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Opening Statement from Francisco D’Anconia

August 10, 2009

Our state, city, and federal governments are broken. I won’t pretend to be the first to say it.  Yet, looking nearer to home, Brooklyn Republicans such as myself can only watch aghast at the institutional and moral failures of the county-wide Brooklyn Republican Party.  For a party that has been known for over a century as one of reform and anti-bossism, you would be ashamed to know that the Kings County Republican Party is now attempting to engage in the petty machine politics that our party originally denounced.  This has resulted from an absence of strong leaders and the presence of repressive ones.

The dearth of leadership in the county party, starting with its illustrious Chairman Craig Eaton—The Duke of Bay Ridge, Formerly of the Democratic Party (or so rumor has it)—is evident to all who take less than a minute to consider the “successes” of the Kings County Republican Party during the tenure of its present host of troglodytes.  The illustrious Chairman—Primate of the Church of Political Failure—and his minions—the sad, lowly serfs of his empty promise agenda—have engaged in a systematic policy of intimidation and political thuggery that has alienated current Republicans and prospective Republicans even more.  As a result, we are facing one of the worst periods our local party has ever faced.

Allow me to illustrate.  I have heard The Duke of Bay Ridge and others of his ilk talk about “reaching out” to communities and areas of the borough in which Republicans are underrepresented.  Lots of talk.  Yet, what has our county party done to reach out to the other, shall we say, D’Anconias and minority groups of our borough recently?   Nothing.  Do any recent campaigns to do this “reaching out” come to mind—any examples of recruiting new blood or pursuing new constituencies?  No.  In fact, no major accomplishment comes to mind at all.

Instead of stimulating party growth, the Duke of Bay Ridge has turned his attention to aggrandizing himself and his acolytes with whatever patronage crumbs he can sniff out.  Meanwhile, under his “leadership,” we have lost a major congressional seat and many other potential victories because of his failure to strategize and make effective political decisions.  I can also tell you based on what I know that if you want to pursue anything resembling a reform agenda, he will try to stop you.  He has shouted fellow Republicans down, threatened current and potential leaders and reformists, and has made enemies with anyone who does not swear an oath of loyalty to him.  This political tyranny is unacceptable.

Even worse than this are the consequences of our county party’s inaction over the past few years.  Ask yourself, when did our county party become content to concede entire precincts of the borough to Democratic bosses that have done nothing to promote economic growth and safety?  What are they doing to improve life for Brooklynites?  Republican Idol Ronald Reagan made renewing urban cities one of his top policy agendas when he ran for office.  He won enormously in what are now known as “Blue States.”  Why?  Because Republicans have to be a party for all of America, not just particular regions, creeds and ideologies.  Republicans like Reagan, Roosevelt, and LaGuardia understood this.  We should now be emulating their reformist agendas to restore our city, state, and country.  God knows we need reform now more than ever.

But our local Kings County Republican Party is content to accept the status quo, has done nothing to gain new ground, and is taking steps to actively repress reform agendas in our city and state, let alone among its own ranks here in Brooklyn.  This cannot stand.  This will not stand.

Due to these concerns—our collective concerns as Republicans of all ideologies—I, Francisco D’Anconia, will work with my colleagues at Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn to uncover and reveal the worst of our county party’s failures, their results, and what we can do to stop them.  Our goals are to inform you, be honest with you, and suggest to you how we can take back our party to promote a reform agenda.  We invite you to stay informed, get active, and help restore our Brooklyn Republican Party to greatness in the near future.

With your help, it will be done.

  1. Joseph Harding permalink
    August 10, 2009 11:08 am

    I read on this blog that the chairman of the brooklyn republican party is hosting events for the republican candidate for new jersey Governor! If this is true, it is a shame. As a former active member of the Florida GOP, I can say the chairman’s ONLY priority should be helping with and winning local city council race this year. Has he won anything as Chairman? This is an honest question as i do not know the answer. Also, has he done anything to support any candidates other than say “I endorse you”- although I notice in many winnable Council races, we endorse the Democrats. Can we win any Council races this year or Borough President? If no wins this year, maybe time for change.

  2. Marcus Tullius Cicero permalink
    August 10, 2009 12:12 pm

    “A little rebellion now and then…is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.” And also for political parties in Kings County.
    Thomas Jefferson, Letter to James Madison, 1787
    3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)

    No additional commentary is necessary by “yours truly.”

    Mr. D’Anconia has stated it succinctly. Bravo! Applause. Appause.

  3. Henry Snead, District Leader, 56th Ad - Bedford Stuyvesant permalink
    August 10, 2009 4:58 pm

    First, let me say up front that Iam not a acolytes nor have I received any patronage crumbs…I agree that our party has been one of reform down through the years. A little over two years ago in a County Meeting, Chairman Craig Eaton stated that he wanted to move the meetings around to different areas in Brooklyn to allows leaders to see and experience communities outside of their own..well , I suggested that the County come into Bedford Stuyvesant. I made it happen, we meant at a local Minortiy owned restaurant, we had food , drinks and a speaker from the RNC. yes, this was outreach…On 9/2/09, the County is planning an outdoor, BBQ type event at 247 Hancock St. (in Bedford Stuyvestant) to introduce our Wilson Pakula candidate for City Council and to expand the party in Bedstuy. This Republican party in Brooklyn could really kick the democratic party’s ass if we can come together to support the weaker community links and stop eating our own flesh.

  4. August 10, 2009 10:03 pm

    I have to say that this kind of writing is what I was worried about when I commented earlier – and it took less than a week!

    This “story” is just that. It’s long on accusations, and short on proof. I’m not going to take the word of an anonymous author who claims “insider” status. Especially when I’ve been there.

    The author points to the loss of a congressional seat that was controlled by the Staten Island GOP as a fault against Brooklyn? As I recall, that situation started and ended in Staten Island. Brooklyn had an emergency meeting and we tried to field candidate options, but SI just did not consent. How this can be our county’s failure – when another county party selected its own candidate, who then passed away, and was then left to scramble for options, I don’t know.

    But it’s better not to let facts get in the way of a good story!

    The author also talks about problems with the party “for years” – forgive me for bringing some more actual facts to your diatribe, but they are once again sorely needed.

    The current leadership hasn’t even completed its term, and has been in control for less than 2 years. In fact, this is the first local election cycle for this leadership. I say judge slowly. I don’t even know how many years the previous leadership was in power, and nothing was accomplished! To blame the errors “for years” on the current leadership is a misrepresentation of the facts.

    I volunteered to get involved with the Party when I heard that there was a new generation of leaders taking over, and thus far, my faith has been rewarded by the Chairman, my fellow Vice-Chairs, and our District Leaders.

    But if you don’t want to judge slowly, then here’s something for you. In less than two years, as Mr. Snead – a man I have only known for a show time, but have the utmost respect for – pointed out, there have been efforts to spread the party outside its comfort zone. Henry and I are examples of that movement- we hardly ever agree on policy, yet we both get to say what we have to say, and at the end of the day I respect his opinion, as I know he respects mine, and we move forward together.

    I’ll put the same challenge to you as I did to “John Galt” – how about getting out there for our candidates and push a reform agenda? How about supporting all Brooklyn candidates – not just with lip service, but by pounding the pavement!

    Put your money where your keyboard is.

    I’ll be at Marty Golden’s concert this week in Marine Park – I’ll meet you there to give out palm cards. We’ll work the crowd side by side. Then I’ll meet you in Bed Stuy at Henry’s event. Or any event by George Smith, or Michael Freeman -Saulsberre, or Marc D’Ottavio. And I’ll be sure to let everyone know if you show up or not. The ball is in your court, paisan.

  5. Joe Topper permalink
    August 10, 2009 11:06 pm

    It seems that Henry Snead needs a reality check.

    Henry, you seem pleased that the “Duke of Bay Ridge ” has bestowed his grace on you. Yet, the key phrase that you use Henry is “I made it happen….. ” You did all the work and are giving the Chairman all the credit. He did you and your community a great favor by showing up-Did the Chairman stay for dinner and actually break bread with you in the Minority-owned reataurant? If so, then you were truly blessed for the Duke rarely ventures out of the Holy Land called Bay Ridge. Who is planning your upcoming BBQ ?–you,once again, or the benevolent County? It seems very odd that your outreach only occurs once in a given year. Your worth more than that Henry-stop selling yourself short and give yourself more credit.

    A question for you Henry….a few weeks ago you had a challenger to your leadership and now records show that your challenger no longer poses a threat to your leadership.
    Just how short did you sell yourself Henry? Did you acquiesce and subordinate? Were you afraid of a campaign? or Did you fall into a trap believing that the Chairman would be better off without you, and the County supported your challenger? You were had Henry! There is no need to prop up this man, nor defend him. Only a true political leader will stand up for himself and his constituents. Go ahead and build the Republican party in your district…you will do a much better job without being repressed by Craig Eaton and his henchmen.

  6. Francisco D'Anconia permalink
    August 11, 2009 1:13 am

    I’m glad to see my remarks have inspired such a stimulating discourse! Allow me to respond to some of the critiques that have been posted heretofore.

    Firstly, my opening statement was meant to be but an appetizer to future entrees (and there are plenty to serve up). As is evident from my tone, I am very (justifiably) disturbed by the course our local party has taken, and my colleagues at Atlas and I know that actively calling out its czars of failure is one of the best ways to progress out of the feudalism that is Brooklyn Republican politics.

    Secondly, the notion that sound-minded Republicans cannot express their frustration with the failures and petty squabbles of our local party in a productive and expository manner is indefensible. There is a very big difference between Republicans discussing the future of our party and the personalities involved and what truly should be considered “eating our own flesh” (see and ). The true villains are those that have attempted and are attempting to silence members of our own party seeking to promote change, increase diversity of ideas, etc.

    I don’t know why anyone but a guilty mind would protest to our entirely justified expositions. We MUST exchange our ideas and continue to elicit responses from reform-minded Republicans so that we can take back our party from those sullying the Brooklyn Republican brand. I will continue to post in the days and weeks ahead (in spite of how much the powers-that-be would prefer I stay silent) and provide you all with my thoughts on the dilemmas facing our party and how we can restore it in the near future.

    • August 11, 2009 1:31 pm

      What a nice response – that once again says nothing at all. Your appetizers / entrees must be made of air pudding with a touch of wind sauce – there’s nothing to them!

      “Calling out” people with little behind it is otherwise known as “whining” where I come from.

      I find it hilarious that you’re pointing to George Smith’s situation as the Party intra-party squabble. Clearly, you’re no “insider” if that what you think happened. A Republican candidate “calling out” a political consultant who was supposedly playing both ends against the middle, which then led to petition challenges.

      Eating our flesh? This is a case of personal interests vs. party interests, not intra-party squabbling! To bring a final food metaphor, you’re still bringing nothing to the table.

      But use your flawed example as instruction – the only difference between what Mr. Smith did and what this site is attempting to do is that Mr. Smith apparently had the goods. He rattled the cage, backed it up, then got challenged in Court / BOE, and successfully fought them off there as well. You don’t survive court challenges unless you have real proof.

      Follow that example. Cut the rhetoric. Bring real proof (if you can) to the table. And if you can’t, stop whining. So far, you’re 0-for-2.

      P.S. – you never responded to my invitation! C’mon, paisan! Step up to the plate… you’re clearly not shy! I’m offering you a chance to get on board and to make change, not just talk about it. Get your hands dirty and let’s do some good work.

  7. John Galt permalink*
    August 11, 2009 2:07 pm

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Francisco’s comment was in defense of George Smith. I doubt very much that Francisco was sticking up for the political consultant.

    By the way, there will be more on the George Smith/Gerry O’Brien debacle shortly. If anyone has any tips or information, email us at

  8. Francisco D'Anconia permalink
    August 11, 2009 2:48 pm

    Dear Gene B.,

    Forgive me for targeting you particularly. It appears you perceive yourself to be a well-intentioned commentator, apparently in more places than just Atlas… It’s a shame you seem to be resisting any acknowledgment of our real goals here at Atlas.

    We seek reasoned disclosure, commentary, and discourse, and, in so doing, we have taken our personalities out of the equation. This is not about us (unlike so many in our party). This is about the continued failure of leadership and figuring out how we can do better. You seem fixated on our approach more than the daunting issues facing our party. That’s unfortunate. I would prefer to see your zeal directed toward the true troublemakers: the failed leadership of our party.

    As for my comment last night, you seem unwilling to grasp the actual point of my linked articles. I am well aware of the true villain in that tale: Lord Gerry, Party Warlock and Chief Henchman of the Duke of Bay Ridge. Perhaps you missed that trying to brand me unaware. So wrong, so wrong…if you come back to Atlas to read our future postings, I assure you, that goose is in the oven—set to cook…

    Finally, paisan (although paisano would be more appropriate, considering I’m Argentinean), you must learn to be patient. You seem to prefer political fast food (dare I extend the food metaphors to the brink?), but when it comes to fine dining, an appetizer cannot overshadow the entrée. Moreover, there’s usually time to converse between courses. Shoving everything I know into my introductory post would load our readers with a glut of calories with no flavor or directive purpose. There’s a reason mothers hold dessert until after dinner.

    So, please, take the following order down for the future: patience, with a side of reasoned discourse. That meal will prove to be very satisfying as you dine with us at Atlas.


    Francisco D’Anconia

    • August 12, 2009 1:04 pm

      I don’t “perceive” myself to be anything. Perceptions are for other people. I am a Republican who’s doing more than talking. I’m out there fighting.

      I absolutely have a problem with your methods and have stated as much. The posts made here in the site’s infancy are all about accusations without providing foundation and “insider” nonsense. The anonymity adds to your lack of accountability and lack of transparency.

      The delivery of your message overshadows any message you may have. You have no foundation and most importantly no credibility simply because you choose to lurk in the shadows. Step up! If counter-arguments turn personal because of who you are, then use those as proof that the other side can’t refute yours. Otherwise, why should any of us waster anymore time here?

      Allow me to be the Gordon Ramsay to your food metaphors – I wouldn’t serve what you’ve been cooking to my most hated enemies. It’s undercooked, half-baked and lacks any kind of proper presentation. You promised pheasant under glass but served baloney on paper plates prepared by someone who may or may not have washed before cooking.

      Oh, by the way, since you didn’t respond again…

      Marine Park tonight is going to be a game-time decision because of the weather. So I won’t hold you to showing up. I’ll settle for seeing you at Henry’s BBQ on the 2nd.

      Pound pavement, not keys.

  9. Publius permalink
    August 13, 2009 12:40 am

    Franky, I think this is great! I’m a Republican living in Brooklyn. But I’ve never had anyone reach out to me from my OWN PARTY! Times are tough, I agree, what with the state senate fiasco and all. I’ve only spent a little time on your site and I think its great. Very a la federalist. Keep it up and you could get a real revolution going. I’ll be reading!

  10. Sexy Republicana permalink
    August 13, 2009 7:18 pm

    Gene B saw your wbsite. I see you comment a lot. Don’t you have a campaign to run?

    PS saw “The Duke” (lol) handed you his endorsement. Hmmm…

  11. Rick Dekker permalink
    August 16, 2009 6:10 am

    Your comments about the petition story left out the names of two people who really deserve to be singled out for their support of George Smith: Yvette Bennett and Jonathan Judge.

    George Smith would clearly not be on the ballot today without their support and enthusiasm. Yvette and Jonathan have once again shown us their true character.

    Most political leaders would have sat back and let George Smith fail to get on the ballot. Yvette and Jonathan stepped up and made George’s campaign happen.

    I can’t thank them enough.

  12. Michael E Freeman Saulsberre permalink
    August 26, 2009 2:46 pm

    I am an african american but, I am also a republican city council candidate this year so, I would like to thank Chairman Eaton for this oppurtunity and I would also like to say that …. I am fighting the good fight over in the 37th councilmanic…. It’s not easy but, I am hard at work .


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