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The Duke Has Arrived at Atlas Shrugs

August 29, 2009

It’s nice to know The Duke is listening, if only just for the first time.

On Friday, August 28, 2009, Republican Kings County Chairman Craig Eaton made an appearance on this blog via comment to my amigo Hank Rearden’s series “How To Squander Money You Didn’t Earn.” Welcome aboard, fellow reader!

Now, while I was planning on posting Part One of my series And Then There Were None today, I felt the need to post regarding this recent manifestation of Atlas’ latest VIP guest. I must admit, when I saw “CRAIG EATON” had written a comment, I had such high expectations. Maybe he would finally explain everything—I mean really take us through everything—like his own personalized Checkers Speech.

No such luck.

Rather than address any of the concerns that many Brooklyn Republicans have regarding his leadership—many of which have been discussed in detail on Atlas Shrugs heretofore— our illustrious Chairman decided to take a few unaffiliated commentators to task for their remarks on Part 3 of Hank Rearden’s series. The remarks (made by individuals unconnected with Atlas Shrugs) involved a not-for-profit that was being run out of the same address for both the Kings County Republican Party and Chairman Eaton’s law firm. One posting stated that an organization called the MHE Research Organization was also registered to the same office as the KCRP and Eaton’s firm. No comments were made about the Chairman’s personal life or family, but the obvious implication was that there could be tax-related issues afoot in this scenario.

The Chairman then made his appearance and opined in his comment that the not-for-profit is a charity that helps those with a condition from which his son suffers. I will say that we all, regardless of party, must admire anyone who loves and cares for their children and provides charity and service to those in need. While we might have political disagreements, as my partner Dagny Taggart put it, “it’s wonderful that you and your wife are working hard to help others” with this disease. Moreover, while satirized commentary is something every public official must accept, it is clear that any such opinions should strictly discuss the politician’s actions or beliefs, not their personal or family life. Doing so is inexcusable. We here at Atlas refuse to take such tactics. Instead, we have and will continue to investigate, promote reform, and discuss our party officials’ doings and choices—whether beneficial or not.

But we cannot be distracted by the occasional offhand statement or unsavory comment on an open blog. Those of us concentrating on the issues at hand know how to distinguish between primary and tertiary issues.

As such, I am dismayed that the Chairman did not take an opportunity to comment on the actual issues that we have endeavored to discuss here and the concerns his constituents have regarding his ineffective leadership. The Chairman could have demonstrated that he is not The Duke we all know him to be and defended his administration against the abysmal round of failures that have accompanied his tenure.

But instead he decides to tell our readers that he has “nothing to hide here” and monologues about everything but the problems that have brought thousands of his constituents here to Atlas looking for answers.

Let’s recap: he had an opportunity to provide answers to the concerns of the Republicans he represents and discuss the misgivings and failures of his chairmanship. Instead, he tries to distract from the debate by making it about his personal life and not his political life.

Wrong move.

To date, he has failed to demonstrate to any of us what he has done successfully to grow and stimulate the party. He clearly is an avid reader of this blog, yet he chooses this day to respond to the spectral intimations of one lone comment on a blog full of genuine issues to address.

Why? Clearly, you believe you know the answers, since you have “nothing to hide.” So, perhaps you have said nothing to your critics because you do not like the answers you have to give. Do you see the writing on the wall?

You may do as you like, Mr. Chairman. Just know that if you would rather not concern yourself with providing answers, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn will endeavor to provide them for you.

  1. Publius permalink
    August 29, 2009 12:46 pm

    I saw that the Chairman posted a comment yesterday, but I thought it was just a prank. Then, when I saw Dagny’s comment, I realized it was him. Wow! He’s been listening ALL THIS TIME and now that he finally comments on the blog he says absolutely nothing about all that you guys have been talking about. Unreal. I mean, I don’t understand what he meant to do by yelling at a few pp who posted comments. Seriously

  2. Sexy Republicana permalink
    August 29, 2009 12:59 pm

    Well, well, well! News travels fast! El Duque ha llegado. Sorry to hear about his son and glad he believes in giving back, but that wasn’t what we’ve wanted to hear, to be frank. I don’t think he gets it. I dunno. All he did was confirm what I suspected from the beginning: he hears our complaints and turns away from them. Good job guys! The score is: Atlas 10, Duke 0.

  3. Laura Bradford permalink
    August 29, 2009 5:45 pm

    All good people with compassionate, empathetic hearts feel for Mr. Eaton’s son who is has a serious medical condition. The not-for-profit association called MHE Research Organization is a charity that helps those with a condition from which his son suffers. I also repeat, “It’s wonderful that he and his wife are working hard to help others with this disease.” They and all other people involved with that research organization deserve applause, respect and support. It’s an important and worthwhile endeavor.

    As Mr. Eaton explained: “through the foundation, we have aided and assisted hundreds of parents, whose young children, some infants, have been born with this heart wrenching disease.” As he further explained, “it’s a bone disease called Multiple Hereditary Exestoses.”

    I hope his son gets better. May he be healed. I feel for his and his family.

    As a Catholic believer, I would like to share with Mr. Eaton a prayer for the sick. I learned it long ago in Catechism at St. Ephrem’s Church:

    “Omnipotent and eternal God, the everlasting Salvation of those who believe, hear us on behalf of Thy sick servant, (son of Mr. Craig Eaton), for whom we beg the aid of Thy pitying mercy, that, with his bodily health restored, he may give thanks to Thee in Thy church. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

    No negative comments were made about the Chairman’s personal life or family in any previous Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn postings by anyone.

    A valid and fair question for Brooklyn GOPers is this: if the Chairman is renting office space to the KCRP, is he or the firm (LLP) receiving monthly rent money or is the KCRP operating there “rent-free.” This is a reasonable, logical question one can ask. Is KCRP office space separated from the firm? A situation like that could get complicated for the Party if there are no boundaries or separation.

    How is that currently done on Staten Island or Manhattan, etc.? Does anyone know? Do the other county parties rent their own office space and pay a landlord for commercial space? What is normal or permitted procedure? How did the KCRP come to being operated out of the Chair’s business or law firm? Where was the KCRP located prior to the Mr. Eaton’s ascendancy to Chairperson? I don’t know the answers to that. If someone out there knows, please kindly elucidate for the rest of us.

    It does, however, seem a bit convoluted, entangling, sloppy and “mucky” with how the KCRP is currently being operated. That constructive criticism is not directed at any one individual nor is it personal. It would be best for more transparency from the KCRP leadership people.

  4. Lisa J. Sowerby permalink
    August 30, 2009 9:01 pm

    This is a link related to the subject being discussed.

  5. Joe Topper permalink
    August 31, 2009 1:06 am

    This guy is a nutcase!
    He goes off on a rant on how people are attacking his family when no one in his family was ever mentioned.
    Clearly, Craig Eaton has something to hide.
    His abyssmal political failures, and his inablity to address the issues presented in a rational manner indicate that it is time for him to go.

  6. Kevin Brenes permalink
    September 3, 2009 1:10 pm

    The NYC GOP bosses/chairpersons were (and still are) wrong for supporting Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg for re-election.

    The Mayor has not promoted the Republican Party. Nor has the Mayor espoused Republican ideas. He has been disloyal to the party that first helped him get elected in 2001. Each of the Borough GOP chairs are way off base with this support.

    The Mayor left our Party and re-registered as an “Independent” when he thought of running for President in 2008. He has done nothing to build up or grow our Party.

    There should have been a Republican primary this September so various, qualified GOP candidates could have a democratic (that’s small “d” democratic) opportunity to compete and debate fairly and democratically for the Republican Party line in the upcoming November 2009 municipal general election.

    Is the NYC GOP becoming like the Soviet Politburo in the old USSR? It’s not as absurd as you think.

    We live in Brooklyn and are registered Republicans. Chairman Eaton of the Kings County GOP (see them on the World Wide Web at is wrong for his endorsement and for strong-arming the Brooklyn Borough GOP during the Winter and Spring of 2009 into making this ill-advised endorsement. He has behaved like an autocrat. We are turned off and left with a “bad taste in our mouths.” We would rather imbibe Cod Liver Oil daily!

    The Brooklyn Conservative Party has an incestuous, “too close for comfort,” relationship with the current KCRP leaders, metaphorically speaking. Because we can’t stomach this perfidy and filth any longer, and the Kings County political parties are somewhat like “flotsam and jetsam,” my spouse and I are planning to re-register as “no party affiliation” or “Independent” — not to be confused with the Lenore Fulani affiliated cult-like, outlandish NYS Independence (aka “Meshugenah”) Party.

    When there is true reform within the KCRP maybe we’ll return to our political home.

  7. Quintus Servilius Caepio Brutus permalink
    September 3, 2009 3:53 pm

    Enjoying the glare of publicity, self-promoter Craig Eaton, “The Duke of Bay Ridge,” Chair of The Brooklyn Bloomberg Party, is again in the news, propping up Ed Cox and Rudy.

    Did Nero really play the fiddle while Rome burned?

  8. Citizen Anonymous permalink
    September 3, 2009 9:22 pm


    In the 2001 election for Mayor of New York City, Lenora Fulani endorsed the Republican candidate Michael Bloomberg and organized city members of the IP to work for his campaign. Bloomberg, once elected, approved an $8.7 million municipal bond to provide financing for Fulani and Newman to build a new headquarters for their youth program, theater and telemarketing center. The Bloomberg alliance with the Independence Party in part was due to New York’s fusion rule, which allowed Bloomberg to aggregate his votes on all ballot lines. The 59,000 votes that Bloomberg received on the Independence Party ballot line exceeded his margin of victory over the Democratic (and Working Families Party) candidate Mark J. Green.

  9. Sexy Republicana permalink
    September 4, 2009 12:26 pm

    2001…was El Duque still a Democrat then?


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