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A Challenge from Courier Life to Make Republicans Relevant in Brooklyn

August 7, 2009

In this week’s issue of Brooklyn’s Courier Life newspaper, under the Brooklyn Politics column, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn got a pretty decent write-up–except for this one part: “…we’re not sure that the blog’s going to get a whole lot of hits.  After all, Democrats outnumber Republicans in this borough eight to one.”

Well Brooklyn Politics, if our goal wasn’t making Republican politics important to every Brooklyn politico, and making Republican principles in this borough relevant to all Brooklynites, then there would be no point in working on this blog.  And there would also be four less paragraphs in your column this week. 🙂

Thanks for the concern about our hits, but something tells me that the sort of posts you will come to see on here regularly will attract more than enough attention from everyone on all sides of the political spectrum.

So stay tuned, Brooklyn Politics!  We’re going to make it fun and meaningful again to be a Republican in Brooklyn!

  1. August 12, 2009 4:43 pm

    There’s certainly a seed of potential now, to make the GOP a stronger option — there always is with an “opposition Party”. But we have to SHOW IT more than SAY IT. (This is Brooklyn, afterall.) We have to be smarter and out-work, and out-plan any opponents. The media will choose to IGNORE the GOP more than report on it, because they feel most people really don’t care and won’t read anything from an “irrelevant” party. We cannot act “small” anymore, either. We also have to STOP THE IN-FIGHTING and cronyism. My home areas/district certainly has a large population of politically-aware Democrats, moderate Democrats and the ultra-left. But, people think independently — and a real message can reach them just as easily as a most ardent GOPer. One way we can do this, is to closely vette candidates that are FROM and REFLECT their Districts — people can see right-through anything less. (And they always have.)

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