, but it’s believed that George Smith and his gangster friends were responsible for over 30 robberies after stealing a coat in a bar which happened to have a police badge in it. George and his merry band of thieves would have gotten away with it, but Mr. Smith ignorantly used his own car in the robberies. They targeted immigrants who would have cash on them and would be susceptible to fear of law enforcement. George Smith is a predator in every sense of the word. George would have been in prison up until recently, but he rolled over on his buddies who were helping him mind you. Oh, and did I mention that George Smith holds vending contracts with the city of New York and the Parks Department? He also employs convicted drug felons within 200 feet of a school zone. Incidentally, George was also been arrested for and questioned by the FBI for trying to pass counterfeit bills at the DMV. Whoops! I bet he didn’t mention that in his commercial.

  2. Hal Jordan permalink
    September 15, 2009 8:58 am

    A tap on the shoulder is assault?

    Jonathan is such a wuss.

  3. Sergy Kornekova permalink
    September 15, 2009 10:26 am

    Dr. Jay Golub (D.M.D.), a former GOP candidate for Public Advocate, an editor and prolific, analytical writer at Urban Elephants, wrote an excellent piece about Michael R. Bloomberg and the GOP.

    I would like to remind the readers of Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn that Brooklyn Chairman Craig A. Eaton, Esq. did help tremendously to set the path for the NYC GOP endorsement for this Mayor’s re-election bid. It would not have been possible without Mr. Eaton vigorous efforts.

    I think this was a bad decision on Mr. Eaton’s part.

    The “‘shot heard ’round the world'” is a phrase that has come to represent several historical incidents throughout world history. The line is originally from the opening stanza of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Concord Hymn” (1837), and referred to the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. Likewise, in an allegorical sense, a shot heard around Brooklyn – and soon – the rest of NYC! is Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn!

    Not only A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but maybe even a revolt within the KCRP too…..

    And…..The Bronx GOP is having their share of chaos as well. The Bronx situation does help explain in a parallel way what is happening in Kings County.

    The Bronx GOP oligarchy is led by Chairman Joseph J. Savino – “J” – “Jay Savino” – who is a political ally of the Brooklyn GOP Chairman. Bronx GOP and Bloomie’s GOP Trifecta! See link.

    See how Brooklyn City Council candidate George Smith (R, C) is a criminal and alleged sex pervert with a questionable background and qualifications. Where was the “due diligence” on the part of the KCRP in not doing their homework, so to speak? Which KCRP knuckleheads performed the vetting for candidate George Smith?

    Meanwhile, the Bronx GOP doesn’t earnestly try to recruit competent, quality Republican candidates to run for their local elected offices either. Does that scenario seem familiar?

    Are the Bronx GOP party drivers (leaders) asleep at the wheel of the county bus? Are the Bronx GOP leaders preoccupied with responsibilities elsewhere?

    It’s weird all around, from Suite 301 at 1200 Waters Place in The Bronx – to – 1662 Sheepshead Bay Road in Brooklyn.

    1200 Waters Place, Suite 301, is not only a satellite office and one of the three (3) addresses for the law form of Faga Savino, LLP, but it may also possibly serve as The Bronx County GOP HQ’s.

    Incidentally, what is it with the NYC GOP and the Lawyer Oligarchy having so much control over party matters and direction? Is it quasi-fascism, NYC GOP-style?

    Is there “rotten food” in the NYC GOP “pantry,” so to speak?

    Does Bronx GOP Chairman Savino even live in The Bronx or is his primary, legal residence in Westchester County, where the main office of his law firm is located? Or does he live in Congers, NY (which is in upstate Rockland County)?

    Why can’t The Bronx GOP be represented by a chairperson who currently lives full-time in that borough? Shouldn’t a real Bronx resident be representing Bronx Republicans? Moreover, owning other residential real estate in The Bronx doesn’t really count if that home or apartment is not your primary, legal, income tax paying, and car insurance registered residence.

    Generally speaking, and not referring to any one definite, specific individual, a lawyer and a member of the NYS Bar would not be a part of any car insurance rate jumping.

    Wouldn’t it make sense for Mr. Savino to become active in the Rockland County GOP organization? That would be too commonsensical.

    Generically speaking, and not referring to any one specific individual, perhaps the GOP chair role allows a person to have more power and assorted perks…..? Is it possibly a lucrative, profitable endeavor? Or perhaps not? Nobody knows? Or is it just the prestige and title that some like? There are questions worth exploring.

    Is there an “Ann-Margaret Carrozza-esque problem” for Chairman Savino? Ms. Carrozza is an elected Queens Assemblywoman (D, WFP), and a full-time active, practicing lawyer with a thriving, successful legal practice).

    To put the icing on the cake, maybe Assemblywoman Carrozza could combine her law practice and district assembly offices into one wholesome administrative unit? Right now her law firm and district assembly offices are located at different addresses/locations.

    Moreover, as a matter of principle and indignation, I’m opposed to any legislator of any political party who works any other full time job, such as being a lawyer in private practice and also being on the taxpayers’ payroll simultaneously. One can not be attentive to both as both jobs and responsibilities are demanding full mental attention and physical attendance. Either the law firm client suffers or the citizen voter-constituent only has a part-time, mediocre, lackluster representative in the Legislature. Hence, Ms. Carrozza’s dismal absentee record in the NYS Assembly. She is number 1! Can that be justified? I don’t think so. It’s a disgrace. Carrozza’s bad example of “public service” is an appropriate model to explain to New Yorkers.

    I’m a Brooklyn resident, but as an amateur political wonk I make it my business to know what’s happening politically in all of NYC – with Elephants, Donkeys and the rest of the motley crew of politicians. I dislike the “Tweeding” of New York. I will expose it

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander….?

    Should NYC Republican party officials and GOP elected representatives adhere to the same expectations and standards as our Democrat and WFP friends, respectively?

    Is it okay with Bronx Republicans if their Chairperson lives in a different county? If he (or she) pays income taxes from, registers his/her vehicle(s) at and pays car insurance from a non-Bronx address? If that’s okay, then maybe Mr. Eaton can swap chair jobs with Ms. Jennifer Saul, Chairwoman of NY County GOP (Manhattan) – – and Mr. Phil Ragusa, of the Queens GOP, can swap chair jobs with Mr. John Friscia (Staten Island GOP). Does it doesn’t concern NYC Republicans that one or more of their county chairs may (or may not be) possibly serving in an untruthful, phony manner?

    Supposedly, Joseph J. Savino, Esq., a long time Rudy supporter, could not be a delegate for Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 Presidential Campaign because he is NOT a resident of the 7th Congressional District (which covers the Bronx). He may be a legal resident of upstate postal zip code 10920 – and not Bronx zip code 10461.

    Furthermore, does anyone know if it’s okay to operate the county Republican offices within any other organization or entity, such as a for-profit business or law firm? It may be allowable and legal, or maybe not?….that is one of the many questions being considered. However, it’s probably not prudent or wise regardless – due to possible conflicts of interests and influence peddling that could compromise and skew the Party and decision making at the top leadership or executive levels.

    Nobody wants any tax complications or entangling external issues to muck things up for the NYC GOP – in Brooklyn, The Bronx or anywhere else in NYC. Also, generally speaking, when sharing commercial office spaces and possibly administrative/clerical employees, party executive individuals’ personal business interests could inadvertently put the Party’s goals and interests AFTER their own are first satisfied. Where are the checks and balances?

    There should be a firewall and boundaries or a separation between the offices of the county GOP organizations and any other privately owned for- profit partnerships or corporations or businesses or limited liability partnerships. How is this done now in Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island? Do the other county parties rent their own office space and pay a landlord for commercial office space/real estate? What is the normal or permitted procedure? Furthermore, what is best for the NYC GOP and not for the self-interests of Party leaders? Is there a “rent-free” situation going on? A muddy Quid pro quo?

    The NYS GOP web site lists The Bronx GOP HQ at 1200 Waters Place and the Brooklyn GOP HQ at 1662 Sheepshead Bay Road. So, is the NY State GOP providing incorrect, false information to the public about where the various county committees are located? Moreover, the Bronx County GOP web site does not currently indicate ANY street address and/or mailing address. That’s “fishy,” suspicious, strange.

    NYS GOP County list

    These questions are fair and valid to ask. Transparency and clarity may put these inquiries to rest. There is nothing wrong with asking questions. Asking questions, reflecting and speculating doesn’t mean anything has been proven. Therefore, Caveat lector!

    The author here is merely speculating. The information here may (or may not be) 100% factual. Or some information may be “partly” factual. Therefore, if anyone reading this commentary has information or facts to add, please explicate and illuminate for the rest of us Atlas Shrugs readers.

    Much Ado About Nothing? Or…. maybe not?

    We, as NYC Republicans, ought to be aware of what’s happening within our own house? If we ignore stuff like this, the rank and file (the people) will get bit on our callipygian buttocks! Do we want to walk around with open wounds on our derrières?

    Caveat! The “Urban Donkeys” have metaphorical ammunition (materials, fuel) to make things difficult for the NYC GOP. Let’s pay attention to stuff within the Party. No more GOP A.D.D!

    Asking questions is very American. Promoting “reform” is very Republican. Starting with Brooklyn and The Bronx, NYC’s GOP needs reform.

    As public people, living in the limelight, in high profile, quasi-politician, leadership positions, each of the five (5) borough/county chairpersons should realize that people, pro or con, supporter or critic, will and should offer their opinions or views in various sources of the news media, such as print letters to the editor in local and citywide newspapers, online open blogs or forums, and in public meetings open to the rank and file party members or the general community.
    There are thousands of various, assorted internet news stories and blog tidbits that show the county chairs in the public arena and news media for the past several tears. There have been news conferences, public quotations as reported in the news, bloggers, the World Wide Web and press releases circulated. All these news sources are free, public information. Some stuff may be gossip, rumors, the buzz, whispers….some could be true and some false.

    Hypocrisy is derived from the Greek word hypokrisis, which meant playing a part on the stage, or putting on a mask to misrepresent reality. In the ancient Greek theater, actors were known as hypocrites, without any negative connotation. In the modern world however, being a hypocrite, pretending to be something while actually being something else, was and is definitely viewed as wrong.

    “Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong.” – Theodore Roosevelt (1858 – 1919)

  4. Publius permalink
    September 15, 2009 11:56 am

    The moment things get physical, it crosses a line. This kind of conduct is sick., with or without the physical assault.

  5. Young GOP Kid permalink
    September 15, 2009 12:02 pm

    This is the first I’m hearing about this. Whether the alegations are true or not, the overall “cloud” hanging over the party and this guy O’brien is huge. He needs to be looked into, investigated and probaby canned. And The Duke screwed up by letting this one get past him. If this story explodes or turns off voters, and he did nothing about it, he’s toast.

  6. Sarah Sunshine permalink
    September 15, 2009 12:06 pm

    Sally has a way of distracting from the real issue: Gerry O’Brien’s “reign of terror.” it’s time for the Party to say “off with his head!” lol

  7. Donald Stump permalink
    September 15, 2009 2:10 pm

    Yvette is a sweetheart and Gerry is a thug. He needs to. Y is a class act. Plain and simple.

  8. Hal Jordan permalink
    September 15, 2009 4:17 pm

    But Jonathan and Yvette’s continued support of a convicted robber who served jail time for impersonating a cop, who is currently out on bail for sexual assault, is ok.

    Just checking.

    You people are seriously delusional.

  9. GOPer Hard At Work permalink
    September 15, 2009 4:43 pm

    Hey “Hal Jordan,” I’ve been following this blog for some time now. They’ve been exposing a whole lot of relevant stuff that I wish I knew and some of which I’m sad to say I’ve been aware of. I just want to say I’ve never seen anything connecting Judge or Smith together. Plus I just went to the Young Republicans’ website and haven’t seen any “endorsement” of George Smith. Can you point to an article in which Judge supported Smith? Because I can’t find one.

    I think you’re a fake. I think Gerry sent you (or you’re actually Gerry) and you’re just trying to distract from the story as usual. If either is true, you’re a very sad person.

  10. Informed Voter permalink
    September 15, 2009 4:45 pm


    O’Brien = disgrace.

    Atlas Shrugs = my heroes.

  11. Tom from Bay Ridge permalink
    September 15, 2009 4:50 pm

    Hey Hal, did ANYONE know about George Smith’s history? I didn’t know about it until I read it in the NY Post. If they were involved with him, you think Judge or Bennett knew? Doubtful.

    By the way, the only person in this picture with a formal harassment complaint against them is Gerry O’Brien. I think your Kool-Aid needs a bit more stirring.

  12. Tacitus permalink
    September 15, 2009 4:55 pm

    Judge says he was “grabbed” and “threatened,” not “tapped on the shoulder,” Hal. How much did Gerry pay you to write that?

  13. Sexy Republicana permalink
    September 15, 2009 9:23 pm

    Common sense says a person should not be threatened, let alone physically touched, by another person in any political situation. If that’s true, it’s just wrong. Plain and simple. This is very disturbing indeed.

  14. Bay Ridge Rep permalink
    September 16, 2009 7:38 am

    I guess “Hal’s” comments must have really touched a nerve.

    As I recall, when this site was launched, “John Galt” encouraged people not to use their real names. He practically insisted on it.

    Unless of course it becomes uncomfortable or inconvenient for “John Galt”, a.k.a Jonathan Judge. Then it’s finger-pointing time: hey, that’s O’Brien posting, that comment was from Eaton. Etc.

    Still, it’s silly to equate John/Jonathan’s complaint of a tap on the shoulder (there must have been some witnesses in a restaurant, right?) to Mr. Smith’s conviction on felony charges, as well as the fact that Smith is currently under indictment.

    And as Jonathan/John keeps harping about the 39th Council race, George Smith is relevant. And will be for quite some time, but only to voters who are ashamed that the Young Republicans and a former District Leader endorsed and embraced him.

    Endorsing a felon who robbed people while impersonating a cop is not such a shrewd career move for anyone in Republican politics. I am sure that anyone involved even remotely associated with George Smith (and you know who you are) are going to lose any future Republican primary they run.

    John Galt can always switch parties. He’s already drawing a salary courtesy of the Democrats.

  15. September 18, 2009 6:54 am

    The principles of the Republican party are secure from where I stand — civic and fiscal/budgetary responsibility, reflection on justice and adherence to how we began as a Party with a social responsibility that saw America through some of its most critical eras.

    Let’s build on it.

    The key word of Reform is also ‘alive & well’ — but, it does not come from anything but 1-on-1 advancement with voters, and willing foot soldiers to help and in each of abilities to excite or develop candidates and our structure across each neighborhood. Our campaign demonstrated what can be done — if a group of dedicated people come together and prove the difference.

    But a word to all — that for credibility here and beyond, we’ve got to be able to stand on our own identity, both as a Party and in expressing views that matter right here. I hadn’t had much time across these passed few months to post here, but certainly was one of the 1st GOPers drawn to this website for it’s “promise” of adding to the debate of reforming or advancing our local Republican Party. However, this cannot be done by attacks and criticisms (especially anonymously) and there’s little to gain by finger-pointing and nit-picking in such a forum. In fact, that’s simply not what my understanding of being a GOPer is all about, either. It’s about work, accomplishment, setting to get things done vs. decrying what should or might or could be and then hoping someone else will pick up that weight. That’s what we see from our local elected Councilman, and that’s what we’re setting out to upgrade… isn’t it?

    You want reform? The race for the Republican nomination was won in the 39th District — and it was set-about by an independent Republican that’s been with our Party (right here in Brooklyn) for 30 years come November. It showed the best and the worst of what we’re capable of — and while it’s been debated and discussed and handled, the results should not be impugning reputations, especially at this stage.

    There’s more work to be done.

    Internally we have shared interests and need to close ranks. However un-perfect, our Party is stronger today than it was last week. Let’s work on working together. Take heart in that in the 39th District, our efforts brought out what was akin to the Democratic turnout of a 10%-ratio of possible voters (true to more-accurate levels of actual residents/Republicans still living here) It wasn’t as easy as you’d imagine to carry this forth — being our total electorate had never voted for a City Council primary, and was energized nevertheless. Our voting base was urged to get out and participate, first and foremost… and was persuaded to sign petitions shortly after a national debate in which many felt marginalized if not completely put off from any possibility of remaining relevant.

    Locally, our Republicans in the 39th District are greatly outnumbered — and watch Democrats dominate the landscape, easily take elected office, and certainly feel disconnected and isolated in part. But the ‘change’ has come, or at least the beginnings of renewal. On the macro-level, municipally speaking — we also have to close ranks around supporting our Republican nominee for Mayor. Mike Bloomberg heads our ticket. As unpopular as it is after public referendum relayed the will of New Yorkers — our County chair in Craig Eaton did the right thing moving toward the endorsement of Mike Bloomberg for Mayor. Pragmatically and strategically, it makes more sense than many here seem to want to admit. There simply isn’t a better choice NOW in mid-September, and across the last few years there’s been none that has emerged that would have been a significant, citywide choice for winning the Mayoralty. I’m endorsing a 3rd term for our Mayor (whether or not he returns the endorsement).

    While the race for the 39th District was hotly contested, and certainly behind the scenes more than most within our Party — it was won in the District, across the homes of registered Republicans and with a earnest interaction with over 4,000 of us. Of US. Now, let’s use our better judgment and not only hope for the best, but to recognize that nothing does happen by way of advancement, unless its by hard work and recognition of what we can do, and how we can add to the Party.

  16. Gerry Can't Spell permalink
    May 8, 2010 10:05 pm

    Gerry keeps misspelling words because he’s typing so fast over at the other blogs!

    For example, he mistakes “their” for “there” and “cloth” for “clothe.”

    I’m beginning to wonder if he ever went to school.


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