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Republican Enrollment in Brooklyn: A Snapshot

August 8, 2009

For your numerical edification, according to the Board of Elections, in Brooklyn, the negligible growth of the Republican Party’s enrollment has been greatly outpaced by the steep increase in Democratic enrollment and unaffiliated voters, or blanks.

Year Republicans Democrats Blanks
2001 127,042 876,544 201,845
2009 131,538 1,003,934 230,069

Furthermore, here is a table sorted by Assembly District and by percentage of active voter enrollment as of April 1, 2009:

AD Democrats Republican No Party Other
60 50% 24% 21% 5%
49 51% 21% 25% 3%
45 56% 19% 23% 2%
46 60% 18% 19% 3%
48 59% 18% 21% 2%
47 56% 18% 23% 3%
59 68% 14% 15% 3%
41 70% 11% 16% 2%
44 67% 10% 19% 3%
51 67% 10% 20% 3%
50 71% 8% 18% 3%
52 73% 7% 17% 3%
54 77% 6% 15% 3%
42 79% 6% 13% 2%
53 76% 5% 16% 3%
40 82% 4% 12% 2%
43 81% 4% 12% 2%
55 82% 4% 11% 3%
56 82% 4% 11% 3%
58 83% 4% 11% 2%
57 80% 4% 14% 3%

OK, it looks bleak but consider a number of factors:

  1. Voter turnout generally is much lower than the enrollment
  2. There are actually some districts where the Republican enrollment exceeds the number of votes that the victor received.  In the 43rd Council District race in 2005, Council Member Vincent Gentile won with about 14,000 votes.  There are over 18,000 registered Republicans in that district, although they are still outnumbered 2:1 by the Democrats.  In the 46th Council District race that year, Council Member Domenic Recchia won with about 11,000 votes.  There are over 12,000 registered Republicans in that district, although they are still outnumbered 5:1 by the Democrats.
  3. From anecdotal information, the Republican Party really has not tried to gain any new ground.  Can anyone inform us of when a voter registration drive last took place?  Or any civic-oriented activity by the party in a mostly Democratic community?

So, this snapshot is what we have when no one is really trying.  Isn’t about time we started?

  1. Lisa J. Sowerby permalink
    August 10, 2009 2:07 am

    In response to city council candidate Bob Capano’s recent editorial in the Brooklyn Eagle (and also reprinted on Urban Elephants) –

    The big issues in the City Council that have aggravated me and other Bay Ridge residents were (1) congestion pricing, (2) property tax increases, (3) the term limits extension, among others.

    In all these issues, Gentile voted what I would consider the Republican way: against congestion pricing, against a property tax hike, and against the term limits extension.

    Unfortunately, some Republicans in that district held their tongues on these major issues, if not going against Republican and Republican-leaning Democrats by actually supporting congestion pricing and the extension of term limits, among others.

    Those were the big legislative issues for the Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst/Dyker Heights area. Other than that, the dearth of supermarkets, the threat of losing the B37 bus, and the economic hardships for local commercial strips have been the more immediate issues of concern.

    Furthermore, add the fact that Councilman Gentile appears to be everywhere – all the time – and you really do have a formidable candidate.

    Republican Pat Russo ran in 2005 for City Council. He ran before, had impressive credentials, and most importantly for me, he had a thorough understanding of the issues and principled stances on those issues.

    Yet, regrettably, Pat Russo lost by a larger percentage of the vote the second time than the first.

    Councilman Gentile has name recognition going for a decade plus and a decent record as a conservative Democrat in his district.

    Now, Bob Capano will have to offer the voters in that district something that they don’t already have in their current council member. I won’t speculate as to what that could or should be, but it is definitely going to be an uphill, arduous battle. Make no mistake about it.

    Incidentally, Bob Capano has had a campaign website online for the past few months. Guess what? It’s blank! There’s no information on it. Zero. Nothing. 0. Empty. No policy statements. No platform. No ideas. No substance.

    Bob’s campaign website is as “current” and “up to date” as the Kings County GOP’s website which still has a link to disgraced former Congressman Vito J. Fossella, who was also once Bob’s boss.

    Why the impotence?

    In pure Brooklynese, Fuhgeddaboudit!

  2. August 12, 2009 4:33 pm

    In the 39th Council District, we now have the first Primary in anyone’s memory, possibly in its history. To achieve this, the candidate and volunteers went door-to-door and rang over 1,500 doorbells. What we found was a FULL 27% of all “doors” actually NO LONGER have any Republicans at these addresses (B.O.E. data current to 4/09). We’d gotten nearly 30% of those met to sign, and the remaining people simply weren’t home or available. Of course, for our efforts we were objected to…and defended ourselves at the B.O.E and State Supreme Court. Contact me, if you want first-hand accounts of our GOP population from Cobble Hill to Kensington to Boro Park.

  3. Publius permalink
    August 13, 2009 1:03 am

    Seriously edifying… Reality check! What is going on here?


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